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 "The Joint" bar Seattle Puyallup

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Sly Hound
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PostSubject: "The Joint" bar Seattle Puyallup   Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:30 am

Sly Hound is checking up files on dossier his new employer fowarded to him in his office at "The Joint" bar..*his* bar...hed set up security there himself with the help of a few friends of course and hand picked the staff from various upbringings to keep it as metahuman friendly as possible.

2 hulking bouncers,8 exotic dancer,3 lovely waitress a barmaid and a cook composed the staff running the place and he gave them free reign as long as they asked him permission first about any change about the place from the allowance he gave them to run it.

The Joint was an all around place...both a bar with pool table and AR games as well as a restaurant and strip club.

Most of his employee used to live on the street and hed given them a job and the means to a more decent life...in return he asked for there discretion about any buisness he was conducting here.

The two bouncers werent the only security around of course..hed made deals with local street gangs and Knight Errant to keep his street at least clean and without violence..as a result "The Joint" quickly became a popular place in Puyallup and local bands of all typed started there career here.

In the back however was a small office..his office..nothing fancy a long table 8 chairs..sound proof walls and white noise generator. At the moment he was sitting at the end of the room..his employer wanted some dirt on a certain "Horizon" excecutive..legit or fabricated...but the man was white as snow in offical records..hed need to dig deeper.

Sending his gathering Agent to look up more intricate data base in case it was lucky hed exit the room closed the door behind him and made his way to the bar. One of the girls was dancing on the stage..tonight aside froma few regulars there was very few people.
He asked a Whiskey to the Barmaid "Cessily" and started to make a few calls to his contacts see if they could dig up anything for him

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"The Joint" bar Seattle Puyallup
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