Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 System Failure Character Dossiers

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Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

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Character sheet
Character Name: Big Daddy
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: System Failure Character Dossiers   Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:42 am

All the character information in one easy to find location.

I am the Patron Saint of Unknown Confections
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Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

Number of posts : 620
Age : 37
Location : Near Bug City
Registration date : 2011-08-31

Character sheet
Character Name: Big Daddy
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Ronin   Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:22 am

Race: Human
Age: 22 Gender: Female Height: 1.6 m (5’2”) Weight: 43 kg (95 lb)
Total Karma: 0
Current Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Total Notoriety: 0

Street Samurai who is more Sammy than Street

A Samurai in the traditional sense, Ronin wears Milspec power armor fashioned to a modern rendition of traditional samurai armor complete with demon faced helm. She wields her katana with the authority of a master, and fires arrows with a zen mind. She speaks of honor and Bushido. Her best friend is a two tailed fox named Kitsune who rides on her shoulder and keeps her spirits up in the city.

Under the armor there is a young woman, gentle curves and smooth skin. A woman of unnatural beauty and enhanced desires. A woman who speaks of Nippon as home but only has a Japan that hasn't existed for over 1,000 years.

Ronin thinks that she knows who she is but she is haunted by strange ideas and even stranger desires.

Body 4
Agility 5 (7)
Reaction 5
Strength 3 (5)
Charisma 5
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Will 5

Edge 5
Initiative 6 (7) two passes
Essence 6 (3.5125)

Amnesia -10
Mysterious Cyberware -15 (persona & Skillwire)
Flashback -10 Dance music flashed back to life as an escort
Code of Conduct Bushido +5 (+2 dice to her Street Cred dice pool modifier)
Type O System +30 (1/2 Essence Cost for Bioware)

Archery (bow) 5
Blades (Swords) 5
Unarmed Combat (Karate) 4
Dodge 5
Exotic Melee weapon (monowhip) 4
Armorer 2
Infiltration 4
Shadowing 2
Perception (Visual) 4
Influence Group 3 [Con, Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation]
Artisan (Caligraphy) 3
First Aid (Combat wounds) 4
Athletics Group 3 [Climbing, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming]

Inaccessible skills:
*Clubs 3
*Pistols 2
*Outdoors Group (Urban) 1
*Artisan (Escort Skills) 6
*Computer 3
*Pilot Ground Craft 2

Knowledge skills
Japanese History: 2
Japanese Poetry: 3
Tea Ceremony: 2
Bushido philosophy: 3
Mugai Ryu: 3
Japanese Art: 2

Inaccessible Knowledge skills
*Mixed drinks: 3
*Organized Crime (Yakuza): 2
*Seattle Area: 3
*Clubs: 3
*Safehouse locations: 3
*Street drugs: 4

*English: N
Japanese: N
English: 3

Gear 5K/BP[47 bp] (234,000)
Cyberware 1.75 essence
(3,000) *Breast Implants (.25 essence)
(2,500) *Data Filter (.2 essence)
3,000 *Skillwire Expert System (.1 Essence)
(500) *Datajack (.1 Essence)
(10,000) **Rating 5 Skillwire (1 essence)
1,000 *smartlink (.1 essence)

Bioware 2.95 essence *.5 = 1.475
(5,000) *Biosculpting Moderate, Japanese idol look, ‘Personal’ improvements, Accelerated Libido (.1 essence)
(2,500) *Sensitive Skin
(1,500) *Silky Skin
30,000 *Rating 2 tailored pheromones (.4 essence)
80,000 *Rating 1 Synaptic Booster (.5 essence)
14,000 *Rating 2 Muscle Aug (.4 essence)
16,000 *Rating 2 muscle toner (.4 Essence)
90,000 *Rating 3 Orthoskin (.75 Essence)

Gear 50 BP= :
mono whip DV=8P AP=-4
Smartlinked Bow (Strength min 5) (Str Min+2 Damage)
Regular Arrows x 40 DV=7P AP=-
Explosive Arrows (+1 DV) x 20
Incendiary Heads x 20 (burn for 3 Combat Turns, causing 4 DV of fi re damage each turn. Items worn or carried by the target or coming into contact with the burning phosphorous may also catch fire.
Screamer Heads x 5 DV=-2S AP=+2
Stick and Shock x 20 SV=6Se AP=-Half
Katana ~Reach 1, Damage=8P in Armor, 6P normal AP=-1
Wakizashi ~Reach 0, Damage=7P in Armor, 5P Normal AP=-1
Tanto ~Reach 0, Damage=6P in Armor, 4P Normal AP=-1
Cheapest comlink with cheapest user suite and OS

Full suit Form Fitting Body Armor 6/1 w/Chem Seal
Red Samurai Armor 13/13
Mobility 3
Strength Enhance 4
Fire Resistant 2
Non-conductive 2
Insulation 2
Kabuto Helmut +2/+2 [4]
Wireless military commlink (Firewall, Response, Signal, System, and Encryption Rating 6)
flare compensation
Image link
Smartlink <+2 Dice Pool with Smartlinked weapons>
Vision Enhancement 3
Vision Mag
Total Armor 15/15

Misc Stuff
Autopicker Rating 6
Maglock Passkey Rating 6
Maglock Sequencer Rating 6
Monofilament chainsaw
Wire Clippers
Climbing Gear
Gecko Tape Gloves (X2)
Micro Flare Launcher
Rappelling Gloves
Survival Kit
Grappel Gun
100m Microwire
Medkit Rating 6
10x medkit supplies
10x Antidote patch Rating 4
10x Stim patch Rating 4
10x Tranq. Patch Rating 6
5x Trauma Patch
Armorer tool kit
Electronics Toolkit
Emotitoys, Rating 6 (Kitsune, Fox, with 2 tails)
Glass cutter
Smart Pack
2x Spyball

Sena, as Ronin was known in her life before, had the advantage of being born a very beautiful and friendly girl who grew up to be a very beautiful young woman. Unfortunately she had the disadvantage of being someone who wouldn't be missed by anyone that mattered. She was taken off of the streets by the Yakuza, they treated her well, groomed her and trained her. And when she became of age they put her to work in a Bunraku parlor where she soon became a very popular 'employee.' Alway looking to exploit any opportunity, the Yakuza gave Sena prefered treatment, which is to say that they forced her to become the best puppet that money could buy. Top of the line bio and cyberware soon made Sena their number 1 employee, with a very long client list.

That was before the accident.

A very affluent client wanted to have 'the samurai experience' but he wanted it for real, and payed generously for the opportunity. While the samurai persona was being uploaded into Sena the accident happened. Noone knows for sure what happened but the CPU for the skill wire got fried with the Samurai Persona and the person known as Sena was lost. The several clients, yakuza soldiers and even other puppets were killed by the samurai and she fought her way out of the Parlor and to freedom.

The Ronin persona constantly does not grasp the fact that there is no feudal Japan and that the year is 2072. It only thinks of itself as a stranger in a strange land who must do what it can to survive

I am the Patron Saint of Unknown Confections

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PostSubject: Re: System Failure Character Dossiers   Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:07 pm


Body 5
Agility 5 (9)
Reaction 4 (10)
Strength 5 (9)
Charisma 2
Intuition 3
Logic 2
Willpower 3
Edge 5
Initiative 7 (13), Passes 1 (4)
Physical 10, Stun 10
Composure 5
Judge Intentions 5
Lift&Carry 9 (13)
Memory 5

Athletics Group 5
Blades 6 Cyber Implants 8
Dodge 4
Etiquette 3 Runners 5
First Aid 2
Infiltration 4
Intimidation 4
Longarms 6 Shotguns 8
Negotiation 2
Perception 1 Hearing 3
Pilot Groundcraft 1 Bikes 3
Shadowing 3
Unarmed Combat 4 Martial Arts 6

15 Muay Thai: +2 DV on Unarmed Combat attacks; +1 on Defense Tests against unarmed attacks
20 Wildcat: +1 DV on Unarmed Combat attacks; +1 die on Called Shots to target an unprotected area; +1 die on Called Shots to increase damage; or +1 die on Subduing

GEAR 450,000¥ 90 BP
Armor 25/16
Camouflage Jacket: 6/4, 1000¥
Insulation: Rating 6, 900¥
Camouflage Suit: 8/6, 1200¥
Chemical Protection: Rating 6, 1500¥
Form-Fit Full-Body Armor 6/2 1600¥; counts as 3/1 for encumbrance
Nonconductivity: Rating 6, 1200¥
Thermal Damping: Rating 6, 3,000¥
R6 Micro-Transceiver 1,200¥

R3 Attention Coprocessor: 9,000¥, +3 on Perception tests
Biomonitor 1,000¥
Implanted Sony Emperor w/Novatech Navi (2,200¥)
Upgrade Firewall to 6 3,000¥
Upgrade Response to 4 (2000¥)
System 4, Response 4, Firewall 6, Signal 3
Optimization: Analyze (500¥)
Power Suite (Analyze 3, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4, Purge 4, Scan 2) (1240¥)
Encrypt 1 (100¥)
Agent, Pilot Rating 4 (10500¥) Runs in Hidden Mode, used for shadowrunning persona and running gear. The agent normally runs Analyze to watch for any intrusion and will sound an alert if it finds anything.
R3 Cybereyes w/Flare Comp, Low-Light, Smartlink, and Thermographic 4,000¥
R3 Dermal Sheath +4/+3 40,000¥
R4 Muscle Augmentation & Toner 60,000¥
R3 Reaction Enhancers 30,000¥
Retractable Spur 1,800¥
R3 Wired Reflexes 100,000¥
Titanium Bone Lacing +1/+1 40,000¥

GMC HumVee: Handling 1, Accel 20/50, Speed 200, Pilot 2, Body 16, Armor 10, Sensor 2, 60,000
Anti-Theft 3,200
R3 Personal Armor 1,500
R3 Passenger Protection 6,000
Off-Road Suspension 15,000
Engine Customization, Acceleration 4,800
Engine Customization, Speed 16,000
R4 Smart Tires 10,000

2 Boyd & Richards Desperados; DV 7P, AP -1, SA/BF, 5m, Conceal 6, 10R, 3400¥, (uses Heavy Pistol ranges)
2 Concealable Holsters
6 mags Slug Rounds
Firing Selection Change: SA
Firing Selection Change: BF
Pistol Grip
Spur 6P 8P

Low Lifestyle 3 Months 6,000
Starting Nuyen: 3D6+8 x 50¥
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PostSubject: Re: System Failure Character Dossiers   

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System Failure Character Dossiers
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