Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Wngd Phantom's third edition characters

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Wngd Phantom's third edition characters   Tue May 05, 2009 8:57 pm

This is my Character

Current Name Taur Arielon
Archetype sorcerer/face
Race Elf/Banshee Height 6'1" cm
Sex Male Weight 190 kg
Eyes bright blue Hair White, long, braided
Birthdate 7/09/2021 (has been turned since 2047)
Birthplace Lyon, France

Priorities Attributes A, Magic B, Race C, Skills D, Resources E.

Allergic (Severe) sunlight
Allergic (moderate) wood
+2 charisma
+1 strength
-1 body
-1 willpower

Siren Song
Willpower 5 to resist either being instilled with fear or enchanment, success is a -3 to all tests to the target

Banshees are immune to the effects of aging and disease.

Aura Link
Despite being infected, Banshees must have a Pri A or B magic, starting magic at 6.

Banshees must bite a victim and drink of their blood to gain essence and/or prevent essence lost, the attack is (str/2+3); AP 0; reach 0

Essence Drain
Banshees lose 1 point of essence per day of not feeding. When essence is lost for whatever reason, the banshee loses all magical abilities, excluding physical bonuses and weaknesses.

Banshees are frailer than most beings so in order for them to regenerate they must first feed on a being, they regenerate 1 box of damage per combat turn.

If for whatever reason essence drops below half of the original value, rounded down, than they fly into a frenziable attack where the Banshee will attack anything living to sate their hunger, until either essence is restored to full, or they can make a willpower (6) test once
essence is above half of the original value.

Hidden History
Banshees have worked together secretly in covens, to help each other survive, and cut a long, winding, bloody path through history. Together they have all collectivly created a world wide secret society for themselves. Each banshee gets a free level 2 contact within the conven, and an extra ¥150,000 that they are not allowed to keep after character creation.

Body 4 {3}
Quickness 7
Strength 5 {6}
Charisma 6 {8}
Intelligence 6
Willpower 6 {5}
Essence 6.00
Run Mult. 3
Magic 6
BioIndex 0
Reaction 6
Init. Dice 1

Combat Pool 9
Spell Pool 6

Exotic Weapon: Gunblade [5]
Sorcery [5]
Etiquette [5]
Negotiation [5]
Intimidation [5]
Aura Reading [5]

IN:Opera (KNO) [4]
IN:Seattle High Society (KNO) [4]
AC:Archeology (KNO) [3]
AC:Architecture (KNO) [3]
Medicine (KNO) [4]
Prostitution Rackets (KNO) [3]
Graveyards (KNO) [3]
Fight Clubs (KNO) [3]
Shadowrunner Haunts (KNO) [3]

French (3)
English (3)
Italian (2)
Russian (2)

Improved Invisibility 5 P 4(R) S LOS +1(M) sr3.195
Trid Phantasm 4 P 4(R) S LOS(A) +1(D) sr3.195
Vehicle Mask 4 P 4(R) S LOS +1(S) mits.144
Levitate 4 P 4(R) S LOS +2(M) sr3.197
Incr. Reflexes +3INI DIE 5 M REA(V) S T +3(D) sr3.194
Physical Barrier 4 P 6 S LOS(A) +2(S) sr3.198
Lightning Bolt 4 P 4(RC) I LOS +1(DL+1) sr3.197
Control Thoughts 4 M W(T) S LOS +1(S) sr3.196

Bonus Attribute Point(QCK) 2
Friendly Face 1
Friends in High Places 2
Good Reputation Lev 2 2
Extra Contact 1
Good Looking and Knows It 1

Biorejection (magic) -2
Sensitive system (magic) -2
Combat Monster -1
Vindictive -2
Compulsive moderate->manipulative -2

Magic Equipment
Sustaining focus 5 (increased reflexes)

form-fitting full body suit
lined coat
tres chic clothing


heavy pistol frame
Power: 10
Damage: M
Concealability 4
Weight: 4.00
Range: light pistol
Gun portion:
Heavy Barrel: -1 Recoil. DPV: 25
Increased Power: +1 Power (already applied) DPV: 80
Melee Hardening: +1 Power in Melee Combat DPV: 15
Cylinder Fed: (Revolver) DPV: 8
Improved Ammo Capacity: +2 Shots (Total of 6) 2 dpv
Weight Reduction x 3: - .75 weight (already applied) DPV: 15

Blade portion:
Ares monosword
(str+3)m reach 1

ear plug cell phone
pocket computer
standard credstick
shades, thermo
subvocal microphone
personal comm unit
nav-dat GPS
audio recorder [2]
combat vest
pistol ammo pouch
Sunscreen [spf 6,702, good for 2 hours in direct sunlight]
docwagon basic service
3x 8 ex-explosive round clips

Middle (2 months)

Harley-Davidson Scorpion

Chris Talismonger Ork / 1
Cross Thief/trainer Elven / 1
Finn Elven Armorer Elven / 2
Oisin Blood Runner Banshee / 1
Bragen Banker Elven / 1

A man from back in the old world walked through the rubble of an ancient city. This city had been laid waste to by time and the elements. As he searched the wreckage of steel and concrete he would not find anything of us. this man of bairly mid-twenties had thus far led a very interesting life. Although brief in the grand scheme of things he had indeed seen some very amazing things.

When he was born, his mother had held him tight in her arms, the newborn wrapped in swaddling clothes as he gazed into the new world, his mother brushed the window curtain aside to show her son the world he would be born into.

In a traditional european fashion, she named her son with a name that would inspire strength and conviction into the little boy she named him Taur Arielon. From his name sprung the image of a castle defending itself against hordes of enemy soldiers, her own army protecting others that dwell inside of the stone walls. This name in and of itself helped the boy decide later on exactly what he wanted to do with his life, as though fate had given him a choice.

His father had died a few months before he was born, he served as a Knight of the Holy Order of Clerics. The religous name being a misnomer, although most of the order did believe in a god. Taur honestly didn't know as of yet what to believe. The order was charged with protecting the European Kingdom from whatever threats The Royal Courts deemed so.

What then was deemed the only way possible for a person to join this exculsive order was to be the son or daughter of a member, and even then they must train almost their entire lives before they can be accepted. Being the son of a once high ranking Cleric Knight did not grant Taur any special favors, the only gift that the order had bistowed upon him and his mother was that they would want not for food, clothing, or a home.

From the time that Taur was old enough to hold a small sword was the day he began to train to join the knights and their holy order. He was schooled in the lessons of war, politics, and art, but foremost he was taught the lesson of honor. From the day that they are inducted into training, every knight is taught that honor is everything, and to lose ones honor is to lose your life. Taur's honor was at stake every battle he fought in, every sparring match, and each and every time that someone questioned whether he was in truth.

He fought many battles throughout his 20 years of training, and once he was ready to walk the roads with the other Knights of the Order, he did just that. He wandered the roads of Europe traveling from town to town, searching for ways that Honor could either be served or protected from those that would cause others harm.

Along one of those such defending if honor, it struck Taur that he truly was only ever fighting for an ideal, nothing more. Some sort of self rightous notion that honor truly meant something in the real world, where someone was just as likely to duel you face to face as stab you in the back. This was the battle that he met the Banshee.

His mother used to tell him ghost stories abou the banshee, that they followed and howled for those who were about to die. That they were hardly ever seen, and only ever heard. That was what she had been told by her grandmother, and so on throught out history. The reality was in fact much worse.

The banshee that his squad had been assigned to silence had grown quite old and powerful, with nothing more than a few words she instilled both fear and desire into the hearts of those that could hear her voice, One man turning and runnng, screaming as he clutched his ears, another falling to his knees in obeisance. The only man who stood ready to fight was Taur Arielon. It has been said the only person who can not hear the banshee's cry are those that do not fear death, and are about to meet it.

This banshee gave up quckly trying to break the barrier around the heart of Taur, instead she decided to instill his soul with doubt, which served only to expand the hole that already filled his heart. His own self doubt created a man who was no longer a man, he would be forever hunted as a monster. His only wish to see that the glory and honor he fought for so long to defend was served by those that would come after him, whether they liked it or not.
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Wngd Phantom's third edition characters
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