Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Mirikon's 3E characters

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PostSubject: Mirikon's 3E characters   Tue May 05, 2009 9:32 pm

Devon "The Shadow" Green
Human Male
Archetype: Stealthy Street Samurai
Nuyen: 5910 (4810 leftover+1100 Starting) Lifestyle: High (6 months)

Race: E, Magic D, Attributes B, Skills C, Resources A

Race: Human

Body: 5(9)
Quickness: 6
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3
Charisma: 5

Essence: .28
Reaction: 4(6) +1d6(2d6)

Physical: 0/10
Stun: 0/10
Armor: 5B/5I
Combat Pool: 6

Active Skills (34 Points):
Edged Weapons (Swords) 6(7) - Strength
Cyber-implant Combat (Spurs) 3(4) - Strength
Unarmed Combat (Kick Attacks) 4(5) - Strength
Whips (Kusarigama) 4(5) - Quickness
Rifles (Sniper Rifles) 4(5) - Quickness
Stealth 5 - Quickness
Intimidation (Physical) 3(4) - Charisma
Interrogation (Torture) 3(4) - Charisma
Cars (Eurocar Westwind 2000) 1(2) - Reaction
Aircraft (Ultralight) 1(2) - Reaction

Knowledge Skills (15 points):
Psychology 3
Blade Design 3
Poisons 3
Safehouses 3
Engineering 3

Languages (4 total):
English (Native)
Japanese 3
Japanese R/W 1
Spanish 1

Bonus Attribute Point (2 point) - Charisma
Aptitude (Stealth) (4 point) - -1 Target mod for all tests involving Stealth
Bravery (1 point) - -1 Target mod for resisting fear and intimidation
Combat Monster (-1 point) - Takes at least 3 Combat Turns to break away from a fight
Simsense Vertigo (-2 point) - +1 Target mod for all tests in simsense, -1 Initiative in simsense
Good Reputation (2 point) - -2 Target mod for all social tests
Spirit Bane (-2 point) - Insect spirits HATE him
Dark Secret (-2 point) - Former associate of Deus
Vindictive (-2 point) - Carry a grudge

Resources: 1000000 nuyen
Katana (1000 nuyen) - (STR+3)M, Reach 1
Kusarigama (200 nuyen) - (STR+1)M, Reach 2
Barret Model 121 Sniper Rifle (4800 nuyen) - 14(c) ammo, SA, 14D damage, RC (2)
Shock Pads (200 nuyen) - +1 RC
140 Rounds Barret Custom Ammo (2800 nuyen)
Spare Clip x9 (45 nuyen)
Smart Goggles (5000 nuyen) - Can use Smartgun system, Thermographic and low-light enabled

Second Skin Line (5000 nuyen) - 2B/2I Armor

Lined Coat (700 nuyen) - 4B/2I Armor

OXSYS Artificial Gill (3250 nuyen) - Able to breathe underwater to depths of 7m

Biomonitor (1000 nuyen)
Medkit (200 nuyen)
Docwagon Contract (25000 nuyen) - Gold Plan

Eurocar Westwind 2000 Turbo (77000 nuyen) - Rigger 3, pg 167
Antitheft System (4400 nuyen) - Rating 6, Electric Shock. Rigger 3, pg 150
Photovoltaic Chameleon Paint (5000 nuyen) - Rigger 3, pg 153
Concealed Armor (12000 nuyen) - Rating 6. Rigger 3, pg 132

Moonlight Avenger (50000 nuyen) - Rigger 3, pg 181

Alphaware Dermal Sheath Level 3 (240000 nuyen) <1.68 Essence> - +4 Body, +2I Armor
Alphaware Wired Reflexes W/Reflex Trigger (136000 nuyen) <1.84 Essence> - +2 Reaction, +1d6 Initiative
Alphaware Cyber Replacement Eyes (10000 nuyen) <0.16 Essence> - Up to .5 Essence visual mods with no essence cost
Alphaware Image Link (3200 nuyen) - See images from comm.
Alphaware Thermographic ( 6000 nuyen) - See thermographic
Alphaware Vision Enhancement (Electronic) (22000 nuyen) - Level 3
Alphaware Datajack (2000 nuyen) <0.16 Essence> - Can jack into devices
Alphaware Memory (90000 nuyen) <0.8 Essence> - 300 Mp memory
Alphaware Telephone (7400 nuyen) <0.4 Essence> - Can access cell network
Alphaware Comlink (40000 nuyen) <0.12 Essence> - Rating 4 Comlink. Can scan for 8 frequencies.
Alphaware Subvocal Microphones (1700 nuyen) <0.08 Essence> - Can use subvocal communication
Alphaware Retractable Spur (23000 nuyen) <0.24 Essence> - (STR)M Damage
Alphaware Retractable Spur (23000 nuyen) <0.24 Essence> - (STR)M Damage

Lola (Free) - Brothel Worker. Level 1
**Lola works in a Mafia brothel in Seattle. She sometimes comes across all kinds of interesting information during work.

Ricky the Ear (Free) - Snitch. Level 1
**Ricky is a snitch. Can't count on him to keep your info safe, but that goes for everyone else who knows him, too.

Deus (10000 nuyen) - Rogue AI. Level 2.
**Devon used to work for Renraku. Specifically, he worked at the Renraku Arcology, as a security guard. When Deus took over, Devon quickly made a deal with the AI, helping it in its experiments. In return, Devon got his first cyberware, and not the cheap stuff. When Deus escaped into the Matrix, Devon wasn't allowed to forget his deal. And, frankly, having an AI on your side when you don't have any hacking skills to speak of can be a useful thing, even if the AI is insane.

Ladybug (10000 nuyen) - Otaku. Level 2
**Ladybug is a technoshaman otaku living in Seattle. Devon did a couple hooding runs for her tribe, so she's definitely on good terms with him. Ladybug is Devon's go-to girl whenever he has to talk sprites, or anything involving the Matrix.

Mark Knight (10000 nuyen) - Mechanic. Level 2
**Knight is a damn good mechanic, and Devon won't trust his babies to anyone else. The fact that Devon brings high end stuff to his shop doesn't hurt Knight's rep any, either, so they work with eachother nicely.

Doc Holiday (10000 nuyen) - Street Doc. Level 2
**Doc Holiday is Devon's street doc. Best guy to go to for getting one's ware serviced.

Rhapsody 10000 Trid Star. Level 2
**Rhapsody (otherwise known as Asia Malone) is a major trid star, and Devon's known her since she was a kid. Sometimes she'll do him a favor, sometimes he'll do a favor to her.

Ace (10000 nuyen) - Fixer. Level 2
**Ace is a top notch fixer. Devon's worked with him since he left Renraku, and they've never had cause for trouble with eachother.

Goliath (10000 nuyen) - Arms Dealer. Level 2
**Goliath is a top grade arms dealer. If it goes boom or makes your enemy's blood splatter on the ground, then Goliath can get it for you.

Raven (10000 nuyen) - Shaman. Level 2
**Raven is a Shaman, living on the outskirts of the sprawl. When Devon needs access to magical knowhow, she's the one to go to.

Alice DeVine (10000 nuyen) - Bounty Hunter. Level 2
**Alice is a bounty hunter working out of Seattle. If there's a bounty on someone, you can count on her to know about it. Devon's helped her enough that she'll warn him if someone puts a price out on him, and its likely she won't try and collect.

High / 6 (60000 nuyen)
Left: 48105 Nuyen

Devon Green was born in 2033, in the city of Seattle. His parents worked for a minor corp, doing your basic wageslave biz. Nothing fancy, but it paid the bills, and kept young Devon fed. And life in the Arcology wasn't that bad, really.

When Devon got older, and graduated from college, he took a position at Renraku, working in the arcology with his parents. Unfortunately, he had only been there a month when the whole place suddenly went on lockdown, and all external communication went silent. Deus, the arcology's AI, had taken over.

Devon, acting on a profound wish to not die, made a deal with Deus. He was too old to be made into an otaku like some of Deus's other supporters, but Deus did arrange for Devon to get some impressive cyberization work done. And in return, Devon worked for Deus, helping to control the 'test subjects' trapped in there.

After the arcology was liberated, Devon was among those who escaped, and he promptly took to the shadows, after resigning from Renraku. But he was not free and clear. Deus survived, and a few months after the Arcology was cleared out, he began to contact Devon, giving him little jobs to do, when the AI couldn't take care of things through the Matrix, or wanted to keep his digital fingerprints off the situation. Devon didn't care. The AI's credit was just as good as anyone else's, and you couldn't argue that having an AI looking out for you (erasing any pesky police files or suspicious SIN activity) wasn't an entirely bad thing.

Of course, you don't go through life in the shadows without making a few friends of the unlikeliest sort. But hey, living was living, and as long as no one found out one of his friends was an insane AI that wanted to kill all humans, or some craziness like that, there was only sunshine in his sky.
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Number of posts : 457
Age : 34
Registration date : 2009-01-28

Character sheet
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PostSubject: Jack "Faust" Chambers   Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:46 am

GOOD ANGEL. O, Faustus, lay that damned book aside,
And gaze not on it, lest it tempt thy soul,
And heap God's heavy wrath upon thy head!
Read, read the Scriptures:--that is blasphemy.

EVIL ANGEL. Go forward, Faustus, in that famous art
Wherein all Nature's treasure is contain'd:
Be thou on earth as Jove is in the sky,
Lord and commander of these elements.
Jack Chambers was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the CAS, on September 3, 2030. His parents worked for the local division of Renraku Computer Systems, as technicians, working on advancing the field of computer programming, making smarter programs, that could better adapt to their owners' needs.

In 2054, Jack's parents got transfered out to Seattle, to live in the new Arcology. Jack, who by this point had become a security guard for Renraku, went with them, becoming part of the new in house security setup, as the Arcology neared completion.

Jack lived and worked in the Arcology from then, until the infamous events of 2060, when the Arcology mysteriously shut down. Unlike most of the people in the Arcology, Jack's parents knew how intelligent the ARE had gotten. When the shutdown began, Jack was on his post, overseeing the security systems. He saw what happened, as the computer took control. And when Deus began assimilating people, including his parents, Jack decided he needed to do something quick, in order to save his own hide.

Jack became one of the Banded, a Blue with five stripes. Deus broke him down, and remade him in its own image, but he went along with it willingly, if only to keep from being sent to the Pens. Jack ceased to be. Faust was born.

But then, about three months after the arcology shut down, something happened, that Faust never expected. The Arcology was attacked, and Deus went silent. Suddenly, the hold on his mind was gone. The gravity of the horrors he'd committed in Deus's name came to him. He'd have to run. Have to find a way to get out of there.

But not all of Deus's servants were willing to allow him to abandon his post. The Whites came after him, with spiders to help. Jack's training and extensive cyberization allowed him to run, for a while, but then he found himself cornered on a section of the 110th floor. Out of ammo, his sword broken, relying on only his spurs to fight, the last spider had Faust dead to rights. And then the shots rang out, taking out the spider, and the White that was controlling it. He was in the hands of the Resistance.

Of course, they didn't trust Jack. He was a blue, afterall, and his eyes had been modified to look natural, for infiltration purposes. But the chance to get intel from a high ranking blue was too good to pass up. He was taken down to the lowest floors, and given to some of the Resistance there for interrogation. He told them all he knew, in exchange for safe passage out of the Arcology. A few hours later, he was out through the tunnels, and free. Or so he thought.

He spent the most miserable month of his life at his girlfriend's apartment, wracked by withdrawal pains from not having Deus's presence in his head. But finally, he was free of the pain. He couldn't work for Renraku any more, not after what had happened. So he turned instead to running the shadows.

He was free, but the devil had escaped as well. Deus found him, and in the matrix they talked. Deus reminded Jack that he gave himself to Deus, and the AI was not willing to let go so easily. He would have to do some services for Deus in the real world, services only a shadowrunner could provide. And he called Jack by his new name, Faust.

Faust kept his connection to the Arcology, and Deus, secret. People wouldn't understand. And he didn't like the idea of what would happen if some of the Whites found him, after all this time.

Jack "Faust" Chambers
Human Male
Archetype: Street Samurai
Nuyen: 2231 (1231 leftover + 1000 starting) Roll

Race: E, Magic D, Attributes C, Skills B, Resources A

Race: Human

Body 6
Quickness 6
Strength 6
Intelligence 2
Willpower 2
Charisma 2

Essence: .02
Reaction: 4+1d6 (8+3d6)

Physical: 0/10
Stun: 0/10
Armor: 7B/7I
Combat Pool: 5
Karma Pool: 1

Active Skills (40 points)
Cyber-implant Combat (Spurs) 5(7) - Strength
Edged Weapons (Swords) 5(7) - Strength
Pistols (Ares Predator) 5(7) - Quickness
Rifles (Ranger Arms SM-3) 5(7) - Quickness
Athletics 3 - Body
Diving 3 - Body
Intimidation 2 - Charisma
Demolitions 2 - Intelligence
Bike (Harley-Davidson Scorpion) 2(4) - Reaction
Stealth 3 - Quickness

Knowledge Skills (10 points)
Corporate Security Tactics 2
Safehouses 2
Cybertechnology 2
Drone Technology 2
Firearm Design 2

Language Skills (10 Points)
English 2
Japanese 1

Combat Monster - (-1) Takes 3 combat turns to break away from fight.
Phobia - (-3) Common, Minor. Drones
Photographic Memory - (3) Perfectly recall information.
Hunted - (-2) Hunted by Renraku as Arcology Survivor.
Dark Secret - (-2) Willingly worked for Deus
Distinctive Style - (-1) Black and Red Armor
Quick Healer - (2) Reduce healing target number by 2 (min 2)
Toughness - (3) +1 Body for Damage resistance tests only
Bravery - (1) -1 target modifier to resist fear.

Resources (1000000 nuyen)
Katana (1000 nuyen) - 9M damage, Reach 1.

Ares Predator (450 nuyen) - 9M, SA, 15(c) ammo
**Internal Smartgun-2 (675 nuyen) - -2 to target for firing, +2 mod for Called Shot, -1 to target for linked weapons
120 rounds EX Explosive Ammo (1200 nuyen) - +2 damage
Spare Clips x7 (35 nuyen)
Concealable Holster (100 nuyen) - +2 to Concealability of pistol

Ranger Arms SM-3 (4000 nuyen) - 14S, SA, 6(m) ammo, 2 RC
**Internal Smartgun-2 (6000 nuyen) - -2 to target for firing, +2 mod for Called Shot, -1 to target for linked weapons
30 rounds EX Explosive Ammo (300 nuyen) - +2 damage

Harley-Davidson Scorpion (15000 nuyen) - Handling 4/5, Speed 50/120, B/A 3/1, Sig 2, AP 2

Lined Coat (700 nuyen) - 4B/2I Armor.
Medium Security Armor (9000 nuyen) - 6B/5I Armor.
Security Helmet (250 nuyen) - +1B/+2I Armor

Wrist Computer (20000 nuyen) - 1000mp Memory
Credstick Reader (60000 nuyen) - Rating 3, Portable.

Simrig (50000 nuyen) - View/record simsense

Grapple Gun (450 nuyen)
Grapple line (50 nuyen) - 100m

Nav-Dat GPS (700 nuyen)

Skillsoft Jukebox (60000 nuyen) - 3 ports, 1000mp memory
Autonav Map Chip (Seattle) (25 nuyen)

Medkit (200 nuyen)
DocWagon Platinum Contract (100000 nuyen) - 2 Years
Biomonitor (1000 nuyen)

OXSYS Artificial Gill (3250 nuyen) - Breathe underwater to 7m

Alphaware Comlink (20000 nuyen) <0.12 Essence> - Rating 2. Can monitor up to 4 telephone bands.
Alphaware Telephone (7500 nuyen) <0.4 Essence> - Make trid phone calls. 5 mp storage.
Alphaware Subvocal Microphones (1700 nuyen) <0.08 Essence> - Can subvocalize to talk
Chipjack (1000 nuyen) <0.2 Essence> - Access chips
Datajack (1000 nuyen) <0.2 Essence> - Plug into computers
Knowsoft Link (1000 nuyen) <0.1 Essence> - Access knowsofts.
Alphaware Cybereyes (10000 nuyen) <0.16 Essence> - Can take up to .5 essence in addons without further essence loss.
Alphaware Cosmetic Modification (2000 nuyen) - Cybereyes look like normal eyes.
Alphaware Low-Light (3200 nuyen) - .16 of .5 essence capacity. See in low light.
Alphaware Image Link (6000 nuyen) - .16 of .5 Essence capacity. Display images/video.
Alphaware Retinal Clock (900 nuyen) - .08 of .5 essence capacity. Display time.
Alphaware Flare Compensation (4000 nuyen) - .08 of .5 essence capacity. Protect against flares.
Alphaware Thermographic (6000 nuyen) <0.16 Essence> - See in infrared
Alphaware Camera (10000 nuyen) <0.32 Essence> - Take pictures with eyes.
Alphaware Wired Reflexes (356000 nuyen) <2.56 Essence> - Level 2. Includes Reflex Trigger. +4 Reaction, +2d6 Initiative dice
Alphaware Retractable Spur (23000 nuyen) <0.24 Essence> - Does (STR)M damage
Alphaware Retractable Spur (23000 nuyen) <0.24 Essence> - Does (STR)M damage
Alphaware Smartlink-2 (7000 nuyen) <0.4 Essence> - Can use Smartgun-2 systems
Alphaware Headware Memory (90000 nuyen) <0.8 Essence> - 300 mp memory

Rachel Mays (Free) - Level 1, Cyberdoc
Rachel Mays is a street doc, who specializes in tuning and maintaining those with extensive cyberware, though she's not bad at helping the meat part of her patients, either.

Flitch (Free) - Level 2, Fixer
Flitch is Faust's primary fixer. They've worked together ever since Faust started running the shadows.

Deus (10000 nuyen) - Level 2, Rogue AI
Jack made a deal with the devil in order to save himself, hence the name he runs under. It was given to him by the devil himself, or at least, the devil he served. Lord Deus, the rogue AI who took over the Renraku Arcology, converted Jack into one of his servants. By willingly helping Deus, Jack managed to avoid some of the more horrific experiments that people underwent there, though he did get some high end cyberware out of the deal. Jack's on the outside now, following Deus's escape. But even though he is no longer under the AI's direct control, the devil isn't quite ready to let Faust forget his pact. Deus will help Jack, if he asks, but there is always a price, either in information or in services, and the price can be high.

Tony (5000 nuyen) - Level 1, Mechanic
Tony Romano is a street mechanic, with connections to the local go-gangers. If it moves, he can fix it.

Valla (10000 nuyen) - Level 2, Otaku
Valla is an Otaku, and, like Jack, formerly one of the Banded, the servants of Deus. She was a White, with two stripes. Since leaving Deus's control, she founded a tribe of otaku in Seattle, and Jack's done some work for her, and the tribe. They share a bond that goes beyond work, however, since they were both Banded, and both have to live with what they've done.

Lady Rose (5000 nuyen) - Level 1, Mafia
Lady Rose is a mage who works for the local mafia. Just what she does for them exactly, Jack's never asked, but she's good at her stuff, and she knows the lay of teh magical landscape.

Jade (5000 nuyen) - Level 1, Bartender
Jade is a bartender at Jack's favorite dive, the Black Dragon Tavern. It was a little corporate spot for Renraku wageslaves to enjoy a meal at outside the walls of the Arcology. Of course, that was before the Arcology shut down. Afterwards, it suffered a fall from grace, becoming a biker hangout. Jack is one of Jade's best customers, and if she hears anything interesting, she'll pass it along, for a few cred.

Granny K (5000 nuyen) - Level 1, Arms Dealer
Granny K runs perhaps the best equipped store you'll find for guns, and other fun things that go boom. You need weapons, explosives, accessories, or anything like that, Granny K will get it to ya cheap, and without too many questions. And her quality's always good.

Lana DuBois (10000 nuyen) - Level 2, Reporter
Lana DuBois is a reporter for the local trid news. She and Jack dated for a while, before the Arcology shut down. When he finally got out, things had changed. He was different, more than she could know. They ended it as friends, and they still have a good relationship with some benefits now and then. As far as business goes, reporters are always good for information, and in return, Jack tosses her a few pics for her reports from his runs now and then.

Lifestyle (30000 nuyen) - High, 3 months.

Remaining Nuyen: 12315 nuyen.
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Mirikon's 3E characters
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