Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 QueenRat's Characters

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Character sheet
Character Name: Alyx
Race: Human
Sex: Female

PostSubject: QueenRat's Characters   Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:00 am

Alyx Delware
Human Female, 27 Years Old.
Demolitions Expert.


Attributes: [200 BP]
Body - 5
Agility - 5 (7)
Reaction - 4
Strength - 4 (6)
Charisma - 2
Intuition - 3
Logic - 4
Willpower - 1


Edge - 4 [20 BP]
Essence - 2.25
Initiative - 7


Qualities: [35 BP]
Aptitude (Demolitions)
High Pain Tolerance (Rating 1)
Quick Healer


Flaws: [+20 BP]
Sensitive System


Active Skills: [130 BP]
Escape Artist (3) [12 BP]
Pistols (1) [4 BP]
Unarmed Combat (4) [16 BP]
Dodge (2) [8 BP]
Pilot Ground Craft (1) [4 BP]
Navigation (2) [8 BP]
Perception (1) [4 BP]
Street Knowledge (3) [12 BP]
Demolitions (7) [32 BP]


Knowledge Skills [21 Points]
Aztechnology Business Practice (3)
Industrial Chemicals (4)
Inorganic Chemistry (2)
Organic Chemistry (2)
Architecture (2)
Explosive Compounds (4)
Bomb Making (2)
Fuses and Detonators (2)
English (N)

Resources: 175,000 Nuyen (35 BP)

Cyberware/Bioware: [112,500 Nuyen] (
Voice Modulator (0.4 Essence) [7,500 Nuyen]
Bone Lacing (Aluminium)[15,000 Nuyen] (2 Essence)
Muscle Augmentation (Rating 2) (0.4 Essence) [14,000 Nuyen]
Muscle Toner (Rating 2) (0.4 Essence) [16,000 Nuyen]
Orthoskin (Rating 1) (0.25 Essence) [30,000 Nuyen]
Synthacardium (Rating 3) (0.3 Essence) [30,000 Nuyen]

Weapons: (400 Nuyen)
Shock Gloves
Streetline Special (50 Regular Ammunition)

Explosives:  (15,300 Nuyen)
5 x Flash Bangs [150 Nuyen]
5 x Fragmentation Grenades [175 Nuyen]
3 x High Explosive Grenades [225 Nuyen]
20 kg Commercial Explosives [2000 Nuyen]
20 Kg Foam Explosives (Rating 6) [12000 Nuyen]
Detonator Caps (10) [750 Nuyen]

Clothing: (5000 Nuyen)
Leather Jacket (+200 Nuyen)
Renraku Sensei (Renraku Ichi OS) [1,600 nuyen]

Mercury Comet [14,000 Nuyen]

Middle (5 months) [25,000 Nuyen)

Starting Funds: 1100 Nuyen

Alyx Delware was born to a pair of Aztecnology employees. Being above the average workers, they lived much better than most, owning a large apartment in Chicago. It was here little Alyx grew up, and lived many of her early years. She was surrounded with robot helpers and the closest thing to real food money could buy. It was traditional for her to actually enjoy real meat on a Sunday too, a tradition she tries to maintain as often as possible to date.

She was home taught, being molded by her parents and their coworkers to become a future employee of Aztecnology. It was soon that her aptitude for Chemistry became apparent, and it was decided that she would fit well within the pharmaceutical division. However, something clicked in young Alyx around her 13th Birthday and she no longer learnt for the joy of it. Her passion was waning and she found herself learning only for the sake of her parents. She died her hair blue and started wearing tank tops and shorts, much to her mother's disgust. Eventually, at age 19, she finished her education and was just a few days from entering her first job - but Alyx had other ideas. One cold Thursday afternoon her father awoke to find a note on his daughter's pillow.

Dad, Mom

Thanks for everything, that Aztec' job sounds just FANTASTIC and you've been great bringin' me up and all, but i've gotta split! I don't wanna end up another drone in the machine though, like you guys. Livin' day after day, nothing to colour them until I decide to pop out another cog. I've borrowed some money, and i'll pay it back once i'm workin'. I'll keep in touch if I can!

Love you

Her father shouted for his wife and the two of them looked over the note again and again. They called the police, but one more missing girl wasn't enough to get them to do much more than a quick sweep. When they checked the bank it was early 200,000 nuyen lighter. For several months they went to great efforts searching for their errant daughter, but it was no use.

As for Alyx, she fell in with a group of 'runners fairly quick and soon learnt the tricks of the trade. With the money she swiped from her parents she Augmented herself as much as her sensitive body would allow, enhancing her strength and speed. Whilst her new crew taught her how to fight and how to run, she used her knowledge of Chemistry and developed a taste for the more explosive side. After more than a few 'runs she became the impromptu demolitions expert of the team, utilizing her impressive speed to run into an area, lay some explosives and run away with the heat of the flames lapping at her heels, enjoying the thrill of another well timed distraction.

Since that day she left, a large portion of the money she received went back to her parents however, as she fully intends to pay the debt she owes them. By her reckoning, it was only another 125,000 Nuyen to go.
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QueenRat's Characters
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