Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Velve's characters

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Character sheet
Character Name: Words
Race: Human
Sex: M

PostSubject: Velve''s characters   Tue May 12, 2009 6:36 am

More or less ready now.

"Words" Michael Thomas Woodward
Race : Human
Sex : M
Body : 3
Agility : 3
Reaction : 3
Strength : 2
Charisma: : 5
Intuition: : 5
Logic: : 3
Willpower: : 3
Edge: : 2
Essence: : 6
Initiative: : 8
Magic: : 6

Influence skills group : 4 (Con, Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation)
Unarmed Combat : 2
Dodge : 3
Automatics (Machine pistols) : 3
Assensing : 5
Perception : 3
Forgery (Paper Forgery) : 1

English : N
Arabic : 4
Latin (Read/Write) : 2
Ancient Greek (Read/Write) : 1
Spanish (Speak) : 1
Portuguese (Speak) : 1
Italian (Speak) : 1
French (Speak) : 1
German (Speak) : 1
Russian (Speak) : 1
Bengali (Speak) : 1
Hindi (Speak) : 1
Cantonese (Speak) : 1
Mandarin (Speak) : 1
Japanese (Speak) : 1
Bantu (Speak) : 1
Salishan (Speak) : 1
Algic (Speak) : 1
Sioux (Speak) : 1
Aztec (Speak) : 1
Sperethiel (Speak) : 1

Knowledge Skills
UCAS Politics : 1
History : 3
Literature (Arabic) : 1
Military (Navy) : 1
Security Procedures : 2
Elven Society : 1
World Religions (Islam) : 2
Black Markets (Art) : 1
Art : 1
Dealers (Drug Dealers) : 1


Addiction, moderate - Morphine
Allergy com/mod - Soy

Adept Powers:
Astral Perception
Enhanced Perception (Level 5)
Kinesics (level 2)
Voice Control
Improved Sense - Improved scent
Improved Sense - Improved taste
Improved Sense - Select sound filter
Mystic Armor (level 3)

Resources: 4 (20k)

Weapons :
Ceska Black Scorpion Smartgun 1100
9x Regular Ammo (10 shots) 180

Clothing (Regular) 50
Clothing (Chic) 500
Actioneer Business Clothes 1500
Camouflage Suit - urban pattern 1200
Full Body Armour 6000
Helmet 100
+ Flare Compensation 50
+ Imagelink 25
+ Smartlink 500

Sunglasses 25
+ Flare Compensation 50
+ Imagelink 25
+ Smartlink 500

Riot Shield 200

Fake License gun (Rating 3) 300
Fake License armour (Rating 3) 300
Fake Sin (Rating 3) 3000
Commlink - Renraku Sensai 1000
Commlink - Meta Link 100

Survival Kit 100
3x Certified Credstick 75

Low lifestyle (1 month) in one of bits of Puyallup that is not-quite-as-bad-as-the-rest-of-it

2125 left


Commander Jennifer Tomkins, UCAS Naval Attache (L:3 C:2)
Liaison and diplomatic work in the middle east theatre, Stationed in Arabia. Worked closely with Words for six years. Limited influence outside of her sphere of operations.

Sergeant James Stanislas, UCAS Marines (ret) (L:2 C:2)
Resident of Seattle. Runs a bar in a run down part of Renton, and knows a lot of shady characters. Worked with Words in the middle east until he retired 3 years ago.

Dom Dillan - Drugs dealer, Seattle, Puyallup (L:1 C:2)
With his carefully styled hair and immaculate suits, Dom likes to think he has style and class. He's wrong on both counts, but he is capable of providing almost any illegal substance you could care to name at four hours notice, and for a reasonable price, so his customers try not to mention his taste in bow ties.


Words had a sheltered upbringing in the Fuchi corporation's Seattle enclave. His parents (both Fuchi employees) were both killed in a car crash while he was a mere babe in arms, and the Corp became his family. Identified early as a natural linguist he was exposed to a host of languages and picked up a smattering of languages from all across the globe. The language that most caught his fancy was Arabic, which he majored in. However two years into university and the unthinkable happened - Fuchi disintegrated, leaving him high and dry.

Here the Navy stepped in. Paid his fees, put him through officer training, identified his latent magical potential and tutored him in the use of his powers. A year of intensive training around the Great Lakes later, and it was no suprise to words he found himself posted to the middle east.

As a linguist and someone capable of seeing more then most, Words was placed on the staff of the UCAS Naval Attaché to Arabia, Commander Tomkins. Five years in the region, and he had acted as translator and negotiator in virtually every nation in the region from India to Algeria. Wounded in Egypt when religious dissenters bombed a regional summit, Words spent the next four months in hospital in Sicily having the shrapnel picked out of his back and arms and having his muscles rebuilt the old fashioned way. As well as acquiring a smattering of Italian, Words also picked up a nasty dependence on Morphine, a habit he has been unable to shake.
Despite several attempt at rehab, he just kept failing drugs tests, and finally got the old heave-ho, a dishonourable discharge and put ashore back in Seattle, the place of his birth, but a city largely alien to him.
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Velve's characters
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