Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 WilliamBs' Character

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Number of posts : 7
Age : 38
Location : Kansas City, Mo
Registration date : 2009-05-12

Character sheet
Character Name: Johonas Anderson Gruberson
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: WilliamBs' Character   Tue May 12, 2009 7:14 pm

Johonas Anderson Gruberson "John, Andy or Grub"
Metatype: Human, Age: 17, Sex: Male, Nuyen: 22,550, Lifestyle: Low, Total Karma: 2, Current Karma: 0, Street Cred: 0, Notoriety: 0, Public Awareness: 0

Body: 3
Agility: 2
Reaction: 3
Strength 2
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 4
Edge: 3
Essense: 6
Initative: 7
Magic/Resonance: 6
Current Edge: 3
Astral Init: 8
Matrix Init: 0
Init Passes: 1, 3 (Astral)


- Blades - 1
- Dodge - 3
- Ettiquette (Street) - 2(+2)
- Perception - 3
- Pistols - 2(+1)
- Pilot (Bike) - 1(+2)
- Electronic (Skill Group) - 1
- Mechanic (Automotive) - 1

- Assensing - 1
- Astral Combat - 3
- Banishing - 2
- Binding - 1
- Counterspelling - 3
- Spellcasting - 5

Knowledge Skills:
- Lone Star Security - 4
- Magic Background - 3
- Mercenary Hangouts - 2
- Magical Creature - 3

- Sperethiel (Elven) - 2
- Japanese - 2
- Latin - 3
- English - 5

+ Magical (Arcane)
- Sensetive System +15
- Addiction (Mild) - Cigarettes

- Bio Doc - 2, 2
- Fixer - Lady Silver - 3, 2
- Fixer - Max Gold - 3, 2
- Fixer - Steven Seps - 1, 2
- Talimunger - (Human) - 2, 2
- Talimunger - (Elven) - 0, 0

- Fake SIN - 4 - Jonathen Michael Anderson
- Fake License - 4 - Jonathen Michael Anderson
- Datapad
- Resperator - 6
- Micro-Transciever - 6
- Geiger Counter
- Earbuds
- Doc Wagon - Basic
- Magical Lodge Materials Force - 5
- Mage Sight Goggles (10m)
- Thermograpgic Goggles - 6

- (2) Ares Viper Slivergun, 8p(f), +2, Sa/BF, -, 30(c), - 10 Extra Clips, w/Flechette Rounds, Silencer - Barrel Mount, (Opposed -4 Perception), Guncam - Under Barrel Mount
- Steyr TMP, 4p, SA/BF/FA, -, 30(c), - 10 Extra Clips w/Regular Rounds, Silencer - Barrel Mount, Guncam - Under Barrel Mount
- Stun Baton, 1, 6 s(e) [400] - 1/2
- Katana, 1, P(str/2+3), -1

- Armor Jacket - 8/6
- Armor Vest - 6/4

- Harley Davidson Scorpion, +2, 15/30, 120, 2, 6/8, 4, 1, Run-Flat Tires, Anti-Theft Device

- Fairlight Caliban - 4, 4, 3, 5, - O.S. NovaTech Navi

- Armor
- Clout
- Increased Reflexes
- Levitate
- Stun Bolt
- Mana Bolt
- Physical barrier
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Number of posts : 7
Age : 38
Location : Kansas City, Mo
Registration date : 2009-05-12

Character sheet
Character Name: Johonas Anderson Gruberson
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Background   Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:47 pm

Johonas Anderson Gruberson, is what every runner knows me as. Most call me “Grub”, a nickname that I had picked up while playing at the playground where my mom used to take me after work, near Seattle. The male that had impregnated my mother was some rich Corporate exec, who had met my mom while she was waitressing and then knocked her up one night. When she confronted him with me, with a DNA test proving he was the father, he gave her ¥100,000 and told her that if she needed anything beyond that to get another job. My mother had left crying, because she was hoping he would want to be in my life and be the father that I should have. She had then deposited all of it into a savings account, after she bought me and herself a new SIN, which is the SIN I use as a real one. Jonathen Michael Anderson is my real name. My mother named me Jonathen, after my father. Growing up believing I was poor, but somehow always making it by, taught me to lookout for myself. I never had the nicest of things, but what I did have was always, good and durable. Growing up with a working mother toughened me up as a kid, having to always help out, clean and cook and do laundry. Other kids were always making fun of my having to take care of my mother, but I tried to ignore their remarks. Because I would over hear them talking about their lives and knew they were worse off than we were. I actually felt sorry for them, most of the time. I had few friends and the ones I did have were geeks and nerds by others classification. We always had fun playing holo games and playing outside and pretending we were famous runners. As I began to grow through puberty I noticed to notice the energy fields that surrounded almost everything. This made me curious and well curiosity eventually lead me to this really old shop, where there was an elderly elven gentleman. He took a liking to me, because he had said that he had seen a person coming seeking guidance. A person that who magic would be infused with. I studied what he called “The Arcane Arts” with him from the time I was twelve years old until I turned 17. I was extremely sad the day he passed away. I went to the shop to learn after school and it was boarded up, when I asked the police, they had said that he had passed on. They asked me to look at the body to verify, since I was listed on his next of kin list. While I was verifying this, his form, just disappeared. I was so taken back, that the policeman grabbed me and looked me in the eye. This was when I noticed that he was elven too. He said “this is an elven secret that we haven’t let everyone know about! When you reach that level of Arts, your body becomes so infused with magic, that when you die your body will go back into nature where it belongs.” This had surprised me, I had not known this. Then he handed me this hand written piece of parchment. “Apparently, he had no living kin and this buildings contents belong to you!” I spent the next month packing everything inside into boxes and taking back to my moms’ apartment. I went through every item and decided whether it was worth keeping or was junk, that he had just collected over the years. This is where most of my arcane supplies have come from. When I was 18, I tried to find work to help my mother out. That is when I met some real runners who had just completed this mission they were on and were out drinking and enjoying their profits. I made friends with them quickly and they mentioned that they needed a new Mage and since I was schooled in the arts, they wanted to hire me for their next run. When I told my mother about getting this new job she said that running was profitable yet dangerous, but if it was what I wanted to do so would help me out. This seemed strange since I thought that my mom was just scraping by from week to week. When I came home the next day there was a gift laying on my bed, saying “Happy Birthday, this is part of the gift your father game me when you were born. Sorry I had to work, but this is my life! Don’t spend all of it in one area! Trust your instincts and they will never let you be wrong. There was a cred stick with a note of ¥50K. When I hooked up with my new friends they took me to their contacts and helped hook me up with what they though would be fitting for me and I have ran every since.
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WilliamBs' Character
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