Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Maddoc's Characters

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Location : Ontario, Canada
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Character sheet
Character Name: Maddoc
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Maddoc''s Characters   Sun May 17, 2009 12:39 pm

Just to make it easy Ive included the a Number beside each character for easy search. Just hit Ctrl+F and type it in.
Ill edit this as I add more characters.

((01)) Maddoc O'Iongardail
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Number of posts : 4
Age : 34
Location : Ontario, Canada
Registration date : 2009-05-10

Character sheet
Character Name: Maddoc
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: ((01)) Maddoc O''Iongardail   Sun May 17, 2009 12:41 pm

Maddoc O'Iongardail
Metatype : Troll

Body: 5
Agility: 5 (7)
Reaction: 4 (6)
Strength: 5 (7)
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3 (5)
Willpower: 4

Edge: 4
Initiative: 10
Essence: 0.5

Active Skills
Automatics : 3
Longarms : 3
Pistols : 3
Blades : 3
Clubs : 3
Unarmed Combat : 3
Armorer : 5
Dodge (Ranged Combat) : 3
Throwing Weapons (Overhand) : 2
Archery (Crossbows) : 3

Knowledge skills:(27 free BP)
Biology (Anatomy): 3
Gun Design: 4
Blade Design: 4
Military (UCAS Regular Army):3
Chicago Gangs (Human Brigade): 3
Geography (Chicago): 4

Language Skills:
English: N
Or'zet: 3
Japanese: 3

Positive Qualities
Restricted gear
High Pain Tolerance 2

Negative Qualities
Combat Monster
Addiction, mild: Cigars

Muscle Replacement (Rating 2)
Wired Reflexes (Rating 2)
Cerebral Booster 2
Damage Compensators 6

Armors (13B/11I)
form fitting body armor
Lined Coat
Securetech PPP leg and arm casings
Securetech PPP forearm
Securetech PPP shin guards
Clothing (Chic)

Survival Knife
+ personalized Grip
Monofilament Sword
+ personalized Grip
5x Throwing Knife
5x + personalized Grip
Hardliner gloves
Heavy Crossbow
Imaging Scope
+ personalized Grip
+extended clip
Underbarrel mounted short blade
Smartgun System, external
12x Explsoive head arrows/bolts
Ruger Super Warhawk
+ Small modification
+ Increased Cylinder
+ Ammo Skip
+ personalized Grip
Smartgun System, external
2x Ex-Explosive ammo (10 shots)
2x Stick-n-Shock (10 shots)
Ingram Smartgun X
+ personalized Grip
+extended clip
8x Ex-Explosive ammo (10 shots)
Franchi SPAS-22
+ personalized Grip
2x Shock Lock(10 shots)
+ personalized Grip
Smart Firing Platform
20x Ex-Explosive ammo (10 shots)
4x High Explosive Grenades
2x Concealable Holster
15x Spare Clips

Honda Spirit (Subcompact)

OS : Vector Xim
Commlink : Meta Link
Targeting (Weapon) Autosoft (Rating 6)
Agent/IC/Pilot (Rating 4)
Subvocal Microphone

Tool Kit
Contact Lenses
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
+Vision Magnification
+Low Light Vision
+Image Link
+Low Light Vision
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Spatial Recognizer
6x Fake License (Rating 4)
Monofilament Chainsaw
Gecko Tape Gloves
Survival Kit
Microwire (per 100 m)
DocWagon Contract (Gold - per Year)
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
combat load vest
6x ammo pouch

1 Month middle lifestyle
Starting Nuyen: 4D6 x 100Y = 2400Y

Fixer (L:3 C:4)

Maddoc's story begins in earnest, in the year 2054 with his induction into the UCAS regular forces.

He was proud to represent his Metatype as a soldier and patriot of the UCAS out of Colorado State. He reveled in the opportunity to kill and thrived off the possibility of being killed. Though soon became weary of being under command and controlled. Ordered to some barren warzone after another, a proxy war among Megacorps or worse a Urban Sprawl riot control deployment trying to stem the tide of gangers. Where the slightest mistake could mean a bullet with his name on it, or a Civilian caught in the cross-fire.

A decade of service, warfare and bloodshed can cause any soul to tire and weaken, even the soul of a Troll. With the heated past of a veteran soldier, Maddocs patriotism was questioned by himself. He was extremely confused about his purpose, why he felt so unhappy, so used, forgotten in the long list of SINers. He had a burning passion for combat and exercised it well, yet he could no longer feel any type of satisfaction from that.

Then came the second Matrix Crash, Hundred of thousands, if not millions of SINs deleted over a five year period, Maddoc's included. It was in '61 that he was released from the corporate chock hold. With the prospect of freedom from any mans war that was not his own, a chance to run and be commander of himself, his own patriot. Maddoc took this sudden freedom as a sign; his ticket out of corporate and State control.

He worked of his own accord, doing odd Runs in the Shadows for Mr.Johnsons along the way until eventually he met her in '63. She was human, and beautiful with long hair the colour of fire, her name was Lili. He rescued her on one of his jobs for a man in New York. Her father was a leader in a group known as Human Brigade based out of the Chi-town. Through his connections and funds she grew up mostly away from that hellish warzone and lived in New York with various caregivers. She saw his strength and passion, she looked deep into his eyes and shed him down to his core, and fell for him almost as hard as he did. They were illegally married within the year; a human SINer and SINless Troll. They stuck to the shadows. Relocating to Seattle to avoid anybody reconizing her and did their best to keep her identity secret for fear of being traced back to her SIN by her father.

Though on one terrible night in '67, the Brigade found her while Maddoc was out on a run. She made one slip, by being seen on camera at a local foodmart, within the hour she had a squad of goons knocking at her motel room door. She tried to run, even fight but it was useless. Their number was too strong for her, and their hatred for her betrayal against her father for marrying a metatype was something she could not win against. She was raped, beaten, mangled and then decapitated by her father's goons. Maddoc returned to the room, only a hour after they had cleared out.

He was unable to react for a long while, shocked by the horrific scene of his wife's tortured death, none of his prior runs nor even his service could have prepared him for this. It was made to look like a Ganger raid, with her money stolen along with anything else valuble, though Maddoc could smell the undeniable stench of hatred for his metakind that emanated off her cold shredded corpse. He had nothing to hold onto as he mourned her in that dank, dark room. She was in pieces all over the room, her blood stained every surface and all he could do was grow in something beyond anger, beyond hate and loathing.

He used this unrecognizable emotion to fuel his existences, holding onto the memory of her love and beauty, while working hard to come up with a plan of revenge. Though he had no proof or place to start his search for the men that did this. All he could go off was the connection to the Brigade; Lili had never told him her father's name nor any others involved in that group, for fear of their wrath. All he knew was the people responsible for her death were somehow connected to the Brigade and would feel his pain along with hers.

A few years later he now runs the Shadows in Chicago, working for whoever pays the most, choosing his jobs as a free Troll. Using his passionate desire for revenge to get him through the day. His patriotism belongs solely to her, and he is slowly finding those responsible and doing his best to make they pay. His brutality is nearly unmatchable by any other.

Now thirty-six years old a bit of gray salts his black hair, caused by the horrors he has witnessed and committed, along with the brutal loss of his beloved wife. But his frame and demeanor in battle have changed very little. The only thing that gives him away are his eyes, the pain and torture are there clear as day, and as terrifying as the story behind them. As tough as the weapons in his hands and the metal under his skin, still a killer. Maybe little has changed since that fateful day when he first signed up for the UCAS in '54.
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Maddoc's Characters
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