Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Nathanius' Characters

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Number of posts : 94
Age : 32
Location : Cheney, WA
Registration date : 2009-04-17

Character sheet
Character Name: Nathanius Gather
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Nathanius' Characters   Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:39 am

4th ed character, 430 bp

Current Name: Samantha Ezekyle
Archtype: Smuggler/Small arms fighter
Race: Elf (30 bp)
Sex: Female
Height/Weight: 5'11" 145 lbs
Eyes/hair: Green/Brown
Birthday: Dec. 27, 1998
Birthplace: San Diego
Movement: Walk: 10 m/turn Run: 25 m/turn Swim: 6 m/turn

Attributes: 190 BP
-Body: 3
-Strength: 3
-Agility: 5
-Reaction: 5
-Logic: 4
-Intuition: 3
-Willpower: 2
-Charisma: 4
-Essence: 4.8
-Magic: 0
-Edge: 2
-Initiative: 8, 1 Pass

Active Skills: 140 bp
-Mechanic Skill Group rank 2
---Aeronautics: 2
---Industrial: 2
---Automotive: 2
---Nautical: 2
-Automatics: 4
-Gunnery: 2
-Dodge: 2
-Pilot Groundcraft: 4
-Pilot Aircraft: 2
-Infiltration: 4
-Etiquette: 2
-Hacking: 2
-Electronic Warfare: 3
-Navigation: 2
-Perception: 2

Knowledge Skills:
-Seattle Go-Gangs: 2
-Smuggler Havens: 1
-Border Patrol Tactics: 2
-Engineering: 2
-Street Drugs: 2
-Language, English: N
-Language, Spanish: 2
-Language, Sperethiel: 2
-Language, Japanese: 2

Qualities: 0 bp net
-Guts (+2 Dice in tests against Intimidation/Fear)
-Scorched (-2 Wil Pool in tests against BTLs)

Gear total bp: 50

-Control Rig (0.5e)
-Datajack (0.1e)
-Flare Compensation (0.1e)
-Smartlink (0.5e)

Armor: (total: 9b, 8i)
-Form Fitting Armor, Half Body Suit (4/1)
-Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (6/6)
-Bike Racing Helmet (+1/+2) w/ Image Link/HUD

-FN P93 Praetor (5P, --AP, SA/BF/FA, 1(2) RC, 50(c))
---Low Light Flashlight, Smartlinked, 100 Rounds Regular Ammo, 50 rounds Explosive Ammo (+1DV, -1 AP)
-Ares MP LMG (6P, -1AP, BF/FA, 2(3) RC, Belt)
---Smartlinked, 100 Round Belt EX Explosive Ammo (+2 DV, -2 AP), Mounted on Rover

-Middle (9 months)
-Doc-Wagon Basic (1 Year)

-Novatech Airware w/ Iris Orb OS (Res 3, Sig 3, Fir 3, Sys 3)

-Micro Transceiver (Rating 3)
-Fake License (Rating 3)
-Vehicle Toolkit
-Vehicle Tooshop
-Maglock Passkey (Rating 4)

Vehicles and Modifications:
-Thundercloud Contrail Racing Bike (Hand +1, Accel 20/40, Speed 216, Pilot 1, Body 6, Armor 4, Signal 1)
---Speed Customization (new speed = 216)
---Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization
---Rigger Adapted
---Smuggling Compartment (x2)
---Mechanical Arm (x2 Full arms)
-Rover Model 2068 (Hand +1, Accel 20/35, Speed 140, Pilot 2, Body 13, Armor 10, Signal 2)
---Amenities (High)
---Off Road Suspension
---Passenger Protection 2
---Anti-Theft 2
---Rigger Adapted
---Weapon Mount (Normal Size, Internal Visibility, Flexible, Remote Controlled, Ares MP LMG)

Contacts: 20 bp
-Fixer (connection 3, loyalty 2)
-Mechanic (connection 2, loyalty 2)
-Border Patrol Officer (connection 1, loyalty 3)
-Street Doc (connection 1, loyalty 1)
-Sprawl Ganger (brother) (connection 1, loyalty 4)

Connection Established
Enter Cipher Password: ************
Verifying Password...
Verifying Encryption...
Decryption Complete
Opening S.Ezekyle.mat

Samantha Ezekyle, aka Sami, born just two days after Christmas in the late 20th century. Life was good, she came from a family of four, the classic American dream. But that wasn't to last. She survived the famines of the years to come. She watched in horror as mob bosses attacked food caravans, stealing to survive. She bore witness to the rise of the MegaCorp and their paramilitary police. In fact, she saw first hand what life looked like from the inside of a Shiawase compound. Her Father was a number cruncher there, a job he hated, but he knew if he quit, his family would suddenly find themselves on the street in the middle of the food riots.

Life seemed to be going just fine up until she turned 14. Just a few days before her 14th birthday, the great dragon Dunkelzahn explained the awakening to the world. Suddenly her parents knew what she was, her pointy ears and above average height gave her away as an elf, and her parents couldn't live with the idea that they brought a mutant into the world.

That year went badly for Samantha. Her Mother drank down a bottle of sleeping pills with a scotch chaser, the Shiawase doctors covered it as a sudden heart failure and doctored their medical records to show a history of heart disease in her family. Her Father couldn't take the stress of being a single parent, he jumped from the roof of his office building.

Parentless, and now with no connection to Shiawase, Samantha and her Brother were kicked out of the compound. Nowhere to go, no one to turn to, they became street urchins, digging through dumpsters for food, hiding from the megacorp security whenever they passed. It wasn't long before they found living with a street gang would up their survival chances significantly.

The sprawl gangers that brought them in fancied themselves as a Go-Gang, tricking out import bikes and harrassing the local highways, but they were nowhere near what a real Go-Gang is. Nevertheless, they taught Samantha and her Brother how to ride, and kept them protected and fed just like the rest of the gang. It became their home for years, her Brother, now retired from the go-gang lifestye has aged less gracefully than Samantha. He was born pure human, no meta blood in those veins. So while he is quickly reaching the age of 70, and showing it, Samantha is going on 72 but doesn't look a day older than 20. The go-gang is still around, still small time, but useful if you need a distraction, while Samantha has moved on to a career in the shadows. Once she got her rigger control mod, she was able to outpace and outmanuever the best of the gangers, and she took to a life of smuggling.

Unfortunately, some of the people she started to work for weren't the most savory of fellows. When they found that she had 'sampled' one of the BTL chips that she had just run across the border, they forced her to slot BTL after BTL until her mind was scorched, leaving her near dead. The dealers dropped her in Seattle, figured no one would care to find another dead elf body there.

But she managed to survive, and was taken in by a mechanic that was towing a car home and nearly ran her over on that rain drenched stretch of back road. He took her in, nursed her back to health, and taught her everything she knows about how to repair anything with an engine. It wasn't long before she was back on a bike, this time one she had helped to create to her exacting specifications, low slung, fast , full of smuggling compartments, and mechanical arms to boot.

So, when you need to get something somewhere fast, and without anyone the wiser, you turn to Sami. Her bike will get her just about anywhere, and if you've gotta move people in or out of a tight spot safely, she can always turn to her Rover, armed and heavy. Much slower than her favored bike, but sometimes you just gotta go with a tank.
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Number of posts : 94
Age : 32
Location : Cheney, WA
Registration date : 2009-04-17

Character sheet
Character Name: Nathanius Gather
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Nathanius' Characters   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:07 am

4th ed character, 400 bp

Current Name: Gavriel Phillips
Archetype: Con Artist / Thief
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 6'3" 180 lbs
Eyes/hair: Green / Light Brown

Attributes: (200 BP)
-Body: 3
-Strength: 3 (5)
-Agility: 4 (6)
-Reaction: 5 (6)
-Logic: 4
-Intuition: 3
-Willpower: 3
-Charisma: 3
-Essence: 2.3
-Magic: 0
-Edge: 2
-Initiative: 8

Active Skills: (108 BP)
-Infiltration 4
-Pistols 4
-Dodge 5
-Etiquette 2
-Con 4
-Perception 3
-Computer 3
-Pilot Groundcraft 2

Knowledge Skills:
-Underworld Politics 2
-Lonestar Procedures 2
-Security Systems 4
-Gang Identification 3
-20th Century Comic Books 3
-Language: English N
-Language: Spanish 4
-Language: Japanese 3

Qualities: 0 bp net
-First Impression (5BP)
---Recieves +2 Dice to all Social tests during first meeting
-SINner (-5BP)

Gear total bp: 50 = 250,000

-CyberEyes Basic System (Rating 2)
---Image Link
---Eye Recording Unit
---Flare Compensation
---Low-Light Vision Enhancement
---Vision Magnification
-Muscle Replacement (Rating 2)
-Reaction Enhancer (Rating 1)

Armor: (total: 6B, 6I)
-Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (6/6)

-Hammerli 620s
---4P 0 AP SA Recoil Comp 1 6(c)
---Gas Vent I
---Hidden Gun Arm Slide
---60 Rounds Regular ammo in 10 Clips (Light Pistol)
---Heavy Pistol Ranges

-Eichiro Hatamoto II
---7P -1AP SS Recoil Comp 0 1(m)
---Concealable Holster
---10 Rounds Regular Ammo (Shotgun)
---10 Rounds Explosive Ammo (Shotgun)
---10 Rounds Shock Lock Ammo (Shotgun)

-High (9 months)
-Middle (9 months)
-DocWagon Contract (Gold 2 Years)

-Fairlight Caliban with Novatech Navi OS
---Response 4
---Signal 5
---Firewall 3
---System 4

-Micro Transceiver (Rating 3)
-Fake License (Rating 3)
-Fake SIN (Rating 2)
-Autopicker (Rating 6)
-Keycard Copier (Rating 6)
-Maglock Passkey (rating 3)
-3 Antidote Patches (Rating 6)

-Suzuki Mirage
---Handling +2, Accel 20/50, Speed 200, Pilot 1, Body 6, Armor 4, Signal 1

Contacts: (Connection/Loyalty) (42 BP)
-Fixer (2/2)
-Mr. Johnson (2/1)
-Street Doc (1/2)
-Mechanic (1/2)
-Mafia Soldier (2/1)
-Yakuza Soldier (2/1)
-BTL Dealer (2/1)
-Hacker (2/2)
-Arms Dealer (1/2)
-Bartender (2/1)
-Bouncer (1/2)
-Lone Star Detective (2/2)
-Mercenary (1/2)

Connection Established
Enter Cipher Password: ************
Verifying Password...
Verifying Encryption...
Decryption Complete
Opening G.Phillips.mat

He has been known by many names, his marks usually not knowing who he is to begin with, they rarely learn that they were even a mark. But his SIN states his name quite clearly as Gavriel Phillips. He is not an innocent bystander by any means, but is instead, often the instigator, despite his as of yet, blank criminal record.

His charming smile and gleaming green eyes have opened more than one door for him, sometimes into women's hearts, other times into high security areas. In either case, he often gets in, gets what he wants, and disappears. When his wits and charm can't get him in, he relies on his infiltration abilities instead.

While fully capable in a firefight, he will usually only resort of larger caliber equipment such as his Eichiro Hatamoto as a defensive weapon, when getting out of those locked doors becomes a larger challenge than getting in.

Since birth, he has been poor, except for the things he can steal or charm his way into, but has become quite an accomplished thief and looks to put his talents to use for a little more cash than he can get with just personal gain. The corps have deep pockets and are willing to pay for services such as the kind Gavriel can offer.
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Nathanius' Characters
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