Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Fugitive Unknown's Characters

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Fugitive Unknown

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Age : 39
Registration date : 2009-06-25

PostSubject: Fugitive Unknown's Characters   Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:56 am

Birthname: Kirin Murphy
Fake Sin: John Stone
Street Name: Needle
Metatype : Human
Nuyen - 250

Height: 5,10
Weight: 159

Apparence (Currently): Naturally Kirin is a non descript caucasian of near average height and weight - though he's
in pretty good shape, though he's not particualrly well muscled. He usually wears his suit,
though he has a wide selection of clothes for roles he's played as a face. His newly acquired
false front system and PAN makes his appearence pretty varied.

Personality: Needles is starting to enjoy the shadowrunner lifestyle - back in the corp
days he worked 15 hour days - and most of his social offtime was taken up by meetings with
clients and managers in semi formal settings. Now he works more like 6, and gets paid a hell
of a lot better, even if most of it goes to gear and paying off his debts. He enjoys his
off time a great deal and spends alot of it in clubs.

Around other runner's he tends to treat things with the corp mentality of efficency and planning -
while trying to remove the dickish aspects of corperate culture as much as possible.

Body: 4
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3

Edge: 6
Initiative: 7 ( 8 ) +1 Pass
Essence: 3.33 (this may be off, let me work on it)
Karma 1

Knowledge Skills
Evo Corperate Culture 3
Modern Dance 3
Celtic History 2
Irish Mob 2
Augmentation 3
Electronic Security 2
Corp Salesman 3
Real Nightclubs 2
Cigars 1

Active Skills
Disguise : 3
Inflitration : 3
Palming : 3
Shadowing : 3

Con : 4
Etiquette : 4
Leadership : 4
Negotiation : 4

Climbing: 1
Gymnastics: 1
Swimming: 1
Running: 1

Computers: 1
Data Search: 1
Hardware: 1
Software: 1

Pistols : 4
Perception : 3
Drive Ground: 1

(Last 2 groups were bought with karma,as was the "drive ground")

Positive Qualities
First Impression

Negative Qualities
In Debt 5
Augmentation Addict

Cybereyes Basic System Rating 4
+ Eye Light System
+ Flare Compensation
+ Protective Covers
+ Low-Light Vision
+ Thermographic Vision
+ Vision Magnification
+ Vision Enhancement 2
Cyberears Rating 4
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Damper
+ Increased Sensitivity
+ Select Sound Filter (Rating 2)
+ Spatial Recognizer
Internal Air Tank (Alpha Grade)

False Front (Rating 4)
Mimic Option
Chemical Gland producing Signal Mimic Drug
Vocal Range Enhancer
Synaptic Accelerator Level 1

2x Defiance EX Shocker
Armsleeve Holster (One Carried)

Morrissey Élan Holdout Pistol (The Lady in Waiting)
Spare (Unaltered) (Ususally Uncarried)

Morrissey Élan Holdout Pistol (The Discreet Mistress - -4 base, -4 for chameleon, -2 for auctioneer clothes, )
(He loves this gun and nearly always carries it)
Chameleon Coating
Smart Link
Sound Supressor
Trigger Removal
Loaded with High C ammo.
Usually Carried in Armsleeve Holster
Carried in a concealable holster when on a run.

Ares Slivergun (The Merry Widow)
Smart (Acessesory)
Sound Supression (Factory Standard)
Custom Grip
Chameleon Coating
Folding Stock
Electronic Firing
Trigger Removal

Only carried in very low security areas in a concealable holster.

Ammo and Explosives
12x Hi-C Plastic Rounds (10 shots)
6x EX-Explosive Rounds (10 shots)
10x Gel Rounds (10 shots)
10x Regular Ammo (10 shots)
4 Taser Loads
2 x Flash bangs
2 x Thermal Smoke Grenades
2 x CS Gas Grendades
2 x Nausea Grenades

Actioneer Businness Clothes
Armor Jacket
Clothing (Chic)
Helmet (Regular, worn for biking)
Form Fitting Level 3 Armor

Commlink : Fairlight Caliban (Integrated, running all the programs hidden)
Commlink : Meta Link (Carried, Active)
Holo Projector
Stealth RFID Tags (per 20)
Tag Eraser
OS : Novatech Navi
Empathy Sensor Software (Rating 6)
Stealth (Rating 6)
Mapsoft Seattle (Rating 6)

Certified Credstick (Platinum)
Plastic Restraints (per 10)
Survival Kit
Grapple Gun
Stealth Rope (per 100 m)
Catalyst Stick
Standard Rope (per 100 m)
Medkit (Rating 6)
Medkit Supplies
Trauma Patch
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
Fake License (Rating 4) Carry Permit
Fake License (Rating 4) Conceal Permit
Fake License (Rating 4) Licenced Security Locksmith
Tool Kit (Armor Repair)
Maglock Bypass (Rating 4)
Autopicker (Rating 6)
Cellular Glove Molder (Rating 3)
Sequencer (Rating 4)
Wire clippers
Glue Spraye
Laés Cigarette
Laés Cigarette
Laés Cigarette
15x Scent-masking Cigarette
Cool Oversized Cigarette Case with secondary commlink inside

Dr. Pravin Lal (L:4 C:1)
Street Doc

Zeke (L:4 C:4)
(Partially Raised loyalty)

Aidan Murphy (L:6 C:5)
His brother, who is a made man in the Irish mob.

Project Falcon" Johnson, connections ?, Loyalty 1
Unknown Johnson met on run.

Kirin grew up in Seattle in a protected corperate suburb for EVO, his parents were both security personell in the corp - the pay wasn't fantastic, but it did mean he got to grow up without the sound of
HK227 fire peppering the night.

He was always damned good at ingrating himself, and it was obvious he was going to get into the sales program - he was naturally charming.

His brother though... was troubled. It's possible to get into a "bad" crowd even in a protected enclave, and Aidan managed to do it, eventually getting a booted out of the enclave at age 18. He got into orginized crime and eventually joined up with the Drarabbi, an Irish orginized criminal family that could
trace it's roots back to prohibition. Needless to say, Kiriin had some difficulty keeping contact with his brother after that.

Meanwhile Kirin became just another low level exec, hawking Evo's latest augments to whoever
his bosses sent him to. He also did a lot of smoothing over of ruffled feathers of clients - he was
pretty damned charming when he had to be.

Unfortunately his inabiltiy to get noticed also applied to his bosses, and he never really got on the fast track to performance despite his abilities. So he decided to see what he could do to improve his perofmrance, and picked up his first pair of cybereyes.

He got hooked - the ability to record his sight and replay, the ability to do work on the inside of his e
eyeballs - well, something clicked inside him and he decided he wanted more.

He started filling out all the available company options for upgrades- but there werne't many for salesmen - and damend few for ones of his low rank. They didn't even really need cybereyes - evo had just had a surplus and sold them off to their own employees at discount.

Eventually he talked to a few higher ups who said they could arrange for some "creative" intrerpretation of his status to get him some more ware.

Unfortunately for Kirin, they then turned around and started blackmailing him for even more money he couldn't possibly pay. Knowing it was money he couldn't possibly get a hold of without stealing from the company, and knowing his trog wouldn't be worth a cent after that, he did something he never thought he'd do.

He called his brother and asked for help.

Apparently family, even with a small F, was still important to Kirin - besides, as a corperate inside the
company, Kirin was in an excelent position to make the Daerrabbi a truly huge amount of money. All it took was some social engineering on Kirin's part, and suddenly over 10 million worth of implants went
missing, and all the recrords were in his bosses name.

Kirin naturally had to dissapear and set up a fake sin - he ended up with a fake sin, a hacker
covering his trail, and a truly hideous amount of debt, owed to the Daerrabbi, and not even
his brother could save him from havnig his wares taken out with a debt THAT large.

So he went to the shadows. What else could he do?

His brother introduced him to Zeke, and Kirin's been doing milk runs ever since, but that debt's piling up, and even family only goes so far - plus Kirin's been too long without any new augments - and it's starting to really grate...
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Fugitive Unknown

Number of posts : 88
Age : 39
Registration date : 2009-06-25

PostSubject: Re: Fugitive Unknown's Characters   Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:53 pm

Fake Sin: Simon Milligan
Street name: Hecuvus

Metatype : Human
Magician (Black Magician, Adversarial Totem)

Appearence: 5,6 150 pounds, albino male with medium length naturally curly black (dyed) hair and a light complexion. Has an excited
expression about him at nearly all times. He usually wears all black, and his auctioneer business suit is a modified high collar
chinese style jacket - it has some internal AC for the summer. He wears a fedora and small black sunglasses, though he doesn't
really need these since has has cybereyes.

Personality: Milligan trusts damn few people, and authority even less. He's bitter and caustic, and generally mocking of
concepts of morality - but unfortunately for him, he's still got a concience in regards to innocent bystanders - he finds it hard
to resist a plea for help from someone.

He nearly went the path of the burnout after getting his accelerator installed a few years back, and now is terrified of the
idea of becoming dependent upon foci or drugs. He tries not to mention his augments as much as possible

History: Simon was raised corperate in Fuchi, but had his talent identified at a young age. While he initially trained to be a
mage when he went through a worse rebellious streak then most - he changed his tradition, went goth for a bit, and ran
away from his home to become a runner.

He's made a number of enemies since then - and buried more then a few - but thought he was done with the business a while ago
and was just doing minor spellcasting on the side and working on his talent - mostly in the metaplanes - but then he started
feeling something was watching him whenever he was in astral or the meta's - just out of his reach - and he was haunted by
vague feelings of dread.

Then he got a wave of obituaries over the net - all his contacts and ex runner buddies - or at least as close to "buddies" as he had,
were dying off or dissapearing. Casual acquaintences didn't seem affected, but everyone who was in the bus or had any sort of
clout just vanished or stopped talking to him. Some of his oldest friends - Buddy Cole, Helen Bauer.. even his Fixer Bobby Terrance -
gone or died. The few that are left won't even talk to him and have made themselves very very scarce.

He'd decided to go into astral, leaving a spirit to watch his body to check around and see if he could get any answers in astral... and
then blanked out a few hours later - when he awoke he was in a dungeon like setting surrounded by rats....


Metatype : Human

Body: 4
Agility: 2
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 3
Logic: 2
Willpower: 5

Edge: 4
Magic: 4
Initiative: 6(9)
Essence: 4.15

Knowledge Skills
Pre Awakening Magicians 4
Modern Magicians 3
Seattle's Art Scene 3
Objectivism 2
Latin 4

Active Skills
Counterspelling : 4 (Combat spells)
Ritual Spellcasting : 4
Spellcasting : 6 (Manipulation)
Banishing : 3
Binding : 3 (Spirit of Man)
Summoning : 3 (Spirit of Man)
Con : 1
Etiquette : 1
Leadership : 1
Negotiation : 1
Disguise : 1
Inflitration : 1
Palming : 1
Shadowing : 1
Perception : 1
Gymnastics : 1 (Tumbling)
Assensing : 1
Arcana : 1

Positive Qualities
Mentor Spirit (Adversary)
Focused Concentration 1

Negative Qualities
Enemy 3
Hung Out to Dry

Cybereyes Basic System Rating 4
+ Flare Compensation
+ Eye Light System
+ Low-Light Vision
+ Protective Covers
+ Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Vision Magnification
Internal Air Tank (alpha)

Synaptic Booster 3

Actioneer Businnes Clothes
Chemical Protection (Rating 6)
Helmet (Regular)
Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body Suit

Commlink : Meta Link
Jammer, Area (Rating 6)
Tag Eraser
White Noise Generator (Rating 6)
Mapsoft (Rating 6)
OS : Iris Orb
Firewall (Rating 5)

Certified Credstick (Gold)
Fake License (Rating 4)
Survival Kit
Medkit (Rating 6)
Medkit Supplies
Medkit Supplies
Stimulant Patch (Rating 6)
Trauma Patch
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
Manipulation Fetishe
Detection Fetishe
Illusion Fetishe

5 CS Gas Grenades
5 Nausea Gas Grenades
5 Hot Smoke Grenades

Control Mob
Control Thoughts
Improved Invisiblity
Physical Mask
Magical Net
Physical Net
Acid Aura

Initiation Grade 4

Karma 125
5 Specialties 10
Initiate Grade 13
Initiative Grade 16
Initiative Grade 19
Initiate Grade 22
Magic +1 12
Spellcasting 10
Spellcasting 12
2 Spells 10

1 Karma Remaining

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Fugitive Unknown's Characters
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