Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Westmoreland's character

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Character sheet
Character Name: Marcus
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Westmoreland's character   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:41 pm

Sintheea Charpentier was born to poor, semi-literate parents in the northern reaches of the Algonkian-Manitou Council. Her career options were pretty much limited to marry, or join the service. She chose the latter. Having some fondness for mechanical things and naturally quick reflexes, she was directed into the motor-transport track. She quickly distinguished herself as a superior driver, and was later given duties driving an ambulance. She proves a quick study, soon distinguishing herself not only as a driver, but also becoming certified as an EMT. Her sterling performance record and unerringly good conduct earned her the opportunity to attend flight school and become obtain a warrant officer rank as a helicopter pilot. After this schooling, she continued to distinguish herself, now as a medevac pilot.

After 14 years in the service, Sintheea experienced her first, and last major setback. A combat extraction went horribly wrong, and Sintheea's aircraft was hit just as it was taking off with wounded. Both patients and the rest of her crew were killed in the crash. Sintheea survived, but not without serious injuries. Her left arm was crushed, the entire left side of her body burned, and she was permanently blinded in both eyes. Considering it an opportunity to "improve upon" an already sterling officer, the AMC army decided not only to replace Sintheea's arm and eyes, but to make a number of "improvements."

Sintheea barely survived her surgery. Having a particular sensitivity to cybernetic implants, they caused her extensive pain for quite some time, and her rehabilitation went slowly. After two years of not quite reaching her previous level of proficiency, the AMC Army decided to let her go. Having only served for 16 years, she was not eligible for retirement benefits, but her medical discharge did entitle her to partial disability. She was quickly forgotten. Disappointed that her country would simply cut her loose after so many years of service and such a supreme sacrifice, Sintheea moved south. She hasn't been back to the AMC since.

Artemis has been running the shadows for less than a year. The vast majority of her knowledge and experience, she developed while serving in the AMC Army. So far, her running experience has been mostly as a driver and pilot, although she's also patched up her fair share of wounds and put a few rounds downrange when the situation calls for it. She doesn't relish the responsibility that comes wth a leadership position, but will instinctively fill the role when it becomes necessary.

She works and lives out of a chop shop in the barrio - the local gangs provide her with security, and in exchange, they know that if they ever need a bike overhauled or comrade put back together, they can call on her. She's not loyal to any one gang, and they all understand that her shop is neutral territory, to be enjoyed by all and protected by all. This gives her a rather higher standard of living than usual for the area in which she lives, but it doesn't come cheap. She not only has to pay for her rent, utilities, and food, but also has to occasionally grease the palms of the local gangers with good meds, free repairs, and other goods and services to keep on their good side. All in all, in ends up costing her about 2,000 Y a month.

Artemis has three major contacts in the city:

Dukes - an aging ganger that Artemis has saved more than once. Dukes can't be a day over 35, but that's pretty old for an Ork ganger. Dukes has been playing his trade for a long time, and knows the streets well. He's a little worried that he might lose a step in his old age, and be taken out by some young punk, but no one's triedit yet. If Artemis wants to know what's going on in the streets, she calls Dukes.

Doc Forsythe - a cybersurgeon. Dr. Emmanuel Forsythe runs a legitimate cybersurgery practice in Seatlle. He knows Artemis by her real name, Sintheea Charpentier and knows that she served with the AMC Army, which is where she received her implants. He's not only her doctor, but also her friend, and she trusts him implicitly. His parents, like hers, were poor Native Americans, and so perhaps that is why they get along so well.

General Heller - a retired AMC Army general turned international figure. Being a native of the AMC and having had quite the career there, General Heller is very popular among Native Americans all over the continent. He holds some position or other in the UCAS President's cabinet, but also still holds quite a bit of pull in the AMC military-industrial complex. He also knows Artemis by her real name, as she was one of the best officers under his command when she worked as a medevac pilot. He knows that she runs the shadows, and though he would never publicly approve, he knows that society could not function properly without Runners, and it's probably the best use of her skills. Artemis doesn't actually like General Heller all that much (he is a politician, after all, and she's never cared for politics), but she respects the hell out of him, and the feeling is mutual.

Sintheea Charpentier, aka Artemis, aka Diana Reeves

Human (0 bp)
Female, age 35 (looks older), obviously of Native American descent (Algonkian, to be precise)
Street Cred: ???
Notoriety: ???
Public Awareness: ???
Current Nuyen:
Current Karma:

Qualities (+20bp)
SINner (+5), Sensitive System (+15), Addiction, mild, stim patches (+5)
Ambidextrous (5)

Attributes (200 bp)
Body 3 (left arm 5)
Agility 3 (left arm 5)
Reaction 5 (7)
Strength 3 (left arm 5)
Charisma 3
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Willpower 4
Edge 3
Essence 0.80

Active Skills (156 bp)
Biotech Group 2
Firearms Group 3
Unarmed Combat 2
Navigation 3
Leadership 2
Etiquette (military) 1 (+2)
Automotive Mechanic 3
Pilot Ground Craft 5
Pilot Aircraft (rotary wing) 5 (+2)
Armorer 2
Computers 1
Hardware (sensors) 2 (+2)

Knowledge Skills (18 free + 6bp)
AMC History 1
Military Tactics 4
Gang Identification 2
Street Drugs 1
Best Eats 2
Escape Routes 2

French N
English 3
Algonquin 3
Iroquoian 3

Contacts (23 bp)
Dukes (aging ganger that Artemis has saved more than once) – L4, C4
Doc Forsythe (cybertech specialist) – L3, C2
General Heller (former CO, AMC Army, retired to politics)– L4, C6

Gear (35 bp = 175,000Y)

Cyberware (64,350Y)
Control Rig
Cybereyes, Rating 3 w/ Flare Comp, Smartlink, Thermo, Vision Enhancement 3, Vision Mag
Reaction Enhancers, Rating 2
Obvious full left Cyberarm (customized w/ Body 5, Agility 5, Strength 5) w/ Armor 2

Weapons (7,500Y)
Hammerli 620S w/ 5 spare clips, 100 rounds regular ammo, concealable holster, silencer
Aztechnology Striker w/ 2 High-Explosive rockets, 2 Anti-Vehicle rockets
Ares Antioch-2 w/ 15 HE grenades
Smoke Grenade
Two (2) Thermal Smoke Grenades

Armor (1,600Y)
Armor Jacket w/ Fire Resistance 5 (clearly military issue)

Commlink & Software (8,350Y)
Transys Avalon w/ Novatech Navi OS
Subvocal Microphone
Holo Projector
Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 3

Vehicles (89,500Y)
Ford Canada Buffalo RV (rigged) w/ Level 1 Life Support, 4 Smuggling Compartments
GAZ P-179 Pickup (rigged) w/ weapon mount (rear-facing, flexible)

Other Gear (7,450Y)
Tag Eraser
Automotive Shop
Monofilament Chainsaw
Gas Mask
Chemsuit, Rating 4
Medkit, Rating 4
Ten (10) Stim Patches, Rating 4

Lifestyle, Licenses, SINs (5,600Y)
Fake SIN, Rating 3 (Diana Reeves, UCAS citizen)
Fake Gun License, Rating 3 (for Hammerli, issued to Diana Reeves)
Fake License for Cyberware, Rating 3 (issued to Diana Reeves)
Low Lifestyle (1 mo. prepaid) (an auto shop/loft in the barrio)

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Number of posts : 73
Age : 39
Registration date : 2009-07-05

Character sheet
Character Name: Marcus
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Marcus "The Heap"   Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:51 pm

The Heap used to be somebody. 15 years ago, he was one of the hottest hackers in Boswash, or so he thought. The truth is that, while he was pretty damned good at what he did, so were a thousand other hackers in the Sprawl. Still, he made a good living, and by the age of 25, had garnered something of a name for himself in the Delaware Valley region. No one remembers what that name was, and if The Heap remembers (and he almost certainly does), he's not sharing. About 9 years back, something went wrong - horribly wrong. The Heap won't say more about it, but it ruined his career, killed the woman he loved, and cost him quite nearly everything. He had to start over.

It's been a slow start so far. Nine years have come and gone, and The Heap's still living on the streets, eating out of trashbins and sleeping under bridges. He's put together a nice "deck," as he calls it, betraying his age, and has a sizable collection of other "street tools" in that oversized greatcoat of his (which itself is quite the fancy number for a homeless bum). He's just about ready to get back in the game for real.

Marcus aka "The Heap"

Human (0 bp)
Male, age 36 possibly of African-American or Hispanic descent; shorter than average, thinner than healthy, hair cut into shoulder-long, natural dreadlocks
Street Cred: ???
Notoriety: ???
Public Awareness: ???
Current Nuyen: 40
Current Karma: 0

Qualities (5 bp)
Photographic Memory (10), Natural Hardening (10), Sensitive System (+15)

Attributes (210 bp)
Body 3
Agility 3
Reaction 2 (3)
Strength 2
Charisma 4
Intuition 4
Logic 4
Willpower 3
Edge 6
Essence 1.40

Initiative 8, 2 passes
Matrix Initiative (The Deck) 11, 3 passes
Matrix Initiative (Sony Emperor) 8, 3 passes

Active Skills (158 bp)
Electronics Group 4
Stealth Group 1
Con 3
Cybercombat 5
Cybertechnology 1
Dodge 3
Electronic Warfare 3
Etiquette 3
Forgery 2
Hacking 5
Pistols 2

Knowledge Skills (24 free)
A.I. Psychology 3
Black ICE 3
Commlink Design 2
Data Havens 3
Matrix History 5
Safe places to crash out 3

Contacts (13 bp)
Diana (rogue AI) L5 C3 (The incident that cost The Heap everything is also the one in which he met Diana. She doesn't speak of it, out of respect for him, but respects, admires, and even loves him for what he's done)
Colby (warez dealer) L2 C3 (Colby deals in illegal software, and sometimes hardware, too. He helped The Heap put together his Deck. He's also The Heap's primary BTL dealer)

Gear (14 bp = 70,000Y)

Cyberware (16 500Y)
Datajack (on back of right hand)
Hot-Sim Module
Wired Reflexes 1

Weapons (600Y)
Raecor String w/ 10 flechette rounds
Streetline Special w/ 10 regular rounds

Armor (2 300Y)
Lined Coat w/ Insulation R4, Chemical Protection R4

Commlink & Software (47 000Y)
Fairlight Caliban w/ Response 5, Firewall 5, System 5 (the "Deck" - is generally wireless-disabled until it is needed)
Sony Emperor w/ Redcap Nix OS (public/back-up commlink - contains only the Common Use programs and Virtual Weather)
Analyze 5, Browse 3, Command 3, Edit 5, Encrypt 5
Armor 3, Attack 5, Biofeedback Filters 3, Black Hammer 4
Decrypt 3, Defuse 3, Exploit 5, Medic 2, Spoof 3, Stealth 5
Virtual Weather

Other Gear (600Y)
Tag Eraser
Assorted cheap BTLs and simstim chips (450Y worth)

Lifestyle, Licenses, & SINs (3 000Y)
Street Lifestyle (free)
Fake SIN, Rating 3 (Ben Jameson)
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Westmoreland's character
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