Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Hi, I'm new.

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PostSubject: Hi, I'm new.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:49 am

I bought the main book and played a few runs with some friends, but they never really got into it. I, however, did. With no one to play with in real life, I turned to the next best thing, people I've never met on the internet. I suppose that's all, now I'm off to make a character.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi, I'm new.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:37 pm

well this certainly isn't a bad place to come and join like-minded people Smile... if you're keen for a run or just need help working out some of the rules I'm sure there's someone who can help you out, and run start up periodically all the time, so just keep an eye out for when the next one's about to get going.

Welcome to the shadows chummer.
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Hi, I'm new.
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