Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Ictoagn's Characters

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PostSubject: Ictoagn's Characters   Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:24 pm


John Kendall (Real, Criminal)
Benjamin Humphrey (4)
William Benton (3)

Bod 3 20
Agi 4 30
Rea 4 30
Str 2 10
Cha 3 20
Int 4 30
Log 4 30
Wil 3 20
Total 200

Edge 4 30

Blandness 10
First Impression 5
Resist Pathogens5
SINner -10
Total 10

Athletics 20 2
Unarmed 12 3
Electronics 20 2
Pistols 12 3
Longarms 8 2
Influence 30 3
Stealth 40 4
Total 142

Knowledge/Language 24
Security Systems 4
Seattle Street Gangs 3
Seattle Politics 3
Security Design 4

English N
Japanese 3
Spanish 2
German 2
French 1
Italian 1
Chinese 1

Fixer (4 connection/1 loyalty)
Equipment Designer (2 connection/4 loyalty)
Total 11

Yamaha Pulsar 150
Quick-Draw Holster 100
20 Darts 100
Colt America L36 150
Quick-Draw Holster 100
Concealable Holster 75
Silencer 200
Spare Clip 5
200 Bullets 400
Ranger Arms SM-4 6200
30 Bullets 60
Total 7550

Chameleon Suit 8000
Thermal Dampening 4 2000
Total 10000

White Noise Generator (6) 300
Micro-Transceiver 6 1200
Tag Eraser 150
Rank 3 ID 3000
Fake Concealed Carry (4) 400
Rank 3 ID 3000
Face Concealed Carry (3) 300
Real Concealed Carry
Autopicker 6 1200
Cellular Glove Molder 6 1200
Keycard Copier 6 1800
Climbing Gear 200
Gecko Tape Gloves 250
GPS 200
10 Light Sticks 50
Micro Flare Launcher 50
3 Micro Flares 75
Rappeling Gloves 70
100m Microwire 50
One Year Basic DocWagon 5000
Total 16695

Glasses 675
Base 25
Low Light 100
Flare Compensation 50
Thermographic 100
Vision Enhancement 3 300
Magnification 100

Middle Lifestyle
Start with 4d6+4x100

Working on putting up the background. In short, a security system designer turned runner.

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Number of posts : 9
Age : 26
Registration date : 2009-08-20

PostSubject: Re: Ictoagn's Characters   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:06 am

Appearance: About six feet and 170 pounds, Ike is the epitome of average. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, nothing notable at all. His outfits are similar, except when working.

Background: Until about a year ago, Ike was reasonably successful. He had a nice job designing home security systems. Unfortunately, it was too good to last. He was targeted by runners out for some quick cash. His big mistake was reporting the theft. The runners were never caught, the money never came back, and everyone knew that he had been robbed. Who would want a security system designed by someone who couldn't even design his own to work? The contracts dried up, and Ike needed work.

Personality/Expanded Background:

I've been on one run before. Even had a team. Four of us in all. Inferno, a slightly insane but fairly powerful mage, Bear, a swordsman who had about twice as many implants as a human could take, and Cupcake. Yes, Cupcake. Don't let her name fool you. She had dozens of guns she showed me, plus probably dozens more.

We got a call from a guy. His name was Jackson or Johnson or something, but it was probably fake. We didn't care. He arranged to come to our hideout, big mistake on our part. When he got there, he gave us the deal. Kidnap a corp executive's daughter. He was offering a quarter million nuyen each, but we were too inexperienced to know that that should have tipped us off. We accepted. He gave us the name, and my eyes lit up.

I wasn't born a runner. I have a legal SIN, or at least it was legal, and I made my money honestly. I designed private security systems. Usually just enough to deter random burglaries, nothing serious. Except for one. This guy was a real talent, and absolutely paranoid, thinking someone would try to bring him down on his way up. Looks like he was right.

I pulled out the old documents I had on the place, and then I got worried. As I said, this guy was paranoid. Every speck of the place was under constant camera surveillance, and the walls could detect any heat larger than a cat. After pouring over the maps for a few hours, I remembered the corner that I had cut. The roof didn't have the thermal detection. It was a stretch, but the plan was for me to use a rope system to get on top from an adjacent building, then take down the power. Guess how well it worked...

I got in okay, took out the power when he was away. Then the others came up the wall shortly after. We slipped in a window. The rest of the job is foggy, but I do remember that Cupcake, Bear, and I got away. Inferno didn't. Unfortunately, Bear wanted to play the hero. I warned him that people like that wouldn't last long. I never saw either of them again.

At the meeting point, things went south. Well, more south. Johnson showed up. Along with ten armed guards. Turned out he wasn't willing to pay the million. He wouldn't even let us live. Things got ugly, as to be expected. I got out. Cupcake didn't.

That's my story. One run, three lost teammates.
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Ictoagn's Characters
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