Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Generic_PC's Characters.

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Number of posts : 4
Age : 27
Registration date : 2009-10-24

Character sheet
Character Name:
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Generic_PC's Characters.   Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:41 pm

You know, in case anyone actually cares. To start...

Andrew Castille
Dwarf Male (25BP)
Attributes: (200BP+20BP Edge)
Body: 4(5)
Agility: 5(6)
Reaction: 4(5)
Strength: 3(4)
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 4
Edge: 3
Essence: 4.91
Initiative: 9

Active Skills: (126BP)
-Pistols: 6
-Exotic Melee Weapon (Monofilament Whip): 4
-Longarms: 3
-Dodge: 3
-Biotech*: 2
-Influence*: 2
-Pilot Ground Craft: 2
-Stealth*: 1
-Perception: 1

Knowledge Skills: (24 Free)
-Chemistry (4)
-Biology (3)
-Engineering (2)
-Smuggling Routes (2)

Language Skills:

-Basque (N)
-English (6)
-Japanese (3)
-Sperethiel (2)
-Or'zet (2)

Qualities and Flaws: (-30BP)
-Restricted Gear (1 Piece) [5BP]
-Suprathyriod Gland
-Addiction (Mild, Alchohol) [-5BP]
-Scorched [-5BP]
-Incompetent (Instruction) [-5BP]
-Bad Luck [-20BP]

-Fixer (2 Loyalty, 3 Connection)
-Street Doc (2 Loyalty, 1 Connection)
-Arms Dealer (1 Loyalty, 1 Connection)

Resources: (49BP, 245000 nuyen) [243795 used]

Cyberware: [850]
Fingertip Compartment (0.1 Essence) [750]
Protective Covers (0.0 Essence) [100]

Bioware: [180000]
Tailored Pheromones 3 (Alphaware, 0.48 Essence) [90000]
Suprathyroid Gland (Alphaware, 0.56 Essence) [90000]

Vehicles: [17700]
Suzuki Mirage (2 Handling, 24/56 Acceleration, 200 Speed, 1 Pilot, 6 Body, 4 Armour, 1 Sensor) [6500+11100 mods]
-Gecko Tips [300]
-Run Flat Tire (x2) [500]
-Metahuman Adjustment (Dwarf) [500]
-Gun Port [500]
-Morphing License Plate [1000]
-Smuggling Compartment (Normal) [1500]
-Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization [1800]
-Autosoft Maneuver 4 [2000]
-Engine Customization (Acceleration) [3000]

Weapons: [14480]

Melee: [3050]
Monofilament Whip (8P, -4 Concealability, -4 AP, 2 Reach, 12F) [3000+50 mods=3050]
-Metahuman Adjustment (Dwarf) [50]
-Fingertip Compartment

Ranged: [11815]
Ares Predator IV (5P, 0 Concealability, -1 AP, 5/20/40/60 Range, SA 15(c), 4R) [350+590 accessories+150 mods=1090]
-Spare Clips [40]
-Silencer [200]
-Hidden Gun Arm Slide [350]
-Metahuman Adjustment (Dwarf) [50]
-Extreme Environment Mod. 1 [100]
Ares Desert Strike (8P, 7 Concealability, 3 Recoil, -3 AP, 150/350/800/1500 Range, SA 14(c), 10F) [3350+325 accessories+6750 mods=10425]
-Spare Clips [25]
-Bipod [100]
-Silencer [200]
-Metahuman Adjustment (Dwarf) [50]
-Smartgun [3350]
-Easy Breakdown Manual [3350]
Ammunition: [300]
10 Rounds x 8 (All loaded into spare pistol clips) [160]
10 Rounds x 7 (All loaded into spare sniper rifle clips) [140]

Commlink: [5300]
Hermes Ikon (4 Rating, 3 Signal) [3000+1500 OS+800 accessories=5300]
OS: Novatech Navi [1500]
-Subvocal Microphone [50]
-AR Gloves [250]
-Satellite Link [500]

Gear: [5525]
Contact Lenses [50+1775]
-Image Link [25]
-Flare Compensation [50]
-Low Light Vision [100]
-Vision Magnification [100]
-Smartlink [500]
-Ultrasound [1000]
Medkits (6) [600]
Clothing [100]
Mortimer of London Greatcoat (6/5 Ballistic/Impact) [3000]

Lifestyle and SINs:
High Lifestyle (1 Month) [10000]
Fake SIN (Rank 4) [4000]
Fake License, Ares Predator IV (Rank 4) [400]
Fake SIN (Rank 3) [3000]
Fake License, Ares Predator IV (Rank 4) [400]

Total BP: (220+126+49+25+10-30)=400[b]

Andrew Castille: 10 Karma

Pilot Ground Craft to 3: 6 Karma
4 Karma banked.

Changed Areas:
Active Skills:
-Pistols: 6
-Exotic Melee Weapon (Monofilament Whip): 4
-Longarms: 4
-Dodge: 3
-Pilot Ground Craft: 3
-Biotech*: 2
-Influence*: 2
-Stealth*: 1
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Number of posts : 4
Age : 27
Registration date : 2009-10-24

Character sheet
Character Name:
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Generic_PC's Characters.   Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:04 pm

Celeste 'Magister' Brieuc

[400BP, 10 Karma]

Elf Female [30BP]
Attributes: [220BP]
Body: 2
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 1
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 5
Willpower: 5
Magic: 5
Edge: 1

Qualities and Flaws: [-20BP]
-Magician (15)
-Sensitive System (-15)
-Bi-polar (1-2 Manic, 3-4 Normal, 5-6 Depressed) (-10)
-Incompetent (Instruction) (-5)
-Addiction (Mild, Alchohol) (-5)

Active Skills: [124BP]
Spellcasting: 5
Summoning: 4
Binding: 4
Pistols: 3
Biotech*: 2
Assensing: 2
Banishing: 2
Counterspelling: 2
Exotic Melee Weapon (Monofilament Whip): 2
Dodge: 1
Ritual Spellcasting: 1

Language Skills: [27 free]
-Breton (N)
-English (6)
-French (5)
-Japanese (2)
-Or'zet (2)
-Sperethiel (2)

Knowledge Skills: [27 free]
-Medicine (6)
-Biology (3)
-Forensic Medicine (2)

Contacts: [3BP]
Talismonger (2 Loyalty, 1 Connection)

Spells: [30BP]
Stunbolt (DV2)
Manaball (DV5)
Increase Reflexes (DV5)
Heal (DV-2)
Improved Invisibility (DV4)
Powerbolt (DV4)
Levitate (DV4)
Control Emotions (DV3)
Chaotic World (DV5)
Detect Enemies (DV4)

Resources: [10BP, 50000] (Currently, 1375 available)

Weapons: [4925]
-Monofilament Whip, Personalized Grip. (8P, -4 Concealability, +1 to rolls, -4 AP, 2 Reach, 12F) [3000+100 mods=3100]
-Ares Predator IV, Hidden Arm Gun Slide, Silencer, Spare Clips (5), Regular Ammo 100 shots, EX Explosive 60 shots, Personalized Grip. (5P, 0 Concealability, 1 RC, -1 AP, 5/20/40/60 Range, SA 15(c), 4R) [350+575 accessories+100 mods+800 ammo=1825]
Gear: [5500]
Contact Lenses [50+575]
-Image Link [25]
-Flare Compensation [50]
-Smartlink [500]
Glasses [25+100]
-Thermographic Vision [100]
Goggles [50+1000]
-Ultrasound [1000]
Medkit (6) [600]
Clothing [100]
Mortimer of London Greatcoat (6/5 Ballistic/Impact) [3000]
Lifestyles and SINs: [13300]
High Lifestyle (1 Month) [10000]
Fake SIN (Rank 3) [3000]
-Fake Permit Ares Predator IV (Rank 3) [300]
Magical Foci:
Power Focus (1) [25000]

Bound Spirits: [10BP]
Fire Spirit: 4 Services
Earth Spirit: 3 Services
Air Spirit: 3 Services

I want to go back. I had a life. A PhD. My parents. Now, I am only sane one of three days, I survive with extremely illegal actions, and spend altogether too much time on the edge of dying. I don't know what possesses my spirit to write this, but, in hindsight, it's a good idea. I need to get my life out.

I guess I'll start with me. I'm about 5'6", and I border being emancipated. I've always been thin, but poor nutrition and stress, along with a slightly hyperactive thyroid; has left me with so little fat that I would probably starve in five or six days if I stopped eating altogether. And on some of the worse days, I do. My long blonde hair. I was proud of it in Brittany. I'm not anymore. It's just another reason I stand out now.

I had a family. Sometimes, it's hard to remember them. My father, with his strong features, his sunburnt face and arms that were used to long days of farming. My mother, with her bright yellow blouse and her bright red hair. I wish I had hair like that. My brother even. He was going to be a police officer. I wonder if he is. I hope he's patrolling the streets of Brest, or Paris, without a thought to all the... illegality of the underbelly. Then me. My hair used to be clean. But why clean it now? Chi-town isn't kind to those who look well-groomed and don't have the power to back it up.

My early life... is hard to remember. I remember the farm, with it's fields of vegetables. My mother made a wonderful... everything. Her food... makes everything else look horrible. Of course, in Chi-town, most of it is horrible, but mothers wasn't soy. It was... real. I remember getting stuck on the roof after Bastille day. Americans don't celebrate Bastille day. I wish they did. I remember little of my schooling. I remember getting my degree, and then, for whatever crazy reason, I remember my first real relationship. Not exactly a happy one, with a greek. He must have been exotic. I don't know. Being naive, young, I decided to come here, to Chi-town. I actually decided to COME TO THIS HELLHOLE. I don't think I'll ever come up with a reason. I must have been insane. And yet, here I am. 4 years later. I've managed to go insane, discover myself, and find out that I can't teach anyone. Ever. Oh, and, I've managed to murder someone, traffic every single illegal drug there is, and I'm showing the signs of minor alchoholism. No big deal. I mean, I'm not as bad as half of the poor clots in Chi-town. A good thing happened, however. I awakened. I met a hermetic mage, a talismonger. I've been buying spell formula off him ever since.

I'd love to keep talking, but I need to go find some meds. Assuming there will ever be any in Chi-town, I guess. Doesn't hurt to try, before I revert back to being bat-drek insane or so depressed that I can't find the motivation to even commit suicide.
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Generic_PC's Characters.
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