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 SR updated rules

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PostSubject: SR updated rules   Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:05 pm

It seems quite a few people here are unaware of this, however the rules for SR4 have been changed (Slightly) yet again. This was done something like 8 months ago or so.

Those who have not done so should check out the Shadowrun website as they offer a free PDF download with the changes introduced with SR4 Anniversary edition. There's also a fair bit of errata present for other books as well.

Notably SR4a lowered the cost of a few adept powers, altered the rules for extended tests, introduced a new vehicle, put a suggested cap on dice pools, assigned capacity rules to things like contact lenses, goggles, ear plugs in regards to augmentations that can fit in them etc. On the whole there are only 2 pages of changes, mostly minor yet still important.
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Digital Doom

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PostSubject: I agree...   Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:39 pm

While the changes can be small but significant, it is ultimatly up to the GM if they want to implament the rules or not. Like it says in the book, the rules are only a guideline, the GM and runners can change them, omitt them or us them as seen fit to make the game fun. Of corse the GM has final say in the rules and arguements of the rules for his or her run.

I do try and keep up with the rule changes, andd visit SR4 website regularly. I suggest the same for all GM's, not a requirement of corse, but it is good to know what the changes are even if you're not useing them.

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SR updated rules
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