Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 SPCOsborne's characters

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Number of posts : 43
Age : 33
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Character sheet
Character Name: Melvin Herbowitz
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: SPCOsborne's characters   Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:55 pm

Name: Melvin Herbowitz

Race: Troll

Resources Purchased: 155000
Offset: 25000 (see negative qualities)

Essense: 4.63/6
initiative Passes: 1/4

Body 6
Agility 4
Reaction 5
Strength 6
charisma 3
intuition 4
Logic 4
willpower 4
edge 5

Influence skill group: 3
Pilot ground craft 2 (wheeled)
first aid 1 (combat wounds)
pistols 1 (semi-automatics)
dodge 2 (ranged combat)
disguise 1 (cosmetic)
intimidation 1
unarmed combat 1
climbing 1 (assisted)
perception 2

Knowledge skills (24 free points):
Safe houses: 3
Hospital routes: 2
Mafia Politics: 2
Local Area knowledge: 4
Smuggler Hangouts: 1
Gang Turf: 1
Public Transportation Routes: 1
Black market locations: 2
Loansharking Rackets: 1
Urban Brawl Statistics: 2
Fine Restaurants: 2

21 pts total

English: N
1 Thematic Local Language (Currently french): 3

Contacts: Bio/Cyberdoc: L2 C5
Organlegging representative: L1 C1
Mafia Loanshark: L1 C2
Hacker: L2 C3
Mechanic: L1 C1

Latent Awakening: 5BP
In Debt Lvl 5: -25 BP

Gecko Hands
Shiawase ExecutiveSuite Silverline (alphaware)
Enhanced Protein Exchange: Synch
Protective Covers
Tailored Pheromones Rating 2

Squatter Lifestyle (one month)
Flsh-Pak grenade
Cheap Clothing 4
Armor Vest
Fake License Rating 4
Fake Sin Rating 3
Fake License Rating 1
Fake Sin Rating 1
Glue Sprayer
Plastic Restraints X10
Medkit Rating 6
Medkit Supplies X4
Trauma Patch X2
Stimulant Patch rating 1 X3

GMC Bulldog Step-Van
Metahuman Adjustment (troll)

Survival Knife
Metahuman Adjustment

Remington Roomsweeper
Concealable Holster
Metahuman Adjustment

2 Flechette round X10
20 Regular Ammo X10

Starting Nuyen 2d6+5

Will start working on cheat sheet tomorrow, I gotta get ready to go to a funeral tomorrow as part of my job. I'm gonna hate Chicago if the cold and the wind are as bad as they say it is, I say let the spirits have it in that case.

Edit: had to tone down the phermones and include my logic stat, and got back from the chicago funeral yesterday. I'm now thinking instead of trying to transfer to a germany or italy post try to transfer to Qatar or Kuwait after this freakin' winter.

Edit2: Changed my thematic language to french for current campaign, gotta have a word with GM about the 15k (or 3 character points) I've got left over since I dumbed down my pheremone rating.

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Number of posts : 43
Age : 33
Registration date : 2010-01-01

Character sheet
Character Name: Melvin Herbowitz
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Cheat sheet for Melvin   Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:37 am

The purpose of this post is to start making a sheet that has all the shortcuts I want/need listed to make my game run faster. I use it in my face to face games and I recommend you try it when making characters, maybe not at chargen but when you start figuring out what you're constantly looking up.

Weapon: Remington Roomsweeper 5P/7P AC Flechette, Pistol Range, 8m, Pistol skill (1+2 spec)+AGI(4)=7 (+1 synch)

Natural Armor +1
Armor Vest 6/4
Body 6

13 vs ballistic, 11 vs impact 7/7 W/o Armor vest

Dodge Skill 2 (+2 vs ranged) + reaction(5)=7 Full defense (9 ranged) (8/10 synch)

Walking: 15, Running: 35 Sprinting: Running (0)+ strength (6)= 6 (each hit nets 2 meters)

Influence Skill (3)+ Charisma (3) +Tailored Pheremones (2)= 6, 8 When target can smell pheremones (face to face, VR?)

Climbing Skill 1 (assisted spec)+Str (6)= 7, 9 assisted. When gecko hands are in use all climbing is treated as assisted, rappeling is impossible, falling is imposible even on glitch)

Co-processor (rating 3) +3 (does not aid in astral or matrix perception)
Synch +1
Intuition +4
Perception Skill: +2

Total: 10 Dice (7 with astral/matrix perception)

Edit: Toned down the phermones
Edit: Added Perception Skill
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SPCOsborne's characters
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