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 Ex-UCAS Army Sapper

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Corprate CEO
Corprate CEO

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PostSubject: Ex-UCAS Army Sapper   Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:58 pm

Ok I have never been in the military. The Extent of my knowledge on this subject Comes from a Military channel special on U.S. Army sapper leaders. But I took notes and come up with this character. I know some of you are ex or in the Military(I Salute! to you all. And thank you.). Or even if you just know more about Sr4 then me. Take a look at my Sapper and please make Suggestions. I have not yet written the Back story of this character, rest assured I have one in mind. I Just want to get him ready for play first. So if i Took something to far or did not go far enough let me know. This is also my first cyber character i mostly Play Awakened Characters and im still getting the hang of them. as anyone who GM's over me will tell you lol . Ok have at him.

PS: in my opinion from what i saw on TV a Sapper in game would be a prime runner. But i still want to play him, so i used a Generator to keep him under 400bps i think it worked lol. Enjoy and thanks for the help.

(do to problems with my generator this character is way over 400 more like 5somthing)

Ex-UCAS Army Sapper

Resources 250,000/ 50 bp
Essence 2.412

Stats 200 bp Level Modified
Body 3 3
Agility 5 6
Reaction 4 6
Strength 2 3
Charisma 1 1
Intuition 4 4
Logic 5 5
Willpower 4 4
Edge 2 2

Qualities Positive 30 Negative 35

Martial art Wild Cat
+1 dice for called shots to unprotected areas

+2 dice to resist all fear and intimidation

Jury rigger
Allows Jury rigging of electronics, or mechanical devices
with bare minimum gear.

+1 dice for damage resistance test.

Social skills cost double to increase/learn. Character can not
learn social skill groups. Social skills it dose not have are considered unawares.

Big Regret
Character has done something embarrassing in the past. -3 in
social test when fact is known.

Flashback (common)
If encountering a trigger (common, defined at generation),
make Will + int (3) Test if failed the character is incapacitated 1d6 minutes.

Knowledge skills Level Specialization
Free 27 brought 2

Chemistry 4 Industrial
Military 5 Special Forces
Engineering 4
Trap Setting 5
Knots 3
Architecture 2

Languages Level Specialization
English N
Sign Language 2
Japanese 1
Dakota 2

Active Skills *skill group Level Specialization 274 bps
*Athletics 4
*Firearms 4
Chemistry 3
Dodge 4
Heavy Weapons 2
Diving 2
Pilot Ground Craft 3
Climbing 4
Unarmed Combat 4
Infiltration 4
Survival 3
Throwing Weapons 5
Parachuting 3
Perception 4
Gunnery 2
Demolitions 5

Cyber ware
Lone Star: Watchmen (Alpha) military version
Grade: S Avail:12F
Cyber: 1.96 Dmg: +1 Reac: +1 init pass: +1 Nu-yen 33,750

Urban Kshatriya Beta Version (Beta)
Grade: S Avail: 18 F Cyber: 1.62 Agil: +1 Reac: +1 Str +1 Nu-yen 105,660

Cyber eyes basic system Rating 4
Grade: A Cap: 16 (used 14) Avail: 8 Ess: .40 Nu-yen 51,700
+Flare comp
+Low light
+Thermo vis
+Smart Link
+Vision Mag
+Vision Enhancement
+Retinal Dup
+Protective covers


Sony Emperor 700ny
+Sat. link 500ny
+AR Gloves 250ny

Ear Buds 10ny
+special recognizer 100ny
+audio enhancement R 3 300ny
+select sound filter R3 600ny

Demolitions tool kit 500ny
+x4 Detonation cord 100ny
+x2 Radio Detonators 80ny
+x2 Pull Detonators 120ny
+x3 Detonator Caps 225ny

Climbing Gear 200ny
+Rappelling Gloves 250ny

Chemistry kit 500ny

Low life style (one month) 2000ny

x2 Clothing 200ny
Executive Suit Plain shirt 400ny
Executive Suit Long jacket 1,000ny

Light Military Armor 12,000ny
+Ruthenium Polymer coating 7,500ny
+Thermal Dampening R6 3,000ny
+Fire Resistance R6 600ny
+Military Helmet 10,000ny

PPP Vitals Protector 200ny
PPP Leg Arm Casings 350ny
PPP Shin Guards 150ny
PPP Fore Arm Guards 200ny

Commercial (1kg) 100ny
Foam (1kg) R4 400ny
Plastic (1kg) R4 400ny

Cyber Ware Scanner R4 300ny
Fake Sin R4 4,000ny
Gasmask 100ny

Throwing Weapons

x3 Flash Bang Grenades 90ny
x4 Thermal Smoke 140ny
x5 Fragmentation 175ny
x5 High Explosive Grenade 225ny
x5 Gas Grenade 100ny


AK-97 1,000ny
DV6P Con: 6/mod 2 RC: 0/mod
1 AP: -1 Range 50/150/350/550 Mode SA/BF/FA AMMO 38(c)
+Sound Suppressor 300ny
+Sling 15ny
+Advanced Safety Basic sys 100ny
+Smart Gun 1,000ny
+Chameleon Coating 1,000ny
+Thermal Suppressor 200

Fichetti Pain Inducer 2,000ny
DV: Special, Con: 6 mod 5, RC 0, AP:-half, Range 5/15/30/50
Mode SS, AMMO Special
+Concealable Holster 75ny
+Smart Gun 2,000ny
+Melee hardening 300ny
+Personalized Grip 100ny


x10 Explosive rounds 300ny
AP: -1, DV: +1

x10 APDS rounds 560ny
AP: -4, DV: 0

x10 Gel Rounds 180ny
AP: +2 DV: +2(stun)

Satchel Power pack (30) 750ny

Power Clip(10) 900ny

Contacts 29bps

Requisitions Clerk UCAS Military L4 C6

Fixer L4 C5

Street Doc L4 C6

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Digital Doom

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Character sheet
Character Name: Digital Doom
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PostSubject: this character looks good   Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:14 pm

This character looks good. I don't see anything glaring at me as not working. He seems rounded and has most of the needed skills.

I do have one suggestion, have him be 'former' military. It is difficult to be a runner and still be in the military. I have had runners try it, the military eventually found out and put him in Ft. Levenworth. One thing the military is good at is keeping tabs on people.

Everything else looks good, take it from a former UCAS SF commander...

Digital Doom
the creators may die, but the game lives on.
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Ex-UCAS Army Sapper
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