Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Bear's Characters

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Bear's Characters   Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:20 pm

Alias: Ace of Spades
Real Name: Allana Townsend
Race: Elf
Special: Adept

Body: 5
Agility: 4(Cool
Reaction: 5(7)
Strength: 2
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 3
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3

Edge: 3
Magic: 5(4)
Initiative: 10 Passes: 3

Active Skills
Pistols (Revolvers) 9(+2)
Clubs (Parry) 4(+2)
Gymnastics (Dodge) 4(+2)
Perception (Visual) 4(+2)
Infiltration (Urban) 4(+2)
First Aid (Combat Wounds) 4(+2)
Pilot Aircraft (LAV) 2(+2)

Knowledge/Language Skills
Mandarin Native
Asian Gambling Dens 3
Revolver Design 3
Central Asia Smuggling Routes 4
Asian Brothels 3
Asian Gangs 2

Positive Qualities
Martial Arts (3)
+3 to Firing in Melee
Genetic Heritage (Reakt)

Negative Qualities
Distinctive Style (1) Wild West Garb
In Debt (30,000) Lost a game of poker in Triad gambling den

Adept Powers
Path: The Warrior’s Way
Geas: Powers only work as long as Ace wears her talisman. It is a silver cross, with gold highlights, hung from a silver chain around her neck.
Improved Reflexes II
Heightened Concentration
Improved Sense
Vision Enhancement
Vision Magnification
Hearing Enhancement
Spatial Recognizer
Improved Combat Ability (Pistols) 3
Combat Sense 4

(Initiated as part of a group)
1st: Adept Centering (3 deep breathes)
2nd: Extra Power Point
3rd: Extra Power Point

Muscle Toner 4 (Alpha Ware)
Synthacardium 3

Total B/I: 12/10
Lined Coat (Fire Resistant 6, Biomonitor)
FFBA Half Body Suit (Nonconductiviy 6, Gel Packs)
PPP Forearm Guards
PPP Vitals Protector
PPP Helmet (Built into cowboy hat)

Lana & Roxxi
Dual Custom Ruger Super Warhawks kept in quick draw holsters
Custom Look(2) Black gunmetal finish, chrome accented handles with a pack of wolves engraved, silver crosses hang from small chains on the end of handles
Increased Cylinder
Smartgun System
Ammo Skip System
Extreme Environment Mod (desert)
Melee Hardening

Type: Erika Elite
OS: Novatech Navi
Response: 3
Signal: 4
Firewall: 5
System: 4
Subvocal Mic
Hardening 4
Analyze 4
Browse 4
Edit 3
Encrypt 4
Purge 4
Reality Filter 4
Scan 3
Rating 4 Agent to handle basic file security
Biometric Lock
Hardening 6

One for running, one non-upgraded one tied to fake SIN for public

Sarah Jane

Thundercloud Contrail
Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization Module
Extreme Environment (Desert)
Multi-Fuel Engine
Additional Fuel Tank

EX-Explosive Rounds – 80
Stick-n-Shock Rounds – 40
Savior Medkit Rating 6
Medkit Refills – 12
Contact Lenses with Smartlink
Certified Credstick – 2
Stimulant Patch Rating 6 – 20
Plastic Security Restraints – 100
Metal Security Restraints – 3
Gas Mask
Smart Canteen
Desert Goggles
Desert Survival Kit
Desert Tent
Fake License Rating 4 (Hoverbike)
Fake SIN Rating 4 (Samantha Holmes)
Linguasoft Rating 4 – 6

Loyalty 4/Connection 2
Jack is a young woman who inherited her father’s 18-wheeler and fencing business She is an old childhood friend of Ace. Jack doesn't have as much pull as her father once did, and is working to move up in the business. Her 18 wheeler is packed with smuggling compartments, and she always has room for Ace if she needs to stash something.

To call Ace a hot head would be putting it mildly. She subscribes to the school of shoot first, shoot some more, toss some grenades, call in an airstrike on the building, and then ask yourself a rhetorical question. Despite her killer looks, her aggressiveness and lack of overall social grace keep her single. Just the way she likes it. She is fiercely loyal to friends, but prefers to avoid her own enemies.

Allana was born into shadowrunning. Her father ran a smuggling crew that moved everything from the latest bootlegs to the latest weapons. Her father piloted a supped up LAV, called the Queen Ann, and fancied himself a modern day pirate. His crew surely lived up to the pirate lifestyle, and not the romanticized version they try to pass off to the kiddies. This was a bunch of low down, no good, murdering scoundrels.

Allana had to grow up fast and tough. She earned her alias through her steady beat downs of the crew in poker. Needless to say they were none too pleased to be losing to a 14 year old girl. They really took it hard when her father died of “natural causes”. Apparently when you run a rough and tough smuggling crew, a bullet to the brain counts as natural causes. His second in command, an ork named Suz, figured that he would be next in line. Allana had other plans in mind, and took the reins.
The crew didn’t take too well to the change of leadership. Allana knew the truth about what happened to her father, and wasn’t about to let the same thing to her. Knowing that she would never let her guard down, they tried their best to undermine her as best they could. She knew it was only a matter of time before they got to her. So she decided to separate herself from them permanently, with a healthy dose of plastic explosives. It pained her deeply to watch her father’s pride and joy go down in a ball of flame, but it was a necessary evil. She needed to bury everything about that life. Allana was dead, only Ace of Spades remained.

Ace moved on to doing what she did best. She moved from place to place, gambling her heart out. Her luck went up and down, but she never took on more debt than she could handle. That was until she caught wind of a big underground tourney going down in Istanbul. A big ol two mill payout was waiting for the winner, and Allana was determined to be that winner. She reached out to the Triads and took out a loan for the entry fee. However, Lady Luck was not on Ace’s side, and she was eliminated in the second round.

Ace knew she had to get some dough and fast. She reached out to one of her dads old contacts, a fence named Jack who roamed with the Karavan. She was surprised to find out that Old Jack had gone the way of her father, and his daughter Susan had taken up his name and business. Ace remembered Susan from her childhood, and figured she was as close to a friend as possible. So Ace hopped on her heavily modded hoverbike, and hit the gas. Maybe her luck would be better at Karavan.

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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Warden   Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:34 pm

Real Name: Aimond Oldeem
Alias: Warden
Metatype: Pixie
Gender: Male

Body: 2
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 6
Logic: 2
Willpower: 7

Edge: 5
Magic/Force: 5
Initiative: 6
IP: 1

Active Skills
Spellcasting 5
Summoning 5
Counterspelling 4
Binding 4
Assensing 3
Perception 2
Infiltration 2
Outdoors group 2

English N
French 4
Sperethiel 3

Spirits 4
Hangouts (Gaia's Wrath) 4
Nature Trids 4
Radical Groups 4
Waste Disposal Procedures 3
Parazoology 4
Navigation (British Isles) 4
Botany 4
Eco-groups 4
Druid Sects 4
Environmental Issues 4
Ley Lines 4

+Concealment(self only) - Racial
+Astral Perception - Racial
+Sapience - Racial
+Magician (Druidic Tradition)
+Restricted Gear(Power Focus)
+Mentor Spirit (Great Mother)+2 to plant spirits, +2 to health spells, -1 to combat spells
-Uneducated - Racial
-Vanishing - Racial
-Vindictive (Those who violate nature anger him)
-Signature (Spray paints the symbol of Gaia's Wrath on eco jobs)
-Sensitive System

Increase Reflexes

Synergist Business Short Jacket (2/2)
FFBA Half Body suit (4/1)

Rating 2 Fake SIN (Rain Soilsten NAN citizen)
Force 6 Magical Lodge
Binding materials for one force 1 spirit
Binding materials for one force 5 spirit
Force 4 Power Focus
Force 3 Health Sustaining Focus
5 Disposable commlinks
Sony Emperor
-Response 2
-Signal 3
--Novatech Navi OS
-Firewall 3
-System 4
Subvocal mic

Comforts: 1
Entertainment: 1
Necessities: 2
Neighborhood: 3
Security: 2
Aspected Domain(Shaministic) 5
Homegrown Farming 1
Cost Per Month: 5000
Months Paid: 1
Warden lives in a small shack in the wilds of Snohomish. He spends his time tending to his garden, communing with spirits, and watching nature specials on the trid.

Contacts (L/C)
Dreen-man (fixer) (3/3)
Gaia's Wrath Eco Group (5/21)
--5 base connection, +4: 893 members, +6: Global Membership, +4: Most members have magical talents, +2 Broad reaching Matrix resources.
Gaia's Wrath is a aggressive ecocentric group. Its members include a large amount of shamans and druids, though anybody who is willing to put the environment before greed is welcome. Members are quick to help in any endeavor that will do a small part towards returning nature to its former glory.

Warden is a reserved silent person. He has learned that words don't make things happen in the world of shadows. It is actions that truly speak, and his actions are loud and clear. He is a loving person to his friends, and quick to lend a helping hand. However, may whoever you pray to have mercy if you harm nature. He shows no mercy for those who violate the environment. Though he is never outwardly angry, his rage is manifested int he spirits he summons. In combat he avoids direct confrontation. Instead he finds a safe area to bombard his enemies with spirits. If directly threatened he will disable an enemy with his stun spell, and retreat to a better position.

Aimond was born in a small village in the mountains of the British Isles. He was raised by his family to have absolute reverence to the land. His magical abilities were seen as a gift from mother earth. He was granted the title of Spirit Talker at the tender age of 6. When Aimond left his home in the British Isles aboard a flight to Seattle, he never had any intention to hurt anyone. He wasn’t a trouble maker. All he wanted was the chance to present his case to a group of interested parties. The continued expansion of civilization was crushing the ecosystem of his home, and he needed people to see that. So when a couple of corp execs said they would listen to his pleas, he was ecstatic. How he misses the naiveté of his youth.

The corps couldn’t care less about his small mountain village. The whole meeting was just a publicity stunt to get the PR ratings up. Aimond might have been naïve, but he wasn’t an idiot. As the proceedings went on, he could tell that the corps weren’t really interested in what he had to say. One woman was obviously surfing AR. Another man was on the comm with his investment broker. They didn’t even have the decency to pretend to pay attention to his pleas. He was infuriated at their lack of concern for the environment. He began to scream at the execs. He called them butchers, rapists of the earth, and death dealers. That finally got their attention, and got him put out on his dreck.

He decided if that was the way they wanted to be, then fine. He would go back home and do his best to protect his village from their encroachment. However, when he made his way back to the airport, he found his temporary SIN had been revoked. The corps had stranded him. He was crushed. Here he was in an unfamiliar land that wouldn’t even recognize his existence. He would not let himself be silenced though.

He reasoned that the spirits had led him here for a reason. Here he was, in the den of the beast, with a chance to make a difference. He began to protest the corps, trying his best to get his voice heard. However, the world outside his little village didn’t work the way he thought it should. His cries fell on deaf ears. In the end, he spent more time running from security than he did eating. He could feel himself being drained of life. The city was slowly grinding away at him. He was sure that it would eventually crush him, and he would fade away into nothingness.

That would all change one fateful Saturday. He was about his usual routine, which sadly involved him being chased down an alley by security. Out of nowhere one of the guards hit the pavement hard. The other two looked around in surprise, before eying Aimond. One spoke up in a gruff voice. “Drek. The little fairy is a mage. Screw it; I’m not paid enough for this.” He turned to leave, and urged his friend to follow suit. Their way was soon cut off by a hulking mass of stone and earth. Aimond instantly recognized the earth elemental. With a thunderous clap, the elemental slammed the two guards’ heads together. Their lifeless bodies slumped to the ground. A soft honey voice floated through the air. “You could have done that yourself you know. I can see the power brimming from your aura.” Aimond turned, only to come face to face with an enchanting young elf woman. He had never felt a particular attraction for elves, but something about her drew him in. As she spoke, he found himself hanging on her every word.

“My name is Aurora. I witnessed your..” She paused to stifle a snort. “protest.” She ran her deeply tanned hand through her long raven hair. “A noble cause, but naïve. You will find nothing but deaf ears in this den of thieves. The megacorps have no love for anything other than their bank accounts. If you are ready to have your voice really heard, I can show you how. Come with me and I will show you the way.” He could barely even understand what she was saying at this point, but he didn’t care. He would have said yes to anything she wanted at that point. And so Gaia’s Wrath found itself a new member and Aimond found himself a new home.

He never wanted to hurt anybody. He never wanted to be a troublemaker. However, the corps never wanted it any other way. They had forced his hand, and brought this on themselves. He became completely devoted to his new cause. He would bring the corporate infrastructure to its knees. Gaia’s Wrath found him a nice place out in the dwindling wilds of Snohomish, and a name of somebody who could give him some work. Shadowrunning offered him the perfect opportunity to disrupt the companies he loathed. The jobs themselves would cause grief, and the payout would fund his personal goals. The irony that many of his employers would be the corps themselves wasn’t lost on him. It didn’t matter though, their time would come sooner or later. O yes everybody’s time would come.

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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Mimic   Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:17 pm

Alias: Mimic
Real Name: Jacob Harrelson
Race: Human
Special: Adept

Body: 3
Agility: 4(6)
Reaction: 3(5)
Strength: 2
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3

Edge: 5
Magic: 5
Initiative: 9 Passes: 3

Active Skills
Con (Fast Talk) 6(+2)
Pistols (Heavy Pistols) 4(+2)
Influence Group 3
Disguise (Facial Sculpting) 3 (+2)
Dodge (Ranged Attacks) 2(+2)
Pilot Ground Craft (Four Wheeled) 1(+2)
Infiltration (Urban) 3(+2)
Perception (Visual) 4(+2)

Knowledge/Language Skills
English N
French 3
Russian 3
Sperethiel 3

Classic Literature 3
Fine Dining 3
Russian Mob 3
Wines 3

**all languages are treated as if rating 6 due to Linguist Quality

Positive Qualities
Glamour (SURGE)
Vorneronasal Organ (SURGE)
First Impression

Negative Qualities
Sensitive System (SURGE)
In Debt 30,000 (Russian Mafia)
Easy Dependent (Elena Sidorova)
Nano Intolerance

Adept Powers
Path: The Speaker’s Way
Improved Reflexes II
Kinesics 3
Voice Control
Eidetic Sense Memory
Melanin Control
Facial Sculpt

(initiated as part of a group)
1: Adept Centering
2-3:Extra Powerpoint x2

Muscle Toner 2
Tailored Pheromones 2

Synergist Business Longcoat (4/2) Fire Resistant 6
FFBA Half-Body (4/1) Nonconductivity 6

Ares Predator IV loaded with Plastic Rounds
-Ceramic components 3 (invisible to MAD scanners)
-Easy Breakdown (Manual)
-Electronic Firing
-Personalized Grip
-2 spare clips (one plastic, one stick n shock)

Ares Viper Slivergun
-Gas Vent 3
-Electronic Firing
-Integral Sound Suppression
-2 spare clips

Type: Sony Emperor
OS: Novatech Navi
Response: 2
Signal: 3
Firewall: 5
System: 4
Subvocal Mic

Black Range Rover 2068
-Anti-Theft System
-GridLink Override
-Morphing License Plate
-Spoof chip

Contacts Rating 3
-Vision Magnification
-Flare Compensation
Sunglasses Rating 4
-Lowlight Vision
-Vision Enhancment rating 2
Fletchette Rounds - 90
Hi-C Plastic Rounds - 60
Stick-n-Shock Rounds - 30
Keycard Copier
Wire Clippers
Datachip – 2
Stealth RFID Tag – 100
Film Camera
Professional Camera
Telephoto Lens
Infrared Film – 100 shots
Disguise Kit
Disguise Shop
Fake SIN rating 6 (Thomas Stormcraft – Information Broker)
Fake Drivers License rating 6
Fake Business License rating 6
Medkit rating 6
Medkit Supplies – 5
Plastic Security restraints – 100
Metal Security restraints – 3
Gas Mask
Respirator rating 6 – 2
eX - 10 doses
Disguised Cologne Bottle – 100 doses of Leal
Lowlight Flashlight

Helen Stanly (Loyalty:5 Connection:3)
Helen is a family doctor in the Upper Queen Ann neighborhood of Downtown Seattle. She runs her clinic out of her lavish loft, though all of her work is done through house calls. Helen and Mimic dated for a few months and the break up was amicable. They are close friends, and Helen is happy to take care of his medical needs without question.

Sasha Kasparkova (Loyalty: 5 Connection:5)
Sasha is a high ranking lieutenant in the Russian Mob. Her specialty is gun running and smuggling. Sasha was the Johnson on Mimic’s very first run. His abilities caught her eye, and the majority of his runs have been for Sasha. They developed a friendship, and have had several short trysts that never matured into a true relationship. It was Sasha who arranged the runs where Mimic and Kat grew close, and it was through Sasha that Mimic was able to convince the Russians to free Kat’s sister. Thanks to his relationship with Sasha, the Mob has been more relaxed about Mimic’s debt, but she is hard on his dreck to pay it off.

Svitlana (NA, NA)
Svitlana is a three year old blackberry cat that Mimic and Kat found half drowned in the river.

High(one month paid)
Comforts 3
Entertainment 3
Necessities 4
Neighborhood 3
Security 4
Hasty Exit +2
Inconspicous Housing+2
Workplace +1
Living by Committee -2
Monthly cost 5575
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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Re: Bear's Characters   Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:11 pm

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Alias: Jinx
Real Name: Iatatha-deki
Race: Free Spirit

Body: 6
Agility: 6
Reaction: 6
Strength: 6
Charisma: 6
Intuition: 6
Logic: 6
Willpower: 6

Edge: 6
Magic/Force: 6
Initiative: 12 Passes: 2

Active Skills
Spellcasting 6
Assensing (Aura Reading) 4(6)
Perception 4
Infiltration 4
Arcana 4
Counterspelling 4

Knowledge/Language Skills
English N
Spirits (Black Magic) 4(6)
Black Magic Groups (CAS) 4(6)
Tulsa Talismongers (Ritual Materials) 4(6)
Magical Theory (Spellcrafting) 4(6)
Spirit Summoning (Free) 4(6)
Magical Artifacts (Black Magic) 4(6)
Metaplanes (Black Magic Attuned) 4(6)
CAS Magicians (Black Magicians) 4(6)

Positive Qualities
Astral Chameleon

Negative Qualities
Compulsive - Mild (likes to steal small shiny trinkets)
Compulsive - Mild (likes to pull small pranks)
Media Junkie- Mild (Watches old reel movies )
Spirit Bane (Bug Spirits)

Aura Masking
Realistic Form
Mutable Form
Low-light Vision
Enhanced Hearing
Life Pact
Astral Form
Banishment Resistance
Immunity to Normal Weapons

Tradition:Black Magic
Death Touch
Knock Out
Detect Enemies

Amulet containing spirit formula

See Jondera's Sheet
2 months paid

Self serving and arrogant. Views any non magical creature as a lesser being. Delights in playing pranks and causing mischief. Jinx enjoys tricking people into spirit pacts with malevolent spirits, such as djinns, daemons, and oni. Though he lacks the ability to summon and bind spirits in the traditional sense, he is extremely knowledgeable in the calling and summoning of free and wild spirits. He is smart enough to avoid extremely powerful spirits of destruction, who wait for such foolish acts to bring them into this world. Views the anarchist cause as his ultimate prank on metahumanity.

Not many creatures can remember the circumstances of their creation. Not many creatures have the mental capacity to understand such things at the time of their birth. While most meta-humans might think such knowledge would be a blessing, oh those precious childhood memories, Jinx viewed it as a curse. You see Jinx wasn’t born to some loving parents who were thrilled to see their bloodline continue. Jinx was born, if it could even be called that, out of pure malice. He was a manifestation of his conjurers rage and hatred. He was the construct of a twisted mind, which created the spirit for one purpose. That was, to have a loyal and devoted slave to bend to their every whim.

You see. For all the power that summoned spirits have, there is one glaring weakness, services. A magician is limited in what they can do by the strength of the connection between them and their spirits. Once your services are up, your spirit is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. For this reason magicians searched for a way around the limitations of services, and they found one, Ally spirits.

Unlike normal spirits, Allied Spirits are born directly from the ideologies and personalities of their conjurers. As such there is an internal bond between the two, resulting in a spirit that is free from the hassle of services. Since they are tied to their conjurers, they are generally easier to control as well. They cannot harm or directly work against the one who brought them into this world. Because of this, some magicians believe that they can do whatever they wish to their Ally spirit without repercussion. It is rare to find such a magician that lives long.

This misguided train of thought plagued the magician who created Jinx, a fledgling black magician named Uriah. The young man was a tortured soul. All his life he had been under the boot of one person or another. Even when his magical abilities manifested, and he found his way into the dark arts, his life did not improve much. His mentor was a cruel mistress known as the Black Witch, who did not abide by any sign of weakness and failure.

Like a virus, this attitude spread to the way Uriah treated his spirits. Unlike some people, spirits are not the type to abide by such treatment for long, and soon Uriah found that they would refuse to answer his calls. Seeing this as another sign of weakness, his mentor abandoned him. Even she knew just how far to push her spirits. Abandoned by his teacher and his spirits, Uriah found himself on the brink of self destruction. He delved into tome after tome, searching for anything that might save him from his despair. It was not long before he came across the ritual to bind an Ally spirit to oneself. Uriah believed that this was exactly what he needed. It was a spirit that would never abandon him, a spirit that would never question his orders, something that he could finally lord over.

Thus Jinx was born. It did not take long for Uriah to begin delving into things that were beyond his abilities. The creation of his loyal pet had created a sense of misguided power in his mind. No matter how much he demeaned the spirit, no matter how many times he ridiculed or abused it, it remained by its side happily, or so he thought. You see Ally spirits are not mindless slaves. They have feelings and ambitions of their own. Though they are irrevocably bond to their conjurers and forged from their emotions, they are still completely separate beings. This was something that young Uriah failed to grasp.

It only took a week for Uriah to wear out the patience of his so called ‘loyal slave’. The repeated menial tasks and physical abuse took its toll quite fast. However, Jinx was in a bind, quite literally in fact. The spirit hated his master, and yearned for nothing more than to crush his little head. Unfortunately he knew that he could not do anything to harm the man. As long as Uriah maintained the bond, Jinx would never be free.

Luckily for Jinx, Uriah made the mistake many young magicians are known to do. He overestimated the reach of his power. As such, he tasked Jinx with the procurement of a particularly rare tome that was in the possession of a much more powerful magician, Uriah’s original mentor. Unlike Uriah, Jinx was not delusional. The spirit knew that the woman’s power and influence in the magical world was beyond what Uriah could fathom. If the young magician had bothered to show a bit more respect to Jinx, he might have warned his master of the repercussions of his request.

Jinx had been to the woman’s liar before. The day of his birth, Uriah had brought him there. The young magician wanted to show his former mentor that he had progressed and no longer needed her. The only reason Uriah walked out of that place alive was due to the fact she viewed him as a lost puppy begging for attention. Stealing one of her possessions, that was no longer the act of a student seeking their master’s approval. No, that was the act of an equal and rival. Jinx would do what his master had asked of him with great joy. The repercussions of the deed were Uriah’s to deal with.

The young magician never stood a chance. His narrow-mindedness had blinded him from many avenues of magic. He had devoted himself almost completely to the study of summoning, ignoring all else. He was foolhardy enough to believe the Black Witch would come to him in person and fight him as an equal. The nuisances of ritual spell casting had escaped his studies, and thus he paid for it. One might almost think his former mentor still had a soft spot for her student. She could have chosen a most unbelievably painful and slow spell to kill him with. Instead, one day Uriah just dropped to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut.

It was like an insurmountable weight had been lifted from Jinx’s shoulder. Many ally spirits mourn the day of their conjurer’s death. This was not such an occasion. With a smile, Jinx ripped away the amulet Uriah wore around his neck. The item had been imprinted with Jinx’s astral signature at the time of his birth. It was a dangerous item that one could use to create a spirit formula if they had the knowledge. It was the first item that Jinx finally owned, and the rush of the procurement never left him.

Jinx finally had the freedom that he so desired. The question was now what to do with it. Like most ally spirits forged from extreme emotions, Jinx was irrevocable imprinted with a part of his summoner ‘s personality. In Jinx’s case it was Uriah’s need to cause harm to others. The drive to harm was greatly reduced in Jinx’s case, and manifested as a penchant for pulling pranks. These pranks were not always as harmless as causing an old woman to trip and break her hip.

One of Jinx’s favored forms to appear as is that of a young kitten. Like his former master, Jinx craved attention, and nothing garnered love and affection quite like a cuddly little pet. At least that is what Jinx thought. When a young woman decided that kittens made better soccer balls than pets, Jinx set out to make her life a living hell. He stalked her for the next year to exact his vengeance.

He started small. First, there were small accidents here and there. She would trip on a curb, or misplace her homework. Then things slowly ramped up. Jinx began to appear to her before something bad happened. He made sure to manifest as that same little calico cat that she had kicked. soon, she wrecked her car six times in one month, barely making it out of the last one alive. Her medication while she was hospitalized was mixed up. Her relationship with her boyfriend ended when he found someone else. Her sister died in a mysterious fire. She begged and pleaded with people to believe her that the ghost of a dead cat was haunting her. Even when her parents hired a paranormal investigator, he found no evidence of magical interference. It didn't take long for the family to decide the girl needed serious consoling. They shipped her off to a hospital for study. Jinx was with her every step of the way, intent on making her suffer for eternity.

However, something caught his eye one night at the hospital. Somebody was escaping from the facility. He didn't know much about these things, but he knew such a feat was supposed to be impossible. That was the point of this place wasn't it? If this person could escape, maybe his victim could as well. He decided to keep an eye on the escapee's progress. There was something odd about the creature’s aura that peeked Jinx’s curiosity. It wasn't long before he forgot why he had been at the hospital in the first place. So, just like a kitten who was tired with their old toy, Jinx abandoned the woman he had driven insane and followed this new one. He wondered what kind of mischief he could get into around her.
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PostSubject: Re: Bear's Characters   Thu May 13, 2010 8:52 am

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Bear's Characters
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