Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Boombaby's characters

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PostSubject: Boombaby's characters   Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:57 pm


Name: Christoff Tickets
Archetype: adept/face
Metatype: Dwarf (25BP)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 1.3m
Weight: 85 kg
Nuyen: 4d6 x 100¥
Physical CM: 10Boxes
Stun CM: 10 Boxes
Total Karma:0
Current Karma: 0
Total Build Points (BP) Used: 0

Thermographic vision, +2 dice for Body Test to resist Pathogens and toxins

Body: 4
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 4

Charisma: 3
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3

Edge: 1
Essence: 6
Initiative: 6
Magic/Resonance: 4
Init Passes: 1

Close Combat group 4
Blades: (Agility) 4
Clubs: (Agility) 4
Unarmed Combat: (Agility) 4
Athletics Group: 3
Climbing: (Strength) 3
Gymnastics: (Agility) 3
Running: (Strength) 3
Swimming: (Strength) 3
Influence Group: 4
Con: (Charisma) 4
Etiquette: (Charisma) 4
Leadership: (Charisma) 4
Negotiation: (Charisma) 4
Perception: (Intuition) 4
Exotic Ranged Weapon(Heavy Crossbow: (Agility) 4
Throwing Weapons: (Agility) 3
Dodge: (Reaction) 3
Hardware: (Logic) 2
Datasearch: (Logic) 2
Infiltration: (Intuition) 2

Crook Hangouts: 1
Black Markets: 2
Area Knowledge: 3
Corp. Security Tactics: 1
Security Design: 1
Mercenary Hangouts: 2
Sports: 2
Gangs: 2
Safe Houses: 3
Dealers: 2

English (Native)

Mystic Adept (10BP)

SINner Criminal (-10BP)

EQUIPMENT ( 7 BP, 35000¥)
Lined coat (6 Balistic/4 Impact) -2 Concealability Modifier
Chameleon Suit (6 balistic/4 Impact)
Notes: -4 dice pool to Perception Tests to see wearer.
Wire clippers
Fake Licence (Rating 3)
Maglock Passkey (Rating 4)
Sequencer (Rating 4)
Respirator (Rating 4)
2xStandard Rope (per 100m)
Grapple Gun (Damage 5S, Mode SS)
Fake Sin (Rating 3)
Medkit (Rating 4)
Climbing gear
Commlink: Sony Emperor
Renraku Ichi OS

HK MP5 Tx 2 extra clips
Type: SMG
DV: 5P
AP: -
Mode: SA/BF/FA
Ammo: 20 ( c)
Conceal: -
Accessories: Gas-vent-2, laser sight, detachable folding stock
0-10, 11- 40, 41-80, 81- 150

Name: Heavy Crossbow
Type: Ranged
DV: 7P
Mode: SA
Ammo: 20
Conceal: -
Auto Reloader, 4 bolt magazine, Imaging Scope, Laser sight
Short:0-STR x 5
Medium: To STR x 15
Long: To STR x 40
Extreme: To STR x 60

Name: Extendable Baton(1)
Type: Melee
DV: (STR/2+1)P
Reach: 1

Name: Survival Knife
Type: Melee
DV: (STR/2+1)P
Reach: -

Name: Throwing Knives (3)
Type: Ranged
DV: (STR/2 + 1)P
Medium: STR x 2
Long: To STR x 3
Extreme: To STR x5
Notes: Can ready Agility/2 weapons per Ready Weapon action

Enhanced Perception (Level 3) Magic points: 0.75, +3 dice for all Perception Tests Including Assensing Tests (not more levels than Intution attribute)

Commanding Voice, Magic Points: 0.25, This power channels the adept’s magic into his voice, taking a Complex Action to give a forceful command (five words or less) making an Opposed Test. If sucessful, they either carry out the command or stand confused.

Kinesics (Level 1), Magic Points: 0.5, +1 When making or resisting Social skill Test. +1 dice pool modifier on any Opposed test to gauge the adepts truthfulness or emotional state, including Judge Intention test, assensing, and other magical and technological tests.

Cool Resolve (Level 3) Magic Points: 0.75, Makes a character inhumanly self-assured and unflappable in social exchanges, whether these be delicate negotiations or an interrogator’s grilling. +3 die to dice pool for Opposed Tests involving Social Active skills in which he is the target/defender.

Analytics (Level 2) Magic points: 0.5, Analytics improves the adept’s logical ability to detect and analyze puzzles, and ciphers and provides the subject with amazing deductive powers. +2 dice pool modifier to any test involving pattern recognition, evidence analysis, or solving problems.

Improved Ability (Con) (Level 1), Magic points: 0.25 This power gives you additional dice for use with a specific Active skill. Dice purchased for the Active skill carry over to any specializations of the skill you know. You cannot have more additional dice than your base skill rating. Improved Ability does not actually improve a skill's rating, it only provides additional dice for tests involving the skill. Improved ability must be purchased for a specific skill, not a skill group.

Improved ability (throwing weapons) (Level 2), Magic points: 1.00 See above

Buster Grimes, Fixer (Loyalty:3, Connections: 5)

2 months Middle


Christoff Tickets was born a dwarf back in '46. His parents tried to do their best, but young Chris was a born trouble maker. Even as a child, Christoff could convince other kids to do what he wanted them to do. He had a smooth tongue, and a friendly smile. Not to mention a desire to get farther along in life than his parents, not even corporate wage slaves, ever had.

But Christoff wanted the easy nuyen. None of this workin for a living stuff. He saw what that did to his mother. Worn and tired all the time when she came home, beaten by his father, Christoff's mom got very sick when he was about eight. With no nuyen to pay for her medical treatments she quickly wasted away in front of his eyes. She lingered for almost 6 months then passed noisily one night...The death rattle could be heard in the next appartment. The next day, his father never came home from work, and Christoff was on his own. But he didn't miss the beatings...

Christoff spent the next few years in a state ran orphanage where he met all kinds of troublemakers, where he fit right in. Often he was involved with the ring leaders, getting involved with petty larceny and theft. As he grew older, his crimes got bigger, until one day, as often happens, he got nicked by Seatle Metro for B&E. He got sent up for 3 years in the medium security prison. They say that prison is like school for criminals, and Christoff was no exception. He met people and learned things, and always his powers of persuasion and fast-talking carried him a long ways.

His cell-mate in prison introduced him to Buster Grimes, a well connected Fixer on the outside, when Christoff got out. Christoff has been running the shadows for almost 3 years now, doing solo Larceny work and occasional work as a face.

What Christoff doesn't know, is that a lot of his skills are actually adept powers. Christoff isn’t so much of a latent awakener, but he is so used to using (or perhaps abusing) his abilities, that he just thinks that they are natural....

Christoff Tickets is 1.3 meters tall and often wears a lined coat that is torn and tattered at the ground from it dragging along behind his short frame. He wears older 2 piece suits over an assortment of wild Hawaiian print shirts, and has a thick string necklace that supports a single Nuyen coin. His dark brown hair is shoulder length but often tied back into a pony tail. His face is friendly, though clean-shaven, and his eyes seldom tell anything. He usually carries an assortment of knives, blades and collapsable batons around with him, but only brings out his bigger gear when going on a job.

Christoff follows the way of the Magician, technically, but fancies himself a Follower of the Way of the Speaker. He's got a silver tongue, that devil.

Well, looks like I talked myself into some real Drek this time. Christoff thought to himself as he wiped the sweat off his brow, and looked out the open door at the Mojave desert passing less than 100 yards beneath him. Damn that Buster and his ‘great tips’. His sometimes associate Buster Grimes had hooked him up with a hot tip on a cargo run. The Johnson had called the meet in Los Angeles, and Chrstoff had called in a favor to get the ID and clearance to fly down there from Seattle. The meet had gone as usual. The Johnson had offered, the team had negotiated, the details worked out, and now here he was, flying his dreck across the hot desert in blistering hot sun.

Jub jub, the job boss, had turned out to be a real card. A squat ratty looking human with a ton of dough. Oh well, as long as his Nuyen is good...Christoff thought to himself as he adjusted the position of the heavy crossbow across his shoulder and pulled the front of his hawaian shirt away from his sticky body, trying to fan himself. It was no use, and he was hot as hell. Even the cross wind was hot. He’d long ago removed his long coat, and was currently using it as a pad for his butt in the rickety transport copter the group was currently clinging to the insides of on this little ‘protection’ run. Christoff looked forward and Jub Jub caught his eye, his greasy hair all blown awry with the swirling wind and dust. Jub Jub gave Christoff a thumbs up and Christoff looked away out the door once more…Drek it’s hot…He thought to himself once more…

Well that run had gone sour fast…Jub Jub had turned out to have more money than brains and the helo had been shot down by the local border patrol. It had taken a considerable amount of Jub Jub’s not insubstantial Platinum credstick to get them back to LA. Hardly so much as a “sorry bout that gibronis” while a credstick with hardly enough smack to get him back home had been tossed at him “for your trouble.” It’d given him some pause for consideration about taking jobs with other unknowns, but here he was, short on creds again, and no food in the cupboard to speak of. He was getting sick of the soycafe and soywhey cereal…
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PostSubject: Serik the Bounty Hunter   Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:35 pm


Name: Serik Beibitzhan
Archetype: Bounty Hunter
Metatype: Troll (40 BP)
Gender: Male
Height: 7’ 9”
Weight: 439 kilos
Nuyen: Starting Nuyen: 4D6+12 x 100¥
Physical CM: 12 Boxes
Stun CM: 10 Boxes
Total Karma: 50
Current Karma: 0
Total Build Points (BP) Used:

+1 Reach
+1 Natural Armor
Lost Natural Thermographic Vision with Implants

Body: 8
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3(5)
Strength: 8

Charisma: 3
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 4


Edge: 3
Essence: 4.7
Initiative: 6(8)
Astral Init:
Matrix Init:
Init Passes: 1

Archery (AGILITY): 2
Athletics Skill Group(Usually STRENGTH): 3
+Climbing: 3
+Gymnastics (AGILITY): 3
+Running: 3
+Swimming: 3
Blades (Knives) (AGILITY): 1 (+2)
Clubs (Batons)(AGILITY): 2 (+2)
Dodge (REACTION): 2
First Aid (Poisons)(LOGIC): 3 (+2)
Longarms (AGILITY): 3
Perception(INTUITION): 2
Survival (WILLPOWER): 2
Tracking(INTUITION): 3
Unarmed Combat (Sub-dual Combat)(AGILITY): 5 (+2)
Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled)(REACTION): 1(+2)


Dowsing (LOGIC): 3
Desert Oasises(LOGIC): 3
Tribal rituals(LOGIC): 4
Parazoology(LOGIC): 2
Poison Antidotes(LOGIC): 2
KN:Navigation(LOGIC): 1


Turkish: N
English (DesertSpeak): 3 (+2)


Animal Empathy (10 BP)
Quick Healer (10 BP)
Fame (+5) Character is well known in the Zhanaarka area for his prowess and skill in hunting/killing roving parazoology animals in the area.
Longtimer (5 BP) +3 contact points with the Karavali…


Gremlins (+5 BP)
SINner (+5 BP)
Dependant: (5 BP) Hande Yekaterina, Long time girl friend of our hero, he sees here infrequently when he is in the same town as her.
Signature (+10) Character is compelled to always use a nasty looking survival knife with a long notched blade (for bloodletting), and spiked hand guard for the final Coup de grace.
Enemy(+5 BP) Bjorn, Hired gun of warlord who was setting up shop to demand tribute in Zhanaarkha, met up with Serik, lost badly and was left for dead.

EQUIPMENT ( 15BP, 75,000¥)

Extendable Baton;
Stun Baton;
Survival Knives (2);
Shock Gloves (2);
Bow (Rating 8) w/20 Arrows;
Mossberg AM CMDT (Smartlinked) w/10 clips of Flechette ammo;
Ruger 100 w/Bipod, Imaging Scope, and 10 clips of Regular ammo;
Thermal Smoke Grenades (5);
Flash-Paks (5);
Lined Coat;
Erika Elite Commlink w/Isis Orb OS;
Lowlight Binoculars;
Plasteel Restraints (4);
Containment Manacles (2);
Security Tags (20);
Survival kit (An assortment of survival gear in a rugged bag. Includes a knife, lighter, matches, compass, lightweight thermal blanket, several days’ worth of ration bars, a water-purification unit, and more.)
Thundercloud Morgan with carrying rack and rear seat removed for room for Serik. Also has a towing package and pulls a fairly large but decrepit trailer, in which he and his long time girl friend Hande reside in.

Name: Ruger 100
Type: Sport Rifle
DV: 7P
AP: -1
Mode: SA
RC: (1)
Ammo: 5(m)
Conceal: NA
Accessories: w/Bipod, Imaging Scope, and 10 clips of Regular ammo
Ranges: Short: 0-100, Medium: 101-250, Long: 251-500, Extreme: 501-750

Name: Mossberg AM-CMDT
Type: Shotgun
DV: 9P(f)
AP: +2
Mode: SA/BF/FA
RC: -
Ammo: 10©
Conceal: +6
Accessories: w/smartlink, and 10 clips of Regular ammo
Ranges: Short: 0-10, Medium: 11-25, Long: 26-40, Extreme: 41-60

Name: Bow (rating 8)
Type: Bow
DV: (STR Min +2)P
Mode: SS
Ranges: Short: 0-80, Medium: 81-240, Long: 241-480

Name: Knives
Type: Blades
DV: (STR/2 +1)P
AP: -
Conceal: -2
Reach: -

Name: Extendable Batons
Type: Clubs
DV: (STR/2 +1)P
AP: -
Conceal: +2
Reach: 1

Name: Stun Baton
Type: Clubs
DV: 6S(e)
AP: - half
Conceal: +4
Reach: 1

Name: Shock Gloves
Type: Unarmed
DV: 5S(e)
AP: - half
Conceal: +0
Reach: -

Cybereyes (Rating 3, w/Flare Compensation, Low-Light, Thermographic, Ultrasound Sensor, and Smartlink)
Cyberears (Rating 2, w/Audio Enhancement (3), Damper, Select Sound Filter (3))
Reaction Enhancers (2)

Desert nomad(Connection 2/Loyalty 4)
Fixer (Connection 3/Loyalty 3)
Shamadic healer(Connection 4/Loyalty 3)
Tribal leader(Connection 2/Loyalty 1)

Middle Lifestyle (1 months)

Son of Kurosh-e-Kabir, Serik was a good son and good brother to Rahimah, and due to inherit the leadership of the Alti Ok upon reaching a suitable age. The Alti Ok was a powerful and militant tribe within the Karavan, leading their strength of arms and soldiery to bolster the militant strength of the Karavan as a whole. Under Kurosh-e-Kabir's leadership, the Alti Ok had moved up through the ranking of the tribes to linger only just behind the Anatolians, and of course the Kizilkrystal, the caretakers of the mighty airships themselves. As Serik's time of maturity approached, two things happened in close conjunction.

The first thing that happened to Serik, was that the goblinization process overtook him. The process was grueling, and Rahimah made it worse for him. Rahimah, elven, standing 6'5" and muscular was angry. Angry that the goblins had taken her little brother, and seeing her brother changing focused her rage, and her fists, boots, knees, and anything else to hand, on him. It took Serik's body almost a year to complete its transformation, during which Serik morphed into the brutish troll that he is today. Even after the transformation was complete, Rahimah, continued her rather direct punishment of his metamorphosis.

The second, was that he met a woman. Hande Yekaterina, the beautiful but spoken for daughter of a rich merchant tribesman from the Seljuk clan. The two were quickly enamored with each other, though their relationship, by virtue of the Yassa, were forbidden. An old story, the youthful prince, the beautiful unattainable princess. The two decided to give up everything for their love story and left the Karavan together...

Unfortunately, the lovers ended up far from the support of the Karavan, and their families. With no support, few possessions and not knowing where to oo, Serik and Hande had a hard few months, where their very survival was in question. Serik changed his last name and began to transform himself in other ways as well, moving away from the Karavanli image that he'd grown up with...He was already an accomplished hunter and tracker, but spent a good deal of the following months honing the training that he'd received as Kuroh-e-Kabir's son and heir and blending it with the strength of his new body. The pair survived for the next year, moving, like the Karavan, often, and frequently...


Serik is a solid hunk of troll flesh standing well over seven feet tall and weighing in at almost half a ton. His massive horns stand out almost a foot to each side of his low sloped forehead, and curl up and away from his face slightly. The flaming red horns contrast in color with the stark blackness of the tangle of hair that encircles the back his head and flows down the back of his coat.. Serik’s face is a twisting gnarl of broken features, the goblinization process not having been kind to him. His thick dark eyebrows slope down from his knotted and rigged forehead, and his mouth is twisted open wide at the corners in order to make room for the 3 inch upward thrusting fangs.

His neck is almost non existant as his massive frame expands outwards and downwards from his head. The man is almost four feet wide at the shoulders and his massive long coat with its layered shoulder pads only accentuates his thickness. Beneath his Long coat, Serik wears a functional wool shirt with a few iconic tokens on a heavy beaded necklace. A beaded sash crosses his chest over his shirt, to support a heavy bag on his right hip. Bizarre stripping crisscrosses his heavy leather pants that serve as a sort of camoflague, though the pants are obviously made from the hide of some paracritter or other. Heavy boots with steel shin guards complete the clothing ensemble, but not the complete picture.

Serik has several large tattoos on his thick tree trunk arms, and is positively festooned with an assortment of weapons. A combat shot gun is slung low under one shoulder, and a massive bow and an equally massive troll modified Ruger 100 sport rifle. Large survival knives and an assortment of manacles, plastisteel restraints and other tools of the trade, are attached here and there to his person.

The Thundercloud Morgan that Serik drives, is fairly stock, though it has seen better days. The normal two seat arrangement has been modified and the rear spot has been removed to make room for his massive frame. In addition a large rack has been added on the back, and its not uncommon for some paracritter to be strapped to the rack, sometimes alive, sometimes not…

Karma spending: (50 points spent)

Agility 3-4 = 20 karma
Charisma 2-3 = 15 karma
Athletics 2-3 = 15 karma

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PostSubject: Special character for Last Safari, not to be used in regular SR games   Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:43 pm


Name: Name: Grandin "Cutter" Lyonilith
Archetype: Anti-magic merc
Metatype: Elf (60 Karma)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 60 kg
Nuyen: 3d6+3 x 50¥
Physical CM: 10 Boxes
Stun CM: 10 Boxes
Total Karma:
Current Karma: 0
Total Build Points (BP) Used:

Low-Light vision

Body: 4 (45 karma)
Agility: 6 (8) (100 karma)
Reaction: 5 (70 karma)
Strength: 4 (6) (45 Karma)

Charisma: 4 (45 karma)
Intuition: 6 (100 karma)
Logic: 4 (45 karma)
Willpower: 4 (45 karma)

Edge: 4 (45 karma)
Essence: 3.74
Initiative: 11
Init Passes: 1

Close Combat group (Agility) 3 (10 + 10 + 15 = 35 karma)
Blades: 3
Clubs: 3
Unarmed Combat: 3
Athletics Group: (Strength) 3 (35 karma)
Climbing: 3
Gymnastics: 3
Running: 3
Swimming: 3
Stealth Group: (Intuition) 3 (35 karma)
Disguise: 3
Infiltration: 3
Palming: 3
Shadowing: 3
Automatics: (Agility) 3 (4 + 4 + 6 =14 karma)
Pilot AirCraft (Tilt Wing):(Reaction) 2 (4) (4 + 4 + 2 = 10 karma)
Dodge:(Reaction) 3 (14 karma)
Longarms (Agility): 2 (8 karma)
Pistols:(Agility) 2 (8 karma)
Perception: (Intuition) 3 (4 + 4 + 6 = 14karma)

Parazoology: 4
Magic Background: 3
Military tactics: 2
Current Events: 3
Firearms: 2
Medical Background: 3
Navigation: 3
Aeronautical Engineering: 3

English: 4
Spanish: 3

Positive Qualities:
Magic Resistance (4) (40 karma)
Guts (10 karma)

Negative Qualities:
Moderate Addiction: Cram (-20 karma)

Cyberware/Bioware (83 karma /206500 Nuyen)
Smartlink (a)
Balance Augmenter (a)
Muscle Replacement (Rating 2) (a)
Hand Blades (Retractable) (a)
Hand Blades (Retractable) (a)
Symbiotes (Rating 3) (add rating to healing tests, both phys and stun)
Orthoskin (Rating 3) (+3 ballistic and impact armor, cumulative with armor worn, undetectable)
Platelet factory (reduce damage taken by one box when damage is >2 points)
Damage Compensator (Rating 3) (ignore 3 boxes phys and stun before counting mods)

WEAPONS (8 karma/20000 nuyen for all weapons and other equipment)

Name: HK-227X
Type: SMG
DV: 5P
Mode: SA/BF/FA
Ammo: 32(c)
RC: 2(3)
Conceal: +4
Integral Sound Suppressor, 2 clips ammo regular, 1 clip exploding ammo, Smartlink, retractable stock.
Medium: 11-40
Long: 41-80
Extreme: 81-150

Name: Ruger Super Warhawk
Type: Heavy Pistol
DV: 6P
AP: -2
Mode: SS
Ammo: 6(cy)
Conceal: 0
Accessories: 5 speedloaders, 50 shells in a various coat pockets
Medium: 6-20
Long: 21-40
Extreme: 41-60

Name: Katana
Type: Blades
DV: (STR/2+3) P
Reach: 1
Conceal: +4
AP: -1

Name: Knife
Type: Blade
DV: (STR/2 + 1) P
Reach: -
AP: -

Name: Extendable Baton
Type: Clubs
DV: (STR/2 + 1) P
Conceal: -2 if collapsed
Reach: 1
AP: -

Name: Sap
Type: Clubs
DV: (STR/2 + 1) P
Reach: -
AP: -

Kit Bag
+Flare Compensation
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
+Thermographic Vision
+Image Link
Handheld Sensor / Minidrone
+Directional Microphone
+Motion Sensor
+MAD Scanner (Rating 3)
5x Plasteel Restraint
Monofilament Chainsaw
Wire clippers
Gas Mask
Gecko Tape Gloves
5x Light Stick
Micro Flare Launcher
10x Micro Flares
Rappeling Gloves
Respirator (Rating 4)
Survival Kit
Microwire (per 100 m)
3x Myomeric Rope (per 10 m)
Standard Rope (per 100 m)
2x Medkit (Rating 5)
2x Medkit Supplies
Large packet of Cram and tools to administer…


Grandin "Cutter" Lyonilith as he has become known, is a special forces operative from Tir Tairngire on loan to the Red Fang organization, due to the current crisis. Grandin's special qualifications? Besides being an able pilot, and expert parazoological and mage fighter, "Cutter" has special considerations. He found out the hard way, when, on a straight forward seek and destroy mission on the Pueblo Corporate Council boarder early in his career, Grandin was injured in an brutal gun battle. The team mage attempted to restore Grandin to operational status a routine proceedure, only to find that his healing spells did nothing to help the young elven warrior. Since the wounds, normally not considered life threatening, because of the presence of mage with healing capabilities, as S.O.P., couldn't be 'healed', Grandin came a lot closer to death than he should have. One emergency evac. later, 10 months of healing, and another two years of testing and training, determined that Grandin had a natural resistance to all things magically related.

He proved especially resiliant to any kind of magic spells or effects directly cast on him. His superiors, and of course, he, himself, were highly interested in keeping him alive and functioning, because of his 'special' abilities, and authorized the installation of grade A Cyberware, and some Class A Bioware to help protect their valuable asset.

Their 'loaning' of Sgt. Lyonilith servers a multitude of purposes. Of course, Tir Tairngire is concerned from a global perspective that the magic affliction currently assailing their not to distant neighbors to the south. The nature of the magic itself is of interest to their schools of magics, deep in the Tir...and those are just the ones that Grandin knows about. Officially, an observer on the mission, Lyonilith has no illusions as to dangerousness of the mission at hand. He just hopes the Red Fangs bring enough big guns....
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PostSubject: Speltch   Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:29 pm


Name: Speltch
Archetype: Street Shaman
Metatype: Troll (30BP)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 2.3m
Weight: 185 kg
Nuyen: 1d6 x 10¥
Physical CM: 10Boxes
Stun CM: 10 Boxes
Total Karma:0
Current Karma: 0
Total Build Points (BP) Used: 0

Natural Thermographic Vision
+1 Reach
+1 Natural armor
+2 dice for Infiltration Tests, +2 dice for resisting
disease and poisons
The Street Shaman must make a Willpower + Charisma (3) Test to not immediately flee or seek cover whenever caught in a combat situation. If there is nowhere to flee, the he is forced to fight.

Body: 6
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 5

Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 5

Edge: 3
Essence: 6
Initiative: 7
Magic/Resonance: 6
Init Passes: 1

Assensing: (Intuition) 3
Banishing: (Magic) 3
Binding: (Magic) 4
Dodge: (Reaction) 3
Infiltration: (Agility) 3
Palming: (Agility) 2
Perception: (Intuition) 3
Sorcery (Group): 3
Counterspelling (Magic)
Ritual Spellcasting (Magic)
Spellcasting (Magic)
Summoning: (Magic) 5
Survival (Urban): (Logic) 2
Datasearch: (Logic) 2
Escape: (Agility) 2

Goblin Rock: 2
Local Charity Shelters: 4
Area Knowledge: 4
Magic Theory: 4
Public Transportation Routes: 3
Safe Houses: 2
Spirits: 5

English (Native)

Magician (15BP)
Mentor Spirit (Rat) (5 BP)

Gremlins (1) (-5BP)
Combat Paralysis (-20BP)

EQUIPMENT ( 1 BP, 5000¥)
Leather Jacket
Meta Link Commlink (w/Vector Xim OS);
Medkit (Rating 4);
Magical Lodge Materials (Force 5)
Street Lifestyle (2 Months)
Goggles w/Image Link
Gas Mask


Name: Survival Knife
Type: Melee
DV: (STR/2+1)P
Reach: -

Manabolt (Direct) Type: M • Range: LOS • Damage: P • Duration: I • DV: (F ÷ 2)
Mana bolt channels destructive magical power into the target, doing Physical damage.
As mana spells, they only affect living and magical targets and are resisted by Willpower.
Manabolt affects a single target.

Heal Type: M • Range: T • Duration: P • DV: (Damage Value) – 2
Heal repairs physical injuries. It heals a number of boxes of Physical damage equal to the spell’s hits from the Spellcasting Test. Hits can also be used to reduce the base time for the spell to become permanent; each hit spent this way shaves off 1 Combat Turn (hits can be split between healing and reducing time as the caster desires). A character can only be magically healed once for any single set of injuries.

Confusion (Realistic, Multi) Type: M • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2)
These spells produce a storm of conflicting sensations and images to confuse the senses. For each net hit on the Spellcasting Test, the target suffers a –1 dice pool modifier to all tests from the distraction. Confusion affects a single target.

Improved Invisibility (Realistic, Single-Sense) Type: P • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 1
This spell makes the subject more difficult to detect by normal visual senses (including low-light, thermographic, and other senses that rely on the visual spectrum). The subject is completely tangible and detectable by the other senses (hearing, smell, touch, etc.). Her aura is still visible to astral perception.

Anyone who might perceive the subject must first successfully resist the spell. Simply make one Spellcasting Test and use the hits scored as the threshold for anyone that resists at a later point. Even if the spell is resisted, the subject might remain unnoticed if she wins a Shadowing or Infiltration Test. An invisible character may still be detected by non-visual means, such as hearing or smell.

Attacks against invisible targets suffer the Target Hidden modifier (p. 141) if the attacker is unable to see or otherwise sense the subject of the spell.

Detect [Guns] (Active) Type: P • Range: T • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) –1
The subject detects all of a specified type of object within range of the sense and knows their number and relative location. Each type of object requires a separate spell (Detect Guns, Detect Computers, Detect Explosives, and so forth).

Spatial Sense (Passive)۞ Type: P • Range: T • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 2
Spatial Sense provides the subject with an awareness of his physical surroundings within range of the sense, in terms of landscape, geography, architecture, etc. This layout knowledge lasts as long as the spell is sustained, and is not retained when the spell ends (though the subject can make a map or recite directions before ending the spell). The net hits scored determine how much detail the spell provides—progressing from a general idea of what’s where to a rough map to knowing each exit and how secure they are—as noted on the Detection Spell Results table (p. 198, SR4). This spell works in all directions (three-dimensional) and may uncover hidden layout features such as ventilation shafts, secret rooms, and sewer tunnels. It will not detect security features or living things. Areas that are protected by a mana barrier are experienced as “blank spots.”

Big Bobby Battan, Troll Fixer (Loyalty:2, Connections: 2)
Tonga Two-Toes: Ork Squatter (Loyalty:2, Connections: 2)
Mumma Bones: Talismonger (Loyalty:2, Connections: 2)
Narzan, Ork Gang leader (Loyalty:1, Connections: 3)

2 months Squatter


1) Where's your character from? Born and raised in Seattle.
2) Does your character have a family? If he does, he doesn't know them.
3) Does your character have an ethnic background? He may have been born with ethnic background, but after the goblinization, all traces disappeared as Speltch turned to the ugly side of Troll.
4) What does your character look like? Speltch is dirty and unkempt, often smelling badly of garbage. Often bits of garbage cover various aspects of his personage, his hair, coat, dirty pants etc. His once blond hair sticks out at all angles and directions.
5) What does your character dress like? Speltch dresses in dirty ragged jeans, torn sweat shirt over an even dirtier T-shirt. All this is covered over by a leather jacket that has been repaired numerous times. He carries a satchel of indiscriminate origins which bulges and protrudes with undescribable and unidentifiable objects. He wears torn and worn boots, thru which Speltch's right big toe protrudes.
6) Does your character have physical quirks? Speltch's left eye is noticibly more visible than his right. The orb protrudes out from a mishap experienced earlier in his casting career.
7) Where did your character learn their Active Skills? Mostly off the streets
Cool Where did your character learn their Knowledge Skills? see above
9) Where did your character get his goodies? Mostly from stealing, routing thru garbage cans etc...
10) Where does your character live? Currently resides in a trash can under the I-167 and Kent Kangley Rd interchange
11) Who are your character's contacts? See above.
12) Who are your character's enemies? Mostly has none, but anyone looking to take advantage of a helpless appearing street person.
13) How did your character learn magic? Mumma Bones taught him most of what he knows.
14) What are your character's likes and dislikes? Likes to find the big score, that mostly uneaten soy-burger, the packet of fries and a piece of soy pie....
15) What is your character's moral code? What you don’t want, is fair game.
16) Does your character have goals? Not get killed by gangers, live to be as old as Mumma.
17) Does your character have personal beliefs?
18) Does your character have personality quirks? Will search thru garbage cans at every opportunity...especially if in a new area, or behind a good restaurant. Also, doesn’t know when his next meal is, so tends to over eat, pocket left-overs.
19) Why does your character run the shadows? To help pay back Mumma for all her kindness, also as favors to Mumma.
20) How does your character view his/her role as a shadowrunner? "Its something that I just do." Its like something else, like eating garbage, that helps him survive.

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Boombaby's characters
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