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 Soyokaze's Character Dossier

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PostSubject: Soyokaze's Character Dossier   Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:08 pm

Character Name: Felix Brisco
Profession: Ex Corporate Security Designer
Sex: Male
Metatype: Human
Age: 35

Build Points Used: 400

Build points spent on Nuyen(14)

Build Points spent on Contacts (6)
Contact # 0 Erik - Former co-worker. Loyalty: 3 Connection Rtg: 3

Build points spent on Attributes (220)
Attributes: (min/current/max)
Agility 1 / 3 / 6
Body 1 / 3 / 6
Reaction 1 / 3 / 6
Strength 1 / 3 / 6
Charisma 1 / 5 / 6
Intuition 1 / 3 / 6
Logic 1 / 5 / 6
Willpower 1 / 3 / 6
Essence 1 / 6 / 6
Magic 0 / 0 / 6
Resonance 0 / 0 / 6
Edge 2 / 4 / 7

Derived Attributes:
Initiative 6
Memory 8
Composure 8
Judge Intentions 8
Lift/Carry 6

Walking Rate (m/turn): 10
Running Rate (m/turn): 25
Swim Rate (m/turn): 5
Lift w/out test (kg/lbs): 30/66
Overhead Lift w/out test (kg/lbs): 15/33

Condition Monitors:
Physical Track: 11
Stun Track: 11

Active SKILLS:
Build points spent on Active Skills:(170)
Group: Cracking (Log) RANK 4 3 in group, Cybercombat, Electronic Warfare, Hacking
Group: Electronics (Log) RANK 4 4 in group, Computer, Data Search, Hardware, Software
Group: Influence (Cha) RANK 4 4 in group, Con, Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation
Group: Stealth (Int) RANK 1 4 in group, Disguise, Infiltration, Palming, Shadowing
Group: Athletics (Str) RANK 1 4 in group, Climbing, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming
Pistols (Agi) RANK 3 Specialization: Semi-Automatics
Perception (Int) RANK 1 Specialization: Visual
Pilot: Groundcraft (Rea) RANK 0
Group: Close Combat (Agi) RANK 1 3 in group, Blades, Clubs, Unarmed Combat

Knowledge SKILLS:
Build points spent on Knowledge Skills:(0)

professional Business Corporation RANK:3
professional Engineering Software Engineering RANK:4 Specialization: Intrusion Countermeasures
language Chinese Speak RANK:2
academic Software Design Security Programming RANK:5
language Japanese Speak RANK:2
language Arabic Speak RANK:2
language Spanish Speak RANK:2
interests Beverages Liqour RANK:2

Native Language: (free)
English Specialization: Speak Ancient

Build Points spent on Qualities (-10)

Negative Qualities:
Addiction - Mild (5) Rank 1
SINner - Citizen (5) Rank 1


Medium Lifestyle 5,000Y
Extendible Baton Dmg 2P Reach 1 (-2 to find) 50Y
Concealable Holster -2 conceal bonus 75¥
Streetline Special 4P Singleshot ammo 6(c) (holdout pistol) 100¥
In A.B. Clothes : -2 conceal bonus
Hammerli 620S 4P Semi-Auto RC1 ammo6(c) (light pistol) 650¥
Inherent smart link provides +2 to ranged attacks
Concealable Holster -2 conceal bonus 75¥
Actioneer Business Clothes bal AP5/ imp AP3 1,500¥
Holdout Ammo: Regular FMJ(10) 20Y
Light Pistol Ammo: Regular FMJ (30) 60Y
Fairlight Caliban Comlink System 4 Signal 5 8,000¥
Datachips (5) 5Y
Certified Credstick 25Y
Fake SIN Rating 4 4000Y

Sunglasses (12R) 25Y Total = 800Y
Image Link 25Y
Smart Like (+4R) 500Y
Low Light (+4R) 100Y
Flare Compensation (+2R) 50Y
Vision Magnification (+2R, p141) 100Y

Analyze 4 400Y
Browse 4 400Y
Encrypt 4 400Y
Reality Filter 4 400Y
Command 4 400Y
Scan 4 400Y
Sniffer 4 4000Y
Exploit 4 4000Y
Armor 4 4000Y
Attack 4 4000Y
Biofeedback Filter 4 4000Y
Black Hammer 4 4000Y
Blackout 4 4000Y
Decrypt 4 4000Y
Defuse 4 4000Y
ECCM 4 4000Y
Exploit 4 4000Y

Total = 66,740

change = 3260¥
Starting Nuyen bonus = +16
Starting Nuyen = 2,800Y
Physcial Description:
He's a Caucasian man of an unimpressive build with short black hair and in need of a shave. He's obviously been wearing his gray suit for days. The white shirt is stained from spilled bear and his shoes are so scuffed up that they're fraying. He would be handsome, if he was taking care of himself, but at the moment he looks a bit sickly.

Felix used to matter. When he walked into a room, people noticed. When he talked, people listened. All that's over now. Now he aint dreck.

He used to work as an executive at a security design contractor. He was a big man, a decision maker. He personally presided over which plans would and would not be shown to clients, and made the pitches. With a smile and a firm handshake, he secured several big accounts and kept had his bosses in his pocket.

Then the matrix crashed. His company's security systems met catastrophic failure. Records were lost, security was down for days, some were even looted in their time of vulnerability. Most of the clients ran to other companies as his team scrambled to fix the issues. In the end, heads rolled. Some of the low end employees, coders, office workers, just got transferred. The execs found themselves blacklisted. He wasn't the most responsible, but he got the biggest paycheck. So, he was the one who had to pay.

His accounts were all frozen and his funds seized as payment for damages he was held responsible for. He was reduced to nothing, and still owed fortunes. Bankruptcy didn't even describe it.

Now, he's homeless reduced to a homeless, pennyless, drunk. The things that once served as such great assets have only thus far proven to be detrimental to his survival. He knows nothing about living in the dregs of society. It's a miracle he's survived this long.

In the past, Felix was an overconfident narcissist. He was the type of prick you just want to punch in the face, and someone would have if it were worth the trouble. Now, all of those trappings are torn away and he can take an ass kicking from anyone who feels like it.

Both his finances and his ego have been ruined. He still keeps up a facade of confidence, but he's lost his real spark. The placebo effect of believing himself to be untouchable is gone. Now, he waxes and wanes between his normal confident self and extreme depression. Everything that he defined himself by, everything he used to justify his own self worth, it's all gone. He regularly contemplates suicide, and almost through himself off the roof the day he was blacklisted.

What he needs to get himself out of this rut is a job. Less for the funds, and more so that he can be productive again. He's an achiever, a doer, and he's only worth what results he can produce. Were he to find fulfilling and lucrative employment, he could pick himself back up, put himself together, and be the sly shark he once was.
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Soyokaze's Character Dossier
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