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 riggers...hackers... and the like

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PostSubject: riggers...hackers... and the like   Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:57 am

i had a thought, then smelt something burning and tried taking a shower but alas it did not help,

ok so i had an idea the other day in chat that no one seemed to keen on in chat and in reality i know i don't know hardly any game mechanics other than tn of 5 and there's some really cool s*** to do in this game,

so on that note,

i thought of a necromatic rigger. Now to me in my mind this means lets say you have a orc that is so modded with ware and bio that they maybe have 1 essence left to their own meta-humanity. Now this orc is of the melee or firearms type (i/e a tank class) in your group you also have a rigger.

now from my limited understanding of the game thus far, riggers can hijack vehicles or tech for the most part(dice willing) now lets say your in a fight and the orc tank falls, being no just a rigger but a necromatic rigger.

Would it be possible for said rigger to hijack the orcs corpse (say for a limited number of passes or turns)
abilities for this may include a mind fragmentation to overwrite some of the orc that left behind, or just to control the ware or bio, or a prog/chip that allows you to run a retarded cuzin version of your self as the rigger in the orc

All just thoughts for new content or maybe just pushing the envelope
any comments appreciated
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PostSubject: Re: riggers...hackers... and the like   Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:34 am

Already got something like this, called a bio-drone. Check Arsenal. But the important thing about bio-drones is that they're still -alive-, just strapped to instinct over-riding commands to allow a Rigger to seize control. Now, if you want a body to be grabbable entirely, might consider something like a Cyborg - which is literally just a brain in a jar, attached to a robot body. The brain is the 'rigger', and actually uses Pilot skill.

Or just buy/build a walking drone, and rig it.
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PostSubject: Re: riggers...hackers... and the like   Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:46 am

the problem with the concept is that ware still relies on the bodies natural systems to actually move. Neural pathways and all that junk. Once the brain is dead, the body is just a hunk of meat with some metal and plastic shoved in it

even cyberzombies require the brain to survive. If you want to have living drones than biodrones are your best bet. Keep in mind there is nothing disallowing metahuman biodrones
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PostSubject: Re: riggers...hackers... and the like   

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riggers...hackers... and the like
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