Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Arion Wind's Characters

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Arion Wind

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PostSubject: Arion Wind's Characters   Wed May 12, 2010 5:31 pm

Name: Andrea West

Race: Human
Sex: Female

=Stats=: 160 BP
Body: 2
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 2
Willpower: 3
Logic: 4
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 3

Edge: 2
Initiative: 7
Essence: 5.7

=Qualities=: Net 0 BP (+ and - 20 BP)
~ Positive ~
-Prehensile Tail
-Thermographic Vision
-Low-Light Vision
Analytical Mind
Photographic Memory
College Education

~ Negative ~
-Impaired (Body)
-Extravagant Eyes
Poor Self Control (Vindictive)
Low Pain Tolerance

=Knowledge Skills=: 2 BP
(College education Added)
English: N
Music (Classical): 4/6
Chemistry: 4
Biology (Anatomy): 3/5
Salish-Shidhe Law: 3
Security Design: 3
Physics: 3
Architecture: 2
Business: 2
Indian Cuisine: 2
Wines: 2

=Active Skills=: 132 BP
Electronics Group: 3
Cracking Group: 2
Stealth Group: 2
Firearms Group: 2
Influence Group: 1
Blades (Swords): 2/4
Dodge: 2
Demolitions (Improvised): 2/4
Unarmed Combat: 1

==Gear==: 6 BP

Ruger Super Warhawk
-120 Rounds

Commercial Explosives 10kg.


Lined Coat


Implanted Fairlight Caliban
-Novatech Navi OS
-Sim Module

Analyze: 5
Browse: 4
Edit: 4
Encrypt: 3
Reality Filter: 4
Scan: 4
Armor: 3
Attack: 2
Biofeedback Filter: 3
Blackout: 1
Decrypt: 1
Exploit: 2
Medic: 1
Sniffer: 2
Stealth: 2
Spoof: 1
Track: 2

=Miscellaneous Gear=
Wire Clippers
AR Gloves
-Image Link
-Flare Compensation
Light stick x8
Micro Flare Launcher
Micro Flares x5
Medkit 3
Antidote Patch 4 x3
Stimulant Patch 3 x3
Demolitions Toolkit

There's probably no point in me writing this, but I can't stand the thought of dying and leaving no evidence I ever existed. Consider these my memoirs.

My parents are were corporate officers for - I guess it doesn't matter now, since the corps are in ruins.
God, how did everything go so wrong? Anyway, I was raised in a safe environment - I'd never left the arcology before all this started. Dad was an average middle management executive, but I think Mom was some kind of corporate spook. She started teaching me how computers worked when I was five, and always made sure I got whatever programs I wanted to play with. Looking back, I'm not sure Dad liked me learning how to crack systems, but he just made me promise not to spend all my time sitting still and staring at a screen.

I Started studying martial arts under my cousin to stay active, but when SURGE hit, my tail started to screw up half the katas. I ended up quitting the martial art, but I kept up on study pressure points (good in a fight or when giving a massage). SURGE also made me a target for all the other kids, but with my "freak eyes" and natural balance, I could usually find a nice hole to hide in until I could sneak away. I remember one day, Mom caught me climbing out of the ceiling in front of our apartment and she looked so mad. I thought she was going to ground me for a year, but she was just pissed I came out in such a public place. She said if I was going to be sneaky, I better do it right. She even started giving me extra desert when I got in and out or stole here keys without her noticing.

Of course, all this sneaking didn't get me out of school class. I guess most of my classes don't matter now -- ghouls won't stop just because I can play Stravinsky's Rite of Spring -- but my science courses did teach me how to make things go "boom", so I guess it wasn't all a waste. Dad's attempts to distract me are also proving useful. I don't think he intended all his lessons on how to shot pretty much anything to be put to use popping ghouls, but somehow I don't think he'd mind.

My life was actually starting to come together before the outbreak. I had gotten into a fencing league and was starting to get good. I actually hoped to make a career out of it and probably would have, if things hadn't gone seventeen ways to hell. It also got me a scholarship to study business law as a fallback. Goddamnit, I would have been set, if it weren't for the plague. Instead, Mom and Dad saw what was going on, packed everything they could for me, and sent me out as soon as the plague started to hit Seattle. The said they'd try and draw away any ghouls, but since I was immune, didn't want me stuck in the arcology when they inevitably lost control. Last night there was a series of explosions all over the arc, and everything came down. I know they had no choice, and I know they did it for me, but part of me still hates them for abandoning me. Still, they wanted me to survive, so I guess all I can do is make sure someone knows about them -- and me -- in the New Age.
If anyone is left . . .

Andrea stands about 5'5" and weighs a lithe 109 lbs. Not a particularly striking woman, when wearing her coat it is hard to tell that she is a woman at all. She typically wears her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and often twirls it around her index fingers when distracted. Her androgynous face is average in almost all ways save for her eyes, which are a singular emerald green, lacking whites or irises. She is never without her black lined coat, which any observer can see holds all her worldly posessions. Under the coat, she wears faded black jeans and a maroon long-sleeve shirt. Her only other notable feature is the brown, monkey-like tail sticking out under her coat.
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Arion Wind's Characters
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