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 The Astral Scan

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PostSubject: The Astral Scan   Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:02 pm

A successful mission requires forethought, planning and initiative. Knowing this, you do your homework well before the meet and perform an astral scan of the facility in which the upcoming "audition" will occur.

Approaching from the west side of the facility, you cross the rich blues and greens of the Platte River. The site is triangular, surrounded by the reflected astral-gray of a chainlink fence. There is a 2-story warehouse in the middle of the site, also marked by the no-color of lifelessness.

Sitting atop the warehouse, though, is a 2' tall spirit. Wearing blue overalls and a bright red checkered shirt, the humanoid spirit's face has long, pointed ears and a massive, bulbous nose. It squints at you as you examine it, but makes no moves besides dangling its tiny legs over the side of the building.

The building itself shows no signs of wards, barriers or defenses. Mindful of the spirit "guarding" the building, you pass through the walls, ready to react to danger. The inside of the building, though, is dark with a near-complete absense of reflected astral energy. What astral residue there is shows the sickly green of toil, boredom and apathy; the workers in this insignificant factory left their dreams and desires far behind them for generations.

There are no lifeforms present, except for a glowing verdant-green box, maybe 30 meters on a side. The dim astral energy radiating from this box shows the rest of the building's features: three metal boxes, each 5 meters on a side. Barely visible cables, presumably transferring data or power, snake across the floor. A stairwell leads to a catwalk around the edge of the building, and there's a small reception area at the front of the building, reflecting that same sickly green.

The most prominent feature, though, is the glowing box. You drift closer to it, your reflexes still on high alert. Peering closely, you see that the box is covered with Awakened Ivy, preventing you from entering the box without attacking the ivy.

Before you can decide whether to attack, though, a nasal bass voice coils through the air. "I wouldn't touch that barrier," it says. You look up to see the same gnome-like spirit from outside the building, now sitting atop the ivy-covered box. "If you're here for the audition, it'll take place in there. Suileor wants everyone to be on the same footing and doesn't want any of the competitors to know what they're facing beforehand. But if you do make a move on the barrier, I'm going to have to yell, and my master will hear it. You probably don't want to mess with him, either, now that I think about it..."
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The Astral Scan
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