Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Stampas Chummers

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Age : 37
Location : Hamburg, Germany
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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Stampas Chummers   Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:32 pm

Hi there!

Following up are my characters. As I mentioned in my introduction, I'm no native english speaker. So any corrections or hints are welcome ;-).

01) Growl, Dwarf Support / Combat Mage
02) Many Skins, Human Social Adept / Investigator
03) Impact, Human Streetsam Link
04) W.A.F.E., Troll Hermetician (Ork Underground Setting)
05) Havoc, Human Chaosmage Link


The Stampa

P.S.: Any corrections or questions regarding the characters, just send me a pm.

P.P.S.: Some SR4 Rulebooks are german and I translate things on the fly. So if terms are unknown or unclear just ask me.

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Number of posts : 153
Age : 37
Location : Hamburg, Germany
Registration date : 2010-07-04

Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Growl   Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:35 pm

Streetname: Growl
Name: Mingan Fisher
Race: Dwarf
Type: Combat/Support Mage


Bod 3 (-10BP)
Agi 3 (-20BP)
Rea 1
Str 3
Cha 5 (-40BP)
Int 4 (-30BP)
Log 3 (-20BP)
Wil 6 (-40BP)

Initiative 5
Edge 1
Essence 6
Magic 5 (-40BP)

Positive / Negative Qualities:
Magician (Shaman) (-15BP)
Mentor Spirit Wolf (-5BP)
Focused Concentration 2 (-20BP)

Moderate Allergy Pollutants (+15BP)
Sensitive System (+15BP)


Dodge 3 (-12BP)
Perception 4 (-16BP)
Infiltration (wilderness) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Blades (Axes) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Longarms 1 (-4BP)
First Aid 1 (-4BP)
Assensing 3 (-12BP)

Sorcery Group 4 (-40BP)
Conjuring Group 3 (-30BP)

Outdoors Group 2 (-20BP)

Knowledge ( (Int+Log)*3=21 KBP ):
Magical Theory 4 (-4 KBP)
Parazoology 2 (-2 KBP)
Spirits 3 (-3 KBP)
American Indian Traditions (Sioux) 2 (+2) (-3 KBP)
Wildlife North America 2 (-2 KBP)
Botany 2 (-2 KBP)

Sioux N
English 5 (-5KBP)

Spells (-3 each):
Lightning Bolt
Increase Reflexes
Improved Invisibility
Magic Fingers

Fixer Jeronimo C 4 / L 1 (-5 BP)
Talismonger Sun Jing C 4 / L 3 (-7 BP)
(-12 BP)

Contact Lenses with 50Y
Flare Compensation 50Y
Image Link 25Y
Smart Link 500Y
Vision Enhancement 3 300Y
Vision Magnification 100Y

Tomahawk (modern) 150Y

Franchi SPASS-22 1250Y

Low Lifestyle (Connected to Fake SIN) 2000Y

Novatech Airware with 1250Y
Iris Orb OS 1000Y
AR Gloves 250Y
Subvocal Microphone 50Y
Sim Module 100Y
Trode (Headband) 50Y
Browse, Edit, Encrypt and Scan at level 2 400Y

Yamaha Growler (Off-Road Bike) 5500Y

Armor Vest (B/S 6/4) 600Y

Medkit Level 6 600Y
2 Stimulant Patch Level 6 300Y
Trauma Patch 500Y

Fake SIN 4 4000Y
Fake License 4 Yamaha Growler (Connected to Fake SIN) 400Y
Fake License 4 Franchi SPASS 22 (Connected to Fake SIN) 400Y

19825Y (-4 BP)

400BP total


The pub was a goddamn hellhole.. It was in a side street near the border of the barrens and renton. I entered it half an hour early. The bouncer was a human ganger. He looked at me a little offensive but I ignored him. Got used to those glances growing up a dwarf. The room, simple plastic furniture, was nearly empty. Just one barkeeper and another one with a big ganger tatoo, like the bouncer, who was sitting at the bar. But this time one of these modern tatoos which always seemed moving. I took a seat in the rear, watching the room, the bar and most importantly the door. At the moment I sat down, my AR overlay presented the “menu”, I touched the soykaf icon and ordered the comm link to block any further pop ups except personal message from my trusted list.
Sun Jing was late. I contacted him the moment I set foot on Seattle ground and he told me to come here at 10pm. The AR overlay clock showed 10.30 pm as he finally walked through the door. He hasn't changed much in the last 3 years since we last saw. Still the skinny Chinese guy with a soft spot for trashy jewelry. The stuff was all over him, ears, neck, fingers, clothes. His green eyes were still piercing and the 1.96 meters and the dark green trench coat did the rest to complete the obscure appearance. Nonetheless I was happy to see the freak again. As he approached the table I stood up to meet him.

G: “Hoi Sun Jing, haven't seen you for some time!”
SJ: “Yeah man, good to see you again. Haven't grown since then have you?”
G: “Very funny, climbing bean. Sit down and let's talk.”

Sun Jing was shortly distracted by the AR menu, then he made himself comfortable. Like me, he liked the good old personal conversation. Although it meant someone could listen, in this empty hellhole the risk was low. So I lowered my voice a little.

G: “So, did you get some informations on this Pete Bane?”
SJ: “Not really, only that he is most likely a smuggler, seldom in town for more than one or two days. Nothing regarding your sister, either. I'm sorry. My guess is that she's still here. I had all transportation stuff checked, rent cars, airport, train, ships. All!”
G: “Yeah sure! And you really think she would rent a frakking car using her real identity? Don't think so. But where would she go from here? I guess she's here, too. But because this frakking plex is the best place to hide, whyever she is hidding. I still got no clue. May the spirits guide her and help her avoiding trouble.” *taking a sip from the cold soykaf*

SJ: “Ok. So you're here. I guess your flat broke as always? Getting in the 'plex must have been costly. All the way from the Sioux nation.”
G: *a faint growl accompanying* “..Yeah.”

SJ: “Thought so. I got a contact for you, a fixer well established in the biz. I guess a spell slinger like you could get a job. Don't know how much wilderness biz is there, though.” *grinning foolish* “Just kidding. I guess a guy like you can run as magical backup in a corp.-job, too. But be warned, this is not the boondocks!”

[OOC: Growl has near to no experience regarding mega corps, cooperate security and stuff.]

G: “Just because I can tell a primrose from a lily.” *grinning too* “Might be a good idea, maybe I can get in contact with some of the other chummers. I guess contacts can be of use to find her. And some Nuyen..yeah why not. I'm out of weed. If one gets that natural stuff around here, anyway?!?”
SJ: “Just a matter of Nuyen. This is for testing.” *shoving some grams over the table*
G: “Thanks.”

At that moment some guys entered the pub. Six humans, all with the gang logo again. This time all of them gave us strange looks and positioned them where they could watch us.

G:”Time to go I guess, I'll give you a call and we'll have a drink in a ...more friendly environment. What do you think?”

SJ: *Taking a look over the shoulder* “Hmm I guess you'd give them a hell of a fight.*grinning* Anyway, I got business to attend to, the talisshop is not running by itself. I'll send a short profile of you to the fixer I mentioned accompanied by a personal recommendation. I hope it'll get you a chance to earn a name and money. Anyway under what name should I introduce you?”

G: *throaty chuckle* “Good question. Call me 'growl'.” *Greening, growling and standing up*
SJ: “Ok, just give me a call and I show you some … more friendly environment....to have a drink.”

We both left. I got my self a decent drink at the next stuffer jack and took a cab back to the rathole in the barrens I rent, hoping that the fixer would have a job. I surfed the matrix for some information about the 'plex until I was sleepy enough, than I went to bad, the comm link in range.

Following are some additional informations based on the Character Quiz (Runner's Companion p.18):

1) What does your character look like?
Growl is roughly 1.2m tall and weighs 50 kilograms. He has brown hair worn as a long queue. He has a slight lofty brow which together with his framing side-whisker creates a streamlined appearance. Growl has green-grey eyes under thick brown eyebrows. All hair of Growl has some grey streaks, although he is much to young for them. Typical clothing assembles leather shoes (boots or moccasins), blue jeans, shirt and black leather jacket or vest (vest armored). He always wears a brown leather scrab around his neck. Attached to it are two fangs of a wolf on a piece of grey wolf-hide. He sometimes wears Red-Tail Hawk Feather earrings. Attached to his belt is his tomahawk in a special leather holder. The tomahawk is a modern one with a steel blade and steel handle.

2) Where is your character from and what is his lineage?
Growl was born in December 2042 northeast of Butte near the Sioux Nation border to the Salish-Shidhe-Council. His parents have a little farm in the region. His only other relative is his sister Natinka.

3) How did your character realize his magical abilities?
He was born a dwarf and grew up often teased by kids in his age. He had his pack, some kids who were either metas themselves, an elve named Stakim and an orc girl named Claudette, or just liberal. His magic showed the first time as he and his meta friends were alone in the woods near the farm of his parents. He was 14 years old. They met a group of older kids who started teasing them and pushed Claudette around. As they stretched the point by bringing her down he attacked them with bare hands. As they were older they just laughed and started pushing him around instead of Claudette. He fought back and as he was pinned down and spit upon he exploded in a burst of rage. Accompanied by a bass growl he felt like a burst of light emitted from him forming a dome of increasing radius. Directly after that he nearly got knocked out but as he recovered from the first shock he realized that all people surrounding him were laying there as though they were sleeping (including Claudette and Stakim). He panicked and ran away and told the story to the one person he trusted, his sister. She, older and an adept herself realized what happened.

4) Where learned the character his skills?
His awakening brought him to the Sioux Shaman Council which taught him Sioux traditions and gave him education in magical skills and shamanistic views and traditional fighting with the tomahawk. His outdoor, longarm and nature oriented knowledge skills stem from his growing up on a farm in a rural area.

5) Why does the character run in the shadows and where did he get his equipment?
Growl more or less slipped into the shadows. It all started shortly after he finished his shamanistic training. His sister disappeared some weeks after getting involved with a strange guy named Pete Bane. No one has a clew why she did that. He started digging and was able to follow her trail. That's what got him into the shadows. After many detours and doing some sidelines to get favors or equipment (e.g. a fake SIN for travelling) he arrived at the Seattle metroplex.

6) Does your character have a moral code?
In D&D terms he is neutral good. He has no real code, he more or less believes in a natural balance. Nonetheless there are some things he would not do, but that depends on the situation at hand. An example could be the kidnapping of a young technomancer (kid) against his will.

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Age : 37
Location : Hamburg, Germany
Registration date : 2010-07-04

Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Many Skins   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:57 am

Street name: Many Skins (Social Adept)
Real name: Jonathan Cucher
Age: 26
Human male
1.83 m, 85 kg

Bod 3 (-20BP)
Agi 3 (-20BP)
Rea 2 (-10BP)
Str 2 (-10BP)
Cha 5 (-40BP)
Int 5 (-40BP)
Log 4 (-30BP)
Wil 3 (-20BP)

Ini 7
Essence 6
Edge 2
Magic 5 (-40BP)


Positive- / Negative Qualities
Adept (-5BP)
Perceptive 2 (-10BP)
First Impression (-5BP)

SINer (+5BP)
Moderate Gold Allergy (+10BP)

Adept Powers (5 in total):
Melanin control 0.5
Voice control 0.5
Face shaping 2 0.5
Body Language 3 1.5
Astral Perception 1
Improved Perception 1 0.25
Commanding Voice 0.25
Eidetic Memory 0.5

Active Skills:
Computer 1 (-4BP)
Data Search 3 (-12BP)
Pistols (Semiautomatics) 3 (+2) (-14BP)
Unarmed Combat 2 (-8BP)
Dodge 3 (-12BP)
Perception 5 (-20BP)
Assensing (Aura Reading) 2 (+2) (-10BP)
Con (Impersonation) 4 (+2) (-18BP)
Negotiation (Sense Motive) 2 (+2) (-10BP)
Leadership 2 (-8BP)
Stealth Group 3 (-30 BP)
(-146 BP)

Knowledge Skills (27KBP):
Current News 5 (-5KBP)
Psychology (Profiling) 2 (+2) (-3KBP)
Con Politics 2 (-2KBP)
Magical Theory 2 (-2KBP)
Local Area Knowledge 4 (-4KBP)
Matrix News Nodes 3 (-3KBP)
Gang ID 2 (-2KBP)
Gang Turf 2 (-2KBP)

English N
Spanish 4 (-4KBP)

Contacts: C L
Ares Corporate Headhunter “Jeve Stobs” 4 3
Spider “Light” 1 1
Talismonger “Herbhead” 1 2
Trid Journalist “Seraphim” 4 1
Gang Leader “Stonehead” (Devil Rats) 1 2
Fixer “Sliver” 3 1
Lonestar Detective “B.” 4 6

Equipment (25000 Y, 5BP):

Binoculars 50Y
Thermographic Vision 100Y
Smartlink 500Y
Flare Compensation 50Y

Ares Predator IV 350Y
Silencer 200Y
Quick Draw Holster 100Y
30 Stick-n-Shock Rounds 240Y
30 Ex ex Rounds 300Y

BMW 2065 Mjöllnir 10700Y

Novatech Airware 1250Y
Iris Orb 1000Y
Sim Module 100Y
AR Gloves 250Y
Subvocal Microphone 50Y
Trodes (Baseball Cap) 50Y
Browse, Analyze, Edit, Encrypt, Scan all 3 750Y

Vashon Island Synergist Business Collection B I
Coat 3 2 800Y
Trousers 1 1 400Y
Shirt 1 0 300Y

Low Lifestyle (Barrens Apartment) 2000Y

Fake License 4 – Ares Predator IV 400Y

Fake SIN 4 “Gerry Molman” 4000Y

400BP total


How does your character look like?

He's a 1.83m tall human male. He weighs roughly 78 kg . His build is a little skinny. He's seldom seen in his natural appearance regarding hair color, facial features or eye color. If you get the chance to take a look at his natural appearance he has green-grey eyes and brown hair. His facial feature resemble a typical caucasian.

Where does your character come from and what is his history?

Jonathan was born in July 2044, he's the son of a Lonestar Street Cop, Richard Cucher. His mother is unknown to him. Richard never told him about her despite his questions. Jonathan grew up in the Renton – Bellevue – Redmond triangle in Seattle, where he also went to school. There is still the one or other friend from that time arround, Jonathan has still contact to a schoolfriend who calls himself ”Herbhead” today and works as a talismonger.

How has he learned his magical abilities?
In the age of 12 his adept qualities began to manifest, but in a hidden manner. Depending on his mood he looked different. In good mood his hair was brighter, more to a blonde color, in stress or fear his facial features began to change slightly and his skin color got darker (not paler as one might think). The slight variances in the beginning weren't salient enough to be taken seriously but as time went by the changes got more drastic but still unconsciously controlled. His teacher took notice of him and sent him to the test centre of the ”Ares school for gifted children”. They realized his adept qualities and so he went to the ”Ares school for gifted children” where he was trained in using his adept qualities (apart from standard school stuff). It was there he meet ”Jeve Stobs”, an Ares headhunter. They became friends as Jeve often showed up in the school to survey the new kids in the school and Jonathan and he often went for a good old fashioned pool billiard session after school. Jonathan wanted to become a Lone Star detective as his father, putting his abilities to good use.

Why has he entered the shadows?
When Jonathan was 18 years old his father was working on a gang related investigation. Against normal police operation rules they drove into the gang area only with two officers and began to ask questions. The exact history of unfolding events thereafter is not known. His father was found on the street shot dead. His friend and partner, Barney Brown (”B.”), was still alive as they found him and survived his wounds after long term medical treatment. The perpetrators were never found and the details of the investigation were classified.

After the dead of his father Jonathan collapsed. He bolted from the school and went of to live on the street. With his adept powers and social abilities he was able to adapt to living on the street. The first nights he lived under the free sky (as free as it gets in a 'plex like Seattle). Fortunately it was summer at the time. After these few days he even tried to get in contact with the gang which supposedly killed his father or knew who did it. He managed to infiltrate the gang possing as a young kid from the street. It was a small gang named ”Devil Rats” (gangsymbol is a horned rat head in front of blue flames) consisting of all kind of metahumans. Their leader is called ”Stonehead” and Jonathan still has contact to him. They were only 40-50 Gangmembers and they controlled just a relatively small number of blocks. After some weeks where he gained their trust he found out that the gangers knew nothing about the murder except that it happened on their territory and two black SUVs have been seen in the time frame where the shooting happened. He was frustrated even more after that and got addicted to BTL, which he financed with small gang crimes.

Time went by. After 3 months living on the street as a ganger ”B.”, the old partner and friend of his father, found him. He didn't rush Jonathan to quit the street life and get back to school. He just was there for him, talked to him, got him some good food and a little apartment to stay in (where he still lives) and, all in all, just cared. Jonathan picked up courage again. Jonathan tried to question ”B.” about the shooting, but he just blocked the topic and told Jonathan that he fainted without seeing the perpetrators (OOC: Whatever happened, B. is not only bound to the confidentiality of the case but forced to not tell anything by a cranial bomb. But Jonathan doesn't know that).

After the story of the Lone Star Corp. classifying the investigation arround his fathers death he did not want to work for them anymore. He decided to become a private investigator and started to work on his own. He made some business contacts (ooc: all with loyality 1) during his time and more and more got jobs which were shadow-oriented.

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Number of posts : 153
Age : 37
Location : Hamburg, Germany
Registration date : 2010-07-04

Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Impact   Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:01 am

Street Name: Impact
Real Name: Thomas Vic Sanford


Physical Boxes: 10
Stun Boxes: 10


Bod 1 4 (-30BP)
Agi 1 5 (7) (-40BP)
Rea 1 4 (6) (-30BP)
Str 1 4 (6) (-30BP)
Cha 1 2 (-10BP)
Int 1 3 (-20BP)
Log 1 2 (-10BP)
Wil 1 4 (-30BP)

Ini 9
Initiative passes 1 3
Essence 6 1,58
Edge 2

Pistols (Semi-Automatics) 3 (+2) (-14BP)
Automatics (Assault Rifles) 6 (+2) (-26BP)
Heavy Weapons (Grenade Launchers) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Clubs (Batons) 4 (+2) (-18BP)
Demolitions 1 (-4BP)
Dodge 4 (-16BP)
Perception 3 (-12BP)
Pilot Groundcraft (Wheeled) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Infiltration 4 (-16BP)
First Aid (Combat Wounds) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Athletics Group 3 (-30BP)
Etiquette (Military) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Instruction (Combat) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Leadership (Tactics) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Armorer (Firearms) 1 (+2) (-6BP)


Knowledge (15KBP):
Security Procedures 2 (-2KBP)
Security Systems 1 (-1KBP)
Weapon Design 2 (-2KBP)
Chemicals (Explosives) 1 (+2) (-2KBP)
Military Protocols 2 (-2KBP)
Small Unit Tactics 3 (-3KBP)

English N
Spanish 3 (-3KBP)

High Pain Tolerance 3 (-15BP)

SINner (+10BP)
Wanted (+10BP)
Prejudice (Awakened) [Biased, Specific] (+5BP)
Incompetent (Hacking) (+5BP)


Cyber- / Bioware:

Cybereyes Basis 3 (A)

  • Eyerecorder
  • Image link
  • Infrared Vision
  • Low Light Vision
  • Flare Compensation
  • Smartlink
  • Vision Enhancement 3
  • Vision Magnification
  • Protective Covers

Muscle Replacement 2 (A)
Wired Reflexes 2 (A)
Trauma Dampener
Data Jack

135850 Y

Ares Alpha with Gas-Vent 3 System Modification, Personal Style 2 Modification, Additional Clip
Ares Predator with Silencer, Quick Draw Holster

250 Shots Ex-Ex
250 Shots Gel
6 Gas Grenades Pepper Punch (6 Doses)
6 Flash Bang Grenades


Form Fitting Half Armor
Armor Vest
Actioneer Business Clothes

Fake SIN 4 (Rave Wistler)
Fake License 4 Ares Predator
Fake License 4 Smartlink
Fake License 4 Muscle Replacement
Fake License 4 Wired Reflexes

Low Lifestyle Barrens Hideout


155000 Y / -31BP

Contacts: L C
Lionel Zuna (Fixer) 1 5 (-6BP)

Background: Not public on GM request

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Number of posts : 153
Age : 37
Location : Hamburg, Germany
Registration date : 2010-07-04

Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: W.A.F.E.   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:41 pm

Character Name: Bartolo ”W.A.F.E.“ Rodriguez

500BP Build, Ork Underground House Rules

Troll (-30BP) [-40BP]

Bod 5 8 (-30BP)
Agi 1 3 (-20BP)
Rea 1 3 (-20BP)
Str 5 6 (-10BP)
Cha 1 2 (-10BP)
Int 1 4 (-30BP)
Log 1 4 (-30BP)
Wil 1 5 (-40BP)


Ini 2 7
Essence 6 6
Magic 0 5 (-50BP)
Edge 1 1


Dodge 2 (-8BP)
Perception 3 (-12BP)
Conjuring Group 4 (-40BP)
Spellcasting (Combat) 6 (+2) (-26BP)
Counterspelling 4 (-16BP)
Ritual Spellcasting 1 (-4BP)
Assensing 3 (-12BP)
Astral Combat (Blade Foc.) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Infiltration 1 (-4BP )
Blades (Swords) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
Arcana (Spelldesign combat) 1 (+2) (-6BP)
First Aid 2 (-8BP)
Pistols (Semi-Automatics) 1 (+2) (-6BP)

Knowledge (24KBP):
Classical Music 2
Magical Theory 5
Parazoology 2
Philosophy 3
Mathematics 4
Urban Brawl Statistics 1

English N
Spanish 4
Latin 2
Greek 1


Focused Concentration 2 (-20BP)
Magician (Hermetic Tradition) (-15BP)

Poor Self Control (Combat Monster) (+10BP)
Sensitive System (+15BP)
Mild Addiction Stimulants (+5BP)
SINner (+5BP)

Contacts: L C
Fixer Tommy TuTusks 1 4
Talismonger Giselle 2 2
Prof. Dr. Nicodemus Jorzjevic 5 4


Heal (-3BP)
Detox (-3BP)
Increase Reflexes (-3BP)
Levitate (-3BP)
Magic Fingers (-3BP)
Physical Barrier (-3BP)
Lightning Bolt (-3BP)
Ball Lightning (-3BP)
Stun Bolt (-3BP)
Stun Ball (-3BP)
Flamethrower (-3BP)
Napalm (-3BP)


Weapon Focus Longsword 2 20350Y (-2BP)
personalized grip 100Y

Sustain Focus Healing Category 3 30000Y (-3BP)

Magical Lodge Materials 6 3000Y

7 * Spirit Binding Materials 3 10500Y

Fake SIN 4 4000Y
Fake License 4 Weapon Focus 400Y
Fake License 4 Sustain Focus 400Y

Googles 50Y

  • Flare Compensation 50Y
  • Vision enhancement 3 300Y
  • Smartlink 500Y
  • Vision magnification 100Y

Earbuds 10Y

  • Audio enhancement 3 300Y

Novatech Airware 1250Y

  • Iris Orb 1000Y
  • Firewall 3 600Y
  • AR Gloves 250Y
  • Sim Module 100Y
  • Subvocal Mic. 50Y
  • Trodes (Headband) 50Y

Form Fitting Full Armor 6 / 2 1600Y
Armor Jacket 8 / 6 900Y

Ares Predator IV 350Y

  • Quick Draw Holster 100Y
  • 45 Shots Ex Ex 450Y

Lifestyle Middle 5000Y

2 Doses Psyche 400Y
2 Doses Nitro 100Y
5 Doses Cram 50Y
18 Doses NoPaint 270Y (6 * red, 6 * blue, 6 * yellow, 2 per application needed)

Medkit Level 6 600Y
1 Trauma Patch 500Y
4 Stimulant Patches Level 6 500Y
Antidote Patch 6 600Y

-17BP (84780Y) + -5BP (Binding)

(-500 BP)

Character Quiz:

His parents lived the most part of their life in Tucson/Atzlan and are both catholics. In 2041 Atzlan declares the catholic religion forbidden. One month later his parents, his mother already pregnant with Bartolo, moved from Tucson to Seattle. He was born in December 2041, a healthy human boy. At the age of 10 his magic talents were detected during a routine ”Magic in your kid?“-School-Screening (yeah actually sometimes they really found a talent this way). His parents did not want him to be trained in a corporation school and found a newly founded magical kids training program at the University of Washington, Seattle. Parallel to his first use of magic his phyiology began to change and within a few years he became a troll. This goblinasation process brought him even more often to the university where Prof. Dr. Jorzjevic studied him with assensing and magical tests.
After school he became a student and after that a doctoral student of Prof. Dr. Jorzjevic. He got lucky with his academic education, but he's not good enough for a further academic career so he left and looked for opportunities, other than becoming a corporate slave.

Parents Opinion:
His parents, after overcoming the first shock, reassured him during this difficult time. They were proud of him despite his becoming a troll, and did everything to make it possible for him to study at the university after school. Today they have a twofold oppinion of him. On one hand they know he runs the shadows and spends time in the ork underground or other less friendly areas of the 'plex. They fear for his life but on the other hand they admire his courage to work in the shadows and, if the job allows it, to do something good (at least they talk themselves into believing that he does something good there).

Historical Events:

How did your character get into shadowrunning, and why did he take the path?
After his doctor's degree Bartolo got offers from some cons to work for them in the security or magical security research. Although he would've earned much Nuyen he wasn't interested in becoming a con puppy. His experience changing from a human kid into a troll sensitized him for the problems of metahumanity and the radical groups who worked against them. He believes with his heart that one of the few possibilities to live free and do at least some good is to run the shadows, especially if it's possible to harm some cons profit maximization, get rid of a toxic ghost or to put the policlubs in their place.

What is your character's living space like, and what has he added or changed to make it his own?
He lives in an old warehouse in the southeast end of the barrens. The place is scarcely equiped. It's essentialy a very big room with 16 pillars in two nested squares. Within the inner square is his circle shaped magical lodge. There are some rooms created by simple room dividers. A troll adapted but small kitchen, a bathroom (essentially a troll size shower), a big mattress, a board with some old style books, philosophy and magical theory mostly and last but not least a hi-fi equipment suited for this size of room: 4 man-size stereo boxes in the corners of the hall.

What does your character believe in, what are his convictions (if any), and why does he hold them?
His believe is a weird mix of rationality combined with a good dose of naive good faith.

What do you dislike most about your character's personality?

Which of the Big Ten does your character hold in the highest (or least low) regard, which does he like the least, why?
Based on the experience his parents made he has some prejudices against Aztechnology
in particular.

What is the story with your character and his contacts?
Prof. Jorzjevic is his mentor, or at least was as he accompanied Bartolo since his childhood. They become friends, although the Prof. doesn't really approve of Bartolo becoming a shadowrunner.
He knows Giselle since his student time, on a regular customer basis. Apart from supplying some runners unofficialy, she's one of the Talsimongers supplying the department of arcane arts and magic of the University of Washington.
After he left university Bartolo tried to make some contacts in the Orc underground, the result of his affords is the contact to Tommy TuTusks, who got him his first jobs in the shadows.

What does he do for the day?
Nothing much. He trys to be a fulltime runner but if he has spare time (apparently he has much of it at the moment waiting for a new job) he's practicing (e.g. spell formula theory), he watches urban brawl trids or listens to classical music.

How did he come to learn those skills, and how did he develop them to those levels?
Bartolo trained his magical skills during his school and study courses at the department of arcane arts and magic of the University of Washington. He wrote a doctoral thesis about ”Combination of elemental forces in arcane structures and the influence on the mana flow gradient field“, which dealt with the combination of elementals in combat spells (e.g. like the napalm spell). He's an expert on combat spells and how to use them.
Since he runs the shadows he trys to get better in other ways of fighting like blades or simple semi-automatic pistols. Furthermore he took part in an extensive first aid course (you won't believe what course specialisations are offered, shot wounds is just for starters!).

Is there a moral limit that your character enforces on the jobs he takes, and in what shadow work would he refuse to engage?
Bartolo is running the shadows out of a Robin Hood believe. He would do jobs he thinks are right for less payment, but other things he would not do, like wetwork on some con manager or stuff like that. He kills in self defense, he even got a habbit he is afraid of himself: He can't stop fighting if he starts. He doesn't understand why and he fears it, that's why he trys to avoid fights.

What drew the character to that particular paradigm, how does it effect the way he views the world and her magic, how does it translate into choice of mentor spirit or paragon, and how does it affect the appearance of the spirits or sprites you conjure or compile?
His history and his education (Philosophy was his minor field of study). Regarding his magic: He was educated as a hermetician and he likes the rational way of handling magic. He believes in formalisms and structure to control magic, but he knows that there are other magicians who create arcane structures intuitively. The spirits he conjures are simple reflections of their elements (flame, whirlwind, rock etc.) normaly in fast changing geometric shapes (eight cornered cubicles etc.).

How did your character come to have the enhancements he has, how were they paid for, and what motivated the choices he made (if he did make the choices)?

What does your character think of ordinary life, mainstream culture, and those who abide by it?
He can't help it, he doesn't like it but he's a part of this world. He trys to live alternatively, to play a trick on the corporation ruled life most people live out there. He thinks of corporate staff as slaves, apart from the top management who are the slave drivers. Alternatively you can work for organized crime (..apart from corporations) or, third opportunity, try to get the best of it in the shadows.

If your character had a lingering nightmare or a deep-rooted fear, what would it be, and why does he find it so terrifying?

What is your character's ”sacred object“ or ”close one“, and how did they come to be so important to him?
His parents are the most important persons in his life. Apart from occasional adventures he has no other relationships.

What did your character want to become when he was a child, and what are his goals now?

What does your character look like, and what inspired his choices?
He is 2.60 meter tall and weighs arround 315kg. He has tan skin color and dark brown long hair, which he normaly wears in an entwisted plait. His horns start behind and above his ears turning vertically down and form a half circle towards his chin (similar to the troll horns on the picture on page 26 core rule book). His day to day clothes are loose shirts over cargo paints and military style boots. He almost never leaves the house without his armored leather jacket. Depending on where he is headed he takes his weapons with him whenever he thinks it's appropiate.

How did your character come to be known by his street name?
He hasn't been given one yet. He chose one by himself in order to have a name to be called by in the shadows: W.A.F.E. (standing for the four elementals Water, Air, Fire and Earth).

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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Havoc   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:58 am

Samuel "Havoc" Molinero,
Human Male,
Age: 21 (Born 2059/03/13, assuming we play 2070)
Place of Birth: New York City

Body 4
Agility 3
Reaction 3
Strength 2
Charisma 2
Intuition 4
Logic 5
Willpower 5

Initiative 7
Magic 5
Edge 2
Essence 6

Action Skills:
Counterspelling 2
Spellcasting (Combat) 5(+2)
Summoning (Fire Spirit) 2(+2)
Binding( (Fire Spirit) 2(+2)
Assensing 3
Infiltration 3
Dodge 3
Con [Influence Group] 1
Etiquette [Influence Group] 1
Leadership [Influence Group] 1
Negotiation [Influence Group] 1
Perception 3
First Aid (Combat Wounds) 1(+2)

Knowledge Skills:
Magical Theory 4
Spirits 3
Parazoology 1
Radical Groups 3
Safe Houses 3
Local Area Knowledge 4
Gang ID 1
Gang Turf 1
Underworld Politics 2

Englisch N
Spanish 4
Latin 1

Magician (Chaos Magic)
Improved Concentration 2

Gremlins 2
Addiction (Alcohol, mild)
SINer (non criminal)
Allergy (Moderate, Insect Stings)
Lost Loved One (Sister Narcy)

Fake SIN Level 4
Lifestyle Low 1 Month
Armor Jacket
1 Stimulant Patch Level 4

Sony Emperor
Subvocal Mic
Mangadyne Deva OS
Common Use Software all rating 2

Sports Glasses with optical vision
magnification, vision enhancement 3, low
light vision, image link and flare

Earbuds with Audio Enhancement 1

Starting Money 3d6 * 50Y = 15 * 50Y = 750Y

Lightning Bolt
Improved Invisibility

Contacts: (L/C)
Fixer ”Chiefrat“ (1/4)
Street Shaman ”Lucy“ (Rat Pack)(6/3)

Samuel "Havoc" Molinero,
Human Male,
Age: 21 (Born 2059/03/13, assuming we play 2070)
Place of Birth: New York City
Skintone: Light bronze
Hair: Brown medium length (roughly chin length) dreadlocks
Eye color: Dark brown
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 81kg

Father Rodrigez Molinero, born in Mexico City, casual laborer
Mother, Salina Chrichton, born in New York City, geriatric nurse, died 2062 from injuries after an escalated marital dispute

Samuel was born into ordinary circumstances. His parents were earning the money they spent the next day and barely could afford a simple lifestyle in the 2 room, 40 square meters, flat near the purification plant. His father drunk, often more than he could manage and started fights with his mother, typically verbal fights, but sometimes also violent ones. Samuel has an older sister named Narcy who is two years older than Samuel. He lived a ”normal“ life, in the sence that he went to a public school, got some friends and avoided staying at home when his father was drunk again. Although his sister is older they often strayed the streets (where they could get to or where noone captured them) jointly.
One fine tuesday evening in April 2062, his sister was with one of her friends for a change, he came back home. Already at the front door he could here his father screaming, barely understandable as usual. He opened the door with his (oldschool mechanic) keys and stepped into the floor a few steps just to see his mother running out of the common room, her face convulsed in horror and with a cut across the cheek, bleeding heavily. His father went after her, the knive still in hand, stabing his mother from behind screaming that she is a useless whore.

The next thing Samuel rememberd was him riding back from the hospital. ”There is nothing more we could do, my son. I'm sorry but major arteries had been severed, she was practically dead when you brought her here“. That's what the oozy guy in the gown had said, before he turned away and asked the next patient for his credstick. They didn't even ask Samuel how she sustained such critical injuries.
He still does not know what happened between the scene where he entered the flat and the ride back from the hospital.
He arrived at home, early in the morning, still struck with horror. His father was nowhere to be seen. The floor and the common room still showed heavy traces of the fight, the carpet was still bloody. Narcy didn't answer any calls, she was not reachable by any means. Her friend just told Samuel, that Narcy received a message and left without saying a word.
The next day his father came back, looking more filthy than Samuel had ever seen him, and smelling like a distillery. It didn't take long for both of them to get into a fight, Samuel threatening to denounce his father and calling him a scallywag, his father acusing him of being a lazy strayer who didn't even realize his mother was whoring around. After a few minutes his father got violent, striking Samuel in the face and ramming him into the wall. Samuel turned to the door and ran. Blind with fury and despair he just ran down the streets, paying no attention to where he was actually going. After hours of walking he finally found himself in a dark alley where he never has been before....

Two guys were closing on him. Not that he had anything worth a robbery. But these guy looked so bad, one with no teeth at all and the other with just one eye and several scars, Samuel got the feeling there were not after his (not existing) credstick. As both of them draw nearer fear grew in him. He tried to run, but the bigger one of them grabbed him from behind. Samuel curled and kicked but he could not get away. As the other one drew a used looking scalpel, fear grew even more in him. In blind panic he screamed as the scalpel neared his chest...
He woke up later, in a dark and damp room with wet walls, looking into the eyes of a mid-30 women with black hair and green eyes who smiled down on him. "Hey, you've finally awoken little guy, my name is Lucy. How are you? I found you in the dark alley with these two...smoking coaly guys. I believe you have no clue, what you did or how you did it, have you?“.
He grew up on the streets, living with Lucy. She told hid what he had done and showed him the black spots on the walls, near the place where she found him. The coalish remains of the two guys had vanished. Although her way to work magic did not really work for him, he learned some basics from her, and from some other friends of here a vooduan priest and a black mage. But none of them really had the tradition and ways to magic he needed, so he adapted and took the best of all. In result he became what most people call a chaos mage.

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Stampas Chummers   Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:37 pm

Streetname: Harlequin
Name: Samuel Newfort
Race: Elf
Archetype: Face/Mage
Sex: Male
Height / Weight: 6'2'' / 176 lbs
Birth: 02/02/2052, Seattle
Appearance: Midtone Caucasian skin color, long dark blond hair, grey-blue eyes

Magician (Shaman)
Spirit Totem (Trickster)

Moderate Addiction (Stimulants)
Spirit Bane (Fire Spirits)
Incompetent (Hacking)
Incompetent (Industrial Mechanic)
SINer (legal sin 5BP)

Bod 3
Agi 3
Rea 3
Str 2
Cha 7
Int 4
Log 1
Wil 5

Initiative 7
Magic 5
Edge 1
Essence 6

Stealth Group 2
Spellcasting (Manipulation) 5(+2)
Conjuring (Spirits of Men) 5(+2)
Counterspelling 2
Binding 1
Dodge (Ranged Attacks) 1 (+2)
Assensing (Aura) 2 (+2)
Perception 3
Negotiation 2
Etiquette (Street) 2 (+2)
Con 3
Pistols (Semi-Automatics) 1(+2)

Magical Theory 2
Spirits 3
Seattle Clubs and Bars 2
Seattle Street Gangs 2
Seattle Hideouts 2
Seattle High Society 3
Street Drugs 1
Urban Brawl 1

English N

Contacts: (C/L)
Street Shaman Lydia (Totem Spider) (2/2)

Spells: (Drain Mod., Type)
Improved Invisibility (+1, Illusion)
Stench (0, Illusion)
Trid Phantasm (+3, Illusion)
Influence (+1, Manipulation)
Alter Memory (+2, Manipulation)
Levitate (+1, Manipulation)
Magic Fingers (+1, Manipulation)
Stunbolt (-1, Combat)
Increase Reflexes (+2, Health)

Novatech Airware Commlink with Iris Orb OS, Sim Module, Trodes, AR Gloves, Subvocal Microphone, Firewall Rating 3 and all Common Use Programs on rating 3 (7 overall)
Fake SIN Rating 4 Jack Cooper, Communications Consultant
Contact Lenses Rating 3 with Vision Enh. 3, Image Link, opt. Vision Magnification
Googles Rating 6, Flare Comp, Smartlink, Vision Enh. 3, opt. Vision Magnification
Earbuds Rating 3, Audio Enh. 3
Medkit Rating 6
2 Stimulant Patch Rating 6
Magical Lodge Materials Force 6
Long Haul
2 Cram
Medium Lifestyle 1 month, Flat at the border to the Barrens
Hammerli 620s +30 Shots Regular Ammo, Silencer, Concealable Holster, 2 Spare Clips
Fake License Rating 4, Carry Permit Hammerli 620s
Armor Vest B/I: 6/4
Actioneer Business Clothes B/I: 5/3
Form Fitting Body Armor Shirt, B/I: 3/0


Samuel grew up in Seattle as the kid of two con wage slaves. Bored by the daily routine of his parents he began early (~7 years) to go astray in Seattle
as often as possible. Beeing extremely lucky (and charming) he avoided conflicts and some street gangs even began to see him as good luck chuck.
His magical talent began to show in school when he again misbehave by playing a prank or stealing. Intuitively he made people look the other way,
forgetting about an incident or even influenced their actions by a minor degree, without realizing that it was magic he used. Allthough he was an attractive young boy,
most of his schoolmates avoided him, some even feared him. His only friend became his imaginary friend, a small little clown who talked to him and taught him new tricks.
It was until the age of 18 when he met another street shaman who realized the potential of Samuel. She, Lydia, made him aware of his special abilities and showed
him how to use them. She also tried to teach him that the clown he talked about is a spirit totem, a spiritual leader and that this particular one means trouble. After 15 months
they got in a fight (worse than the ones before) and Samuel left, starting his own life on the streets and in the clubs of Seattle.

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Stampas Chummers
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