Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Ethereal's Characters

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Character sheet
Character Name: Niku
Race: Elf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Ethereal's Characters   Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:17 pm

Street Name: Niku (Nee-Koo)
Current Name: Mandal Carn
Archtype: Magical Guardian Angel (AKA Bullet-stopper)
Metatype: Elf - Japanese
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 5’ 1’’ / 145Ibs (154.94cm)
Eyes/hair: Variable(Often Brightly Colored); Variable(Often brightly colored)
Birthday: 2/7/2045
Birthplace: Gutter
Karma: 0
Credsticks: Certified (Silver) 0 Nuyen

-Body: 3
-Strength: 2
-Agility: 2(9: Hands)
-Logic: 2
-Intuition: 1
-Willpower: 5
-Charisma: 7
-Essence: 5.00
-Magic: (4)5
-Edge: 5
-Initiative: 2, 1 pass(es)

Power Points: 2
Magic power: 2(+2 w/foci)

Composure: 12
Judge Intentions: 8
Lifting and Carry: 5
Memory: 7

Mentor Spirit - Adversary: +2 Manipulation spells/+2 Counterspelling; (3)Will+Cha if given order against his goals or do as he wishes regardless of consequences.
Mystical Adept (Shamanic Tradition)
Astral Beacon (Astral Signature sticks out, all signatures left by character last twice as long, and others assensing the signature recieve a +2 modifer);
In Dept 6 (Owes 30k plus 50% to creditor plus 10% every month. Debt is owed to Contact: Anne.
(Taken for flavor)Compulsive 2: Composure (2) Test or take on a challenge made or claimed difficult for him.
(Taken for Flavor)Amnesia 1: Can't remember past.

Active Skills:
Spellcasting: 6 (8 Manipulation; Mentor bonus)
Counterspelling: 4(6 Mentor bonus)
Skill Group: Conjuring: 4
Automatics : 4
Perception: 4

Knowledge Skills:
Security Systems: 2
Security Procedures (Public Place): 3(5)
Art (Fashion Design): 1(3)
Magical Background (Path of the Mage): 1(3)
Firearms (Automatics): 1(3)

-(Japanese): N
-English(Street): 1(+2)

Ann, "it must be spelt with an 'E', as it is "so much more distinguished." (Technomancer) AKA Cerius (Unknown to Niku (L:1 C:1)

Magic Spells Adept Abilities:

Powers: (2)
Multi-Tasking (.5): Multi-tasking grants the ability to simultaneously process information from multiple senses. For example, an adept with this power could read data off multiple vid-screens and simultaneously hold a conference call over his commlink or hold a conversation while watching the trid, providing full attention to each. In game terms, Observe in Detail (p. 136, SR4) counts as a Free Action for the character. The adept is also hard to distract (for instance, they would suffer no modifiers in a crowded nightclub or an AR spam zone). Additionally, an adept with Multi-tasking gains two Free Actions per Initiative Pass when not directly involved in combat.
Motion Sense (.5): Magic+Perception Test to detect motion of objects, people, or animals within (Magic) meters even when beyond normal means to detect by sight, smell, sound. Beat Threshold: 0=Larger than average metahuman(Troll);1=Average metahuman(Human,elf,ork);2=Smaller than average metahuman(Dwarf);3=Smaller than dog/cat. Detection reduces blind fire by 2. Does not work through astral barriers.
Heightened Concentration (1): The adept is capable of tuning out a single distraction to her task at hand. When using this power, the adept can ignore a single situational negative dice pool modifier of a value up to her Magic attribute. This power requires a Complex Action to activate and may be combined with the Adept Centering metamagic.

Increase Reflexes – (SR4) Type: P; Range: T; Duration: S; DV: F/2)+2; Max 4 Threshold = +1 Initiative & +1 Initiative Pass
Improved Invisibility – (SR4) Type:P; Range: LOS; Duration: S; DV: (F/2)+1; Hits = Resist Threshold
Physical Barrier – (SR4) Type:P; Range: LOS(A); Duration: S; DV(F/2)+3; hits = Barrier/structure; Regenerates
Offensive Mana Barrier – (SR4) Type:M; Range:LOS(A); Duration:S; DV(F/2)+3; Zaps spirits, dual beings, or astra forms with DV = Force.
Heal – (SR4) Type: M; Range: T; Duration: P; DV: (DV)-2; Hits = DV or Time; -1 dice per each lost essence below 6.
Influence – (SR4) Type: M; Range: LOS; Duration: P: DV(F/2)+2; Target is compelled to follow action as if it was his own idea and then it will fade. If confronted with the wrongness of the suggestion, the subject can make a Willpower Test to overcome it as described under Mental Manipulations, p. 210. The caster can also withdraw the suggestion at any time.
Alter Memory – (SM) Type:M; Range: LOS; Duration:P; DV(F/2)+2; Mental; Net hits determine complexity affected memory can be.
Fashion (SM 173) – Type:P; Range:T; Duration:P; DV(F/2); Instantly tailor clothing (Cut, color, pattern, and fit) transforming garments into any fashion. Hits measure degree of style in the tailoring. (Added since logically it's the same as Fix only different): Must beat Obj. Resist Threshold.
Mob Mind – (SR4) Type:M; Range: LOS(A); Duration:S; DV(F/2)+4; Mental Manipulation; Give mental commands with a Simple Action and target is compelled to obey.
Increase[Attribute: Body] – (SR4) Type:P; Range:T: Duration:S; DV(F/2)-2 Force >= Augmented value of Attribute before new value. Hits increase it by 1.

Tradition Notes: Spirits
Combat: Guardian
Detection: Guidance
Health: Plant
Illusion: Task
Manipulation: Man
Drain: Willpower + Charisma
Note: Possession tradition

Cyberware, Bioware, and Gene Therapy:

Fiberoptic Hair: The character’s original hair is replaced with artificial fiberoptic hair. Fiberoptic hair can possess any color the customer desires and even switch colors and cascade in patterns preprogrammed or controlled via the character’s PAN (ie. jet black hair with sparkling stars, smoothly flowing rainbow colors, or a mane that changes color to match the character’s mood). Fiberoptic hair can also be electrostatically manipulated to flow and swirl as if alive—but doing so stresses the otherwise resilient hair, so that it must be replaced after about 3 months. Fiberoptic hair is available in lengths between 0.6 cm and 1 meter. Individual strands are about double the width of normal hair.

Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 1): Smartlink; Flare Compensation; Eyemod: Color changing luminescence.

Obvious Lower Left Hand: Customized +4 Agility;Enhancement +2 Agility; Cyberarm Gyromount; 2x Increased Capacity; Cyberlimb Casemod: Brass electroplating with color-changing light-emitting nanite clusters.
Obvious Lower Right Hand: Customized +4 Agility;Enhancement +2 Agility; Cyberarm Gyromount; 2x Increased Capacity; Cyberlimb Casemod: Brass electroplating with color-changing light-emitting nanite clusters.

Skin Pigmentation and Bio-Tatoos: Full Body covering of Various designs from bright red, bone white, to black. Also Luciferase enzymes are present in bio-tattoos that can become bio-luminescent with an activating agent.

Trauma Damper: Whenever Physical or Stun damage is inflicted upon a character with a trauma damper, the damper helps reduce the damage. If the damage is 2 Physical, shift 1 box from Physical to Stun; if the trauma stems from Stun damage, subtract 1 box. Negates torture modifiers for Intimidate.

Platelet Factories: Any time the user suffers 2 or more points of damage, the damage is instantly reduced by one point. (Special: Trauma Damper is applied first, thus 3 points of total damage are required for Platelet Factories to come into play.)

Weapons (Bullet weight is 5grams per = 7 pounds rounded up.)
9 x 50(c) 9mm Caseless Magazines
9 x 30(c) 9mm Caseless magazines
50 Ex-Explosive Rounds -2 AP; Damage Mod:+2; Misfire on critical glitch, character struck with one attack with weapons DV.
90 Caseless Capsule Rounds (Pepper Punch) +2 AP; Damage Mod: (Stun); Armor used: I; Toxin Strength 7(Stun); Vector: Inhalation, Contact.
90 Regular Rounds
200 Regular Rounds
90 Subsonic Rounds +2 AP; Damage Mod: -; Armor used: B; -1 perception modifer, -2 if supressor used. -20% weapon range.
200 Subsonic Rounds +2 AP; Damage Mod: -; Armor used: B; -1 perception modifer, -2 if supressor used. -20% weapon range.

2 x Pepper Punch Gas Grenades: Damage: Power 7; Speed 1 Combat Turn; Ap: -; Blast 10m radius; Lasts for Approx 4 combat turns.
2x Flash Grenade: Damage: -; AP -; Blast: Special; Anyone looking at blast recieve -5 dice pool modifer on attack tests. Reduce by 1 for every 5 meters away; fades at 1 point per Combat Turn.

Weapon: Custom Steyr TMP (F) (2.6Lbs)
Damage: 4P
AP: +0
Mode: SA/BF/FA
RC: -1(Add -2*)
Perception(hear): -1(Add -6*)
Concealability: +1
Ammo Type: 9mm Caseless Only
Ammo: 30 (c) (9 filled Caseless Magazines: 3 loaded w/Caseless Capsule Rounds(Pepper Punch)); 3 loaded w/Subsonic Rounds; 3 loaded w/Regular Rounds
*Special: Gas-Vent II and Sound Suppression are mutually exclusive. If one is active the other must be off. Simple Action to do, Free Action in the case of Smartlink.
Features: Electronic Firing System(R):Fires only Caseless Ammo; No trigger; Fewer mechanisms; -1 perception to hear, -1 recoil(stacks with Gas-Vent); Internal Sound Suppression(F) -6 Perception to hear; Gas-Vent 2 System(R) (-2 Recoil); External Smartgun System(top mount) (+2 to Ranged Attack; Concealable Holster (-1 to conceal ability)

Weapon: Custom Ares HVAR (F)
Damage: 5P
AP: +0
Mode: SA/BF/FA
RC: -2(Add -3*)
Perception: HEAR: -1(Add -6*)/VISUAL: -4 visual(Flash/heat)
Concealability: +6
Ammo Type:9mm Caseless Only
Ammo: 50 (c) 9 filled Caseless Magazines: 1 loaded w/Ex-Explosive Rounds; 4 loaded w/Subsonic Rounds; 4 loaded w/Regular Rounds
*Special: Gas-Vent 3 and Sound Suppression are mutually exclusive. If one is active the other must be off. Simple Action to do, Free Action in the case of Smartlink.
Features: Gas-Vent 3 System(R) (-3 Recoil); Internal Smartgun System (R) (+2 to Ranged Attack); Rigid Stock with Shock Pad(-1 Recoil); Electronic Firing System(R):Fires only Caseless Ammo; No trigger; Fewer mechanisms; -1 perception to hear, -1 recoil(stacks with Gas-Vent & Rigid Stock); Internal Sound Suppression(F) -6 Perception to hear; Thermal Suppression(F)-4 Perception to visual & heat signature.

Ceramic Knife (Boot strap)
Damage: (Str/2+1)P
Reach: -
AP: -

Total: 17(21*)b/15i (*When using Ballistic Shield)
Note: Ballistic Shield and PPP-System do not stack, best bonus applied.

Ares Aegis Ballistic Shield +6b/+4i
Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body Suit 7b/3i (Worn)
+ Chemical Protection (Rating 6)
+ Gel Packs Armor Modification: (-1 Body for knockdown.)+1b/+1i
Clothing (Cheap) (Worn over Form Fitting Body Armor)
Camouflage Suit 8b/6i (Worn over Clothing (Cheap))
+ Reversible day/night patterns. Appropriate environment: -2 Perception Test dice pool modifier to spot.
Helmet (Regular) b1/1i
PPP-System Forearm Guards 0b/1i
PPP-System Leg and Arm Casings 0b/2i
PPP-System Shin Guards 0b/1i
PPP-System Vitals Protector 1b/1i
Clothing (Cheap) x1


Model: CMT Clip
Response: 1
Signal: 2
OS: Vector Xim
System: 1
Firewall: 1
Upgrades: Skinlink, Personality Software(Named Cerius)
Programs: Virtual Surround Music, Virtual Pet, Mapsoft (R4).

Tag Eraser (F)
Sub-vocal Microphone (-4 to hearing Perception Tests)
AR Gloves
Sim Module

Magical gear:

Power Focus (R2)
Spellcasting Focus (Manipulation R3)
Fetishes: (All spells bound to appropriate Fetishe)
-Manipulation Fetishe (Necklace)
-Healing Fetishe (Bracelet)
-Illusion Fetishe (Earing)

Other gear:

Full Face Mask
+ Respirator R6
+ Voice Mask (R)
+ Skinlink
+ Spatial Recognizer (+2 to locate sound source.)
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3) +3 Hearing Perception
+ Skinlink
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
+Thermalgraphic Vision
Smart Pack
Smart Pouch Combat Load Vest
6 x Smart Ammunition Pouch
1x Smart Canteen Pouch (1-litter)

X10 Plastic Restraints (Barrier 6)
3 x Rations
1 Dose x Long Haul
1 Dose x Psyche


These days he goes by Niku, in his youth as Boy, and later as Hey you!, and as a Yakuza Honor Guard...his duty was obvious and needed no introductions; be silent and protect his assignment. Even so he eventually was overwhelmingly recognized by his current title. His duty as a bodyguard to achieve that end unto his last breath or the severance of his mortal coil, which in this world of magic wasn’t actually so far fetched. Before that Niku's youthful life was akin to that of a soliciting phone operator, except through 'scripts" via Commlink into other peoples PAN’s. Unluckily he tapped a hacker with unkind means that burned his biscuits badly for being a nuisance. So much so that for a time he was just about a zombie...thus Niku. Niku was dubbed for how he was used as a punching bag by other Yakuza in training and that he had been good for not much else. Even so given his handicap he started dodging, feinting, and then countering as pain tends to teach even the nigh retarded. As time passed it became more and more obvious how capable he was becoming in a melee, but one day one of the Masters missed a strike and in an effort to save face broke Niku physically with unyielding violence. Now twice Niku had been broken so badly it scarred him.

When he was dragged away he was barely alive as his body was dumped almost in the street. No more than an hour later as he was laying on a dilapidated pallet that ironically matched his broken spirit, Niku began begging, pleading, but mostly gurgling and gasping for any way to no longer suffer like this. His effort wasn’t in vain as something came to him then, a light that did not illuminate filled his bloodied vision as it whispered the past, the future, and the present to him. It plainly promised; nothing shall bend him evermore. In that moment Niku was bound by a fate that compelled him to rise as grinding bones that should have incompacitated him in pain held even as he heard the visceral sounds they made underneath him. Standing his head hanging with a lack of strength he saw his broken hands, the bruises fading and the mangled swollen wrists straightening to lose the gruesome purple of internally burst veins. As he noticed this one detail he became aware too of the many other similar wounds he couldn't so easily gaze upon changing as well. After a time he was feeling perfectly well, so well that before the evening's end he found himself back on the arena floor once more. If he could remember what happened, he’d remember feeling as if he was watching some Trid that could only playout as it was recorded. If he remembered he would recall yelling to the Masters insults and sneers, as a man, truthfully, possessed. Aghast the training room stared, both because of the preteen they had just witnessed the destruction of and for the sheer suicidal brazenness before them. When the Master's all at once leaped at the boy, all present knew that once they were done, there would be no third resurrection for Niku as there would be only ground organs and vitae to tell where he had once existed.

The next few moments were a maelstrom of arcane prowess as the possessed Niku erupted in power that was most certainly not his alone. Niku had gained something preternatural; as a force of will and rage he turned the Masters upon themselves with but a notion of his will. As they fought one another, Niku’s anger too lept out and began searing them in fiery gout's that immolated them even as they mercilessly continued to break one another in the same places they had him. Immediately the onlookers jumped to action or began to flee, but this was the price Niku's new Master demanded and "it" would not have it's due stolen. Shields of force wrapped Niku and surrounded the entire melee as well as the onlookers ensuring that none would escape. Any that tried to burst the wall found themselves burned with it's guarded fury as if a coiled viper that strikes any that would approach too near. Soon the the onlookers gave up as the effort to breach the battle-sphere was raking in it's own toll on those that would exercise their wills. Shortly the onlookers too found themselves embroiled in the same melee their Masters shared. It was not long before Niku’s Master was satiated enough that the power he displayed abruptly ended ended either by will or exhaustion, but it was all the same to the suddenly free willed that were just realizing that they were human torches or that weapon hilts stuck from various anatomy as if they were macabre sheaths.

As this unfolded for the arena occupants a different battle had raged around them in the Yakuza complex as Korean Seoulpas members by luck, simultaneously routed the Yakuza compound. As Niku dealt his cascade of mind rending and body searing vengeance, several Seoulpas Magicians watched in awe from the arena’s entrance having expected to be the ones doing this themselves. When the possessed Niku stopped meting out carnage from exhaustion he probably would have turned on the watching Seoulpas but they being far more practiced than he, assensing him understood what was the source of his power. Possessed, a demon spirit was tapping his body and life force akin to a teenagers reckless joyride down the highway. Immediately they contained him under binding magic and then finished Niku’s efforts by dealing the room a deathblow as other Seoulpas fighters poured into the room.

This is where his life becomes the most complex and simple once more. The Seoulpas members treated him surprisingly well for not being one of their own and mercifully they excorcised the spirit that had inhabited him. Although forced out of him, the spirit none the less marked Niku more than just the loss of essence it had caused. The demon had been biding its time somehow knowing that Niku would awaken and as he did so it slipped in between the cracks, twisting and darkening his desire for vengeance as a lens concentrates a beam of light. Only in this, it grasped his rage and hate and used the young mans new power to carry it onward.

Injured and newly awakened the Seoulpas leveraged Niku to their advantage. Having been a Yakuza member he was known and so was directed by the Seoulpas to continue his membership as a mole. Their reasoning was that they had saved him from a possession that would have invariably led to his demise and that he owed them that much. Niku even though simple, was imbued with a sense of honor and understanding that his own, this particular Yakuza organization exceeded most others in their depravity, agreed. From then on it was a strange upbringing he had from them and the Yakuza at once. As the years passed the Seoulpas treated him as a trusted ally as well aided him in other ways for countering the Yakuza’s growth wherever he could all the while in a strange irony he became one of the Yakuza’s top bodyguards.

That life though, no longer exists. It all vanished when Niku defending a Yakuza Lieutenant from a grenade, ended up with mangled arms and a bullet induced coma. Having been shot in the head and taking some brain damage he awoke having been left for dead with no recollection of his past in a surgical room. If he could remember, he’d have known how strange it was to be a Yak getting medical treatment, but apparently he had an unnamed benefactor. As he got out of the bed, in fact one that he shouldn’t have been leaving yet, he realized his forearms and hands were made of steel. For a moment he was shocked, but then intrigued as across his eyes data splayed as his cyber arms connected with his PAN. Feeling his eyes thinking he had glasses on he found his eyes almost normal. Getting up he looked in a mirror to see surgical wounds still healing and two strangely tinted eyes. Apparently the man not only saved his life but booned him with what had to be an expensive augmentation suite. As he tried to adjust to this reality, that he was cybered a voice yelled at him in Japanese Kanji but not aloud. The words,”Hey, don’t forget me chummer!”, splayed across his eyes and a large red swirling arrow furiously started pointing to his right. As Niku turned his head the arrows straightened and became less insistent as it pointed a runway to a squarish device across the room with a pile of other equipment…equipment that looked similar to what he was used to using but with slight variations from piece to piece.

As he ignored the box with the display arrow more words scrolled across his eyes,”WELL? Ignore me why don’t you!” Startled Niku snatched it up and said,”What are you?” Apparently a smart ass the device replied,”I’m a Troll…a Troll Technomancer…yea, that’s right. Bakka, I’m your Commlink, Cerius!” The red arrows having gone away, the same colored words read,“I’ve got a gift for you!” As Cerius said that a teal origami rose emerged as the words warped their color and folded into the final shape. “Open it! Open! Open! Open!” Chanting across his screen the words came from straight in front, above, and from the sides emphasizing it’s frantic demand. Finally Niku gave in and said hesitantly as he was unsure of how to do this,”Open?” Just then a gold chinese-like dragon uncoiled from the center and flew up as it metamorphosed into words,”I’ve watched you for some time now and nothing can make up for the damage my previous immaturity has caused you, but I hope that this one time I might have opportunity to seek reconciliation. You can always find me in the Green Places.” With that the message pealed apart as if a snake shedding it’s skin and vaporized into blue flames that read,”Good luck.”

Staring off into space as his vision cleared the Commlink named Cerius screamed across Niku’s vision in a red flash,”Wake up! We’ve gotta bolt! You have a meeting to get to!"

Hopping to action Niku started disrobing the surgical gown when his Commlink Cerius whistled across his eyes,"Wooohooo!" For just a moment Niku started to blush when it occurred to him that it was a program, not a person, he thought anyway. Still he threw his gown over it...just in case.

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Number of posts : 78
Age : 35
Registration date : 2010-07-19

Character sheet
Character Name: Niku
Race: Elf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Ethereal's Characters   Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:02 pm

500BP Build, Ork Underground House Rules

Street Name: Leprechaun (Affectionately called Treasure Troll by Frou Frou)
Real name: Banning O'Hair
Current Name: Real name(No Fake SIN's)
Archtype: Skirmisher/Street Sam
Metatype: Mundane Troll Variant (Fomori)
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 2.1 meters/355kg
Eyes/hair: Black/Auburn
Skin: Scarred and pocked from rough living, although not gnarled like most trolls.
Birthday: ?/Age 20
Birthplace: Unknown. (Won't say.)
Karma: 0
Credsticks: 5 Nuyen
Lifestyle: Low

Body: 12 (+4 dmg resistance tests.)
Agility: 2(4)
Reaction: 2(6)
Strength: 9(11)
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3
Edge: 6
Initiative: 9
Essence: 1.425

Movement (22/52)

Composure: 4
Judge Intentions: 5
Lifting and Carry: 23
Memory: 6

Knowledge Skills
Or'zet : N
English (Street) : 3
Urban Brawl Odds : 1
Sports (Urban Brawl) : 4
Urban Brawl Schedule : 3
Area Knowledge: OrK Underground : 5

Active Skills
Skill Group: Athletics 4 (Feet: +2 Climbing/non-tumbling Gymnastics; Synthacardium +3 )
Perception : 4 (+3 Hearing/+3 vision)
Dodge : 6 (+1 Wired)
Unarmed Combat : 4
Heavy Weapons : 4
Inflitration : 4
Navigation : 4 (+2 Cyber)

That Guy Who Does That Thing L1 C1
Frou-Frou L4 C3
Dial-A-Cache L1 C1

Racial Qualities:
Arcane Arrester(1/2 Force-based magical effects.)
Metagenetic Improvement (Body), Thermographic Vision(Gone), +1 Reach

Positive Qualities
Type O System (All basicware counts as Delta.)
Changeling: Class I SURGE Ref pg 73 RC. Pick 10BP of Positive and 5 of negative Metagenetic Qualities.) Metagenetic qualities chosen in this fashion do not count toward the 35 BP cap on qualities, as long as they remain within the totals defined by the Changeling quality.

SURGE Qualities:
Celerity: Increase Walking/Running movement 1.5 times standard round down.
Monkey Paws: The character possesses monkey-like feet with elongated, prehensile toes that enable her to climb more easily when barefoot. Add a +2 dice pool modifier to non-tumbling
Gymnastics and Climbing tests and also to any movement Tests made in micro-gravity. The character must have shoes that accommodate this unusual physique.

Required 5BP taken, took 15BP. 10 Extra thrown away.)
Berserker: (Extra cost absorbed for flavor. 5 BP Negative, 5 BP more)
Characters with the berserker quality have a very little
self-control and are prone to falling into a primal rage caused by
hormonal or psychic imbalance. Unlike the Berserk adept power
(p. 175, Street Magic), the character has no control over this sudden
fury. The gamemaster may choose to trigger the Berserker rage
at any point when the character becomes emotionally agitated—
though he should call for a Composure (3) Test (p. 130, SR4) to
see whether the character can repress the urge.
While enraged, the character is subject to frenzied bloodlust
and will attack foes (and even friends) without regard for his own
safety. The Berserker rage adds +1 to all of the character’s Physical
attribute ratings, but lowers his Mental attribute ratings by 1 (to
a minimum of 1) for the duration of Willpower x 1D6 Combat
Turns. If the character has an adrenaline pump (p. 338, SR4), the
berserker rage always triggers the bio-implant.

Bioluminescence ( 5BP Taken for flavor) Tied to Berserk. Glow is nominal with no
penalties until it increases brightness with intense emotions such as surprise, anger,
arousal, berserk rage, etc. Someone who makes the connection could use it to their
advantage to judge his emotional intensity, but not very effectively as they must know
what emotion is involved.
The character produces the pigment luciferin and the enzyme
luciferase in her hair and skin, creating a “cold-light” green
glow via a chemical reaction. Though too weak to observe
in normal light, it is bright enough to spot, locate, or target the
character in partial light or full darkness, negating visibility modifiers.
The glow is sufficient to enable a character with low-light
vision to see as if in daylight.

Negative Qualities
Distinctive Style 3 (+9 to attempt to identify, trace or physically locate the character. Matrix and astral exempt. (Distinctive Styles: Fomori; Pattern scarring; Physically impossing even for a troll)
Prejudiced 3 (Actively prejudiced to elven magicians. Outspoken of elves.)
Braggart (Composure (2) Test to back down from a story or boast.)
Freak: (Monkey Paws; Celerity; Bioluminescence; Berserk) -3 modifer to Social tests not performed over the matrix, but +2 modifer to Intimidation tests. Not cumulative.

Move-by-Wire System (R1)
-Skillwire (R2)
Reaction Enchancers (R2)
Cyberears (Rating 3)
+ Sound Link (Free)
+ Ear Recording Unit (Free)
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Damper
+ Spatial Recognizer
+ Increased Sensitivity
+ Select Sound Filter (Rating 1)
Orientation System
Radar Sensor (Rating 4)
Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 3)
+ Image Link (Free)
+ Eye Recording Unit (Free)
+ Flare Compensation
+ Low-Light Vision
+ Protective Covers
+ Smartlink
+ Thermographic Vision
+ Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)

Biowares (Basicware counts as Delta)
Muscle Augmentation (Rating 2)
Muscle Toner (Rating 2)
Bone Density (Rating 4)
Synthacardium (Rating 3)


Unarmed: (Str÷2+3)P

Ingram White Knight (F)
Damage : 6P
AP : -1
Mode : BF/FA
RC : 5(6)
Ammo : 50 (c) or 100 (belt) or 250 (Ammo Box)

100 Regular Rounds Belt (Full)
2x Ammo Drum's Regular Ammo (250 rounds)

Armor (8b/6i)
Combined weight: 8b/6i Encumbrance Cap: 24
Clothing (Cheap)
Armor Jacket (Troll fitted +10% cost) (8b/6i)


Commlink : Meta Link
OS : Vector Xim
Mapsoft (Rating 1)

Gecko Tape Gloves (+10%) (Set includes gloves, kneepads, and slip-on soles.)
Climbing Gear
Vibram Five Fingers shoes 125nuyen (+25%) (http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/)
Inline Skates (+25%)
Duffel bag (Hides Ingram White Knight in it)
Microwire 300m
Wire Clippers
Rappeling Gloves (+10%)
Certified Credstick (Standard)

- ORC: +0
- Sons of Sauron: +0
- Skraacha: +0
- Empowerment Coalition: +0
- Humanis: +0
- Knight Errant: +0
- The Cutters: +0
- Tir Tairngire Government: +0
- Ancients: +0
- Crimson Crush: +0
- Cascade Ork Tribe: +0
- Seatle Government: +0
- UCAS military: +0


Former Star Member of the Seattle Screamers (UCAS) Urban Brawl team and a specimen of both the hard living of the Ork Underground and training, Freight Train's athleticism could be considered physically attractive if he weren't also the ugliest thing short of his butthole. Not below the average ork in smarts, which isn't saying much, he physically exceeds the troll stereotype though for massive bulk. Having grew up in the Ork Underground, as far as he'll say, he has learned more about the place than most know of it. Having gone through Surge deviating him further from even metaracial type, he found himself more mobile than many for his size. Given these talents he made a decent living as a literal runner for the smuggling pipelines. On one of these taskings
He ended up recruited for the Urban Brawl League by chance, when he went almost as fast as a recruiters vehicle. Pulling him in figuratively and getting him signed, he quickly passed the smaller leagues and was taken up as a risky venture in a Heavy position.

Quickly he gained the moniker Freight Train due to that nothing stopped him once he got going. His best known feat, rocketing him to fame was to catch the opposing outrider by climbing a building freehand, running through the interior and leaping down five stories to tackle and maim the unlucky rigger and passenger trying to defend their ball carrier. The Train as was often his shorthand, not yet through picked the bike up to lob it mightily down the street. As if a rock across water the bike bounced, skipped and tapped right into the back of the unaware ball carrying elf breaking her back instantly just before she could corner out of sight. If that hadn't been enough excitement to drum up enthusiasm, The Train sprinted to the ball and straddling it rather than picking it up to kill the ball, held off six defenders who came to retrieve the impending dead ball, even downing three of them in the course of ten seconds clinching the win and sending his team to the finals. Only finally collapsing when the enemy team was paralyzed for continuing their efforts to shoot and beat him, he became an icon of determination, bravery, and prowess doing much for the image of trolls everywhere, to the anger of the Humanis Policlub as many efforts by them were made to harm both him and his status.

Unfortunately all things must pass, and some faster than others. Banning O'hair was now estranged and on the run after unpaid gambling debts incited the Yakuza to strong arm him into throwing a game to even out the debt. Too stupid to realize an obviously open ended blackmail fraud, Freight Train too was stupid enough to pridefully refuse. infuriated the Yakua revealed his fake SIN to the League. His ticket to stardom expired, his reputation in shambles, Banning had nowhere to go, but to flee back to his ganger life and to the Shadows where his more than legal cyber would not only be overlooked, but would be welcomed.

If losing his titles were not enough, someone recently sent him a datadisk showing Train practically ripping the head off of an already downed player...
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