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PostSubject: Bakuto   Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:25 pm

Street Name: Elder Bakuto
Current Name: Shotozumi Kazuo
Archtype: Face/Adept
Metatype: Human - Japanese
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 5’ 0’’ / 127lbs
Eyes/hair: black / black
Birthday: 2/14/2034
Birthplace: Neo-Tokyo
Karma: 0

Attributes: (250 pts)
-Body: 2
-Strength: 2
-Agility: 3
-Logic: 3
-Intuition: 5
-Willpower: 5
-Charisma: 5
-Essence: 5
-Magic: 5
-Edge: 3
-Initiative: 8, 1 pass(es)

Composure: 10
Judge Intentions: 10 (+3 kinetics)
Lifting and Carry: 4
Memory: 8

Qualities/Flaws: 0 bp net
-Adept (5 bp)
-Made Man (10 bp)
-First Impression (5 bp)
-Trustworthy: Negotiation (5 bp)
-Privilaged Family Name: Nephew (by blood) of Seattle's most powerful Yakuza boss (5 bp)
-Code of Conduct: Bushido (5 bp)
-Distinctive Style: Missing 2 fingers on left hand / irezumi tattoo (-10 bp)
-SINner: Known active Yakuza member, though no convictions (-10 bp)
-Predjudice: Biased, non-japanese (-10 bp)
-Predjudice: Biased, metahuman (-5 bp/-5 bp wasted, for flavor)
-Predjudice: Biased, women (-10 bp wasted, for flavor)

Active Skills: 128 pts
-Influnce Group: 4 ranks
--Ettiqute (Yaukuza specilization): 4 (+2) (+3 kinetics)
--Leadership (Commanding Voice): 4 (+2) (+3 kinetics)
--Con: 4 (+3 kinetics)
--Negotiation: 4 (+1 Trustworthy) (+3 kinetics)
-Throwning Weapon (Throwing Knife specilization): 6 (+2)
-Blades (knife specilization): 3 (+2)
-Perception (visual specilization): 4 (+2)
-Intimidation (physical): 4 (+2) (+3 kinetics)
-Dodge: 3

Knowledge Skills:
-Taoist Philosophy: 4
-Japanese Culture (Yakuza): 4 (+2)
-Seattle Yakuza: 4
-Japanese History: 3
-Seattle Runners: 1
-Poety (Haiku): 1 (+2)
-Rare Poisons

-Japanese: N
-English: 4

CONTACTS: (4 bp)
-Shotozumi-gumi Yakuza group: 1000+ members (+6), sprawl wide (+2), minority magical (+1), active matrix presense (+1); Loyalty 6 (4 bp spent improving beyond what's granted by Made Man)

Adept Abilities:

Powers: (5)
-Commanding Voice: Complex action to force Cha+Leadership test vs Will+Leadership or have to obey short command. +1 defender dice per additional target (max 5), -2 per additional use in 24 hours on same target
-Cool Resolve, 5 ranks: +5 dice defending on social checks
-Power Throw, 3 ranks: +6 Str for throwing damage and range
-Linguistics: Int + Logic test after 10-Magic hours to gain new language at rating 1.
-Kinesics, 3 ranks: +3 to social checks and judge intentions checks, communicate with other kinesic users as complex action
-Attribute boost, 1 rank, agility: 1+magic check, add success to agil for success x 2 round, Drain 1(s) will + body on run out
-Attribute boost, 1 rank, reflexes: 1+magic check, add success to Ref for success x 2 round, Drain 1(s) will + body on run out
-Quickdraw: may use quick draw on non-pistol weapons

Cyberware, Bioware, and Gene Therapy: none

-20x Throwing Knife (400y)
--Ceramic/plasteel components, rating 1 (800y)
--Each coated with one does of Narcojet (1,000y)

Armor: (4b/3i)
-Synergist Business Line
--Short Jacket (500y)
---Fire Resistance, rating 6 (600y)
--Slacks (400y)
---Non-conductive, rating 6 (1,200y)
--High-collar shirt (300y)
---Non-conductive, rating 6 (1,200y)
---Autoinjector (1,500y)
----2x deepweed (800y)
----2x jazz (150y)
----1x long haul (50y)
----skinlink (50y)

Vehicles: none

-Renrakue Sensei (1,000y)
--Response: 2
--Signal: 4
--OS: Renraku Ichi (600y)
---System: 2
---Firewall: 2
--Skinlink (50y)
--Subvocal mic (50y)
--Hardening, rating 6 (150y)
--Tacsoft, rating 2 (6,000y)
--Empathy software, rating 6 (3,000y)
--Lie Detection software, rating 6 (3,000y)
--Facial Recognition software, rating 6 (3,000y)

Other gear:

-Contacts (50y)
--Skinlink (50y)
--Thermographic (100y)
-Glasses (25y)
--Lowlight (100y)
--Flare Compensation (50y)
--Vision Enhancement, rating 3 (+300y)
-2x Flash-bang (60y)
-Flash-Pak (200y)
-Smoke (30y)
-Thermal Smoke (35y)
-10 doses jazz (750y)
-5 doses long haul (500y)
-15 doses narcojet (750y)

Lifestyle: High, 6 months (60,000y)

Starting Nuyen: (4d6+12) x 100 (1200y)

Shotozumi Kanzo is the eldest son of Shotozumi Yumi, who is in turn the youngest sister of Shotozumi Hanzo, head of the Shotozumi-gumi yakuza in Seattle. Kanzo was born in Neo-Tokyo, and spent his first few years there. However, he, along with the rest of the family, relocated to Seattle when his uncle Hanzo was offically granted oyaban status following the '43 Schism. Kanzo spent the remainder of his childhood and his teen years in Seattle and as a result is quite familiar with the city and western cultures.

As a youth Kanzo respected and looked up to Hanzo, and his uncle reciprocated by introducing him into Yakuza circles at a very young age. In many ways, Kanzo was raised by the syndicate more then his parents. He began acting as a minor memory of the group as early as 15, but his first major job was holding onto and overseeing a bloodsport gambling ring siezed from the '57 wars with the mafia. Overseeing this operation was what first earned him his nickname, Bakuto ('gamble').

As time has passed, Bakuto has moved steadily up with the organization. Recognizing his talent for negotations and interpersonal interaction, his uncle swiftly began using him in an appropriate fashion, advising on negotiations, then handling many on his own. These days, Bakuto is often sent to any negotation that his uncle considers important but cannot attend in person, and even when his uncle does attend, Bakuto is often brought along to do the actual speaking, so that his uncle is free to sit back, observe, and draw conclusions concerning those they deal with. Additional, Hanzo often encourages Bakuto to take freelance work outside the Yakuza proper, to get a feel for what is happening on a the streets and keep a finger on the pulse of the Seattle underworld.

These days Bakuto is really just coming into his prime. Though not considered to be at the very top, he is recognized as an infuential member of Hanzo's inner circle and even those who address him by his common nickname regularly add the honorific Elder. It is widely believed that Bakuto is one of several promising young members that Hanzo is grooming to take over upon his eventual retirement.
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