Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Malady's Characters

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Age : 32
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Character sheet
Character Name: Link
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Malady's Characters   Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:24 am

Streetname: Link
Name: Leonard "Lennie" Mitnick
Race: Human
Type: "Security Consultant" [Hacker / Infiltrations Specialist (400 BP) ]

Body 3
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 3
Charisma 3
Intuition 5
Logic 5
Willpower 4
Magic 0
Edge 4

Initiative = 5+5 = 10

- Moderate Addiction: Deepweed (+10 BP)
-SINner (+5 BP)
- Uncouth (+20 BP)
(+35 BP) / 185 BP Left for skills

Computer 3
Hardware 4
Hacking 5 (+2 hack on the fly)
Electronic Warfare 4
Climbing 3
Dodge 4 (+2 ranged attacks)
Automatics 3
Infiltration 4
Disguise 3
Perception 3
(-148 BP) / 37 left

Knowledge Skills = Int + Log * 3= 30 Free Knowledge Pts:
Professional Knowledge: UCAS Military Tactics 4 (Covert Infiltration +2)
Professional Knowledge: Security Procedures 4 (Lone Star +2)
Professional Knowledge: Security Systems Design 4 (Matrix Security +2)
Interest: Freeclimbing 4 (Buildings +2)
Street Knowledge:

Language(s): English (N), Japanese


Gear: $185,000 (-37 BP)

Cybereyes 3 = (Vision Enhancement 3, Smartlink, Low light vision, Flare Compensation, Thermographic Vision)
Cyberears 3 = (audio enhancement 2, spatial recognizer, Balance Augmenter, Damper)
Chameleon Suit = (Thermal damping)
Lined Coat = (with embedded "fake" commlink)
Wardrobe of "Street" Clothes
Deployment Bag (Backpack)
Autopicker 6
Cellular Glove Molder 3
Keycard Copier 6
Maglock Passkey 4
Gecko Tape Kit
3 Containers (Small) Nanopaste Disguise
HK-227-X SMG = (4x spare clips, sling)
300 rds EX-EX SMG Ammo
2 x Ceska Black Scorpion MP (6x spare clips, 2x concealable shoulder holster)
300 rds EX-EX MP Ammo

Commlink: 88100
Implanted Custom Transys Avalon = (hot sim modification, Response 6 HW Module, skinlink)
OS: Customized Novatech Navi =(Firewall 6 SW Module, System 6 SW Module)
Common Use:
Analyze 6
Browse 6
Command 6
Edit 6
Scan 6
Encrypt 6

Hacking Progs:
Armor 6
Attack 4
Biofeedback Filter 6
Blackout 6
Decrypt 6
Exploit 6
Medic 4
Sniffer 5
Spoof 5
Track 5
Total Spent = $141,375 / BIO COMING SOON
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Number of posts : 39
Age : 32
Registration date : 2010-07-29

Character sheet
Character Name: Link
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Malady's Characters   Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:33 am

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Number of posts : 39
Age : 32
Registration date : 2010-07-29

Character sheet
Character Name: Link
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Malady's Characters   Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:42 am

At the end of this build, I still have 22 BP and some cash to play around with, and I will update the list as soon as I can.

Streetname: Hondo
Race: Ork
Type: "Mercenary" [Combat Specialist] (400 BP) ]

Body 5 (-10 BP)
Agility 5 (-40 BP)
Reaction 4 (-30 BP)
Strength 4 (-10 BP)
Charisma 3 (-20 BP)
Intuition 4 (-30 BP)
Logic 3 (-20 BP)
Willpower 3 (-20 BP)
Magic: 0
Edge 4 (-30 BP)

Initiative =

+ Toughness (-10 BP) [+1 to body dmg res]
- Sensitive Neural Structure (+5 BP)
- Weak Immune System (+5 BP)
- Bad Luck (+20 BP)
- SINner (+5 BP)

First Aid 4 (-16 BP)
Dodge 5 (-20 BP)
Perception 4 (-16 BP)
Automatics 5 (+2 Assault Rifles) (-22 BP)
Pistols 4 (-16 BP)
Longarms 4 (-16 BP)
Unarmed Combat 4 (-16 BP)
Throwing Weapons 3 (-12 BP)
Pilot Ground Craft 3 (-12 BP)

Knowledge Skills = Int + Log * 3= 21 Free Knowledge Pts:
Language(s): Or’zet (N),

Resources:: $125,000

Cybereyes 3: Flare compensators, 1x ocular drone, therm. vision, vision enhancers 3
Cyberears 3: Audio enhancement 3, dampers, spatial recognizer
Bone Lacing: Aluminum
Reaction Enhancers 2
Skillwires 3: TBA

HW: Novatech Airware (3/3)
OS: Iris Orb (3/3)
---Programs: TBA

(Heavy Pistol) 2 x Ares Predator IV --- (dmg=5p / AP = -1 / 15 rds)
(Shotgun) Remington 990 --- (dmg=7p / AP= -1 / 8 rds)
(Rifle) Ares Alpha --- (dmg=6p / AP= -1 / 42 rds)
(Grenade) 20 x Flashbang Grenades
(Grenade) 20 x Fragmentation Grenades
(Grenade) 20 x High Explosive Mini-Grenades (for launcher)
(Grenade) 10 x Gas Grenades
(Ammo) TBA
(Ammo) TBA
(Special) Parashield Dart Pistol (AP - 2)
(Special) Injection Darts
(Special) Knockout Poison

Armor Clothing (BDU Pants, long sleeve T-shirt or BDU Shirt)
--- w/ shock fills, nonconductivity

Armor Vest (Under shirt)

Leather Jacket (2/2?)

Glue Sprayer
Gas Mask
Medkit 6
2 x Metal Restraints (Handcuffs)

Contacts: TBA


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Number of posts : 39
Age : 32
Registration date : 2010-07-29

Character sheet
Character Name: Link
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Malady's Characters   Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:42 am

1. What is your character's Sex?
Male (Ork)
2. What is your character's physical size?
6’2, 240 lbs

3. What is the color of the character's hair, eyes, and skin?
Pearlescent gray skin, long straight black hair with a pony tail (a la steven seagal)

4. What is the character's general appearance (i.e., How does he/she dress, etc.)?
Hondo prefers the clothing styles of his former military units, i.e. BDUs, cargo pants, etc. He also is never without his custom black lined trenchcoat. When not on runs (or when trying to blend in better, Hondo likes hoodie sweatshirts (armored of course) with a ballistic vest underneath, over faded jeans and rugged combat boots.

5. Where was the character born (City, State, Hospital Name)?
Unusually, Hondo was born an only child to an Afro-American father and an ork mother at Mt. Sinai hospital, Manhattan.

6. What is the character's date of birth?

7. What was the character's family life like?

8. Has the character begun his/her own family?
Due to his extensive military and corporate security work, Hondo never made time for a family.

9. Where or how was the character educated?
Most of Hondo’s education was in the streets of Manhattan. Apart from that, he received weapons and combat training from the UCAS Army.

10. Has the character ever done anything else for a living?
Prior to his shadowrunning days, Hondo was a UCAS Army soldier, and a damn strong one. He preferred to be at the front of the fight, leading as a fearsome example to the soldiers under his command. The ork seemed almost fearless under fire. One thing about army life always annoyed Hondo, the rules. Although they made excellent fighters, Orks were still subject to discrimination by the other soldiers in their units, and the fact that a soldier may not disobey his superiors annoyed Hondo, who often knew better than his CO how to run a fire team. This was what prompted Hondo to seek other employment once his service was complete. He found a home of sorts with the Horizon corporation. Although there was no official record of his employment there, his SIN was registered in some back room database somewhere in the Horizon archives. Hondo was a reliable asset to his handlers, called on whenever the hitting had to be hard, or the target had to stay secure.

11. What are the character's political and religious beliefs?
Hondo’s religion is the the job. He was born for combat and lived for the money it brought him. As a soldier at heart, Hondo preferred to keep out of politics.

12. Describe the character's moral code. Include how mercenary he/she is, whether or not he’ll/she'll kill innocents, etc.
Hondo makes his living as a mercenary, but this does not mean he is immoral. Rather, Hondo is a highly trained soldier, capable of distinguishing friend from foe and identifying potential threats to himself and his unit. As a personal commandment, he will NOT allow harm to come to civilians or noncombatants. If his enemy surrenders, they will be captured and brought to task, but once disarmed, Hondo will do his best to not engage them further.
13. What are the character's goals?

14. Why does the character run the shadows? (Why does he/she run the shadows still, rather than getting a "real" job?)
For Hondo, running the shadows satisfies his need for a new rush. He is a type of person who needs to be needed. In terms of “real” work, some Horizon execs still reach out (quietly of course) to him for tough jobs where discretion is key.

15. What kind of personality does your character have? This should not necessarily be obviously stated in the background, as it is more important for actually playing the character, but it may color or add mood to the history.

16. What special qualities does the character possess? This does not refer to skills, but rather to other things, such as how she gets along with people, whether he/she plans ahead, etc.
Hondo has a meticulous eye for detail. He prefers things orderly, or as he calls it “squared away”. When he first meets someone, he is cautious and quiet, but for an ally he will lay down his life. He prefers recon and intel gathering whenever possible before a mission.

17. Are there certain things that the character can't or won't do? Why?
As from his soldier days, noncombatants are strictly off limits. For shadowruns, his rule is no women, no kids, EVER. Other than that, he would simply raise the price and overlook other less serious moral objections he may develop.

18. What things, people, or ideas does the character hate?
One thing Hondo cannot stand is Ork posers. Anyone bringing harm to children and slavers are also at the top of his drek list.

19. What things people, or ideas does the character love?
Hondo is fond of the ancient works of Sun Tzu, and reads up on military tactics and history whenever possible.

20. What is the character's name? Give both full birth name, as well as nicknames, street names, etc.

23. Come up with a reason for why the character became a shadowrunner. (This very often will tie in with #22. This is not the same as #14, but rather why he/she started running the shadows originally. What led him/her to it?)
At first, Hondo’s civilian career involved carrying out official Horizon business, usually overseeing security for traveling executives, occasionally doing a touch of muscle work on a less official basis, but always for the company. During one such mission, Hondo was required to work with some less than savory characters, who quickly observed and commented on his level of skill and discipline. They made him an offer, he accepted. Once he got a taste of the freedom doing runs, his corporate life began to wear on him. But he could not afford to be completely without them, so he supplemented his income with shadowrunning.

24. How did your character come to know his/her contacts? Contacts are an important part of Shadowrun; decide how and why you know them.

25. Does the character have a SIN? Does the character actually use it? Or is the character one of the SINless masses? This may be affected by the character's previous employment.
Hondo does in fact have a valid SIN file somewhere which was recorded when he joined UCAS Army, but for reasons at the time which were called “state security”, the specific details of his service were erased. As a shadowrunner, Hondo frequently utilizes an ID-specialist hacker friend of his to keep the details murky, and always updates his fake SIN as well.

26. Is the character a full-time shadowrunner? Or does the character lead a Batman-like double existence?
At this point, Hondo is a full-time shadowrunner, but he does still from time to time dabble in his previous corporate circles.

27. Which person(s) or group(s) do you love the most?
28. Which person(s) or group(s) do you hate the most?
29. Which person(s) or group(s) do you respect the most?
30. Which person(s) or group(s) do you fear the most?

31. What is your favorite color?
Hondo is partial to the color green, it reminded him of mother.

32. What is your favorite food and/or drink?

33. What place would you most like to visit?
Hondo always regretted not seeing more of Japan.

34. Which person(s) or group(s) are you most loyal to?
Apart from UCAS Army, and certain Horizon departments, Hondo’s loyalty lies with his employers. He prides himself on maintaining a stellar professional reputation.

35. What pastime (that you participate in regularly) gives you the most enjoyment?
Hondo is a big fan of military history and strategy texts. He also enjoys tactical and combat based VR games, and is partial to smoking deepweed. But his main sources of joy are his weapons and range time to train with them.

36. What pastime (that you participate in regularly) gives you the least enjoyment?

37. What annoys you the most?
Traitors, Liars, Draft-Dodgers, Hippies

38. What (if any) is your favorite form of art?
Hondo is a fan of Ork Metal music, and enjoys art on a piece by piece basis.

39. What is your greatest goal?

40. What do you think is your characters best quality?
His dedication to his subordinates and to the job at hand.

41. What do you think is your characters worst quality?
His concern for those who cannot help themselves.

44. What is your most treasured possession (and why)?
Hondo’s most treasured possession is the dogtag of his closest friend and battle buddy from the Army, who died in his arms.

48. Where did the character learn his/her Skills?
See Above.

49. Does the character have a good luck charm? What is it, and why?
Hondo’s good luck charm is his friend’s dogtag. He promised to always keep it with him.

50. What type of music does the character like?
Ork Metal
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PostSubject: Re: Malady's Characters   

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Malady's Characters
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