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 Ally Apirit stats

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PostSubject: Ally Apirit stats   Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:24 am

I'm building an Ally spirit for my little shaman, but I've a snag trying to figure it out.

What are the ally's Mental Attributes set to?

Physical and Astral are equal to force.
Edge is equal to Summoner's at time of summoning.
Force is set by Ally Formula, and is used in place of Magic by spirits

But what about Mental?

They're not mentioned specifically, although the last paragraph under Losing an Ally (street magic pg 106) does mention that the ally spirits are "every bit as intellegent as its conjuror". And in 3rd edition, When you summoned an ally, it did explicitly take on the Mental attributes of the conjuror, rather then using it's Force for it's mental capacity.

I think that's what we're still supposed to be doing. Afterall, through the rest of the books, the rules are pretty specific about Physical / Mental / Astral attributes being distinct from each other. So when pg 105 says Ally's attributes (both physical and mental) are equal to force, I don't believe that's meant to cover mental.

And, naturally, the FAQ and Errata are silent on the matter.
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PostSubject: Re: Ally Apirit stats   Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:51 pm

Are you building an Inhabitation or a Materialization ally spirit?

A couple things:
An example free spirit which is meant to become an Inhabitation ally spirit has F+something for all of the physical attributes but the mental attributes all =F. SM, Queen/Mother Spirit, pg 153. The new spirits they describe (i.e. Guardian, Guidance, Man, etc.) also share this style of attributes; all of their mental attributes =F. pg 96-98
"On the Intellect of Spirits" basically says, "Nobody knows! They can be brilliant or ignorant or something inbetween!" which doesn't really help us form any mental attributes.

My best guess? All mental attributes equal force.
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Ally Apirit stats
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