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 Raja-Ork Underground concept and character sheet for consideration

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Character sheet
Character Name: Holliday
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Raja-Ork Underground concept and character sheet for consideration   Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:50 pm



The Jungle: 2064 Southern China

Slowly he moved through the underbrush, inching along quietly. The Two-Legs were sitting in a small clearing, metal sticks resting against a tree.

They made sounds in their guttural language that only drew more and more attention to them.

Fire and the smell of smoke and cooking flesh had drawn him.

He watched as one stood, arms glinting in the firelight, the gentle hum of electronics as he did.

The others of Raja’s group growled low, inaudible to the group in the camp, and they sprang as one at the group of Orks. One brought forth light from his fingertips and two of his pack fell, whimpering and growling, unable to move their back legs.

Raja was on top of the glinting one, claws rending and scraping into the inhuman torso of the abomination of metal and flesh, teeth buried in the soft neck of the thing. A pressure applied with his teeth and he felt the neck snap. He began dragging the body out of the clearing as the others of his pack harried the magic user.

Next…. A feeling of weightlessness, and darkness, unable to move…. Hanging in a net from one of the trees… He watched helpless, growling and yowling his dismay as he watched his pack killed one by one with the loud metal sticks and the man who shot fire from his fingers.

A smile and more words he didn’t understand from the magic-maker, and everything went dark.

2065: U.C.A.S. Delta Transport Ship

More darkness, a cage locking him in a small space no longer or taller than twice his size… he paces, angry, afraid, in pain… they’ve done something to his neck, with needles and razors… All he remembered of their words was 4227-D. That is what they say when they come close…

His family is dead… he can see their skins and smell their death across the small cargo hold of the boat… he vows they will all die before he is allowed to be killed…. He is a hunter… not prey…

2066: Renraku Training Facility-

The human hits him again with the baton, and barks an order in their strange language. 4227-D follows the command meekly, sitting on his haunches. Murderous thoughts beckon in his mind. This human is one of the ones who helped kill his family… and the scars on his arms and face prove it. He smells of death, and fear, and anger… One day… revenge would be his…. The face was implanted in his mind like the scent of the flowering trees of Spring…

2067: Renraku Arcology-Seattle

Food is better now… they leave him out of his cage, and he knows not to attack those with badges… the smell of security and the workers is ingrained in his mind… Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds… Bite the Hand That Steals the Food From Your Master’s Hand… The brainwashing is nearly complete…

Excitement near the elevators… screams… and the scent of the flowering trees of the Chinese jungles…

Fire rips through the hallways, and an alarm sounds.

Breaking glass…

The sound of liquid spreading…

Clean, alcohol-laden fire fills the hallway before him…

He waits, and when the runners come around the corner, he growls low… One man stops… large like the metal man he remembered from so many years ago… but smelling of magic… his hair looks like that of a tiger’s, and he begins to speak….

“We are not here to hurt you, honorable brother… but to set you free…”

4227-D doesn’t understand how the thing can speak to him… no Two-Legs has ever spoken to him like an animal, yet this one could, “Free…..?”

“Back to the jungles… back where you belong…”

4227-D feels hope for the first time in years, “Want….”

Two hours later, main lobby-Renraku Arcology:

The Master is there, other pets at his disposal, cats like him, but not…

The master’s baton is out, and for a second, 4227-D slows, worried about the beating he will surely get for disobeying. Instead, he hits a button, and the collar around his neck electrifies him. He feels himself growling in pain, and it slowly becomes a scream… his paws claw at the collar, unable to remove it… The other cats jump at the runners, and his world begins to dim, his growl becoming more man-like as he sees the change in his paws becoming like those of the men, and he tears at the collar again, ripping it free, and holding it, the electricity jumping through the muscles of an arm corded with muscle, rather than a leg ending in clawed death…

He still sits on all fours, even though it is awkward and uncomfortable, and a chill runs through him as the air hits skin unprotected by fur… He stands, and a guttural yell emanates from his lips as he charges on two feet awkwardly towards the “Master”… just a human…. So much flesh and only a thin covering over him.

He hits the man with the collar in the face repeatedly, the three pound weight of the electrical charger thunking methodically against his cheek over and over again until it makes only a wet sound… He drops the collar, and begins hitting the man with his hands, both tearing into the body armor and through it like it were paper.

The animals have gone quiet, the smell of blood is heavy in the air and the Hand That Feeds is the one bleeding out on the floor. They wait, expectantly… and 4227-D leans in and with his new mouth tears out the throat of the man, and starts forward to the door, steel security shutters already in place. Behind him, he can hear the gurgle of the man’s screams as his new pack bites into soft flesh, and for the first time since they arrived, fresh meat is on the menu.

The runners are stunned… they stand there, unmoving, as 4227-D looks at the door… he can smell the air outside, and against all hope, he feels he can smell the jungle again… More security comes, and the runners snap to attention, holding down the small lobby as best they can while 4227-D pounds at the security door, each punch and claw denting the door… he can hear the glass behind it cracking.

Screaming happens behind him, and he feels a bullet enter his shoulder. One of the security guards… the one who always smelled like he needed to bathe… a large… troll… comes barreling towards him. He waits… one thing he knows is how to take a charge… He grabs the troll by the arm, and falls back, swinging the man with all his force over his head, planting feet in his midsection, and forcing him through the security shutters. An exhalation of wind from the man, the shattering of glass…. The rending of metal, and then the sound of his gun discharging as he tumbled head over heels down the stairs… even from this distance, he can hear the troll’s neck snap…

The runners and one of the animals, a cheetah… come rushing up… the cheetah will not leave him… and the runners want him to follow… he does…

2069: Ork Underground

Life has been strange, two legs or four, he is different than everyone around him, but here, under the earth, he has found happiness. The runners he met those years back were amateurs, who got lucky, if he hadn’t been there, they wouldn’t have come, but they would have died. They were eco-terrorists, from what he could understand of the languages they had taught him. Apparently 4227-D was not good enough for a name. The Shaman who had spoken to him renamed him… Now he was Raja.

They stuck with him for close to two years, helping him acclimate to life on two legs, when he wanted to actually be like that. The Shaman called him a Shifter, and said he was magical. Raja didn’t understand… all he did was what he had always been able to do… he hunted… he killed… and he cared for his family…

They taught him that not everything had to be so simple. He humored them. They taught him how to care better for his family… how to speak, how to read… where to go, where not to go…

They even asked him to help once or twice with runs. Every time, it was the same… he killed what was in their way, especially Renraku… Eventually they caught on, and Renraku started tracking him… he had to spend more time on two legs, from then on…. To stay safe, to keep his family safe.

Deeper in the Underground it was safer… he made friends quickly… they liked the fact that he didn’t “pull punches”, a joke he didn’t understand. He found a place to live, and opened a shelter for animals…
He only killed two owners for abusing their pets…. He shipped the pets back to where they originally came from.

2070: Ork Underground-Animal Shelter

They found him again… they tried to kill him, and they failed… the Shelter was destroyed, and all but the Cheetah were killed. Much like the Two-Legs back in China, he placed metal spikes in the ground, and placed the heads of the strike team on them, in front of the old shelter. He sold off their gear to his old runner friends, and told them not to come back… he felt cursed…
He set up shop again, near the docks… the humidity reminded him of the jungles… and far off in the distance… he could smell the flowering of Spring….
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Number of posts : 38
Age : 36
Location : Kansas City, Missouri
Registration date : 2010-08-25

Character sheet
Character Name: Holliday
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Raja-Ork Underground concept and character sheet for consideration   Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:14 am

1. What is your character's Sex?

2. What is your character's physical size?

As an Ork: 1.8 meters tall, approximate 135 kg
As a Tiger: 1.05 meters tall, 3.2 meters long, approximately 280 kg

3. What is the color of the character's hair, eyes, and skin?

Eyes: Jade Green, Hair: White with black stripes
Ork Skin: Deep tanned skin Tiger: Unseen, under fur

4. What is the character's general appearance (i.e., How does he/she dress, etc.)?
As Ork: Raja loos like every other rough and tumble Ork in his appearance. A mound of scars adorns his right cheek, and his right eye almost looks like it might be slightly off center compared to the other eye. Shock scars adorn the front of his neck, and a barcode is tattooed on the back of his neck with the serial numbers 4227-D underneath it. He usually walks around with as little clothes as he can get away with, walking around in a pair of torn up jeans and usually going without a shirt, unless on a run. Then he wears armored clothing, and a black lined duster.

5. Where was the character born (City, State, Hospital Name)?
Southern jungles of China, in the actual jungle.

6. What is the character's date of birth?
Summer, 2062 (Apparent age- 20)

7. What was the character's family life like?

8. Has the character begun his/her own family?
He has a mate, but no cubs.

9. Where or how was the character educated?
The runners who broke him out, and found out what he was gave him a crash course in modern life. He picked up his vet tech knowledge off a street doc who helps him from time to time.

10. Has the character ever done anything else for a living?
He was a tiger. He still runs an animal shelter/hospital.

11. What are the character's political and religious beliefs?
Frag Renraku!!! Politics? Huh…?

12. Describe the character's moral code. Include how mercenary he/she is, whether or not he’ll/she'll kill innocents, etc.
The character still operates mostly on instinct. A combatant is an enemy, and an enemy is a predator wanting to assert its authority… Maim when possible, kill if you need to, make a point, always.

13. What are the character's goals?
Free the security animals of Renraku, kill as many of their para-security corp as possible.

14. Why does the character run the shadows? (Why does he/she run the shadows still, rather than getting a "real" job?)
It’s hard to do much else when you’re not even really looked at like a part of metahumanity. He had his life stolen from him and he plans to take parts of the corporations away as repayment. He sees the mega-corps as a predator.. he believes himself to be a better predator.

15. What kind of personality does your character have? This should not necessarily be obviously stated in the background, as it is more important for actually playing the character, but it may color or add mood to the history.
Clipped, curt, animalistic.

16. What special qualities does the character possess? This does not refer to skills, but rather to other things, such as how she gets along with people, whether he/she plans ahead, etc.
Not much planning ahead, and he tends to get taken advantage of, because he doesn’t understand the world so much, but he’s learning.

17. Are there certain things that the character can't or won't do? Why?
He’ll try not to kill others of his own kind, and would rather kill something that walks on two legs than something that walks on four.

18. What things, people, or ideas does the character hate?
Renraku, humans (to some small extent), slavery.

19. What things people, or ideas does the character love?
Freedom, predatory animals, the smell of the jungle in Spring.

20. What is the character's name? Give both full birth name, as well as nicknames, street names, etc.
See above.

21. Determine what your character used to do, before becoming a shadowrunner (very important).
He was a tiger, then a parasecurity measure for Renraku.

22. Decide why your character left her old job, if she had one (also important).
Busted out by runners.

23. Come up with a reason for why the character became a shadowrunner. (This very often will tie in with #22. This is not the same as #14, but rather why he/she started running the shadows originally. What led him/her to it?)
See above.

24. How did your character come to know his/her contacts? Contacts are an important part of Shadowrun; decide how and why you know them.
Once he joined the Underground, people WANTED to be his friends. He was loose with money, because he didn’t understand it, and many people found it intriguing and helpful to be considered “family” to the angry, mystical tiger/ork.

25. Does the character have a SIN? Does the character actually use it? Or is the character one of the SINless masses? This may be affected by the character's previous employment.
SINless. But known by the corps.

26. Is the character a full-time shadowrunner? Or does the character lead a Batman-like double existence?
He’s a known runner, and also runs his animal hospital.

27. Which person(s) or group(s) do you love the most?
The Underground

28. Which person(s) or group(s) do you hate the most?

29. Which person(s) or group(s) do you respect the most?
The shaman who he spoke to as a tiger.

30. Which person(s) or group(s) do you fear the most?

31. What is your favorite color?

32. What is your favorite food and/or drink?
Raw meat, fresh, clean water.

33. What place would you most like to visit?

34. Which person(s) or group(s) are you most loyal to?
The animals at his hospital.

35. What pastime (that you participate in regularly) gives you the most enjoyment? (Warning: Answering Sex for this question can and will result in penalties to your character!)
Hunting, tracking, killing Renraku wage-slaves to draw out their para-security teams.

36. What pastime (that you participate in regularly) gives you the least enjoyment?
None, really. If it’s not enjoyable, or necessary, he doesn’t do it.

37. What annoys you the most?

38. What (if any) is your favorite form of art?
Fighting Styles

39. What is your greatest goal?
To watch Renraku burn to the ground.

40. What do you think is your characters best quality?
Simple… honesty…

41. What do you think is your characters worst quality?
Lack of control, especially when in regards to Renraku.

42. What is the most important thing you have ever done?

43. Which religion (if any) do you follow?
There’s no religion in the jungle.

44. What is your most treasured possession (and why)?
The broken shock baton his “trainer” used on him. It’s the only trophy he’s taken.

45. What are your three most common dreams?
The jungle, hunting…
Being captured by the mercs in China…
His time with Renraku…

46. What is the Character's current relationship with her family?
None really. His mate is his mate, and his parents are dead, or still alive back in the jungles.

47. If the character's family is still alive, what do they do, and where do they live?

48. Where did the character learn his/her Skills?
Most are instinctual, the actual knowledge based skills were taught by contacts and friends.

49. Does the character have a good luck charm? What is it, and why?
Luck is an alien concept to him.

50. What type of music does the character like?
None. It confuses him.

51. List any past serious relationships that your character has had, and give a brief overview of the relationship.
None, really.

52. Where does your character live? Why does he/she live there?
In the Underground, somewhere near some docks. His animal shelter is there as well.
He lives there, because it’s good and easy to release the animals if needed, and he can disappear into the waters, if he needs to.

53. Remember, your Gamemaster like detail, so if you can think of any other little details, quirks, or whatever that you think might please the almighty GM, then add them in as well. Oh, and your GM won't use any of these details against you at a later date. Trust me
Read the history, I think it explains itself.
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Raja-Ork Underground concept and character sheet for consideration
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