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 Roach: Insect Shaman, Healer and Recon

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Roach: Insect Shaman, Healer and Recon Empty
PostSubject: Roach: Insect Shaman, Healer and Recon   Roach: Insect Shaman, Healer and Recon EmptySun Sep 26, 2010 11:02 pm

Constructive criticism is very much appreciated. This is my second character and first mage. Info on Insect Shamans, the Insect Tradition, and Insect Spirits can be found on pages 149-154 in Street Magic.

Concept: Roach started out as a reconnaissance runner. I wanted to make a hobo who used roaches to infiltrate buildings and spy for me. This developed into two possible paths: Roach spirits or biodrones. (I plan to make a character utilizing the biodrones after this one.)
As I started developing his background, he became a neighborhood magical healer and street clinic operator. At his clinic, he either helps out the impoverished after they've had some bad devil rat or uses a combination of Enabler and Detox/Alleviate Addiction to give addicts a relatively safe and powerful high. Roach Spirits have a strange fascination for drugs and those addicted to them. He does not supply the drugs, but he does have a couple of beds with restraints, but he tends to shy away from Enabling uppers or buffers for any Trolls or other beefed gangers in case they break the restraints and go on a rampage.
My plan is to have him be hired for a run where he can use his roach spirits to infiltrate and spy for the team, earning him the karma to initiate, learn new spells, etc. Basically, while he might be fragile at the beginning of the run, he could be much more self-reliant afterwards and much more of an asset.

Without further ado, a character sheet:


About the Roach Tradition: [Drain: Willpower + Intuition]
Street Magic has two distinctions between insect spirits and their respective traditions: hive and solitary insects. Roaches are listed as a solitary insect, but I am treating them as a hive, and reasons for this are supported by their info, such as a shared nest and the presence of Caretaker spirits. Also, when you open up a wall in an old, dilapidated, moldy house, what do you find? A few cockroaches skittering about? No, you find like a billion of the mofos running around like mad. Now, there can be multiple Mother spirits, but for the purpose of this shaman I will only ever summon one.


Another important factor to mention is the Desolate Angels. They are an all-female Seattle gang who willingly allowed Mantid spirits to inhabit them (Or possess them? I'm not sure. Either way) and seek to eradicate all other insect spirits and shamans i.e., me. Hence the high protection level for my nest, and my need to get some self-defense spells. I'm sure some GM would just love too see me get harassed by these guys, because when else are they going to get to?
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Roach: Insect Shaman, Healer and Recon
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