Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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Damian Blackwolfe

Damian Blackwolfe

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Character sheet
Character Name: Damian Quinn
Race: Human
Sex: Male

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PostSubject: First SR character   First SR character EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 3:02 pm

I could use some feedback on this, i think i did everything right, but this is my first character

Character Name: Damian BP=400
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Body: 3 20 BP
Agility: 3 20 BP
Reaction: 4 30 BP
Strength: 4 30 BP
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 4 30 BP
Logic: 5 40 BP
Willpower: 2 10 BP
Edge: 2
Essence: 3.075
Initiative: 8
Magic/Resonance: 0

400 BP-180 BP

BP = 220

Active Skills:
Armorer Rate 5 With Explosives specialty; 22 BP
Demolitions rate 5 with improvised specialty; 22 BP
Heavy weapons Rate 4 with Grenade launchers specialty; 18 BP
Firearms Skill group rate 3; 30 BP
Mechanic Skill group rate 4; 40 BP
Biotech Skill group rate 2; 200 BP
Athletics Skill Group rate 1; 10 BP
Navigation Rate 1. 4 BP
Pilot Groundcraft rate 1 4 BP

220 - 170 = 50 BP

Log 5 +Int 4 =9x3= 27

Knowledge Skills:
Ucas Army experience rate 5 with EOD speciality; 6 KS
Private Security Companies Experience with a specialty in tactics, techniques and procedures; 6 KS
Seattle streets and locales rate 3 3ks

27- 15 = 12 KS

Language Skills
English (N);
Arabic (4); 4 KS
Japanese (4); 4 KS
German (4). 4 KS

12-12=0 KS

Wanted Runners Companion page 110 (+10 BP) There is a bounty on Damian's head of 50,000 Nuyen. The bounty was posted by the UCAS government under suspicion of domestic terrorism;
Uncouth 4th ed core rulebook page 83 (+20 BP) Damian is a very bitter and antisocial person, the loss of his family has raised his intolerance towards everything;
Lost Loved One Runners companion Page 105 (+5 BP) Damian's grandson Brian (7) expressed SURGE class three characteristics: the child grew a ridiculous amount of hair, in effect looking almost exactly like a werewolf, however he displayed the ability to spontaneously regenerate minor wounds, a biotech corporation hired out some mercs (Lone Star goons disguised to look like runners) kidnapped the child, during the operation Damian fought back killing three of the Mercs. When the dust settled Brian was gone, Damian's family was dead, and he was left for dead. In an attempt to hide his survival Damian detonated most of his stockpile of explosives, accidentally knocking down the 40 story building in which he had lived, this incident is also why UCAS has placed a bounty on him;

Analytical mind Runners companion page 96 (-5 BP) +2 dice pool modifier to Logic tests;
Adrenaline Surge; Runners companion page 96 (-15 BP) Allows character to act first in the first Initiative Pass of the first round of a new combat regardless of their initiative score, after the first IP the character returns to his location in the intiative order;
Black Market Pipeline Runners companion page 96 ( -10 BP

Supply SGT Argyle (UCAS, Denver Area) Loyalty 5 connection 4 9 BP

50-9=41 BP

41 BP converted into Nuyen = 205,000 Nuyen BP=0


Ares Viper Sliver gun with internal Smartgun system; 1000 Nuyen
9 clips with 270 rounds regular ammo 585 Nuyen
Armtech MGL 12 with internal smartgun system; 4000 Nuyen
10 spare clips with 60 rounds frag and 60 rounds high-ex 4850 Nuyen
205,000 - 10435 = 194,565 Nuyen
Deltaware Single Cybereye (left) Rate 4 W LLV, Flare Comp., 18,750 Nuyen
smartlink, and vision magnification;
Deltaware cyber ears rate 1; 5,000 Nuyen
Betaware Wired reflexes 1; 44,000 Nuyen
Cyberware Aluminum Bone Lacing ; 5,000 Nuyen
Cyberware lower arm (left), Bulk Modification (+4 capacity) 14,000 Nuyen

194,565 -86,750 =107,815

Gear GMC Bulldog step-van with mechanical repair workshop (Arsenal Page 144),
an additional fuel tank, concealed turret weapon mount with
an Ingram white Knight LMG, Ammo Bin, 350 normal rounds
and Normal armor rate 20; 72,000 Nuyen
Novatech Air Wave Commlink, with Novatech Navi OS, 2,750 Nuyen
Lined coat 700 Nuyen
Ares Victory Vest (solid Black) with mag pouches and medkit rate 6 1600 Nuyen
Explosives making kit 500 Nuyen
Fake SIN rate 3 (Robert Lawson; Mechanic UCAS) 3000 Nuyen
Fake License Rate 4 ( Ares Viper SLivergun) 400 Nuyen
Fake License Rate 4 (Armtech MGL 12) 400 Nuyen
100 pounds solid commercial explosive 10,000 Nuyen
200 meters Detonating cord 5000 Nuyen
50 detonator caps 3750 Nuyen
10 pull detonators 600 Nuyen
10 push detonators 600 Nuyen
20 timer detonators 700 Nuyen
medium Lifestyle 5000 Nuyen

107,815-107,000 = 815 Nuyen

Sarting cash 4d6 + 8 D6 (800 Nuyen leftover from Build) 5 hits =500 Nuyen
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Character sheet
Character Name: Felisha "Silver" Smith
Race: Human
Sex: Female

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PostSubject: Re: First SR character   First SR character EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 9:01 pm

Most of it looks correct, except that you can't normally begin the game with Beta or Delta-grade cyberware. Alpha, Basic, and Used are the options, unless there's a house-rule for the game in question.

Nice character concept though, I like how you're tying the elements together.
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First SR character
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