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 Damian Blackwolfe's Characters

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Damian Blackwolfe


Number of posts : 22
Age : 29
Location : Tacoma, WA
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Character sheet
Character Name: Damian Quinn
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Damian Blackwolfe's Characters   Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:07 pm

Character Name: Damian Quinn BP=400
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220 LBS.
Eyes: Blue(Right) Red(Left (cyberware))

This grizzled combat veteran of UCAS military, is not an imposing sight, though he is noticeable. The slightly hunched cant of his shoulders suggests a person who doesn't want to be noticed. Something about his disposition scares away those who would speak to him, he's quiet, too quiet. The way he just sits there, he's just too still. Even when he walks, you can notice right away that he doesn't move right, nothing specifically that you notice is wrong, but something is just off.

When he talks, he speaks softly, not that he's trying to be secretive, but when the old man talks people usually listen, those that know him anyways. His face is heavily scarred, a chunk of his nose is missing, his left eye is very obviously cyberware, and anyone who takes the time to look can see that his eye socket, and part of the left side of his skull back to behind his ear, has been reconstructed. His finally noteworthy feature is his left arm, from the elbow down is a enormous, outdated lower Cyberarm. It is scarred and pitted from years of hard use, and its obvious that it has been repaired many times, there appear to be 'patches' of metal welded on in places to cover up holes.

SINs/Licenses (also found in the gear section)
Fake SIN rate 3 (Robert Lawson; Mechanic UCAS)
Fake License Rate 4 ( Ares Viper SLivergun)
Fake License Rate 4 (Armtech MGL 12)

"Walking around gear"
Black T-shirt
Blue Jeans
Combat boots
Lined coat with a hood (normally pulled up to conceal his features (with his Ares Viper Slivergun hidden in a holster inside the jacket's left side, and spare magazines in the right inside of the jacket.)

His Bulldog step-van is never too far away, but if he is going somewhere where he is likely to get scanned (I.E. Main thoroughfares, corp controlled areas etc... he is more likely to park his van somewhere hidden and walk the rest of the way. Note: If the area is too far from a safe place for him to park and then walk, he is not likely to show up

Mission gear
An Ares Victory vest that has been heavily modified with magazine pouches, His medkit is attached to it, and on the back of the vest there are a series of hard points to attach prepacked explosives (commercial grade). His explosive making kit is attached to the vest near his right hip, it contains 10 Blasting caps, 3 pull detonators, 3 push detonators, and 5 timer detonators
He has 25M of detonating cordin a coil on the inside of the coat, just past his holster on the left side.

Body: 3 20 BP
Agility: 4 30 BP
Reaction: 4 30 BP
Strength: 3 20 BP
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 4 30 BP
Logic: 5 40 BP
Willpower: 2 10 BP
Edge: 2
Essence: 3.075
Initiative: 9
Magic/Resonance: 0

400 BP-180 BP
BP = 220

Active Skills:
Armorer Rate 5 With Explosives specialty; 22 BP
Demolitions rate 5 with improvised specialty; 22 BP
Heavy weapons Rate 4 with Grenade launchers specialty; 18 BP
Mechanic Skill group rate 4; 40 BP
Firearms Skill group rate 3; 30 BP
Biotech Skill group rate 2; 20 BP
Athletics Skill Group rate 1; 10 BP
Navigation Rate 1. 4 BP
Pilot Groundcraft rate 1 4 BP

220 - 170 = 50 BP
Log 5 +Int 4 =9x3= 27

Knowledge Skills:
Ucas Army experience rate 5 with EOD speciality; 6 KS
Private Security Companies Experience rate 5 with a specialty in tactics, techniques and procedures; 6 KS
Seattle streets and locales rate 3 3ks

27- 15 = 12 KS

Language Skills
English (N);
Arabic (4); 4 KS
Japanese (4); 4 KS
German (4). 4 KS

12-12=0 KS

Wanted (Runners Companion page 110 (+10 BP)) There is a bounty on Damian's head of 50,000 Nuyen. The bounty was posted by the UCAS government under suspicion of domestic terrorism;
Uncouth (4th ed core rulebook page 83 (+20 BP)) Damian is a very bitter and antisocial person, the loss of his family has raised his intolerance towards everything;
Lost Loved One (Runners companion Page 105 (+5 BP)) Damian's grandson Brian (7) expressed SURGE class three characteristics: the child grew a ridiculous amount of hair, in effect looking almost exactly like a werewolf, however he displayed the ability to spontaneously regenerate minor wounds, a biotech corporation hired out some mercs (Lone Star goons disguised to look like runners) kidnapped the child, during the operation Damian fought back killing three of the Mercs. When the dust settled Brian was gone, Damian's family was dead, and he was left for dead. In an attempt to hide his survival Damian detonated most of his stockpile of explosives, accidentally knocking down the 40 story building in which he had lived, this incident is also why UCAS has placed a bounty on him;

Analytical mind (Runners companion page 96 (-5 BP)) +2 dice pool modifier to Logic tests;
Adrenaline Surge (Runners companion page 96 (-15 BP)) Allows character to act first in the first Initiative Pass of the first round of a new combat regardless of their initiative score, after the first IP the character returns to his location in the intiative order;
Black Market Pipeline (Runners companion page 96 ( -10 BP)) Weapons pipeline, through Supply SGT Argyle

Supply SGT Argyle (UCAS, Denver Area (Black market Pipeline)) Loyalty 5 connection 4

9 BP
50-9=41 BP

Gear 41 BP converted into Nuyen = 205,000 Nuyen BP=0

Ares Viper Sliver gun with internal Smartgun system; 1000 Nuyen
9 clips with 270 rounds regular ammo 585 Nuyen
Armtech MGL 12 with internal smartgun system; 4000 Nuyen
10 spare clips with 60 rounds frag and 60 rounds high-ex 4850 Nuyen

205,000 - 10435 = 194,565 Nuyen

Deltaware Single Cybereye (left) Rate 4 W LLV, Flare Comp., 18,750 Nuyen
smartlink, and vision magnification;
Deltaware cyber ears rate 1; 5,000 Nuyen
Betaware Wired reflexes 1; 44,000 Nuyen
Cyberware Aluminum Bone Lacing ; 5,000 Nuyen
Cyberware lower arm (left), Bulk Modification (+4 capacity)( his Cyberarm is an old model hence the bulk) 14,000 Nuyen

194,565 -86,750 =107,815

Gear GMC Bulldog step-van with mechanical repair workshop (Arsenal Page 144),
an additional fuel tank, concealed turret weapon mount with
an Ingram white Knight LMG, Ammo Bin, 350 normal rounds
and Normal armor rate 20; 72,000 Nuyen
Novatech Air Wave Commlink, with Novatech Navi OS, 2,750 Nuyen
Lined coat 700 Nuyen
Ares Victory Vest (solid Black) with mag pouches and medkit rate 6 1600 Nuyen
Explosives making kit 500 Nuyen
Fake SIN rate 3 (Robert Lawson; Mechanic UCAS) 3000 Nuyen
Fake License Rate 4 ( Ares Viper SLivergun) 400 Nuyen
Fake License Rate 4 (Armtech MGL 12) 400 Nuyen
100 pounds solid commercial explosive 10,000 Nuyen
200 meters Detonating cord 5000 Nuyen
50 detonator caps 3750 Nuyen
10 pull detonators 600 Nuyen
10 push detonators 600 Nuyen
20 timer detonators 700 Nuyen
medium Lifestyle 5000 Nuyen

107,815-107,000 = 815 Nuyen

Starting cash 4d6 + 8 D6 (800 Nuyen leftover from Build) 5 hits =500 Nuyen

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Damian Blackwolfe


Number of posts : 22
Age : 29
Location : Tacoma, WA
Registration date : 2010-09-26

Character sheet
Character Name: Damian Quinn
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Damian Blackwolfe's Characters   Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:43 pm

Character Name: Adrian Nelson BP=400
Role: Explosives expert/ armorer
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205 Lbs.
White hair
Gray eyes
pale complexion
Body: 3 20 BP
Agility: 3 20 BP
Reaction: 3 20 BP
Strength: 3 20 BP
Charisma: 3 20 BP
Intuition: 4 30 BP
Logic: 5 40 BP
Willpower: 3 20 BP
Edge: 4 20 BP
Essence: 1.6
IP 3
Magic/Resonance: 0

400 BP-210 BP
BP = 190

Active Skills:
Armorer Rate 5 With Explosives specialty; 22 BP
Demolitions rate 5 with defusing specialty; 22 BP
Chemistry rate 3 with compunds specialty 14 BP
Firearms Skill group rate 3; 30 BP
Athletics Skill Group rate 2; 20 BP
Mechanic Skill group rate 1; 10 BP
Influence Skill group rate 1 10 BP
Biotech Skill group rate 1; 10 BP

290 - 138 = 52 BP
Log 5 +Int 4 =9x3= 27

Knowledge Skills:
Seattle streets and locales rate 5 5KP
Explosives rate 5 with specialty in disarming 6 KP
ARES Macrotechnology Rate 4 4 KP
Knight Errant Rate 4 with a specialty in SWAT tactics 5 KP

27- 20 = 7 KP

Language Skills
English (N);
German (4); 4 KP
Swedish (3). 3 KP

7-7 = 0 KP

Records on File: Knight Errant, Ares Macrotechnology
Day Job: Big (5k per month base Salary)
Albinism (runners companion page 102 (+10 BP) Character has light allergy against sunlight
Prejudiced (Orks) (Outspoken) ( Runners Companion Page 108 (+10 BP)) Character must succeed a WIL + INT test (1) to back down from a confrontation with Orks.
52+20=72 BP

Analytical mind (Runners companion page 96 (-5 BP)) +2 dice pool modifier to Logic tests;
Perceptive (Runners Companion page 100 (-10 BP)) + 2 dice pool modifier to notice small details (doesn't affect vision modifiers in combat);
Trusworthy (runners companion page 101 (-20 BP)) +1 Skill rating in the Influence skill group (you have to trust the guy disarming the bomb).


Gear 37 BP converted into Nuyen = 185,000 Nuyen BP=0

ARES Predator IV with internal Smartgun system;700 Nuyen
ARES Predator IV (Unmodified) (Issued)
Enfield AS 7 with internal smartgun system (Internal), Advanced safety (Basic)
Safetarget System (internal); 2500 Nuyen
Extendable Baton (Issued)
Combat Knife (Issued)

185,000 - 3,200 = 181,800 Nuyen

Personal weapon (not used at work, but carried to and from for self defense)
Ares Viper Slivergun with additonal clip, and advanced safety (basic, biometrics), 1100 Nuyen

181,800 - 1100 = 180,700 Nuyen

Betaware Cybereyes Rate 4 W LLV, Flare Comp.,
smartlink, and vision magnification; 6,750 Nuyen
Cyberware Attention Co-processor rate 3 9,000 Nuyen
Betaware Wired reflexes 2; 64,000 Nuyen
Betaware Titanium Bone Lacing ; 80,000 Nuyen

180,700 -159,750 =20,950

Thundercloud morgan with Passenger protection rate 1 9,500
Novatech Air Wave Commlink, with Novatech Navi OS, 2,750 Nuyen
Body Armor (Issued)
Armorers modification shop 5000 Nuyen
Explosives disarming kit 500 Nuyen
low Lifestyle 1000 Nuyen
Handcuffs (Issued)
SIN (Adrian Nelson, UCAS, Seattle, Knight Errant)
License personal Firearm (ARES Viper Sliver gun) 500 Nuyen

20,950-19,250 = 1,000 Nuyen

Sarting cash 3d6 + 6 D6 (600 Nuyen leftover from Build) 3 hits = 150 Nuyen

Regular Mission Loadout
Body Armor
Black Bandanna
Enfield AS 7 (Smartgun, Basic Safety, Safe Target)
ARES Predator IV (Smartgun)
Explosives Disarming kit
KE Commlink
Subvocal Microphone

Adrian was born in Seattle. An albino, and the third son of a German born firearms designer, he learned his fathers trade through careful study of his father working at home. Although Zachariah Nelson is a very skilled Firearms technician, he has struggled with crippling debt from college loans, corporate sharking, and many of the troubles of today. One of the more pressing needs, that had compounded the family debt was Adrian's eyes. Adrian had been helping his father design some magnesium flare rounds for assault rifles (who needs a flare gun these days! with ARES new nightlight rounds) one of the rounds had detonated in the workshop, blinding Zachariah temporarily, and blinding Adrian's Albino eyes permanently, Zachariah had had to mortgage his house for a second time to pay for cyberware replacements.

Crash 2.0 was a godsend in the Nelson home, wiping away their debt, Zachariah remained vigilant financially, and has become something of a miser. Adrian and his brothers had grown up watching other kids get whatever they wanted, while the three of them had to share an old second hand commlink. His older brother's Axel and Adolf, are both studiously following their father's path. Adrian the prodigy in the family saw no reason to follow them, as he already knew more than the two of them combined. Though he cared less for making weapons than for making controlled explosions. with the right amount of preperation one can knock a pebble off a boulder, or crack it in two...

While in Highschool he often was asked what he wanted to do in life, he could find no serious answer, as the years progressed, he grew more and more uncomfortable with the question, until one day a Knight Errant recruiter visited the school, and listed the broad range of skill types that KE was hiring. As an EOD specialist, he could mess with explosives all day, and call it practice! The perfect career. After that fateful day, Adrian was convinced that he was one of the 'good guys'. firstly he was a cop, and everyone knows that law enforcement is the ultimate personification of good in this world. Secondly he was going to be an EOD tech, which meant that he didn't really have to fight Gangers, or Ork scum, he would save high-rise apartments from criminal masterminds and the like, just like Alex from the Trideo series Knightwatch.

After finishing the Highschool, he was snapped up by Knight Errant, and immediately sent through their training academy. His analytical prowess helped him succeed, and led him down the path of Explosive Ordnance Disposal early on. The academy in many ways was a rude awakening, every member of Knight Errant was expected to be able to catch criminals, in theory. He had not expected the focus on weapons, or the Cyberware available, and a lot of times expected of trainees. Now though after extensive combat training, Adrian is confident in his ability to hold his own, and not let his teammates down.

EOD school was a blast for Adrian, the new challenge of taking explosives apart before they detonated, was exhilarating, the bombs that the instructors designed, were devious little buggers that tripped up most trainees, but Adrian, could almost see the way the veteran had thought when making the things. His instructors were frustrated that they were never able to instill in him that sense of respect for explosives, the kid was too good, one day a bomb-maker as talented as Adrian would come along, and the assets he was trying to save would be gone in a flash.

Adrian had a lot of free time in EOD school, enough so to get the 'enhancements that his instructors said were necessary in EOD, Titanium Bonelacing had hurt a lot, but might keep him alive if he slipped up. Wired reflexes so he could move that much faster in disarming, and maybe get to cover if he slipped up. Last but by far the most important, his eyes had to be upgraded with a laundry list of accessories, Vision Magnification was a must, let you see the smallest of backdoors, and boobytraps, Flare comp was very practical, and economic, Smartlink had just made sense. The attention co-processor had just been a bit of technophilism, but Adrian had seen the benefits in keeping track of bomb components, as well as target drones/ opposition Force members. Adrian still felt a little guilty about spending so much of his pay on himself, even with the employee discount, and the obvious tax credit.

Ever since the academy he has had a private fantasy of being the big hero who rescues the common citizen from vicious criminals (who always seem to be played by drooling orks). This prejudice stems from his Germannic descent, his father is German, his mother is a Swede, consequently, he has a very clear mental picture about what a family should be, and nowhere in that picture is there a metavariant, (Minor races could be servants I.E. chinese, black). This strong prejudice towards Orks, has not become full blown racism yet, but the foundation is there.

(OOC: I would like to point out at this point that I am not racist in any way shape or form, Me the person making the character. I figured if i was going to pick a stereotypical 'bad guy' in Shadowrun, then i might as well, make him human, but defiently hateable)

Adrian is a kid fresh out of the schoolhouse, more than a bit Naiive, and considered a prodigy with explosives. He is seriously looking forward to getting some real field time.
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Damian Blackwolfe's Characters
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