Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Corp Firearms Specialist

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PostSubject: Corp Firearms Specialist   Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:13 am

For the On the Job Run, some house rules apply (notably 16 availability).
Completed Character

Name: Michael "Mike" Hawk
Metatype: Ork 20 BP
Sex: Male
Age: 31

Attributes: 180 BP
Body: 4
Agility: 5
Reaction: 5 (8)
Strength: 3
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 3

Edge: 3 +20 BP

Positive Qualities: 35 BP
Aptitude (Armorer)
Martial Arts (Firefight) 3
+Dodge Ranged attacks in Melee +1 (See Errata)
+Ranged Combat in Melee +1
+Melee Dodge +1
+Multi Strike Maneuver +2 BP
Sensei [Firewatch Instructor: Pistols, Firefight]

Negative Qualities: -35 BP
Implant-Induced Immune Deficiency
Distinctive Style 1 [While none of his individual characteristics are glaringly distinctive, the common theme conveyed through his casemods and full-body bio tattoos should at least justify one level of this.]
Thrill Seeker [Hours of action trids have instilled this in him.]
Prejudiced (Specific, Biased) (Wage Mages) [See questionnaire.]
Dependent (Easy) [Mike's mother lives at his home but she is young enough to handle herself. A manservant droid is there to help just in case.]
In Debt (5,000) [Corp]
SINner [No BP bonus]
Records On File (Knight Errant, Ares Macrotechnology) [No BP bonus]

Active Skills: 102 BP
Close Combat Group 2
Biotech Group 1
Influence Group 1
Armorer 7
Pistols 4
Data Search 1
Computer 1
Dodge 1

Knowledge Skills: 20 BP
English N
Or'zet 4
Japanese 3
Corp (Security Companies) 2
Corp (Ares Macrotechnology) 2
Procedure (Knight Errant) 2
Procedure (Corporate) 2
Regional (Seattle) 2
Navigation (Public Transit Routes) 2
Politics (Corporate) 1
-Academic: [Note: in my spreadsheet chargen, these are treated as two different skills, not specializatins.]
Design (Firearms) 5
Design (Clothing/Armor) 5
Engineering 3
Martial Arts Trids 1

Resources: 27 BP; 1,810 Remaining

Cyberware: -3 Essence
Obvious Full Left Arm (Casemod) 17/17 Capacity [Standard - Beta is freakin' expensive] [Traditional Japanese dragon scale art and designs]
+Customized Agility 2
+Customized Body 1
+Body Accessory 3
+Armor 3
+Increased Capacity 2
+Cyberarm Gyromount
+Cyber Safety
+Engraved Datajack [A haiku by Basho, engraved in kanji: 貧困の子供--彼は、米を研摩し始めて、月を見つめます。 Translates to "Poverty's child - he starts to grind the rice, and gazes at the moon."]
Obvious Full Right Arm (Casemod) 17/17 Capacity [Standard - Beta is freakin' expensive] [Traditional Japanese tiger stripe art and designs]
+Customized Agility 2
+Customized Body 1
+Body Accessory 3
+Armor 3
+Increased Capacity 2
+Cyberarm Gyromount
+Cyber Safety
+Radar Sensor 3
+Snake Fingers [Armorer bonus please?]
Reaction Enhancer 3 [Standard]
Touch Link [Standard]
Bio Tattoos [Half of his body looks like dragon scales and the other half looks like tiger stripes, corresponding with his cyberlimb casemods.]

-Supplied by corp, no cost:
SWAT Armour + Helmet
Extendable Baton
Combat Knife
2 Ares Crusaders (GM approval pending)
Handcuffs and other basic restraints
Novatech Airware Res3 Sig3
+Iris Orb OS Fir3 Sys3
+System 5
+Armor 10
+Hardening 6
+Optimization (Browse)
+Analyze 3, Command 1, Edit 2, Purge 3
+Singularity Seeker
AR Gloves
5 Datachips
Goggles 3 [Work goggles]
+Image Link
+Vision Magnification
+Vision Enhancement 3
Earbuds 1
Subvocal Microphone
Trode Net
Sim Module
Mapsoft (Seattle) 6
Datasoft (Firearms Database) 6
Datasoft (Armor Database) 6
Tool Kit
Tool Shop
Lined Coat
2 Quick Draw Holsters
2 Certified Credsticks
Docwagon Basic 1 year

Drones: [Need approval-fiddled with sensor package a bit. The enhancements as of now are paid for until approval. I guess I could get rid of a motion sensor and a range finder or whatever it is drones come with standard. Basically I want a drone that can do easy mod jobs for Mike during the night and help out his mom during the day. And can its hands even use a tool kit?]
Renraku Manservant-3 "Gree-Z"
Armorer Autosoft 3
+Vision Magnification
+Vision Enhancement 3

Lifestyle: 1 Month Purchased in Advance
Lifestyle Type: Middle
Comforts: 3
Entertainment: 2
Necessities: 3
Neighborhood: 3
Security: 3
Perfect Roommate
Corporate Owned
Living with Parents

Contacts: 31 BP
Skraacha (Group) L4 C4 (C7; +2 Membership, +1 District Influence) [Mike grew up in the Ork Underground and was an unofficial member of Skraacha. Now that he has become a successful biz-man, Skraacha recognizes Mike for his accomplishments. They take pride in the fact that an ork can still get a good corp job based on his talent and work ethic alone.]
Firefight Instructor {John Savage} L4 C3 [Mike's Firefight instructor and occasional drinking buddy.]
Corp Doc {Dr. Mia Kingsley} L1 C3 [One of Ares's corporate doctors specializing in cyberware. Mike liked her work on his cyberarms and, of course, the employee discount.]
Armorer {Rock Em} L3 C3 [A street armorer that Mike brainstorms with periodically; he may have leaked some prototypes to him along the way, as well. For testing, of course. ;) ]
Artisan {Bonus Pryze} L2 C1 [A street artist who specializes in metalcrafting. Mike likes the work he did on his casemods and he helped coordinate his bio tattoo designs, as well.]

The 400 BP are all in there according to my chargen spreadsheet.

Mike was born in the dark tunnels of the Ork Underground and raised by a single Ork mother. His father was a low-life Cutter of uncertain identity. His mother tried very hard to keep him out of the gang life. As a result, he never formally joined a gang, but, being rather bright for a young Ork, found a niche as an weapon and armor repair boy for Skraacha. He later moved up to gear modder. After one of his best mods was confiscated by a Lone Star officer from a ganger, the work was traced back to him. However, instead of getting a cell in jail, he found employment with Ares Macrotechnology in their Firearms Development department. Apparently, they were in need of minority employees to boost their image. Since then, Mike has continued to showcase his talents, earning a well-paid position that allowed him to move his mother in with with him off of the streets.
Mike is a big fan of Martial Arts trids, especially the newer ones showcasing Ares's Firefight techniques. This, in combination with his work atmosphere of guns, caused Mike to yearn to join Ares's Firewatch squads. However, Ares wanted to keep him in his role. To keep him happy, they allowed him to take firing lessons and learn the Firefight techniques from a corp instructor. He proved to be a quick learner and skilled fighter.
With the new Knight Errant contract and the subsequent hiring frenzy, Ares finally rolled over and gave Mike the green light to try out for Knight Errant SWAT.


What is the characters age, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and skin color/tone, and build?
Age: 31, Height: 6'0", Weight: 190 lbs, Hair Color: black, Eye Color: Hazel, Skin Color: Olive Green, tattoos up to neck, Build: Athletic
Where did your character learn his/her skills?
Streets, datasofts, and natural talent. He learned how to fight and shoot from a corp instructor.
What did your character do before becoming a Shadowrunner?
Gang gear modder.
Where was your character born? Feel free to include any other places he/she may have lived.
Ork Underground, Seattle.
Does your character have any family? If not, why. (Do they know where you are? Do they care? Etc)
Mike's mother lives with him in his corporate lodgings.
What are your characters dreams/goals/aspirations?
Mike lives for the adventure, but, hey, with a steady job, maybe one day he could settle down and make a family. His mother would certainly like that.
What is the characters general appearance? (How do they stand? How do they dress? Are they attractive? Do they try to look intimidating or casual?)
Mike has a nonchalant stance that contrasts with his eager, intelligent eyes. He likes to wear unpretentious street clothes that can show off his bio tattoos and cyberlimbs, and, if the moment calls for it, his athletic body.
Why did they choose to be a runner(/SWAT officer)?
Mike couldn't wait to get a chance to put his Firefight skills to practice.
What is the characters personality? (This is apart from just basic psyche. Are you an idealist, radical, pessimist, militant, aloof etc?)
Mike is a generally fun-loving guy. He doesn't like to get into arguments, despite his ties with Skraacha.
What skills does your character bring to this group? What makes them special? (Aside from whatever skills you have written down, is there anything else your character does well?)
SWAT teams are the best of the best when it comes to urban law enforcement; they have to deal with close quarters combat situations very often. Firefight is a style that combines the versatility of a firearm and the brutality of close-range combat. Mike, as a student of this martial art, can not only supply covering fire with his dual semi-autos, but he can get into the heat of battle as well. Mike is also a professional armorer; he can keep the team updated and bristling to the teeth when faced with the ever-evolving criminal element.
What are some things your character cannot do? (Get close to people, work well with others, handle money, think clearly under stress etc.)
Mike cannot hold his side of an argument. He would rather negotiate a compromise than stand firm on a topic.
What does your character hate and why? (corps? Elves? dragons?)
Mike dislikes the wage mage workforce. He thinks that true skill and talent are more important than random chance. He does not dislike magicians that prove themselves to be capable, but if a magician rests on only their magic to get ahead in life, he will not likely respect them. He also hates gangers that are pure criminals, i.e. not vigilantes like Skraacha.
What does your character love?
Martial arts trids and a heavily modded gun.
What does your character respect?
Diligence, a good work ethic, and open-mindedness.
How was your character educated?
He taught himself how to work gear and learned general academics from his mother and 'trix programs.
What is your characters moral code?
Mike disregards the runner's code, believing instead that one should either not worry about his back or get it against a wall. He has a "smoke 'em if you got 'em" policy on ammo. He still probably wouldn't cut a deal with a dragon, though.
Does your character have any political beliefs? Religious?
Mike hates controversy; he likes some things politicians do, dislikes some other things, but wouldn't publicly voice anything about it (except perhaps the destruction of the Ork Underground). He has seen enough magic to know that there are things out there on the planes, but he doesn't worry too much about it.
What item(s) does your character treasure? (This is beyond monetary value. It could be a lucky coin, photograph, sock etc.)
Mike loves his casemodded cyberarms and tattoos. He also has a piercing in his left ear with a single purple bead on it-his mother's favorite color.
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Corp Firearms Specialist
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