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PostSubject: Roto-Cyborg   Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:53 am

Cyborg rules are found near the back of Augmentation, where they tell you a million times not to play one as a player character. If you really want to, though, there are rules concerning how to do so. I've decided to ignore their pleading and fudge their rules while still staying within the standards.
How do I plan to do this, you say? I'm turning a Ford LEBD-1 medium roto-drone into a cyborg. If they didn't think people should make PC anthroforms then they really won't like this. So here's what I've decided upon so far:

Ford LEBD-1
Body: 3
Accel: 5/20
Speed: 80
Base Pilot: 3
Base Sensor: 3
Armor: 6
Device Rating: 3
System: 3

I plan to add Cyborg Adaptation, of course, along with a Nanomaintenance System R1 (Helps with Cyborg weekly maintenance), Improved Economy, and a Shielded Smuggling Compartment (Making it a klepto). Gear-wise, I need some help with Hacking and Common use programs, because Cyborgs are good hackers. I don't really need any cutting-edge brutal crowbars or anything. Augmentation says that cyborg characters need "dramatically" over 400 BP and more than a 50 BP resources cap as the CCU itself costs 250,000 and has astronomical availability.

Roleplay wise, a slightly crazy and lonely cybertech expert and rotodrone rigger decides to make a cyborg roto-drone to accompany him. He gets a clonal brain from a discreet source and makes his own CCU. The resulting roto-cyborg starts to develop a mind of its own after meeting an AI. I know that cyborgs are supposed to be mad nutter existentialists, but I plan on giving it/her dialogue much like a Tachikoma, you know, an innocent killing machine.

As long as I get rid of that halitosis, I think I should be fine.
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