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 Mischala's Characters

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PostSubject: Mischala's Characters   Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:19 pm

| Lucid / Chris Enfield (Mundane Human) |

Born into a "normal" family living a "normal" life, educated "Normally". Everything around him was mundane, the same as everybody else, that was, until he discovered the Matrix.

Lucid slowly gravitated towards the ever expanding world in front of him, he began to push the capabilities of his Commlink, spidering through public nodes, scouring the Matrix searching for everything and nothing in particular.

Lucid grew further and further away from his parents, to the point he almost never saw them again, by the time he was "attending" (or not attending, and still gaining qualifications) Technical school he had moved out of home, and acquired his Datajack, VR was just the salvation he had been searching for, to be removed from the world he knew so well and dropped into this new exciting world, the Matrix.

By the time Lucid was taking his final exams at the local Technical Institute, he had seen everything to be seen on the local public Matrix, he was growing bored, Hacking came naturally, finding exploits in nodes, breaking into "safe" files, it was all so easy. Next Lucid was to find a job where he could use his skills, Running was the obvious answer, countless devices to be cracked, plenty of nodes to hack, information to steal, Lucid was in his element.

| Attributes |

Body: 2
Agility: 4
Reaction: 4
Strength: 2
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 4
Logic: 6
Willpower: 2

Edge: 2
Initiative: 8
Essence: 5.2

| Qualities |

Technical School Education (P)
Privileged Family Name (P)
Photographic Memory (P)
Paragon (P)
Blandness (P)
Augmentation Addict (N)

| Active Skills |

Cybercombat : 4
Electronic Warfare : 4
Hacking : 4
Computer : 4
Data Search : 4
Hardware : 4
Software : 4
Disguise : 2
Inflitration : 2
Palming : 2
Shadowing : 2
Compiling : 2
Decompiling : 2
Registering : 2
Con : 2
Etiquette : 2
Leadership : 2
Negotiation : 2
Pistols : 3
Perception : 2

| Knowledge Skills |

English : N
Japanese : 2
Korean : 2
Computer Background : 4
Matrix Games : 2
Matrix Security : 2
Security Design : 2
Armor Clothing

| Weapon |

Ares Viper Slivergun
Smartgun System, external

| Armor |

Armor Clothing

| Cyberware |

Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 3)
-Image Link
-Flare Compensation

| Commlink |

Commlink : Fairlight Caliban
Sim Module Modified for BTL/Hot Sim

OS : Novatech Navi
VR Game (Undecided atm)
Attack (Rating 4)
Analyze (Rating 4)
Browse (Rating 4)
Spoof (Rating 4)
Edit (Rating 3)
Command (Rating 2)
Biofeedback Filters (Rating 3)
Black Hammer (Rating 3)

| Other Gear |

Fake License (Rating 3)
3x Fake Sin (Rating 3)

| Contacts |

Fixer (L:4 C:4)
Spider (L:3 C:2)
Cab Driver (L:4 C:2)
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Mischala's Characters
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