Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Johnnytenpins Characters

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PostSubject: Johnnytenpins Characters   Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:04 pm

1. Tink
2. Kap

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Number of posts : 64
Age : 34
Location : Vermont
Registration date : 2010-12-23

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PostSubject: Tink   Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:49 pm

Since Tink arrived off the boat as a 8 year old orphan, he has been in awe of Seattle. So much going on, so many electrical, mechanical, and computerized objects for him to play with. He spent much of his first few years in town just trying to survive, until he first met Janesta. When she found him with a couple other homeless men underneath a bridge, Tink was hunched over a pile of scrap metal, motherboards, and servos he had scrounged, two rats sitting at his feet. As she walked up to him he turned and held up what he was working on, a toy sized robot with full neck, arms, and legs movement. No sooner then as she opened her mouth to speak then did he let the robot go, running on its own commands, into the sewers, returning within minutes, a turtle shell in its hands (the previous owners had been long removed). Janesta commented on his technical skill, for that was impressive for someone of his age with the resources he had at hand. But it was the unmoving rats at his feet that made her curious. She invited him to stay in a place nearby where she was from, a friend’s house she said, provided he was willing to continue working on such projects. She even offered to help him out in procuring materials he needed. All that plus a roof over his head, he was thrilled!

As time went by, the other kids in the neighborhood that he initially socialized with grew, and he didn't. He became a source of pranks and jokes because he still looked like a child even though he was a teenager. Janesta stepped in occasionally, but Tink became more and more antisocial, concentrating his efforts on his projects. His constant tinkering, became a mixed source of annoyance and amusement for those around him. He would tweak the Smartlink on guns left laying around, making them more accurate and efficient, but there were a couple incidences of his tinkering that backfired (premature detonations anyone?).

Janesta pushed him to be more and more creative and technical with what he could come up with, but it wasn't until she saw him talking to one of his rats that she realized his true potential. The rat responded to him, ears twitching, tail wagging and off the rat went looking for something that Tink needed. Since that moment she encouraged him to combine his two interests as much as she could, dropping in periodically with gift of computer parts or used cyberware (included a set of elf style cyberears with blood dripping off fresh tissue- those went right on to a feral stray cat he was tinkering with at the time). She also helped him to understand the animal’s affinity towards him, that it wasn't natural, that it was a gift, and how he could use it.

Everything he was doing, all the things he was learning, everything he tinkered with and tweaked, he did in hopes of just fitting in. He wanted to be helpful, so one day he could just be one of the guys. If he could create useful tools, or make already existing things better, then he figured people might have a better chance of accepting him and treating him as an equal, so he has been trying his damnedest to make it so.

**We Be Gangers**

Tomizlov “Tink” Lucic
Gnome Male (Thermo Vision, Arcane Arrester, Neoteny Qualities, +2 Toxin Resist, 25BP)
3’6’’ 86 lbs
18 years old
Total Karma- 13
Current Karma- 13

Qualities - 0BP
Mystic Adept -10
Animal Empathy -10
Moderate Addiction (Psyche) +10
Compulsive (Tinkering) +10

Attributes- 130BP
Body- 2 --
Agility- 3 20BP
Reaction- 3 20BP
Strength- 3 --
Charisma- 2 10BP
Intuition- 2 10BP
Logic- 4 30BP
Willpower- 2 --

Magic- 5 (4)(2 Magic/2 Power Points) 40BP
Edge- 1/1 Used
Essence- 5.25E

Initiative- 5
Initiative Passes- 1

Active Skills- 112BP
  • Spellcasting- 3 12BP
    Biotech Group- 2 20BP
    • Cybertechnology
      First Aid

    Electronics Group- 2 20BP
    • Software
      Data Search

    Animal Husbandry Group- 2 20BP
    • Animal Training
      Animal Handling

    Pistols (Tasers)- 2(4) 10BP
    Perception- 2 8BP
    Palming- 1 4BP
    Assensing- 1 4BP
    Infiltration (Junkyards)- 1(3) 6BP
    Pilot Anthroform- 2 8BP

Knowledge Skills- 18 Free
  • Croatian- N
    English- 4
    Seattle Homeless Shelters (Street)- 2
    Rodent Anatomy (Interest)- 3
    Seattle Junkyards (Street)- 4
    Zoo Security Procedures (Professional)- 2
    Croatian Techno Music (Interests)- 3

Adept Powers- 2PP
  • Animal Empathy (4) 1PP
    Nimble Fingers (2) .5PP
    Analytics (2) .5 PP

Spells- 12BP
  • Control Actions
    Calm Animal
    Control Animal

Contacts- 3 BP
Junkyard Owner- 2C/1L
Capt. Jim Morgan- Knowing there was a frequent thief from one of his junkyards, former Naval Captain Jim Morgan set a trap one night, catching Tink in the act (as he was trying to procure a used electric motor from an old Dodge Scout). After talking to Tink, and an hour later Janesta, Jim allowed Tink to scout his yard for loot, provided he asked permission first. He also offered his services in checking around if Tink needed any specific items. In return, any projects that Tink came up with that would provide useful, Jim would get first shot at purchasing at a discount (he bought the first 3 recon rat drones that Tink built). Also if Tink noticed any unusual goings-ons at his competitors junkyards he would let Capt. know.

Gear- 79,935¥ 16BP (80,000¥)
  • Sustaining Focus (2) 2BP 30,000
    Ring carved from walrus tusk etched with fish. Fish glow red and swim around the ring when active.

  • Manipulation Fetish 300
    Bracelet of woven rat tails.

  • Goggles (6) 300
    • Flare Comp 50
      Image Link 25
      Low Light 100
      Smartlink 500
      Vision Enhancement (3) 300
      Vision Mag 100

  • Hardware Kit 500

  • Cybertechnolgy Kit 500

  • 8 Doses Psyche 1600

  • Medkit (6) 600

  • Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (6/6) 500
    Nonconductivity (3) 600
    Thermal Dampening (2) 1000
    Biomoniter Inc
    Built-in music player Inc

  • Defiance Protector (taser) 300
    6s(e) -half AP SA 3(m)
    Gecko Grip Inc
    Laser Sight (top) Inc
    Internal Smartlink 300

  • Ares Lightfire 70 350
    4P SA 16(c)
    Special Silencer (barrel) 250 (-5 mod)
    Internal Smartlink 350
    3 Clips Reg. Ammo 960

  • Control Rig .5E 10000
    Datajack .1E 500
    Sim Module (Hot) .24E 2500 (Secondhand)

  • Novatech Airwave 1250
    Response 5 Signal 5
    Novatech Navi OS 1500
    Firewall 3 System 4
    Hardware Module (5) 5000
    Custom Interface 250
    Hardening(6) 300
    Biometric Lock (Voice) 150
    Pro User Suite (Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4) 600
    Armor (2) 1000
    ECCM(2) 1000
    Stealth (3) 1500

  • Rat
    B- 0 C- 1
    A- 3 I- 1
    R- 2 L-1
    S- 0 W- 1

    Infiltration- 2
    Climbing- 2
    Perception- 1
    Unarmed- 1
    Orientation Goad 500 .1E
    Cybereyes (1) 250 (Secondhand) .24E
    Eye Recording Unit Inc
    Image Link Inc
    Cyberears (1) 250 (Secondhand) .24E
    Sound Link Inc
    Sound Recording Unit Inc
    Gripfeet 3000 (Secondhand) .36E
    +2 Climbing/Gymnastics
    Implanted Commlink 3200 .2E
    Renraku Sensei
    Vector Xim
    Powers: Enhanced Sense (Smell)

  • Crow
    B- 1 C-1
    A- 2 I- 4
    R-2 L- 3
    S-0 W-3

    Flight- 4
    Perception- 3
    Unarmed- 1
    Orientation Goad 500 .1E
    Cybereyes (1) 250 (Secondhand) .24E
    Eye Recording Unit Inc
    Image Link Inc
    Shock Hand (Claw) x2 1000 (Secondhand) .6E
    6S(e) -half AP
    Implanted Commlink 3200 .2E
    Renraku Sensei
    Vector Xim
    Powers: Gestalt Consciousness

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Number of posts : 64
Age : 34
Location : Vermont
Registration date : 2010-12-23

Character sheet
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PostSubject: Kap   Fri May 13, 2011 9:23 am

Quote :
"So she said she was leaving and not to call until I had grown up. Whatever! She is whore and a slut. Oh man I miss her..."

Karl stood on his tiptoes and leaned over the bar to listen with half an ear to whatever sob story this patron was telling over a half empty bottle of cheap whiskey. Joe St. Clare's comlink said that he wasn't from around these parts and Karl had never seen him in here before. It was the same story Karl had heard many times over.

His attention was more focused on the dark skinned man and the female Ork a few chairs down. Their conversation was starting to get heated and Karl wanted to make sure it didn't escalate any farther. When the man shouted "You are a lying scheming BITCH!" Karl's eyes met Dreggo's, his large tan skinned Minotaur bouncer, and he nodded. Dreggo quietly came over and grabbed each one by the collar and led them out the door with a not-so-subtle shove. Better they cause a scene outside his place then disturb his paying customers inside, he thought.

"...if you still have the skills Kap." Karl's attention immediately swung back to the new guy sitting in front of him. "Joe" smiled, his expression sharp and focused now as Karl spoke, "Excuse me? How do you know that name? No one has called me that since the Crash."

"Well as I was saying, as nice a place as this is," he gestured around him at the bar, "experienced help is hard to find these days, so if your skills haven't degraded too much other work is out there for you." With that the man stood up, leaving a credstick on the bar with a slip of paper underneath.

Karl Pamandian is a semi-retired Shadowrunner who owns and runs the Darkmoon Tavern in Auburn. He lives in a small apartment above it and spends considerable time making sure things are running smoothly in the Darkmoon. Though its been several years since he has been on an actual Run, his position has allowed him to make many connections with people of all types and sizes, and has had his hand in any number of shadow activities. He currently figures himself more of an information broker then anything else, and prefers to spend his free time hunting in whats left of the African safari.

Karl's closet companion now is Dreggo, his minotaur bouncer. On a drekked up run through Greece a decade ago Karl's team happened upon him left for dead in the streets of Athens. Karl helped to save his life and brought him back to Seattle, and Dreggo became part of Kap's Crew, swearing a life debt to Karl. Kap's reputation back in those days was he could do anything, do it well, and do it quietly- a jack of all trades. The Darkmoon was decorated with trickets and novelties from all the places he had been, he even used his old deck as the main system for the bar- security, finances, transactions, trid controls, they all ran from it the beat up old thing.

After the Crash happened, he felt lost and obsolete in the wireless world, so when the opportunity presented itself to go legit, he took it. Karl locked his dagger up in a box in his room, his bow was mounted on the wall next to some African Safari holos, and it had been years since he had felt the tingle of magic energy running through his muscles.

Name: Karl Pamandian
Streetname: Kap
Age: 45
Male Dwarf Bartender (-25BP)
Height: 3'9"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Total Karma Awarded-
Current Karma-
Spent Karma-


Qualities (+10BP)
Adept -5BP

Toughness -10BP
+1 Dmg Resist

Trustworthy -5BP
+1 Etiquette

Restricted Gear (Weapon Focus (4)) -5BP

Incompetant (Climbing) +5BP
Fear of Heights

Day Job +10BP
Bartender- 2500¥/month 20 hrs/wk

Prejudiced (Gnomes) +10BP
On a job in central Europe 10 years back, a group of gnomish spies foiled his mission.
From then on he has had an outspoken hatred of the scrawny, hairless bastards of his brethren.

Spirit Bane (Beast Spirits) +10BP
Always having a strong dislike for dogs, and domestic pets in general, Kap had several times run afoul with a group of spirit slingers from the NAN who's wolf spirits always seemed to have a profound way to find their toothy muzzles attached to one of Kap's appendages.

Attributes (200BP)
  • Body: 3 10BP
  • Agility: 5 40BP
  • Reaction: 4(6)30BP
  • Strength: 5 20BP
  • Charisma: 2 10BP
  • Intuition: 3 20BP
  • Logic: 3 20BP
  • Willpower: 2 0BP

  • Edge: 2 10BP
  • Magic: 5 40BP
  • Initiative: 9
  • Passes: 3
  • Essence: 6

Skills (140BP)

Archery (Compound Bow) 3(5)
Unarmed 3
Blades (Kris) 5(7)
Dodge 3
Infiltration 2
Palming 3
Forgery 3
Perception 2 (+3 Visual)
Hacking 2
Pilot Ground 2
Etiquette 3(4)
Negotiation 3

Knowledge (18 Free)
English N
Japanese 2
French 2

Mixology 3
Brewmastery 2
Border Crossing Procedures 2
Seattle Gang ID 3
African Geography 2
Jewel Identification 2

Adept Powers (5 Points)
Improved Reflexes (2) 2.5PP
Quick Draw 0.5PP
Agility Boost (2) 0.5PP
Killing Hands 0.5PP
Critical Strike (2) 0.5PP
Penetrating Strike (2) 0.5PP

Gear (13BP)
Kris (Weapon Focus (4)) 41000¥ +4BP Bound
Mineral Veins running along and wrapping around the blade glow green when active.

Compound Bow (5) 500¥
25 Arrows (5) 625¥
5 Explosive Heads 50¥
5 Hammerheads -
3 Stick and Shock Heads 240¥
5 Injection Arrows 250¥
5 Doses Narcojet 250¥

Vibro Sword +2 extra batteries 2050¥
Shock Gloves 200¥

Armor Jacket 900¥
Nonconductivity(3) 600¥
Camo Suit (Urban Camo) 1200¥

Fake SIN (4) Fred Pebbles 4000¥
Fake License (4)- Shock Gloves 400¥
2 Certified Credsticks- Both Empty 50¥
1 Standard, 1 Gold

Forgery Kit 500¥
Medkit (6) 600¥
3 Stim Patch (3) 225¥
2 Stim Patch (6) 300¥
4 Tranq Patch (4) 480¥

Goggles (4) 200¥
Image Link 25¥
Low Light 100¥
Vision Enhancement (3) 300¥
Vision Mag 100¥

Novatech Airwave Comlink 1250¥
Iris Orb OS 1000¥
Pro User Suite (B4, A4, C2, E4) 600¥
Stealth 3 1500¥
Exploit 3 1500¥
ECCM 3 1500¥

Inline Skates 300¥
Low Lifestyle 1 Month 2000¥

64,795¥ total
205¥ leftover

Metatype- 25BP
Qualities- +10BP
Attributes- 200BP
Skills- 140BP
Gear- 13BP
Foci Binding- 4BP
Contacts- 28BP

Quote :

Contacts (28BP)
Jim Morgan 2C/1L
Jim is a lonely bachelor who is an accountant at the local Ares office. He frequents the Darkmoon in attempt to pick up women, and when he fails he likes to drink away his sorrow and talk...a lot.

Darlene Shaw 4C/1L
The cuckold wife of a high ranking officer on the Shiawase board of Trustees, Darlene is a day drinker. While her husband is off sitting in his high rise office, she comes down to the sketchier parts of town and frequents the bars, where none of her high society friends will see her. Apparently Karl makes the best Vodka Gimlet in Seattle, at least according to Darlene.

Becca 2C/2L
Becca is a 19 year old elven college student who works at the strip club a few buildings down. She normally stops in to the Darkmoon before her shift for a few drinks to get her courage up. She enjoys the company of the old dwarf who owns the place and has made several passes at him, rebuffed by Karl each time...so far. While telling stories from the club, she has has ended up passing on tidbits of information to Karl that she overhears from some of her high class patrons.

Boar 1C/1L
No one knows his real name, but Boar professes to being the best combat biker in Seattle, yet everytime there is a match on he is sitting in the Darkmoon's troll sized booth watching the trid broadcast, not riding in it. Most of the regulars find this wannabe more amusing then annoying, though he has collected plenty of their nuyen in "friendly" wagers on the matches.

Derrick Maxon 2C/2L
A down on his luck private investigator, Derrick used to be a Lone Star detective, but lost his job when Lone Star lost their UCAS contract. He maintains several contacts within the Lone Star ranks, but he is having a hard time finding work and has been harassed several times by Knight Errant recently. He comes in several times a week and quietly sits in the back corner by himself, putting away pint after pint, until a waitress cuts him off and calls him a cab.

Evelyn "Ebby" McGee 2C/3L
Ebby was one of Kap's main crew members back in the day. A Shark spec'ed Water Shaman, she was his astral eyes and ears, but has moved on to more academic pursuits, teaching back in Boston at MIT&T. Karl and Ebby stay in pretty frequent contact, trading stories and info and reminiscing about old times- like when that relentless pack of wolf spirits hounded them for days in NAN before Dreggo beheaded the mage who summoned them. She now has access to much of the greatest technical and magical minds and talent in the world.

Dreggo 1C/4L
Dreggo owes his life to Kap and spends most of his time working with him at the bar. He is the closest friend Kap currently has and his only confidant. Dreggo is strong and well versed in physical confrontations, making himself a large and loud target for the enemy, but beyond that is less then useful when it comes to subtlety. He is still learning the way things work in the world after spending most of his adolescent life isolated on the isle of Crete, but is starting to come around.

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Johnnytenpins Characters
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