Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 HengeGuardian's Characters

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Character sheet
Character Name: Piper
Race: Elf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: HengeGuardian's Characters   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:53 am


"My old crew called me Piper. I like to think it's because i've rid the world of so many dirty rats, not to mention the fact i'm darn near irresistible, but chances are it was more to do with the way I always seemed to lead them into dangerous situations. But hey, i'm still here..."

Shocked to have given birth to an elf, Piper's mother abandoned him to an orphanage, where his natural force of personality granted him everything he could hope for, including his eventual exit from the orphanage to a life on the streets. He instantly found employment in the hospitality industry, first as a busboy, then waiter, bartender, and cabaret singer, until the great Matrix crash of 2059, in which his SIN was erased.

He didn't mind this, however, as he always viewed identity as a malleable concept, and hated people who tried to tell him who or what he was or wasn't. This meant that, as an adult, he turned to the seedier side of life to sustain and grow his income and influence. His current alias was supplied in the form of a nickname by his former running companions when he joined them as the face of the group without fully disclosing his relative lack of experience in the profession.

The increased meta-hate of current times, on top of a dishearteningly brief encounter with his birth mother has led to Piper's perplexing predicament as being openly bisexual, but a closeted elf. He prefers to pass as human, except in cases where the job would be put at risk by him doing so.

He is under the impression that he has no actual enemies, merely those who he hasn't properly 'connected with' yet.

While not being particularly tech-savvy or gifted with mystical powers, he figures that providing he can work people, then they can do that drack for him.

"My friends call me Piper, so you can call me Piper, friend."

| Attributes |
Body: 3
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 8
Intuition: 5
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3

Edge: 4
Initiative: 8
Essence: 6

| Qualities |

First Impression
Human Looking

| Active Skills |

Influence Skill Group
- Con 4
- Etiquette 4
- Leadership 4
- Negotiation 4
Pistols 3
Clubs 3
Intimidation 5
Perception 5

| Knowledge Skills |

English N
Japanese 3
Russian 3
Sperethiel 3
French 3

Drink Mixes 3
Musical Theatre 3
Hospitality Industry Wage-Rate 3

| Weapons |

Colt America L36 (Fake License)
w/ External Smartgun System (Fake License)
Retractable Baton

| Armor |

Lined Coat

| Commlink |

Novatech Airware

Iris Orb OS

| Misc. Gear |

Goggles w/ Image Link and Smartlink System (Fake License)
8 Spare Clips w/ 80 Spare Ammo
4 Certified Credsticks
Concealable Holster
3 Fake SINs (Rating 3) [1 to accomodate licenses, 1 for day to day use, and 1 disposable for illegal use.]

| Lifestyle |

High (1 month payed)

| Contacts |

Fixer 4/4
Bob "Bones" Jones
The owner of the nightclub in which Piper used to perform became a lifelong friend of the wayward young elf, supporting him in his running not just for the monetary gain and the prestige of having a successful runner in his employ, but also the fact that he just likes they guy. Bones thinks of himself as Piper's agent, setting up jobs and meetings that he feels will advance his career, and with the fine reputation of his establishment, there is no shortage of prospective Mr Johnsons with potential jobs for a runner like Piper.

Mr Johnson 1/3
"Mr Johnson X"
The very same Mr Johnson who employed Piper's former crew (the ones who met a grisly end during Piper's "acclimatization" to the running lifestyle...) and as such, he and Piper are not on the best of terms. He is still in a position to hire him, but will only do so for dangerous jobs designed to get revenge on him for messing up his operation. Piper would be wise not to trust such a man.

Taxi Driver 2/2
As Piper has no knowledge of vehicles or how to drive them, he relies on taxi services to get him around. His regular driver, whom he often makes a point of waiting for until she is available, is the young Devlina. She and Piper have developed a rapport over the time his has been riding with her, which constitutes the exchange of daily stories and information on what is going on around town.

Edit: If I am to be taking part in the Watchful Eyes run, then +1 Edge (bonus) and Palming 4 (using points freed up from the bonus points allowed towards contacts.)
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HengeGuardian's Characters
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