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 Quicksilver - Covert Op Build

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PostSubject: Quicksilver - Covert Op Build   Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:55 pm

I am working on building my first character for Shadowrun Online as a 400 BP char. This is what I have so far, though not a lot is set in stone for the concept. I welcome any suggestions on rounding out the character for survivability and coolness factor in Shadowrun.

Name: Quicksilver
Race: Human

Erased (24hr) - 10 BP - Set in stone
Quick Healer - 10 BP
Blandness - 10 BP
Will to Live (1) - 5 BP
Allergy Mild (Gold) +5 BP
Amnesia - +10 BP - Set in stone

Body 3 - 20 BP
Agility 4 - 30 BP
Reaction 4 - 30 BP
Strength 2 - 10 BP
Charisma 3 - 20 BP
Intuiton 3 - 20 BP
Logic 3 - 20 BP
Willpower 3 - 20 BP
Edge 5 - 30 BP

Stealth SG 3 - 30 BP
Athletics SG 3 - 30 BP
Electronics SG 2 - 20 BP
Automatics SG 2 - 20 BP
Pilot (Ground Craft) 3 - 12 BP
Blades 2 - 8 BP
Knowledge: (18 Free) + 10 BP

Allocated 50BP for Gear

So, what improvements can you suggestion.

Basic background for the character is that her amnesia is a GM char hook for plot. Someone or something (AI) is protecting her from being found. (I'm not taking the wanted negative quality because of the protection, and she is desperately trying to piece together who she is, where she's from and what happened to her. She runs to get nuyen so she can afford to investigate her own past. I'll flesh out the background further once I have the character build set.

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Kazuki jotaro
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PostSubject: Re: Quicksilver - Covert Op Build   Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:40 pm

Looks good Kalya for your first runner.My suggestions i would have to say try to flush out more on the background and i see you have 18bp free. add a little to your stats and a few knowledge skills/language are a plus but not required.
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PostSubject: Re: Quicksilver - Covert Op Build   Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:25 pm

Cool looking character so far. Here are my bits to say:

Automatics is a single skill, not a group. Firearms is the group.
the 1/2 your BP for attributes does not include Edge, Magic, or Resonance, just in case you want to squeeze more into her natural ability.
50 BP for gear is an metric crap-ton of gear. I'm sure you will want the best, but unless your going for a bunch of epic cyberware/bioware, you will probably have lots of cash to burn.
If you have amnesia, I'm not sure if you want too many knowledge skills because you technically forgot a large chunk of who you were. You can ignore this one it's just my two cents.

Great idea for the backstory, I'm sure whoever GM's a game will like the opportunities you are giving them.
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PostSubject: Re: Quicksilver - Covert Op Build   

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Quicksilver - Covert Op Build
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