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 Character Generation rules for KE Based games

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PostSubject: Character Generation rules for KE Based games   Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:01 pm

All characters will get 300bp to spend as they choose. (You may spend up to the usual 200BP on attributes)
All basic Metatypes are available, sub metatypes or other races from Runners Companion are subject to approval.
-AIs and Free Spirits are not allowed character types.

Characters may not start with a Criminal SIN
All characters must start with a Standard SIN or pay for an R6 Fake SIN (If you start with a Fake SIN I expect you to provide a very good explanation in your background as to why)
Characters may not start with an addiction stronger than Moderate (This includes Matrix based addictions)
Characters may not start with more than a light mental handicap.
Characters may not start as quadriplegics unless a they are a Rigger
Characters may not start with reduced hearing or sight (Any such deficiencies would be corrected with cybernetics or biomods)
Characters with SURGE must be approved on a case by case basis.
Characters may not start with more than one physical or two mental stats below 3 and may not have any mental or physical stat below 2. A stat of 1 means your severely crippled in some way be it mentally or physically. These sorts of people would never make it into a SWAT Team.

Characters with the Debt quality may double the money provided by the debt provided the money is spent on cybernetics. The debt is then owed to KE instead of an underworld character. Any unspent money from a corporate debt is lost and may not be applied to other items.

Awakened characters may take a level 5 Debt and gain one one additional magic point and one grade of initiation (complete with all relevant perks of initiation) or a Level 2 Debt and gain initiation only with a Corporate sponsored group in exchange. The character must still pay off the debt and the magic group will be setup at that time. (You do not get to spend the 25 BP normally granted by the flaw. The BP are eaten up by the magic point and the Karma cost of initiation.) This would allow an awakened character to potentially start with 7 points in magic, but they must still pay the increased cost for the last point as normal. (Technomancers may take advantage of this as well but instead gain the usual benefits of Submersion etc and the group would not be officially corporate sponsored, in fact it's highly unlikely such a group would exist in any official capacity.)

The debt quality may also be taken as normal, and will be owed to some people of questionable moral ethics.

Augmentation based characters may apply a 5% discount on all implants provided they are done through KE. Any such modifications will be noted in the character's corporate profile accordingly (So if you don't want KE to know about the implant for some reason, pay full price and get it somewhere else)

All characters will start with the following skills:
Pilot: Ground Craft 3
Unarmed Combat: 3
Firearms (Group): 3
Athletics (Group) 3
First Aid: 3
Infiltration: 3
Perception: 3
Dodge: 3
Etiquette (Corporate): 3(5)
Armourer (Firearms): 1(3)

Normally one may not break a skill group in Character Generation, however players in this case are allowed to do so if they wish to apply specializations, raise a specific firearms skill as a specialty etc. Additionally, characters seeking to either take skill groups (Or raise a specific granted skill higher) that include a given skill may apply a cost discount equal to the skill + any specialization to the cost of the group, however the group must then meet the minimum requirement for the skill.

IE: If a player wanted to take Armourer, but specialize in something else they must now buy the base skill to 3 but the skill cost is reduced by 6 BP (Skill level 1 (4 BP) + Specialization (2 BP)). If they wanted to take Biotech, they would have to have a biotech skill of at least 3 (And receive a 12 BP cost discount on the skill group)

Each character will be provided with a minimum of at least Low Lifestyle for free as part of their salary for as long as they are employed by KE. As such players need not purchase a lifestyle unless the wish a higher level lifestyle. In this case subtract the cost of the low lifestyle from the cost of the desired lifestyle. Awakened characters will start with a medium lifestyle.

Each character will be assigned basic starting equipment, as such it is not necessary (Though potentially still useful) to buy your own gear.

All characters start with a base monthly pay of 2,500 credits
Awakened characters start with a base monthly pay of 4000 credits
Characters may earn an additional 50 credits a month if they are paid in Ares Corp Script

Given that the characters in this game are considered to be 'more advanced' in their development, each character gains Charisma X2 in free contact points. These free contacts can not exceed a connection rating greater than 3. A loyalty rating higher than 3 or a connection rating more than 3 (For contacts purchased with BP) will also require justification and a good amount of background detail on just how the character came about to have such a loyal friend and/or some one who happens to be that deeply connected. The average contact shouldn't exceed a 2/5 Connection/Loyalty raiting.

In the end, keep in mind your playing cops (at least to start). You don't have to have the most stellar, squeaky clean background but you need to be some one that could plausibly have gotten to where you did. Furthermore Hackers and Riggers will be expected to be on the front line with the rest of the team. In this day and age everyone has access to signal retardant paint, area jammers and other goodies that mean that people are needed in the flesh and in the thick of things to deal with what ever challenges lay ahead. All of the standard Shadowrun Archetypes can find a role in this game, but keep in mind that as cops you'll be expected to generally at least try and take people alive. Then again, there will be times when the job is to wack the baddies before they can kill the hostages or take out that VIP. This is why the mandatory skill sets exist. Riggers may also find their roles slightly limited but worry not, you'll get drones to play with and no doubt come in real handy in those car chases that are always in the trids. Also keep in mind your character can't be too much of a freak. Your the public face of the law enforcement after all, though exceptions can be made under the right circumstances and if you can put up a strong enough argument just about anything is possible.
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Character Generation rules for KE Based games
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