Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Q-werts Chars

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PostSubject: Q-werts Chars   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:44 am

Note: Yes, it is augmentations, not argumentations. Just read over it and blame my bad english. Wink

400 BP Character - Blue (Low REA-Version)

Blue - High REA version

400 BP Character

Quote :
Name: Jens Joachim Junker
Streetname: Blue/Copycat/Macavity
Sex: male
Age: 18
Size: 1,9 m (average)
Hair: dark to light blue
Eyes: yellow, cat-pupils
Characteristics: Fur, Cat-Chim-Look

  • -Action, Running, Jumping
    -Hanging out and dancing in Clubs
    -Old Literature (best on real paper)
    -Posing/looking cool

  • -Sudden loud noises
    -Day&Sun, Soya and allergies in general
    -Violence to innocents

Quote :
Blue certainly looks like either a gene-freak or an escaped Subject of a Lab-Project trying to create an Elf-Cat-Chimera... or maybe a SURGE-Victim, it is hard to tell where such abnormal features come from these days. He is a youthly, quite musuclar looking night-elf with dark-blue fur covering all of his body, turning lighter on his chest, belly and on his head. The elf wears his light blue main hair, which also seems to grow in his neck, in a loose mohawk haircut which tends to fall into his face, causing him to stroke or shake it to the side now and then. Said face shows pretty strong influence from non-human feline genes, the mouth standing out little and only having a tiny chin. The flat nose and even the pointy furred ears show catlike influence. Mentionable were also the yellow cat eyes, overall giving a pretty catlike impression, just fitting his usual quiet, smooth (and catlike) way of moving. The rest of his body seems pretty normal, at least there is nothing remarkable (no, no tail) that could tell him from an able bodied standard-elf, if he covered face and skin.
Since there are a trideos and even one french Ad roaming the Matrix showing him jumping, twisting and running along and over walls, cars and house-fronts in different Places of Berlin(Allied German States) and Marseille(France) and him being a small Star in the still existing Freerunning- and Parkour- Scene some might remember him from the unique face.
The young elf seems to like a certain pattern of clothing: Winter-cammo, big Headphones and black gloves. Usually he will be found wearing light sporting-clothes, either jogging-shoes or military-boots, a black-white-cammo-jacket and industrial looking headphones round his neck or on his ears. Those taking a closer look might sometimes see AR-Animations running over his eyes, propably from contact lenses. Remarkable would be, that he is rarely seen without gloves. Those having watched his trideos from the net would know the reason: Gecko Hands. Apart from that there would be no visually noticeable Body- or Cyberware on him.

Quote :
2052: Free City of Hamburg:
A group of unidentified persons breake into an Aztech-lab of unknown purpose.
Blood-samples of a shootout between terrorists and haven- security dissapear.
Genetical Mother of Blue, Marie Junker, 24, is removed from the list of suspects after interrogation.

2053:Murmansk, Russia:
Death of Marie Junker on 'holiday-trip'. Cause of death: Allergy based food poisoning.

2053: Podsdam, Allied German States:
Birth of Blue by rent-mother in official, recieves official SIN.
Blue hows evident signs of genetic heritage from dead Marie and reacts allergic to soy-based food.
Adoption by Grandmother Jenny Junkers, 50.

2055: Berlin, Allied German States:
Registration for private night-kindergarden "Eulenschule"
Eulenschules notes of Blues character: selfminded, curious explorer.

2057: Berlin, Allied German States:
Registration for private school, taking night-courses

2061:Berlin, Allied German States
Moving to private boarding shool for sports, taking night-courses.

End of SURGE, from now on Blue is ofthen considered as SURGE-Victim.

Crash 2.0. No direct long-term effect on Blues live.

2089: Marseille, France:
Blue spends a year abroad, first contact with freerunning and parcour.
Embraces french nightlive where nocturnality and unusual look are responded positively to.
Shoot of first freerunning-trideos with Blue.
Grades at non-physical subjects at school sink considerably.

2070: Zürich, Swiss Confederation:
Blue recieves drastic modifications for physical improvement in local shadowclinic, payed by Jenny Junkers.

2070: Berlin, Allied German States:
Return to normal boarding school-live, grades recover slighly

2071: Berlin, Allied German States:
Graduation with average grades, departs to celebrate 18th birthday in -wherever 1st Run takes place-

Situation before 1st Run: Party over, hedache, memory loss of most what happened, does not know how came back to apartment.

At day: -1 on all
In daylight: -1 on all
Having eaten Soy-Food: -1 on all for feeling dizzy after upckucking

-35BP Race: Night One

-200BP Attributes
  • Basic (Argumented) Attribute
    4 (4) BOD
    4 (9) AGI
    5 (9) REA
    3 (7) STR
    3 (3) CHA
    3 (3) INT
    3 (3) LOG
    3 (3) WIL
    3 (3) EDG

    12 INI (=REA+INT)
    1 (3) INI-Passes
    0,325 (=6- (2,55 Bio)/2 - 4,55 Cyb) ESS

-10 BP Qualities
  • 5 Local Fame(Freerunning/Parkour)
    10 Genetic Heritage (Animal Features: Cat-Chimera-Face)
    10 Catlike

    Night One/Cats Eyes: Low Light Vision
    Night One: Keen-Eared
    Night One: Unusual Hair (Colored Fur, dark blue)

  • 10 Allergy (Mild, Soy-Food)
    5 SINner

    Night One: Allergy (Mild, Sunlight)
    Night One: Nocturnal

-76 BP Skills
  • 4 Group: Athletics
    2 Group: Stealth
    1 Automatics
    1 Perception (Hearing)
    1 Etiquette (Clubs&Bars)

- 0BP Knowledge Skills (INT+LOG):
  • Language: (Native) German
    Language: 4 English
    Language: 2 French
    Language: 1 Cityspeak
    Hobby: Clubs&Bars
    1 Berlin
    1 Marseille
    1 -wherever 1st Run takes place-
    Hobby: 3 Freerunning/Parkour
    Hobby: 1 Classic Literature
    Professional: 2 Athletic Customs

- 31 BP Contacts
Jenny Junker - Granny Knows People(who know..) (4 Contacts, 5 Loyalty)
  • Age: 68
    Race: Human
    Appearence: pretty woman in 30s, 1,70m, caucasian, slender, blond bob, blue eyes
    Behaviour: manipulative web weaver, discreet
    Likes: the bad guys, gene-therapies, looking young, influencing people, her catty-grandson
    Dislikes: law and order -people, being crossed, pro human activists, religion
    Lives in: Podsdam, Allied German States
    Job: broker for illegal contacts
    Can help with: short-time contacts for most big spawls
    Meets at: secure VR-Chatroom, backrooms of italian restaurants of Podsdam/Berlin
    Relationship: raised Blue, genetical grandmother
    Possible Problems: leaked information, treacherous contact

Max Heinrich Club Owner (3 Con, 5 Loy)
  • Age: 19
    Race: Orc
    Appearence: sportsmanlike young orc, 1,80m, afro-african, neat smoking, short hair
    Behaviour: gentle- , businessman, heartily
    Likes: high society, night clubs, business, boxing
    Dislikes: gangers, lawsuits, asian martial arts
    Lives in: -wherever 1st run takes place-
    Job: Clubowner
    Can help with: parties, dancers, rooms for negotiations, info about local syndicate, info about guests
    Meets at: own club
    Relationship: old buddy from school
    Possible Problems: difficulties with protection money, unwanted guest(s), security for private party

Darknow Black Market Trader (3 Con, 2 Loy)
  • Age: 45
    Race: Human
    Appearence: dusty businessman, 1,75m, russian, meager, grey receding hairline, dark circles around the eyes, always carrying steelcase
    Behaviour: showily, direct, evil smile, russian acent
    Likes: selling illegal gear, high margin, abandoned places, drama
    Dislikes: haggling, people being too early or late, all music but jazz
    Lives in: -sprawl of 1st run, changing local hideouts-
    Job: Black Market Trader
    Can help with: overpriced illegal gear
    Meets at: abandoned buildings with much space
    Relationship: old acquaintance of Jenny
    Possible Problems: theft of valuable shipment, abandoned building not as abandoned as should be, competetor

FuX Hacker for Hire (3 Con, 1 Loy)
  • Age: 26
    Race: Dwarf
    Appearence: none in person, blue default-cubus in VR, variating masked voices on phone, FuX as Nickname in chat
    Behaviour: inteligent, quick-talker (no accent), always tries to hack communication-partners to leave a "FuX was in here" message
    Likes: multitasking, challenging jobs, chocolate
    Dislikes: being told to 'slow down', real live, competetors
    Lives in: Tel Aviv, Israel
    Job: Hacker
    Can help with: Hacking
    Meets at: (not neccecarily secure) VR-Chatroom, instant-messaging, phone
    Relationship: know of each other existance and contact-number
    Possible Problems: imposter uses name, needs access to stand alone network, personal grudge from/against other hacker

Gilbert Roux Theater- Makeup Artist (3 Con, 1 Loy)
  • Age: 55
    Race: Human
    Appearence: 1,60m, thin, white hair, unwashed, unshaved
    Behaviour: french, theaterical, 'good old times'
    Likes: pretty women, any kind of old theater, french wine
    Dislikes: modern entertainment, impatience, teenagers and children
    Lives in: -wherever 1st run takes place-
    Job: Makeup Artist
    Can help with: impersonation, makeup, tickets
    Meets at: backstage of theater after secure phone call
    Relationship: none yet, contact number form Jenny
    Possible Problems: needs special magical perfume, life-thread to theater-friend

- 43,2BP Enhancements
  • Gecko Hands -0,1 Ess 6 Avail 12K Cost Effect: 'Glue-Hands'
    Cats Eyes -0,1 4 7,5K Low Light Vision
    Muscle Argumentation (4) -0,8 20 R(RG) 28K +4 AGI
    Muscle Toner (4) -0,8 20 R(RG) 32K +4 STR
    Sleep Regulator -0,15 8 10K 4 hours sleep/day

  • Reaction Enhancer (2) -0,6 10 R 20K +2 REA
    Internal Comlink -0,2 - 2K
    Wired Reflexes (2) -3,0 12 R 35K +2 Rea, +2 INI-Passes

  • Animal Features -0.3 10R -

-1PB: Doc Wagon (Basic)
4,8 BP left
  • Real One: Joachim Jens Junker
    Fake(1) : Elf, Hans Mustermann

  • Ares Crusader (MP) 4P Dam. - AP SA/BF Mode 40(c) Ammo 7R Avail 0,7K Cost
    FN HAR (AR, +1Laser) 6P -1 SA/BF/FA 35(c) Ammo 8R Avail 1K
    2 Licenses (4)

  • Ares Crusader 2x40(c) Gel 1x40(c) Normal
    FN HAR 1x35(c) Gel 1x35(c) Normal
    License (4)

  • Internal Comlink: Transys Avalon, Iris Orb OS (4 Response,4 Signal, 3 Firewall, 3 System)
    Contact Lenses
    1. Vison Enhancement (3)
      Image Link

    1. Audo Enhancement (3)

  • Nanoplast Disguise - Small Container
    Tag Eraser

  • Biomonitor (Arm)

  • Full Body Suit (6 Ballistic/2 Bash)
    Cammo-Jacket - Winter (5/4)
    Black, thin Leathergloves
    Light, white-grey Sportsclothing

Lifestyle (17=7k/M)
  • 3 Comfort
    4 Entertainment
    4 Necessities
    4 Neighbourhood
    3 Security

0,010K Money left


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Q-werts Chars
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