Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Khyber's Characters

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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Khyber's Characters   Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:45 pm

Street Name: Khyber

Real Name: Jonas Tall Tree
Character Type: Rigger/Weapons Specialist
Meta Type: Elf
Height: 2m
Weight: 100kg
Hair: Lt Brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 43
Nuyen: 1300

Lifestyle: Middle (1)

Bod 4
Agi 4(6)
Rea 4(6)
Str 1(3)
Cha 3
Int 4
Log 5
Wil 1
Edg 1
Essence: 1.241


Born Rich (10bp)
Biocompatibility (Cyberware) (10bp)
Linguist (5bp)

SINner (+5bp)
Records On File (+10bp) - Ares Macrotechnology (from military service)
Lost Loved One (+5bp) - Sister Lorelei
Allergy Uncommon, Moderate (+10bp) - Silver
Day Job (10 hrs/wk, 1000Y) (+5bp) - Gunsmith


Automatics (Assault Rifle) 4 (+2)
Pistols (Semi-Automatic) 4 (+2)
Blades (Knives) 3 (+2)
Armorer (Firearms) 3 (+2)
Dodge (Ranged) 2 (+2) +1 (Move-by-wire system)
Hacking (Spoof) 2 (+2)
Gymnastics 1
Palming 1
Infiltration 1
Electronic Warfare 1
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Pilot Aircraft 1
Pilot Water Craft 1
Gunnery (Ballistic) 1 (+2)
Perception 1

Electronics Group 1
Mechanics Group 1


Professional: Engineering 5
Professional: Military Procedure 4
Street: Pistols 3
Street: Megacorporate Politics 3
Street: Megacorporate Policies 3
Street: Shadowrunners 2


English N
Japanese 2 (+2 Linguist)
Sperethiel 2 (+2 Linguist)
Russian 2 (+2 Linguist)
Salish 1 (+2 Linguist)
Cantonese (+2 Linguist)

Internal Modified Transys Avalon (Resp 6, System 6, Firewall 6, Signal 6)
Programs: Decrypt 3,Sniffer 4,Spoof 6,Stealth 3,Track 3,ECCM 3,Analyze 6,Browse 3,Command 6,Edit 3,Encrypt 6,Scan 6
Autosofts: Targeting (Pistols) 3, Maneuver (Ground Vehicle) 3, Maneuver (Air Vehicle) 3, Defense 3, Clearsight 3, Electronic Warfare 3


Commlink (Used Alpha) - 0.1728 Ess
Hot Sim Module (Used Std) - 0.216 Ess
Control Rig (Used Alpha) - 0.432 Ess

Move-By-Wire System I (Used Std) - 2.16 Ess - +1 Initiative Pass, +2 reaction, +1 Dodge skill, Skillwires (Rating 2)
Muscle Replacement (Alpha) (2) - 1.44 Ess - +1 Str, +1 Agility X Rating
Internal Air Tank (Alpha) - 0.18 Ess

Eyeware (Non-Cybereye):
Image Link (Alpha) - 0.072 Ess
Smart Link (Used Alpha) - 0.0864 Ess

Major Carter Hall (Ares Macrotechnology - Security) (5/5)
Desdemona (Fixer) (2/3)
UCAS Vehicle Traders (Resource) (1/2)
Knowitall (Data Collector) (1/2)
Ares Arms Outfitters (Resource) (2/3)


1x Khyber Pass Sec600 (Modified Fichetti Security 600)
* Internal Smartgun System, Skinlink, Vision Magnification, Vision Enhance 3, Improved Range Finder, Ultrasound System
* Adv. Safety Electro-Shocker - 5P(e)
* Ammunition:
- 3 clips Regular Ammo
- 1 clip Stick-n-Shock
- 1 clip NeuroStun Rounds
- 1 clip AV Rounds
- 1 clip EX Explosive Rounds
- 1 clip Tracker Rounds (Security Tag)

7x Khyber Pass Drone600 (Modified Fichetti Security 600)
* Internal Smartgun System, Trigger Removal, Ammo Skip System
* Ammunition:
- Dutch-Loaded (Stick-n-Shock, Regular Ammo)
- 1 Spare Clip apiece, identical load

1x Khyber Pass Alpha (Modified Ares Alpha Assault Rifle)
* Skinlink, Vision Magnification, Vision Enhance 3, Improved Range Finder, Trigger Removal
* Adv. Safety Electro-Shocker - 5P(e)
* Ammunition:
- 5 clips Regular Ammo
- 1 clip AV Rounds

1x Cougar Fineblade (Long)


1x Disposable Commlink CrapCom Public Commlink
Mapsofts (1-6) Rtg 5 UCAS
Mapsofts (1-6) Rtg 5 Manhattan
1x Hidden Gun Arm Slide
Kit Automotive
Kit Hardware
30x Tracker Rounds, Security Tag (1c Fichetti)
Fake SIN (1-6) Rtg 4
Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - SUV
Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - Pistol
Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - Rifle
Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - Concealed Carry
240x Stick-n-Shock (8c Fichetti)
540x Regular Ammo (11c Fichetti, 5c Alpha)
30x EX-Explosive Rounds (1c Fichetti)
30x Capsule Rounds (1c Fichetti CS Gas)
72x AV Rounds (1c Fichetti, 1c Alpha)
6x Flash-Bang Grenade
6x Fragmentation Grenade
6x Gas Grenade
Keycard Copier
Medkit R (1-6) Rtg 5
Autopicker R (1-6) Rtg 3
Tag Eraser
- Audio Enhancement 2
- Spatial Recognizer
30x Neuro-Stun (in Capsule Rounds)
12x Spare Clips Fichetti Security 600 (30ct)
2x Spare Clips Ares Alpha Grenades (6ct)
6x Spare Clips Ares Alpha (42ct)
4x Certified Credstick
1x Combat Load Vest
7x Ammunition Pouch 2 Assault Rifle, 5 Pistol
1x Ration Pouch 3 days
1x Smart Canteen 1 liter


Rover 2068: Amenities (High), Offroad Suspension, Passenger Protection 2, Anti-theft System 2, Rigger Adaptation, Multilaunch Drone Rack, 2 x Small Landing Drone Rack, Armorer Workshop
- Autosofts: Maneuver 3
- Spoof Chip

1x Transys Steed: Satellite Communication, Gun Port (Front), Retrans Unit
- Autosofts: Maneuver 3, Defense 3
- Spoof Chip

2x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drones: External Fixed Turret (Khyber Pass Drone 600: 30c Rounds, Smartlink (Ext Top Mount), Ammo Skip System, 4P Reg/ 5S(e) Stick-N-Shock Dutch-Loaded RC2)
- Autosofts: Targeting 3 (Pistols), Maneuver 3, Clearsight 3 or Defense 3
- Spoof Chip

5x Ferret RPD-1X: Gecko Tips, Chameleon Coating, Satellite Communications
- Internal Fixed Turret (Khyber Pass Drone 600: 30c Rounds, Smartlink (Ext Top Mount), Ammo Skip System, 4P Reg/ 5S(e) Stick-N-Shock Dutch-Loaded RC2)
- Autosofts: Targeting 3 (Pistols), Maneuver 3, Clearsight 3 or Defense 3
- Improved Sensor Suite:
- Camera (Front) Vision Magnification, Low-Light Vision
- Microphone (Omni) Select Sound Filter Rating 1
- Motion Sensor (Front and Rear)
- Laser Range Finder (Front)
- Spoof Chip

5x Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly (x5): 5P Melee vs mini/micro drones, 1P +1 AP vs. other
- Autosofts: Targeting 4
- Spoof Chip


Jonas Tall Tree, or Khyber, as he's usually known, is a retired elite military non-com. He worked for twenty years for Ares Corporation, and retired honorably. He's still good friends with his former CO, who still works for the company. They often game together in the Matrix. Jonas has been shadowrunning for about a year and is doing fairly well for himself. He's not in it for the money as much as because being retired is kind of boring from his perspective. He's in peak physical condition, and running the shadows gives him a thrill he can't get anywhere else. While not quite an adrenaline junkie, he does enjoy doing what he's good at - which is essentially shooting people, and breaking things. He's a skilled armorer/engineer as well, and 'runs to be able to afford nifty toys so that he can do more and more complex jobs. He's seeking his limits, and when he finds them, he decides to see if he can push them with regular exercise.

Physically, he's not very imposing. He's about 2m tall, and wiry. He looks (and is) very fast and walks with a dangerous grace learned through long military service. He's got dirty blonde hair that might be brown, and can usually be seen wearing inconspicuous clothing under a brown duster, and a matching brown newsy cap that contains his trode net. He looks fair-to-middling for an elf.

Khyber is a very talented armorer, with exceptional skill in custom-crafting Firearms. He owns and operates a mobile gunsmithing shop between runs, and there are runner teams out there who swear by his custom work; himself included.

Khyber grew up in Salish-Shidhe Council territory, part of the Salish tribal community. His father, Robert Tall Tree, is a mid-level exec for Gaeatronics. Khyber's family moved to Seattle when he was a teenager, when his father was promoted to head a department inside the Seattle Division in Gaeatronics Mountain, Bellevue. Robert disowned Khyber when he left to work for Ares in Seattle. Khyber also has a sister, Lorelei, who went missing undermysterious circumstances after a Shiawase raid on Gaeatronics fifteen years ago, when she was twenty-two. She has not been heard from since, and her father presumes her dead, though Khyber continues to try to find leads and/or information about what happened to her.

Khyber's trademark, and Matrix icon, is a stylized double-mountain with a K and P (for Khyber Pass) inside the peaks. http://www.qblix.com/Khyber.gif
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Number of posts : 41
Age : 38
Registration date : 2011-03-21

Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Spinner   Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:34 pm

Runner: Spinner
Real Name: Tsukune Morino
Character Type: Rigger/Pilot
Meta Type: Human
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 90kg
Hair: Lt Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 28
Nuyen: 24025
Unspent Karma: 0
Spent Karma:
20 (Spent 12 May 2011 on Raising Rea from 3 to 4)

Lifestyle: Middle (1)

Bod 4
Agi 3(4)
Rea 4(8 )
Str 2(3)
Cha 2
Int 5
Log 5
Wil 3
Edg 4
Essence: 0.3
Initiative: 13


Common Sense (5bp)

Distinctive Style (+5bp) (Electric Blue cyber-eyes)
Thrill Seeker (+5bp)
Spirit Bane (Air Spirits) (+10bp)
SINner (+5bp)
Records on File (Shiawase Corporation) (+10bp)


Pilot Aircraft (Fixed Wing) 4(+2)
Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) 4(+2)
Pilot Aerospace 2
Pilot Anthroform 2
Pilot Watercraft 1
Perception 2
Pistols (Semi-Automatic) 2(+2)
Gunnery (Ballistic) 2(+2)

Mechanic (Group) 2

Electronics (Group) 2
-Data Search

Cracking (Group) 1
- Hacking
- Electronic Warfare
- Cybercombat

Infiltration 1


Academic:Engineering 3
Academic:Mathematics 3
Street:Vehicles 3
Street:Smuggling Routes 3
Street:Shadowrunners 3
Street:Combat Biking 3
Street:Supply Chain 3
Street:Underworld Hangouts 2
Street:Popular Culture 2


Japanese N
English 5

Modified Transys Avalon (Resp 6, System 6, Firewall 6, Signal 6)
Programs: Armor 3, Biofeedback Filter 3, Sniffer 3,Spoof 3,Stealth 3,Track 3,ECCM 6,Analyze 6,Browse 3,Command 6,Edit 3,Encrypt 6, Reality Filter 3, Scan 6
Autosofts: Targeting (SMG) 3, Maneuver (Ground Vehicle) 3, Maneuver (Air Vehicle) 3, Clearsight 3, Electronic Warfare 4
Accessories: Armor (6), Hardening (6), Sim Module, Skinlink, Subvocal Microphone, AR Gloves, Trode Net in Bike Helmet
Mapsoft: Greater Neo-Toyko (6)


Control Rig (Alpha): 0.4 Ess
Attention Coprocessor Rtg 3: 0.3 Ess
Orientation System: 0.2 Ess

Wired Reflexes II: 3 Ess
Reaction Enhancers Rtg 1: 0.3 Ess
Muscle Replacement (Alpha) Rtg 1: 0.8 Ess

CyberEyes: Rating 3
- Flare Compensation
- Smartlink
- Low-light Vision
- Vision Magnification
- Vision Enhancement 3
- Thermographic Vision

Jimmy "Wheelhouse" Moran Transport Fixer 4/4 - An Irishman who has wormed his way into the underworld with a reputation for moving goods from place to place discreetly.

Sakura Uesugi Girlfriend/Safehouse 5/2 - Sakura and Spinner have been going out for about three years. He'd marry her, but he hasn't got the money... yet.

Pacific Rim Auto Body
Vehicle Specialists 2/3 - Pacific Rim Auto Body does excellent customization work and can acquire just about any vehicle or parts, given the right time, and incentive.

Rei Kasamoto Shiawase middle manager 5/4 - Spinner's former lab partner at Shiawase. They dated for a while, but decided they made better friends. While they were working together, they were friendly rivals, but since Spinner's termination, Rei's star has risen without the competition he represented. With the rivalry out of the way, over the years they've become close friends. Which Sakura doesn't like, but tolerates because she's not sure who Spinner would choose between the two if given an ultimatum.

Jiro "The Sword" Masamune Go-ganger 4/2 - Jiro The Sword is a go-ganger and street samurai. An enforcer from Spinner's old gang the Imps, they became buddies when Spinner taught Jiro how to handle his bike, and Jiro is the one responsible for teaching Spinner to handle a gun. Spinner stays in contact and occasionally hires Jiro if he needs 'security' for a run.


Moocher (Custom Savalette Guardian) 5P, RC 2, AP -1, Ammo 15c
- Extended Clip
- Improved Range Finder
- Trigger Removal
- Personalized Grip
- Skinlink
- Melee Hardening

Ingram Smartgun x 5 5P, RC 2, Ammo 32(c)


Urban Explorer Jumpsuit 6/6 - Nonconductive (3), Fire Resistant (3), Chemical Protection (3)
SecureTech Vitals Protector 1/1
Bike Racing Helmet 1/2

425 Regular Ammo (7 clips Guardian (15), 10 clips Smartgun X (32c))
6x Spare Clips (Guardian)
5c SPare Clips (Ingram Smartgun X)

- Audio Enhancement 3
- Select Sound Filter
- Spatial Recognizer

Tacsoft Rtg 1

9x Spoof Chip

Tag Eraser

Medkit Rtg 5


Fake SIN 4 - Jiro Kasimura - Registered Courier
Fake License 4 - Bonded Courier's License
Fake License 4 - Pistol License
Fake License 4 - Concealed Carry Permit
Fake License 4 - Driver's License

Fake SIN 3 - Kenshin Nishima - Private Investigator
Fake License 3 - Pistol License
Fake License 3 - Concealed Carry Permit
Fake License 3 - Driver's License
Fake License 3 - Private Investigator's License

Fake SIN 4 - Kasunori Mitsubishi - Shiawase Sarariman
Fake License 4 - Driver's License


1x Yamaha Maru (Alternate brand for Horizon Doble Revolution): Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization, Smart Tires, Rigger Adaptation, Concealed Flexible Weapon Mount (Ingram Smartgun X)
- Autosofts: Targeting (SMG) 3, Maneuver 3, Clearsight 3

1x Shiawase Kanmushi: Walker (4 leg), Gecko Tips, Improved Sensor Array, Ultrawideband Radar, Ultrasound
- Ausotosfts: Clearsight 3

4x GM-Nissan Doberman: Crawler, Radiation Sensor, MAD Sensor, Gecko Tips, External Fixed Weapon Mount (Ingram Smartgun X)
- Autosofts: Targeting (SMG) 3, Clearsight 3
- Weapon Mount: External, Fixed, Remote (Ingram Smartgun X)

3x Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly: Improved Sensor Array
- Autosofts: Targeting 3, Clearsight 3, Maneuver 3

1x Transys Steed: Smart Tires, Improved Assembly Time
- Autosofts: Maneuver 3, Defense 3
- Spoof Chip


Tsukune Morino was a promising young drone engineer and test pilot for Shiawase corporation. He was fired five years ago after one of his designs blew up a research lab during testing. Disgraced, but thankfully not charged with criminal negligence, Tsukune was forcefully ejected from his comfortable corporate shell, and landed on the street. His friend and colleague Rei Kasamoto helped him scrape together enough money to get by, rather than shunning him like she should have. She was able to keep this fact private from the corp, however, and thus not be punished for it. Unable to support himself for long with the corporations blackballing him, he joined up with a local go-gang called the Imps, tuning their rides and learning the trade of gang-banging while sharing with the gang members his knowledge and skill in driving/piloting just about anything. He learned ways to smuggle things around the city, and escape routes to get away from the cops. It was during this time that he earned the moniker 'Spinner' for riding rings around everybody else.

During this time he met his girlfriend, Sakura, who pressured him to get out of the gang life, as she was worried because his gang was getting involved with more and more dangerous things. Eventually he tired of gang life, and having acquired a useful set of skills and contacts, he caved to Sakura's pressure and decided to try his hand at shadowrunning as a transport specialist. He has done so fairly successfully for a year or two, largely thanks to a partnership with Jimmy "Wheelhouse" Moran, an ex-pat Transport expert and fixer. Jimmy finds him jobs, and takes a cut, while Spinner has yet to let Jimmy down; he delivers, on time, every time. He maintains a somewhat friendly relationship with his old gang and is still good friends with his 'ganger buddy Jiro The Sword.
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Khyber's Characters
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