Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Norse Winds

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PostSubject: Norse Winds   Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:04 pm

This is an area to post our Nordic style characters.
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Number of posts : 1139
Age : 33
Location : U.S.
Registration date : 2008-12-08

Character sheet
Character Name: Priest Sarah Gaven
Race: ork
Sex: female

PostSubject: Re: Norse Winds   Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:14 pm

Taviro Skova
Male Elven (natural low-light vision)

3 4 3 2 5 4 4 5 1 5 190bp +50

magician 15bp
first impression 5bp
mentor spirit (spider) 5bp
(+2 Detection and Illusion, Will+Cha(3) to make a quick decision)

sensitive system -15bp
vindictive -10bp
aspected sorcerer -10bp

Skills 108bp
stealth group 2
influence group 3
spellcasting 5
counterspell 3
automatics (machine pistols) 2 (+2)
perception 2
dodge 2

World Religion 2
History 2
Magic Background (Norse Mythology) 1(3)
Current Events (Awakened World) 1(3)
Spell Design 3
Elven Society 2
Club Circuit 2
Black Markets 2
Corporate Politics 2
Magical Threats 1
Security Procedures (Megacorp) 1(3)

Norsk: N
English: 3

Spells 18bp (Norse Tradition drain resisted with wil+cha)
improved invisibility (illusion)
increase reflexes (health)
control thoughts (manipulation)
levitate (manipulation)
detect life extended range (detection)
manabolt (combat)

Contacts 12bp
Hacker (2/4)
black market fence (2/4)


ares pred 4 (nicknamed Vale (with upgrades it counts as a machine pistol)
extended clip (18 bullets total per clip)
large modification to fire in BF mode
personalized grip (-1 recoil)
Silencer (-4 perception)
Hidden Arm Slide

stick and shock rounds (90 rounds)
regular rounds (90 rounds)

4 extra extended clips, 18 rounds each clip, carries 2 clips of regular ammo, and 2 clips of stick and shock, and 1 clip of sticky in the gun at all times


Actioneer Business Clothes (use concealed holster to hold extra ammo)

securetech PPP system (designed to be worn under the clothes)
vitals plate (1+/1+)


2 gold Credsticks
metal restraints
commlink: Novatech Airware OS: Iris Orb
Glasses + Flare comp, Smartlink, Imagelink, and thermographic link
Subvocal Microphone
Fake SIN 4
fake license 4 (concealed carry)
middle x2
Sustaining Focus (rating 3)

400bp total

For the events occuring in <<Ultra Red>> (30bp):
+Flare Compensation
+Vision Magnification
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
autopicker rating 4
2x survival kit
survival 3
perception 2 (visual)
counterspelling 4
automatics (machine pistols) 3 (+2)
dodge 3 (ranged)


In the early morning, on a battle field long ago, a thick white mist rolled over green hills that were stained red with blood. Hundreds of ancient soldiers laid down as if asleep on this rolling field that stretched for miles. A tree line of tall evergreens dotted the far side of the battlefield, and over this battlefield flew a golden figure, her shining aura visible even to those that didn't know the deep mysticism of the Earth. She glided down to the grown, her long golden hair braided into a tail still seemed to float as her feet touched down on a small hill. With a deep sorrow, she looked out and saw the two bodies that she was looking for. Lifting off of the ground, the fog filled the gap created by the gentle breeze of her wings. She would reach down and lift two lights from the corpses that lay dead in the dirt and with a soft whisper, that only the other bodies could here "Not these two, not this day."

The eyes of a man with long white hair opened in a world filled with a bright sun shining over head. He lifted a hand to rub his head that felt unfamiliar to him, as if the hand didn't belong on his body. He looked down and saw that it was much thinner than he remembered, and his skin was much softer and paler. He pushed himself to at least sit where he was and felt his body much lighter, he looked down and saw his body was much much thinner, by at least a fifty kilos. But despite being thin he wasn't without muscle, his body reacted much faster to his thoughts, his hands almost blurring before his eyes. "I see you and your brother have finally woken up, as i knew you would." A soft spoken female voice from behind you seemed to float over your shoulder and echo softly into your ear. You look over and see a man who looks familiar to your brother, the same length of hair, and the same basic looks, but he is Huge!!. He is easily a hundred kilos heavier and a good half a meter taller than you remember the man you fought side by side with. Those horns that jutted out from his head made him look even more menacing than he was before the battle, in your new body you doubted if you could ever defeat him in training now. "Yes, Both you einherjar have changed to suit our needs, now is not the time for curiosity, but it is a time to listen."

With a snap of being brought back to reality, you spin to your feet fast enough to make you dizzy, But what is in front of you makes your world truly spin. In front of you are three women, they look normal enough, blond hair, blue eyes, and the white robes of priestesses. What is out of the ordinary is that they are roughly 3 meters tall. You've heard legends of these women, Norns. Daughters and creators of fate, they create the threads that bind humanity together at the foot of the world tree til the day of Ragnarok. "You were brought here to serve us, your fates have a knot in them and entertwine with a third person, but she is not of your time, she is far ahead in the future, in a place you will not know, but she may even seem familiar to you, if your lucky. Now go, you have one day to learn all you can of that time before your Valkyrie will take you there. The Rack over there has all the books and equipment you will need."

The three giantesses walk back to there threads and leave you and your brother alone. You look up and into his eyes, not sure of exactly what the two of you have become until he reaches forward and points at you. "Pointy Ears" Failing to stifle a laugh as he leans back and points at you still. With a grumble of anger you reach up to feel your ears. They really are pointy. You gaze daggers into your brother as he almost falls over laughing, "Pointy Head," You curse back at him. His laughter instantly stops as he rubs the top of his head, with a loud roar he rushes at you, and you quickly dodge out of the way as he runs into the evergreen behind you. Nice to be faster, i might beat him yet. But what really gets you is the rack that the norns mentioned, you look at it in glory as you reach behind you, grab one of your brothers horns and point his vision towards the rack. Filled with Books and Weapons of every kind, both of your jaws drop in excitement.

Over the next day the two of you felt no hunger and no exhaustion, must be because you are technically dead. So you studied long and hard, reading as much as you can, all of human history seems to download itself into your mind. All of the information seemed to arrive by itself in your head, the more you read, the more it seemed you already knew the information. Then a few things clicked into your head, one guns were possibly the most fun weapon of all time, and second, that the norns outfitted you with a piece of thier fate changing magic. You spent an hour testing this out, messing with your brother as you almost passed out from levitating him a foot up off the ground, but before you knew it, your time was up and it was time for the real world.

As the night finally passed to day, you awoke in a darkened room, no windows that you could see, which was fine becuase the light bothered you lately. But once you looked out your door, the world came alive. The lights, the sounds, the smells all of it felt so alive, so very different from having to deal with drunken idiots at the Hall. A beeping sound reminded you that you had a mission, the new knowledge kicked in almost on instinct, your hand reaches out and you pick up the commlink from its charger.

To: Taviro
From: Val

You've got a mission to do, meet with your brother in Denver , and get moving.

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PostSubject: Re: Norse Winds   Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:09 am

Male Troll

400BP Character


The following changes have been made for the Ultra Red Campaign:

Blades (Axes) 5(7)
Dodge (Melee) 4(6)
Infiltration (Urban) 3(5)
Shadowing (Tailing) 3(5)
Survival 3
Perception 3
430 BP Character

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Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Norse Winds   Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:58 pm

Name: Skuld Riona
Street Handle: Skuld
Metatype: Elf
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Blond (Dyed black)

Attributes: 210BP
Body: 3
Agility: 2
Reaction: 2 (4)
Strength: 1
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 5
Logic: 5
Willpower: 5

Edge: 2
Resonance: 5
Initiative: 9
Essence: 6

Submersion Rating 1:
Echo: Overclocking

Living Persona
Firewall 5
Response 5 ( 6 (7) in VR)
Signal 3
System 5

Biofeedback filter 5
VR Matrix Initiative 11 (12)
VR Matrix Initiative passes 3 (4)

Active Skills 96BP
Cracking SG : 3
Electronics SG : 3
Compiling : 3
Decompiling : 3
Perception (Visual) : 1
Dodge (Ranged Combat) : 1
Automatics : 1

Knowledge Skills:
Language Norwegian: N
Language Norsk: 6
Language English: 4
History (European): 1 (3)
Magic Background: 4
World Religion; Norse: 1 (3)
Matrix Security: 4
Data Haven (European): 2 (4)
Computer background: 3
Black Market: 2

Qualities -15BP
Lightning Reflexes (15)
Paragon (Norns) {Cyberdome} (5)
Technomancer (5)

Sensitive System (15)
Vindictive (10)
Virtual Personality (5)
Nano Intolerance (5)

Complex forms 40BP
Stealth (5)
Decrypt (3)
Attack (5)
Armor (5)
Command (5)
Exploit (5)
Browse (3)
Analyze (3)
Edit (3)
Spoof (3)

Contacts 6BP
Armorer (L:3 C:3)

Programs (5bp)
5x Agent/IC/Pilot (Rating 4) -ferret, doberman, LEBD-1-
Pilot Rating 6 - Sleipnir
Pilot Rating 4 - HK 227 X
Targeting (automatics) Rating 4 - HK 227 X
Sensor Rating 3 - HK 227 X
Firewall (Rating 6) -All-
Targeting (Missile) Rating 6: Sleipnir
5x Targeting (Weapon) Autosoft (Rating 6)-Pistol: ferret, Automatics: doberman, Sleipnir, LEBD-1-
5x Defense Autosoft (Rating 6) -ferret, doberman, LEBD-1-
3x Clearsight Autosoft (Rating 6) -ferret, doberman, sleipnir-
2x Maneuver Autosoft (Rating 6) -sleipnir-ferret-

Fake License (Rating 4)
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 2)
+ Spatial Recognizer
+Flare Compensation
+Image Link
+Thermographic Vision
Low lifestyle

HK 227 X:
-Gas Vent 3
-Smart Firing Platform
-Electronic Firing
-Camera Enhancement
- Smartlink
- Thermographic
-Heavy Barrel
-High Velocity
-1 spare clip
-60 rds Ex-explosive


3x Ferret RPD-1X
3x Weapon Mounts
3x Ares Predator IV
9x EX-Explosive Rounds (10 shots)(2 full clips per drone) - 2 rds.

GM-Nissan Doberman (Medium)
-Walker Mod
-Gecko Tips
Ares MP-LMG (external smartgun, high velocity mod)
180 rd (belt) Normal Ammo

Ford LEBD-1:
-Ares MP-LMG
-100 rd belt Ex-explosive ammo

Spider (heavily modified Kanmushi):
-Narcojet Injector
-Microwire Winch

Sleipnir (odin's horse)
Rover 2068
armor rating of 18
Camera Neutralizing R6
Ultrawideband Radar R4
Camera (included)
+Low Light
Camera (included)
+Low Light
Radio Signal Scanner R6
MAD Scanner R3
Directional Microphone (Internal)

Vehicle Modifications
Rigger Cocoon (Basic)
Gridlink (included)
Gridlink Override
Morphing License Plate
Spoofing Chip
Multlaunch Rack
2 x Drone Rack Small (medium drone)
Satellite Communication
Camera (internal, this is a vehicle mod not a sensor)
+Low Light
Weapon Mount (Ballista Missile Launcher) (top)
WM (Ares MP-LMG (external smartgun, high velocity) (left side)
WM (Ares MP-LMG (external smartgun, high velocity) (right side)
40x explosive (10 rounds; 400 rounds; 200 rd belts per lmg)
3 x High Explosive Rockets Rating 3

Armor Vest
Securetech PPP forearm
Securetech PPP shin guards

OS : Vector Xim
Commlink : Meta Link
Subvocal Microphone

Skuld grew up in from a small town in Norway. She was a worshiper of the old gods, and her mother had been the local Seidhe ( a shamanistic form of magic ) worker. Skuld was enthralled by the practice of magic, and wished to learn it from her mother, but never showed any magical ability. She beseeched all the gods to grant her magic, so that she may follow in her mother's footsteps, but received no answer. No god, from great Odin to devious Loki would give any sign in answer to her pleas. Skuld excelled in school however, and loved computers. She would spend hours at a time in the matrix, looking up anything that caught her interest. Lore was her love, the more arcane and archaic the better. The vast repository of mankind's long history and knowledge that was the matrix was open to her, and she made great use of it. She would read through any data she could find... even that information which she was not legally entitled to would find its way to her eager eyes. She was a hacker by heart, and her favorite pieces of information were those she had to wrest from the stores of those institutions who horded it like misers with their gold.
That's what she was doing during the Second Crash.
She found herself trapped in the matrix as it came down around her. She blacked out, her world spiraling down into points of lights, like a thousand stars. Her sight returned slowly, and as it did she saw a trio of women appear, their hair like liquid sunlight, their skins like liquid silver. They were clad in gowns that ran with alpha-numerals, as if the individual threads were made up of the raw data of the 'trix itself. Skuld was terrified of the three, for she knew them as the Norns, the guardians of fate.
"My name-sake," said one of the three. "You've looked for us for so long, searched for what we have to give with such fervor. Do not fear now that you have found us." Refusing to be seen as a coward, Skuld steeled herself and spoke the three.
"What would you have of your daughter?"
"We have singled you out of the weave of time and fate, young Skuld. Your thread is intertwined with those of two others. They shall be your brothers, and they shall have traveled far to find you. You will meet them in the New World, Erikson's new found land. You will know when to go to them, for we shall guide you child. When you do, you shall be their guide in this benighted century. Until that day, grow strong."
Skuld awakened to find the song of the matrix flowing around her. She had found her magic, though it was not as she imagined. She could speak to the souls of machines. Her seidhe effected the digital matter of the matrix, her scryings peered into the databases of the world. Beyond this, she found she had memories of life not her own. In the eye of her memory she could see great clashes of men in iron armor and broad swords, dragon-headed ships that slid through the ocean like great wooden sharks, and hear the beautiful and fierce words of these people. A past life, for certain. Whether it had been hers, she could not say.
She would spend her time preparing, before her brothers needed her. The shadows are not so thick in Scandinavia as perhaps they were on the Continent, but she found those who braved the world beneath the corps, and learned from them how to survive on her own terms, how to live a life of freedom and theft and blood.
The day finally came, when she heard the call to come to her brothers. As if from a great distance she heard their names, and knew where she would meet them. She stretched out in the matrix took what she needed. She left for the city of Seattle.
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Norse Winds
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