Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Ore Sanjou!

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PostSubject: Ore Sanjou!   Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:57 pm

Hey what up people recently found this site cause i cant get enough shadowrunning Razz. Been running for barely a year so im a newbie SR4 guy with a small band of friends were still learning the game and were still running here and there here is my chummers atm.

Dreamer:Elf,Technomaner,Pacifist (ugh Razz) Hes an otaku kinda quiet (barely can get a sentence out of him most of the time) and hate hurting people unless its for self defence (my toon think hes in the wrong branch of work to think like that) Hes the team only hacker (wich means if he dosent want to do our runs we have to do it old fashion and no matrix back up style )

Helm:Ork, Fighter Adept, The guy is a bit crazy carries himself around in heavy armor and a sniper plus a big sword all the time ( even when meeting a Mr Jonhson in a High class restaurant) I can undestand why hes like that tho his sensei is a mean lady that trains him harshly..like to tie him up in his underwear and full burst him with gel rounds if he has fail her standards in some ways (actually i think shes just in S&M and is taking it on the poor guy) He run a Chop Shop with a couple of his contact.

Cahoro(prolly spelled that wrong):Human,Shaman,Apache,Wolf Mentor Spirit,Cool guy hes a bit wild but he like a good scrap looks after his friends alot
can get real aggresive in a fight he makes a pefect support/offense with the heavy hitters of our team..tho hes got an habit of biting more then he can chew.

Bash:Troll,Enforcer,(My best buddy) This guys is a walking wall and a monster in combat but real friendly (also incredably lucky on his dice he survived a 240 km crash in a brick wall got out of the car and light up a cigar,also took a full auto with adps round in the face not only survived but managed to knockout the guy who shot him despite his wounds penality) We pretty much consider him now as nearly unkillable...hes runing with the Italian mafia.

Blood Rose:Elf Gunslinger Adept,(dosent know when to shut it) a new addition to our team good shooter but talks too much trying to fit in a bit too much in the team so we pair her with Dreamer hoping to balance em out.

Knight Rider:(Me!) Human Smuggler,i got a car thats worthy of James Bond and drive it even better then him...him the smooth guy of the group (kinda like a face) I know how to talk or shoot my way almost out of anything (wich is good since ,most people on my team are more shoot first then ask questions never)Im also good at sneaking into places unseen me and Bash are refered too as Han and Chewie alot

Well thats my team i hope ill have alot of fun here as well cant wait to start running with you guys and having alot of fun Razz
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Ore Sanjou!
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