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 Benhatt's characters

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PostSubject: Benhatt's characters   Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:51 pm

Street Name: Suits / Cuts (Defunct)

Real Name: Edward Shipley
Alias/Fake SINs: Edward Friday (rating 4)
Jeff Bailey (rating 4)
Walter Neff (rating 4)
Charlie "Doghouse" Riley (rating 4)
Character Type: Face/Former Go-Ganger
Physical Description:
Hair: Dirty blond/cut short, side-part/lots of product
Eyes: Unnaturally blue
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 70 kg
Age: 22
Distinguishing features: light scar runs from just above his right eye to his jaw, good smile, always dresses like a 40’s pulp character – suits/ties/fedoras/suspenders. Smokes, uses a Zippo. Wears a St. Anthony medal (saint of things that are lost) around his neck. Under his clothing he has a tattoo in his upper arm of a spade (glows green), his whole back has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary with her arms held out looking welcoming, under which are the names of his gang mates who died in the Vory attack. The names glow red.

Lifestyle: High (3 months prepaid) as Walter Neff - Sonohomish
Low (3 months prepaid) as Edward Friday - Everett
Low (3 months prepaid) as Jeff Bailey - Redmond

Bod 3
Agi 4
Rea 3 (4)
Str 2
Cha 5
Int 4
Log 3
Wil 3
Edg 2
Essence: 2.8


Trustworthy (Con +1) : -5
School of Hard Knocks: -5
First Impression: -5
Photographic Memory: - 10

Distinct Style (40’s Pulp Dress/Speech): +5
Prejudiced (Outspoken/Russians): +10
Flashbacks (to the slaughter of his gang): Uncommon +5
Phobia: Autophobia (Fear of being alone) Mild: +5
Addiction: Mild (Sleeping Pills) :+5


Stealth Skill Group 3
- Disguise
- Infiltration
- Palming
- Shadowing
Influence Skill Group 3
- Con (+1 from trustworthy)
- Etiquette
- Leadership
- Negotiation
Electronics Skill Group 2
- Computer
- Data Search
- Hardware
- Software
Auto Mechanic 1
Blades (Knives) 3 (5)
Dodge 1
Perception 3
Pilot Groundcraft (Bikes) 2 (4)
Pistols 2
Unarmed Combat 3


Interest: Pulp Novels/Film Noir 3
Interest: Catholicism 2
Professional: Security Designs 3
Street: Seattle Street Gangs 5
Street: Security Companies 2
Street: Street Rumors 3
Street: Runner Hangouts 3
Street: Runner Teams 3
Street: Underworld Politics 2


English N
Japanese (from soft) 3
Cantonese (from soft) 3
Spanish (from soft) 3
German (from soft) 3
Arabic (from soft) 3

Internal Fairlight Caliban + novatech navi + subvocal mic (Response 4, Signal 5, Firewall 6, System 4)
Programs: Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4, Encrypt 2, Mona Lisa 4, Lip Reader 4, CarnivoreGold 4, Empathy software 3 w/ cybereyes (didn't know where else to put it)

Renraku Sensei + Iris Orb (w/ Flashpack modification)
Programs: Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 3


Commlink (Fairlight Caliban) - .2 Essence
Datajack - .1 Essence

Wired Reflexes 1 - 2 Essence
Tailored Pheromones Rating - .4 Essence

Eyeware (Basic Cybereyes 2): . 3 Essence
- Vision Enhancement rating 2
- Vision Magnification
- Low-Light Vision

Earware (Basic Cyberears 1) .3 Essence
- Audio Enhancement rating 2
- Spatial Recognizer


Yamaha Pulsar (taser) and quick draw holster
- 10 "clips" Regular Ammo

Rancor Sting (hold-out pistol)
- Hidden Arm Slide
- 5 spare clips of flechette

Berretta 200st (Light pistol)
- Concealable holster
- 10 clips of regular ammo
- 5 clips of stick-n-shock ammo

Morrissey Alta (Heavy Pistol)
-Concealable holster
- 10 clops of regular ammo
- 5 clips of stick-n-shock - ammo

5x Ceramic Blades
2x Cougar Fineblade - short
2x Vibroblade
Hardliner Gloves
Shock Gloves

Fake SIN – Edward Friday rating 4
Fake SIN – Jeff Baily rating 4
Fake SIN – Walter Neff rating 4
Fake SIN – Charles “Doghouse” Rilley rating 4
2x License – Ceramic Knives (ownership) rating 4 (Edward/Jeff)
2x License – Cougar Blades (ownership) rating 4 (Edward/Jeff)
2x License – Vibro Blades (ownership) rating 4 (Edward/Jeff)
2x License – Shock gloves (ownership) rating 4 (Edward/Jeff)
2x License - Sting (ownership/conceal and carry) rating4 (Edward/Jeff)
2x License – Berrettaa 200st (ownership/conceal and carry) rating 4 (Edward/Jeff)
2x License – Morrissey Alta (ownership/conceal and carry) rating 4 (Edward/Jeff)
2x Mortimer of London Suit Jacket (40’s style, one black, one light grey)
2x Mortimer of London Dinner Jacket (40’s style, one black, one white)
2x Mortimer of London Trousers (40’s style, one black, one light grey)
2x Mortimer of London Shirt (button up, french cuff, one white, one light blue)
Armor Vest
Camouflage Suit
Docwagon Contract – gold
maglock sequencer rating 4,
maglock passkey rating 4
10x Laes cigarettes, 10x Scent masking cigarettes
2x Expendable Direction Jammers rating 3
Linguasofts Rating 3 (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic)
Slap Patches (2x Trauma, 10x stim patches rating 3)
Tag Eraser


Fuels Hernandez (gang member - bloody moutain boys) 5/3
Fisher (Taxi Driver) 3/3
Robin Red Breast (Street Shaman/Bartender) 4/2
The Leprechaun (Gnome Fixer) 2/3
Johnny Three Legs (Rockabilly musician/Hacker) 2/2
Officer Whit Sterling (KE Beat Cop) 1/1
Amelia Kostitch (Saeder-Krupp Wageslave - HR) - 1/1

Alvin “Fuels” Hernandez - Gang Member. Fuels and Edward were in the Spades together. After they were wiped out by the Vory, Fuels found protection in the Bloody Mountain Boys in Redmond. He is now a mid-level lieutenant (or whatever they are called) with them. Still calls Edward “Cuts.”

Fisher - Taxi Driver. Late 40’s, human, soft spot for Edward (an obviously messed up kid). When Edward wants to get around for an evening, he calls Fisher and pays the man well for his services.

Robin Red Redbreast - Street Shaman/Bartender. Ex-girlfriend. The two have a love/hate relationship. They sort of hate each other but can’t let the other one out of their lives. Robin tends bar at a dive in Everett, does ritual magic and enchanting on the side.

The Leprechaun - Fixer. Gnome Fixer who operates out of a diner in Everett.

Johnny Three Legs - Musician/Hacker. His band regularly plays Robin’s bar although they have been growing more popular and landing gigs in Touristville. When is not playing electronic stand-up bass, J3L does hacking for a price. Has a mild addiction to BTLs.

Officer Jack Stevens – Beat Cop. Newbie beat cop for Knight Errant. Works Sonohomish and knows Edward by his Walter Neff alias. This is a relatively new contact that Edward is working to improve.

Amelia Kostitch - Edward's new squeeze. He picked her up at a bar in "Touristville" under his Doghouse Riley SIN. She has a thing for bad boys. Still in the early stages, Edward sees their relationship as a means to get more contacts in the corporate world. Poor Amelia.


Edward Shipley was just another poor kid born in the Redmond Barrens and probably would have stayed that way if a series of unfortunate twists had not moved him into the shadow life. His father was never in the picture and his mother, a devote Catholic, was a Stuffer Shack employee who worked hard to make ends meet. She died of particularly gruesome para-virus when Edward was nine and for a while he spent time living on the streets. Edward would most likely have starved to death if the 206th Street Spades, a small fourth-tier go-gang that had carved out a few blocks in Northeast Redmond, hadn’t taken him in. Over the next six years Edward (or Cuts as he was called because of his fondness for knives) ran with the Spades, mostly selling BTL chips and charging “tolls” for passage through the neighborhood, although he noticed he had a natural at conning people. It was also at this time that Edward was introduced to old pulp novels/noir trids as the gang’s leader, Unleaded Phil, was a huge fan of the genre.

When Edward was fifteen, Unleaded Phil was “removed” as head of the Spades and replaced by Nails Boyle. Not content with a few blocks worth of turf, Nails decided that the Spades needed to up their influence. Unfortunately, Nails thought his bite was as big as his bark. He was proven dead wrong when stepping on the wrong toes of some Vory members. The result was swift and decisive, in one attack the Spades were crushed under the Russian mafia’s boots. Edward, having lost an eye, and a buddy Alvin “Fuels” Hernandez managed to make it out of the slaughter. While Fuels moved gangs, Edward knew he had to get out of Redmond.

Edward started squatting in Everett/Sonohomish, barely making a living by running small cons (whatever the 2060s version of “the shell game” is) and stealing. However, he was plagued by flashbacks of the Vory attack and started using sleeping pills to get to sleep. Again Edward’s natural skills caught the attention of someone - Becker, a retired conman/face. Becker helped Edward learn the more refined ways of being a Face in the world of the shadows i.e. hearing rumors, different types of etiquette, where to find back alley cyberdocs, etc.

It was during this time, that Edward started adopting the mannerisms and dress of a pulp character. A psychologist would probably say that Edward, now going by the last name Friday, had created this persona to deal with the trauma he had experienced in his life but Edward is no psychologist. In times of great stress, the façade will slip and Edward will go back to sounding like a go-ganger from Redmond.

In 2070, runners, settling an old score, killed Becker and Edward was left a small chunk of money. Edward used the funds to set up his various IDs and lifestyles as well as get decently augmented (he replaced both eyes but kept the scar). Since Becker’s death, Edward has developed a mild case of Autophobia, a fear of being alone. He spends his nights out and about, moving and shaking, picking up women or crashing at acquaintances’ places, so that he won’t have to be by himself at any time. When he does spend nights alone, he’ll do it at his High Lifestyle apartment, which he keeps under the name Walter Neff. He never brings people to this place.

Edward Friday has a lot of repressed issues, but he is not dealing with them any time soon. Right now he is content to make a living working the shadows.

Street Name: Ozidan

Name: Uinseann o Domhnail
Alias: Vincent Cassidy (Rating 4)
Michael Lister (Rating 2)
Nickname: Ozidan
Race: Elf (30 BP)
Sex: Male
Nationality: Caucasian
Birthday: 09/13/2032
Lifestyle: Low – one month prepaid
Physical Description:
Hair: Black (natural), buzzed and bleached (current)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 2m
Weight: 77 kg
Age: 40

Bod 3
Agi 4 (6)
Rea 4 (5)
Str 3
Cha 4
Int 4
Log 4
Wil 4
Edg 2
Essence: 2.3


Guts (5)
Outdoorsman (10)
Catlike (5)

Martial Arts: Carromeleg: (10 +2 on surprise test when initiating an attack)

Wanted (Tir Tairngire Army) (10)
Dependent: Daughter: Brooklyn Cassidy (Real Name: Bebhionn o Domhnail)(10)
Big Regret (Killed his buddy) (5)
Scorched (5)
Flashback: (Night he killed his buddy) Trigger: People begging for mercy, outdoors, nighttime (5)


Athletics Skill Group 2
- Climbing
- Gymnastics
- Running
- Swimming

Outdoors Skill Group 3 (paid for 2, +1 from quality)
- Navigation
- Survival
- Tracking

Longarms (Sniping) 4 (6)
Pistols 1
Automatics 1
First Aid (Combat Wounds) 1 (3)
Unarmed Combat 3
Perception (Visual) 4 (6)
Infiltration 4
Dodge 1
Armorer (Firearms) 1 (3)
Etiquette 1
Negotiation 1


Knowledge: American History 2
Professional: Military Tactics (Tir) 3 (5)
Professional: Military Organization (Tir) 3 (5)
Professional: Sniper Positioning 3
Professional: Firearm Design 4
Professional: Firearm Quality 3


Sprerethiel N
English 3
Salish Dialects 2

Novatech Airware + Iris Orb and subvocal mic (Response 3, Signal 3, Firewall 5, System 3)
Programs: Analyze 3, Browse 2, Command 1, Edit, 2


Datajack - .1 Essence

Wired Reflexes 1 - 2 Essence
Muscle Toner 2 - .4 Essence

Earware (Basic Cyberears 2)
- Audio Enhance 2
- Spatial Recognizer
- Damper

Eyeware (Basic Cybereyes 3)
- Vision Enhancement 2
- Vision Magnification
- Low-Light Vision
- Flare Compensation
- Smartlink
- Thermographic Vision
- Protective Cover


Yamaha Pulsar (taser)
- 10x clips of ammo

Ares Desert Strike (sniper rifle)
- top mounted external smartgun
- bipod
- silencer
- 10x clips regular ammo
- 10x clips stick-n-shock ammo

Walther Secura (heavy pistol)
- internal smartlink
- silencer
- concealable holster
- 10x clips regular ammo
- 10x clips stick-n-shock ammo

Defiance T-50 (short version)
-internal smartlink
-10x regular
-10x stick-n-shock

Survival Knife


Fake SIN – Vincent Cassidy rating 4
Fake SIN – Michael Lisster rating 2
Fake License – Walther Secura rating 3
Fake License – Walther Secura – conceal and carry rating 3
Fake License – Defiance T-50 – rating 3
Fake License – Defiance T-50 – conceal and carry - rating 3
Armor Vest
Camouflage suit w/ rating 3 thermal dampening
Lined Coat
Medkit Rating 4
2x medkit supplies
2x Trauma patch
5x Antidote patch rating 4
5x stimulant patch rating 4
5x tranq patch rating 5
Tag Eraser
2x Gecko Tape gloves
Respirator rating 4
10x Lightstick
Grapple gun
Catalyst stick
200m of stealth rope
Climbing gear
Smart pouch combat load vest
- 2x ammo pouch heavy pistol
- 2x ammo pouch sniper rifle


Kane Kennedy - Brother-in-law 6/4
Lisa Ward - Auto Mechanic/Neighbor 2/1

Kane Kennedy – Elf- Vincent’s brother-in-law. Kane Kennedy (real name Cathan Liadan) was one of the first political dissidents against the Council of Princes. Not a naturally violent man, Cathan became more and more radical as time went on. Eventually his actions caught the attention of the Tir government and he fled to Seattle. There his natural charisma earned him a spot in the Laes. He moved up pretty quickly and now is one of the mover and shakers in the organization. Kane helped smuggle Vincent into Seattle and while he wants his brother-in-law to come work for the organization he is not going to push him. He sees Vincent’s decision to try his hand at Running as the first step.

Lisa Ward – Human - Lisa is Vincent’s neighbor in their lower end apartment complex in Everett. She has a hard edge of someone who has had to fight for everything. She works at a local garage and sometimes babysits for Brooklyn. Is starting to have doubts that Vincent is who he says he is.


All Uinseann o Domhnail ever wanted to do was server Tir Tairngire as best he could. Originally his strong will and natural intelligence had him tracked to become a military decker, but a teenage experience with a bad BTL chip left him extremely susceptible to Black IC attacks. Undaunted Uinseann joined the Tir military, high test scores and psych evaluations making him an excellent candidate for the sniper program. Uinseann served on the Tir/California border for years taking part in the guerilla fighting that continues in the disputed zone.

During this time he would meet two people that would affect his life in vastly different ways: Pádraig Cleirchín, his partner, and Aibhlinn Liadan, his wife. Uinseann and Padraig were fast friends in training and spent years spotting for each other, saving each other’s lives on numerous occasions. Aibhlinn was an army decker whose family name had fallen into some status after it was revealed that her brother was a anti-government radical. Uinseann did not care, it was love at first sight and the two were married. In 2062 the two had a daughter, Bebhionn o Domhnail.

Things would change dramatically in 2064 with the Matrix Crash 2.0 when Aibhlinn lost her life trying to fight the Winternight computer worm. Not wanting to be so far away from his daughter, Uinseann transfers to the Tir/ Salish-Sidhe border patrol and lived most of the time in Portland. Following in his friend’s footsteps, Padraig transfers as well. Rifts would start to form in their friendship following disbanding of the Council of Princes when Padraig starts taking a hard “elves only” line of prejudice as well as a BTL habit.

One night on patrol, Uinseann and Padraig stumbled across two Salish teens who inadvertently crossed into Tir lands. Padraig, going through BTL, withdrawal binds the teens and intimidates them. What happened next, not even Uinseann is shure. Padraig drew his firearm and started waving it at the teens. Deciding enough was enough; Uinseann went to disarm his friend. The two struggled and the gun went off, Padraig dying in his Uinseann’s arms. Not knowing what to, he abandoned his post, made it home, gathered his daughter and a few belongings and fled. He managed to make contact with his brother-in-law, now a member to the Laes, who smuggled him into Seattle. Recently he has seen the money he brought with him dwindle and so he is taking his talents to the Shadows.

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PostSubject: Re: Benhatt's characters   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:44 pm

Name: Jasmine Newman
Alias: Kayla Santiago (Rating 4)
Nickname: Saint J
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Nationality: Hispanic/African-American
Birthday: 06/7/2045
Lifestyle: Low – Three months prepaid
Physical Description:
Hair: Black, kept short and choppy/spiky.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.67 m
Weight: 61.25 KG
Age: 27

Attribute (230 Bp)

Body 3
Agility 3 (4)
Reaction 4 (5)
Strength 3
Charisma 2
Intuition 4
Logic 5
Willpower 4
Edge 3
Essence 2.9


College Education (5)
Linguist (5)
Bilingual (5)
Analytical Mind (5)

Sinner (5)
Lost Loved One (Missing younger sister – Martha Newman) (5)
Day job (Doc Wagon): Part time (10)
Records on File (Doc Wagon) (10)
Compulsive: Clean Freak (5)

Active Skills (BP)

Biotech Skill Group 4
- Cybertechnology
- First Aid
- Medicine
Electronics Skill Group 2
- Computer
- Data Search
- Hardware
- Software
Cracking 1
- Cybercombat
- Electronic Warfare
- Hacking
Influence Skill Group 1
- Con
- Etiquette
- Leadership
- Negotiation
Chemistry 2
Clubs 2
Dodge 3
Infiltration 2
Perception 3
Pilot Ground Craft 2
Pistols 2
Running 1
Unarmed Combat 2

Knowledge Skills

Academic: Anatomy 4
Academic: Physiology 4
Academic: Biochemistry 4
Academic: Pharmacology 4
Academic: Pathology 4
Professional: Cybernetic Developments 2
Professional: Docwagon Procedures 3

Language Skills
English N
Spanish N
Japanese 6
Cantonese 6
Or’zer 2

Transys Avalon + Iris Orb + Firewall/System Upgrade (Response 4, Signal 4, Firewall 6, System 6)
Programs: Singularity Seeker (Browse 5 (Crashguard), Browse Agent (Pilot 3 + Browse 3), Analyze 4, Edit 3, Command 2,


Datajack - .1 Essence
Olfactory Booster 3 - .4 Essence

Cyber-Eyes 2 - .3 Essence
- Low-Light Vision
- Smartlink
- Thermographic

Wired Reflexes 1 - 2 Essence
Muscle Toner 1 - .4 Essence


Defiance Protector (Taser)
- 5x “clips” of Taser darts
- concealable holster
- laser sight
- gecko grip

Fichetti Security 600 (Light Pistol)
- 3x clips of stick-n-shock
- 3x clips of gel
- 2x clips of regular
- internal smartlink
- concealable holster

Salvette Guardian
- 3x clips off stick-n-shock
- 3x clips of gel
- 2x clips of regular
- Internal smartlink
- Concealable holster

Stun Baton
5x Flash-packs

Fake SIN – Kayla Santiago – Rating 4
Fake License – Drivers – Kayla– Rating 4
Fake License – Stun Baton (ownership and conceal and carry) – Kayla – Rating 4
Fake License – Fichetti Security 600 (ownership and conceal and carry) – Kayla – Rating 4
Fake License – Salvette Guardian (ownership and conceal and carry)
Armor Vest w/ nonconductivity rating 4
Lined Coat w/ chemical protection, fire resistance rating 4, insulation rating 4
Second Skin
Science Kit – Chemistry
Tag Eraser
Rating 6 respirator
Medkit Rating 6
5x Medkit refills
DocWagon Basic
5x Trauma Patches
10x Stimulant patches rating 6
10x antidote patches rating 6
10x Tranq patches rating 10

Julia “Tangent” McAdams – Private Investigator 3/3
Daichi Oonishi – Doc Wagon Driver/Partner 2/2
GuitarSword – Fixer 1/3

Tangent – Private Investigator - Tangent is a no nonsense Ex-Pat PI who moved to Neo-Tokoyo from Denver in the early '60s. She runs a small firm in Downtown catering specifically to missing person cases. When Jazmine moved to Japan, her Seattle PI put her in contact with Tangent. Tangent took a liking to the medic and the two have become friendly acquaintances. Tangent is not cheap and occasionally Jazmine has traded medical services for her continued work.

Daichi Oonishi - Doc Wagon employee - Oonishi is Jazmine's current partner. The first few weeks were tough, Oonishi is a pretty no nonsense type of guy and wasn't thrilled working with an American with very little knowledge of Japanese culture. After a particularly rough patient pick-up a month and a half in, the two have come to respect each other on a professional level at least.

GuitarSword- Fixer - GuitarSword is a heavily cybered, former Razorboy turned Fixer. His extensive modifications have left him with a few snapped synapses but his intel is good and when he is all together he can get some pretty decent jobs going. He is particularly obsessed with turn of century Japanese punk - taking his name and dress from the band GuitarWolf. Jazmine met him through Tangent.


This is the story of two sisters – Jazmine and Martha Newman – two sisters who were total opposites of each other (hey, things don’t change that much sixty years). Jazmine, the older by five years, was every parent’s dream: smart, incredibly studious, athletic, wanted to be a doctor, while Martha (or Marty as she was going by in her teens) was rebellious, running in the wrong crowds, keeping her parents awake at night. By the time Jazmine was a freshmen at University of Washington(majoring in pre-med with a minor in computers), she was telling everyone that she was an only child. It is an odd paradox, Jazmine would go out of her way for her future patients, but couldn’t care less about her own sister.

Jazmine excelled in all of her classes, gaining numerous praises and official recognitions by her professors. Jazmine stayed pretty much on the straight and narrow, although during a cutting loose phase during her Sophomore year she did fall in with a group of hackers who taught her some basics of working the now wireless Matrix. This of course was just a phase and by graduation she was back on the straight and narrow.

During med-school she again performed spectacularly. However during her preclinical and clinical studies, she couldn’t help but feel that she was serving the wrong group. She didn’t want to just help rich wageslaves, she wanted to help people who really needed it, get people out of trouble. So, much to the dismay of her parents and professors, upon completing her course work, Jazmine did not start a residency at a prestigious hospital. Instead she signed up to work as DocWagon driver/EMT. Here she helped people of the street and felt that controlled rush of letting her very repressed wild side out. She played as hard as she worked, but most of all she saved lives.

Things would change one night in mid-2071. Marty called her upset, apparently in big trouble. She owed someone big time (it wasn't money as far as Jazmine could tell) and needed help. Jazmine caught up in her own life and having little love lost for her sister, said she couldn’t help. That conversation was that last would Jazmine would have with sister, as a day later Marty disappeared. Overcome with guilt, Jazmine started devoting time and money to finding her sister. After three months of paying a Private Investigator, Jazmine received her first break. A SeaTac security camera photo of her sister, escorted by two large men, boarding a plane to Neo-Tokyo. What was odd was other than that one stil all other footage and records about who was on the flight had been erased. Computer glitch the airport called it, happens some time. Jazmine immediately requested transfer to DocWagon's Neo-Tokyo branch and used most of her savings for the move. She has been in Japan for six months, she lives in a low rent area of the city, using the few contacts she has made, a little money left to try and to pick up a trail that is very cold.
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Benhatt's characters
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