Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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PostSubject: TaintedAproximation's Runners   Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:59 pm

Name: Alexander Rafe
Alias: Wraith
Race: Human


-Welcome to Ares Unified Computer system-
-open File: Alex.R.-
-Full Name: Alexander Charles Rafe-
-Codename: Specter-
-Known Alias: Wraith-
-Family: None (orphaned)-
-Friends: None-
-Physical Profile:
distinctive features- four inch scar on right for arm, heavy body scarring due to physical augmentation
known cyber implants- Eyes
-Psyche profile:
Known Sociopath, Suspected Egotist, Possible extreme mental breakdown. Subject exhibits extreme anti-social tendencies. Proven to be an asset best used on singular missions. Subject is known for sharp instincts, level head and cold, detached demeanor however exhibits nearly psychotic violent outbursts in combat scenarios. Motivation is to fund his lifestyle, shoot people, and become renowned for his abilities. He has been shown to have a utilitarian outlook on almost everything to include people. Alex believes everything aside from himself, his rifle and his motorcycle to be expendable. Supervisor's Note: He'd just as quickly kill you as look at you.
-Historical profile:
Raised, UCAS Former USA territory: MAINE. Raised by military extremist in the wilderness. Trained for combat at an early age. Settlement raided by Ares forces and destroyed due to suspected equipment thievery. 18 year old Alex captured by Ares at this time. Trained for Security and Mercenary work for the Ares Corporation. Completed 45 assignments by the age of 20 mostly assassination. Left Ares employ forcibly at age of 21. Current whereabouts Unknown. Search still in progress.-
-Aptitude Analysis:
Shown to have great skill with long ranged firearms. Known to use elaborate traps and explosions to lead targets in to kill shot radius. Also shown to be an efficient covert operative although not to be used for undercover work. Best mission load: Assassination, Personnel Evacuation (willing and forceful), Item retrieval, Demolitions. With support: Alexander would be a valuable asset to most missions requiring any type of force.-
-Threat Level: Extremely Dangerous. Avoid if possible-
-end of file-

Alright, I thought it would be fun to do a partial character biography in the form of a megacorp profile. I will however go in to a little more detail here about his character down here.

Alexander is the kind of runner you either love or hate to work with. He's professional, if more than a bit gruff. He's smart, capable and amoral. He's the kind of guy who likes a plan and likes it to be stuck to. However there is very little room for mucking around in Alexander's world. He's honest and blunt. He tells it like it is all the time regardless about how you feel about it. If that hurts your feelings he'd rather you leave him alone or you'd be invited to suck start his pistol, forcibly.

One of the main reasons he prefers to not be associated with many people is his taste for work that is a bit more on the dirty side. Alexander frowns heavily on dry work. He's a purebred killer. He's the type that wouldn't use a disguise to slip past a guard when he could just shoot him and hide the body. It's not that he's in love with killing, it's just that he sees it as the most efficient means to an end. Why waste all your time with messing around and find a convoluted path when you could quietly take out one or two people and walk right in.

Another reason thus far that he hasn't been running with a team is his vision of everyone being expendable. It's not that he hasn't worked with people effectively before so much as it's that he hasn't ever found anyone useful enough to not be tossed away. On the other hand even if he did find you useful he would never be friends with you. It would be in awfully poor taste to make friends with someone you may have to shoot later. His is the dark, twisted mind that fits right in to the intrigue and subversion of the shadow world. It's a kill or be killed world out there and he fully intends to be the first one to do the killing and on top of that be so good at it that people just stop even trying him.

Despite all of that though he has been known to show extreme creativity and more then a little frivolity in dealing with targets. Sometimes simply sitting on a roof and waiting for a target to enter your sights isn't enough for him. He considers himself to be a study of the nature of man(or what have you) and enjoys leading people around in circles and playing mind games with his target. Sometimes he'll warn his target about his forth coming attack or even temporarily switch sides to make things more interesting for himself, a true master of the double and triple cross. This course of action however is secondary to his strictly professional nature. If at any time Alexander suspected that he wasn't 100% capable of completing his mission he would devise a new plan and go with that, no matter how dull.
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