Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Djembefola Jeli

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PostSubject: Djembefola Jeli   Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:02 pm

What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis? Jembawhowhatnow?

I had the inspiration to create a mystic adept bard, the classical jack-of-all-trades of RPGs, but I wanted to give it a twist: Instead of the classic lute or earlier SR edition's "Rocker" archetype's electric guitar, I wanted to have him play the djembe. Thanks to the wonderful land known as Wikipedia, I embarked on a terrifically long and winding journey through the culture of West Africa. Here are some of the more relevant links:
Djembe - A hand drum originating in West Africa
Griot - French translation of traditional jeli
Traditional African Religion
The Mandinka People - The Mandinka are a branch of the Mande people, and their blacksmith class, known as the Numu, are credited with the creation of the Djembe
To save you the trouble of the wiki quest, I will try to summarize the concept: Jeli, the bards of West Africa, are responsible for passing down the oral tradition of their tribe, and serve their warrior-emperor, village chief, tribal elder, etc. They also perform the musical rituals sacred to their people. In traditional African religion, a drummer plays a rhythmic beat, differing between the various deities, traditions, or purposes of the rituals, to summon spirits to possess those dancing in the ritual. These dancers enter a trance state much like that seen in Vodou. While the jeli are not necessarily associated with religious rituals like these, I have lumped them together for background purposes. I also gathered some links from the Dumpshock Wiki about Africa in the Sixth World:
The Asante Nation - Encompasses our nation of Mali, home of the Mandinka
Libya - Wasteland home of the Desert Wars until 2060
As for the character, I want to make a young jeli Mystic Adept whose jatigi (aristocracy) was killed by Desert Wars soldiers as revenge for a fatal accident caused by the PC's Awakening: Possessed by a spirit of Fire, he unleashed a Screech spell (Sound Bolt) and killed one of their members.
His magical tradition would likely be a possession tradition like Vodou, but instead of having a spirit mount oneself, the summoner would have them possess other mundane metahumans. My character has a Sorcery Aspect, so the spirit side of the tradition won't have to be described in-depth too much, unless the GM requests it. I would probably just make it like Vodou but with Air spirits for combat (because there are no Sound spirits) and INT drain.
But anyway, here's the statistical rundown:

Metatype: Ork [20]

Attributes: [140+40]
INT 5 (6)

Positive Qualities: [25+2]
Mystic Adept
The Artist's Way
Martial Arts (Something African that provides +1 Gymnastics Dodge dice) 1
+Focus Will Maneuver
Negative Qualities: [-35]
Aspected Magician (Sorceror)
Distinctive Style 2 (Barefoot, African Dress)
Geas (Barefoot)
Spirit Bane (Fire)

Skill Groups: [50]
Athletics Group 2
Outdoors Group 2
Electronics Group 1

Active Skills: [82]
Artisan 4 (Hand Drums) (6)
Spellcasting 4
Perception 3
First Aid 2
Infiltration 2
Negotiation 2
Exotic Melee Weapon - Djembe 2
Etiquette 1

Knowledge Skills: 21 Free [0]
Mandinka N
Arabic (Read/Write) 1
Twi-Fani (Read/Write) 1
Or'Zet (Speak) 1
Music (West African hand drums) 3
History (History of the Mandinka) 2
Magical Traditions 2
Magical Theory 2
Underworld (Human Smuggling/Trafficking) 2
Youth Hostels 1

Powers: 2 PP
Enthralling Performance (Artisan), Way Power, Barefoot Geas
Improved Non-Combat Ability (Artisan) 2, Way Power, Barefoot Geas
Creative Eye 1
Mystic Armor 1
Elemental Resistance (Fire)
Pain Resistance 1

Spells: [24]
Screech (Bolt)
Sonic Boom (Ball of Sound)
Increase Reflexes*
Improved Invisibility*
Gecko Crawl*
Coals* (Turns ground supa hot, based on Ice Sheet - need some help designing this)

Resources: [30+8]
Bound Power Focus 2
Bound Combat Spellcasting Focus 3
Bound Health Sustaining Focus 3
(Gear to be decided)

Contacts: [14]
Smuggler 4/2
Talismonger/Fixer 3/3
Tsuzuki Enthusiast 1/1

Total: 400 BP

tl;dr African mysadept bard, decent drain, low skill pool, future face potential, RP heavy, playable in several situations including combat and legwork.

Hopefully I can refine him after some constructive criticism, and then I will release him unto the Sixth World. I have most of his background already plotted in my head.

Also, if you were GMing, would you allow this character to keep a magical lodge that is a tent that can fold up into a rucksack/large duffel bag? If so, would you limit the force?
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PostSubject: Re: Djembefola Jeli   Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:39 pm

As a GM I wouldn't allow a transportable lodge, unless the rules specifically state that is do able. From what I rember of the rules the lodge gets it's power from it is connection to a spot. I could be wrong. As for your new spell that is easy, do you want it to cause damage or just create unstable footing like Ice Sheet? If you want it to create unstable footing then That is just a rp adjustment. For damage it will increase the drain, ectera.
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Djembefola Jeli
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