Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Jimmy's Characters

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James Bravo


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PostSubject: Jimmy's Characters   Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:51 am


Name: James Bravo
Metatype: Human
Affiliation: Lonestar
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern/American British
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 lbs

Attributes: Spoiler:
Body 3
reaction 4
agility 3
strength 3
logic 4
intuition 4
willpower 3
charisma 3

esscence 6:
Extra Attributes: BPSpoiler:
+1Edge: 5
Magic: 4
Qualities: BPSpoiler:
Positive: BP

( thaumaturgy liscence, , bounty hunter, liscence to kill ,,legal permits (security) status 2, , deal with documents +2.)

Negative: -
(Sim sense vertigo negative)
day job
servitude (lonestar)
company man
Groups: BP
Group skill:
stealth 2 firearm 3 close combat 2
sorcery 4 piolot 2 outdoors 2
Active abilities
perception 4 intimidate 3 dodge 2
Conspiracies 4
lonestar police procedures 4
street knowledge 4
magic lore 4
forensics 4
Storekeeping 2
cleaning 2
native English
city speak
Heal: decrease attribute

physical illusion

analyze truth
combat sense
detect enemies
detect individual
detect object
mind probe

mob control
physical barrier

stun ball

cybercomm link
reaction enhancer
stun baton
pistol and ammo
handcuffs and keys

Lifestyle: medium
partner: connection3 loyalty 6
snitch: connection 4 loyalty 3
judge: connection 5 loyalty 4

Background:Spoiler: Parents: Khalisad (Khal) and Irene Bravo. His father was a storekeeper and his mother was a teacher for a number of years but retired and helped his father with the shop and home schooled them for part of their education. He and his brother learned the value of discipline and hard work, working afterschool at the shop. His grandparents lived in the wilderness area and he remembers a few fishing and hunting trips when he was a little kid, he learned to track from him. He and his brother grew up in a descent home, their parents worked hard to provide. Mobsters would try and intimidate the shopkeepers, but his father also knew how to use a gun and knew that fear is divisive, he made an effort to get to know his neighbors, they shared their joys and suffering and stood up to the criminals eventually driving them from their neighborhood. His older brother Revinald Bravo (Revvie) was inspired by their Father’s fearlessness and example and joined up with LoneStar and became a living PR asset. In addition to being brave and fit, he also happened to be charismatic and handsome and fit nicely with what LoneStar was looking for as a poster boy. James wasn’t the only one Revvie probably inspired to sign up, he was a household name. And he was still his brother too. He was his hero, other than their Father. He wanted to be like him someday. His brother took down a crime cartel with his partner’s help. He also busted his share of shadowrunners. Then one night it happened. A shadowrunner, an elf, with a distinctive scar, killed him. But there was more to it. He had been working a case night and day, and he had been getting close, perhaps too close. Jame’s adolescent mind started putting together links intuitively, the more he researched online and talked to people. It hit his parents hard. They sold the shop and moved down to a nice place to retire, they keep in touch, but the death changed them on some level. He found out one holiday they had been trying to get pregnant for sometime, Revvie was their miracle baby. James was a welcome addition too. This judge Ianna McPherson he used to deliver groceries for when she was in law school and didn’t have time to shop. They watched each other’s progress as they moved into their prospective fields and advanced keeping in touch. He decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps but with his eyes wide open, aware of the conspiracies out there. He was careful on the psych exams to answer in a way that wouldn’t disqualify himself. Mostly though his last name opened some doors, brother of the late great Revvie Bravo and all.. He went through the Academy and started his career as a lonestar security officer. His last name was a blessing and a curse, as it opened doors but also raised expectations. He strove to meet and exceed them. Still he remembered the lessons he learned about right and wrong from his Father. There was a case, he remembers to this day, where there was a guy who was scared, doing what he did because he had to, not really hurting anyone, and he used his discretion and let him go, since then his kindness has benefited him as the guy insists he owes him and will let him know the 411 on the streets to this day, his own snitch. He and his partner well…when his partner, second one he ever had, the first an old beat cop who taught him the ropes, retired. His current partner and he have been through thick and thin, rising through the ranks together, having each other’s back. When Charlie Wingman his partner, and boy did he get some teasing about his name, had some marriage trouble, he let him stay at his place. He’s been best man at three of the four of his marriages, the first occurring before they met. The last one might actually stick. Marita seems to have what it takes to keep the knucklehead in line. They’ve actually taken shots for each other, and have an easy reporte, they can often understand things without needing to talk. But they also have talked for hours into the night, they really are best friend. He comforted Charlie when he lost his father to cancer, and celebrated with him when one of his kids won the virtual little league tournament. He has mixed feelings about becoming a shadowrunner. He’s making sure he doesn’t cross the line, but he could use the money if he wants to ever get a wife and kid, and he has to admit, sometimes they know more about what’s really going on. If he wants to really find out whose responsible for his brother’s death and the real reason for it, he has to be willing to get his hands a little dirty in the process, but not do anything to shame his family. He has a familiar relationship with the judge, she’s willing to help him out when he needs it as he helped her when she was starting out. She’s a bit older than him but not terribly so. He has some trouble getting close to people he doesn’t know but trusts his partner, he’s earned it.James Bravo has served on the police force, LoneStar for a number of years. His older brother was in it, and he died in the line of duty, and he was his hero so he signed up too. The more he saw, the more it made him paranoid, that more was going on than meets the eye. He became a shadow runner for a few reasons. To supplicate his income with some additional work, bounty hunting, security guarding, he makes sure to be legal..etc. To get in on the secret, he thinks either they are part of the conspiracy or are more likely to gain knowledge of it in their out of the box ways. Sometimes in order to bring in the bad guy, you may need to work outside the normal system, the bad guys aren't following the rules, sometimes you have to step outside your normal m.o. to get them. He and his partner have been through thick and thin and have each others backs.
He knows a judge who can get his warrants and is favorable towards him and he has a snitch on the streets who he used his discretion on letting him go on something he could have been a dick about.
His parents are elderly now and live in a condo. He has a medium lifestyle himself by choice. It's better to save up and live modestly, attracts less attention. He'd like to meet a woman and have a kid or so someday but it's hard having a social life. The mission takes precedence. He likes having magic but knows the trade off is some of the bad guys have it too. He at once respects and fears the law, ambivalent towards authority, as he works for them but suspects them too. But more he suspects the corporations and the elves, let's not forget the elves, everyone knows they are part of a global conquest conspiracy. Of course this means he should endeavor to get to know them and find out more. Maybe he can stop it and the other conspiracies, knowledge is power after all.


What is the character's name? James Bravo
What is the characters race Human (Arabic/British; nationality American, age 29, sex male, height 6'2", weight 190 lbs, hair color black, eye color Hazel, and skin color/tone looks like a permanent tan, and build? muscular

Where did your character learn his/her skills?
from his father and brother, LoneStar

What did your character do before becoming a Shadowrunner?
Lonestar police, still does
Where was your character born? Feel free to include any other places he/she may have lived.
Texas, San Antonio
Does your character have any family? If not, why. (Do they know where you are? Do they care? Etc)
Yes, his parents live in Florida. Yeah. brother is deceased
What are your characters dreams/goals/aspirations?
find the runner who killed his brother and who is really responsible. Uncover the truth behind the conspiracies, catch bad guys, make money and eventually find a good woman and have kids.
What is the characters general appearance? (How do they stand? How do they dress? Are they attractive? Do they try to look intimidating or casual?)
Generally proffesional, on the streets he can blend in if need be.
Why did they choose to be a runner?
Make some extra money, find the truth, catch the killer of his brother.
What is the characters personality? (This is apart from just basic psyche. Are you an idealist, radical, pessimist, militant, aloof etc?)
He looked up to his brother and does to his father, he learned to stand up for those who cannot, is justice oriented, sees beyond the surface, looks for hidden connections, suspicious, prideful.
What skills does your character bring to this group? What makes them special? (Aside from whatever skills you have written down, is there anything else your character does well?)
He's good at seeing hidden connections, he has law enforcement connections, he's good at fighting and police work. He has magic.
What are some things your character cannot do? (Get close to people, work well with others, handle money, think clearly under stress etc.)
Trust comes hard to him other than his partner and family and those who prove themselves over time. He doesn't let things go easily that are meaningful for him, but he can be mericful when needed.
What does your character hate and why? (corps? Elves? dragons?) that Shadowrunner with the scar who killed his brother, the conspiracy lords, the superficial.
What does your character love? Justice, his country, Lonestar, his family.

What does your character respect? Compentancy, justice, patriotism, honor and truth.

How was your character educated? Home school, public school, Police Academy

What is your characters moral code?
Justice tempered by mercy when they are actually sorry and it didn't hurt much. Honorable in his own way. Usually tells the truth and speaks up for the downtrodden.
Does your character have any political beliefs? Religious?
believes in Humanity, has some Islamic background in there but not strongly, ancestor worship. He respects politicians who look out for their people.
What item(s) does your character treasure? (This is beyond monetary value. It could be a lucky coin, photograph, sock etc.)
Picture of his family growing up.
Tell me at least one thing I (as the GM) should know about your character.
He is trying to balance things, getting into the runner world, but staying legal.
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Jimmy's Characters
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