Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Liandra Frost AKA Nailz

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PostSubject: Liandra Frost AKA Nailz   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:59 am

Edit: 10-12-11 Updated character per Karmagen rules
Edit: 10-13-11 Spending 17 more KP present said I had.
Edit: 10-13-11 Adding marble and cabbie contact

This character was made specifically for "On the Verge of War" using the modified character creation rules listed there.

Name: Liandra Frost
Handle: Nailz
Race: Elf
Age: 17

Liandra was abandoned as an infant in the barrens but she was taken in by a kindly old dwarf who people only know as Pops. See Pops is an old dwarf who owns a garage in the barrens. He is so old that he wasn't born a dwarf and remembers a time before magic, and he’s had his garage since before the awakening. And in the stubborn way of dwarves, he refuses to move: his garage is here, it has always been here so this is where he will stay. Of course working for suburbanites 70 years ago is a lot different than doing some tune ups for some go gangers and hoping they will pay you this time. Anyway Pops Found baby Liandra and for whatever reason decided to raise her. So she was raised working on cars and hanging out with go gangers.

She likes to tell people that the name Nailz is because she is "Tough as..." if you can believe it from a young, skinny, elf girl. It really came from an ex boyfriend of her's. She would spend all day working with Pops in his shop and as a result she would have grimy hands and her ex didn't like that. She would go to give him a hug and he would tell her to wash her hands and clean under the nails, eventually he would just say "nails." Unfortunately he did it one too many times around his go ganger friends and the name stuck. They broke up after she beat him in a bike race using her new control rig.

Liandra has it in her head, and actually believes that Lance Brigand is her father. Which is fine except Lance Brigand doesn't actually exist, he is an underground pop culture figure with a matrix based graphic novel and a few sims made about him. Liandra has read them all, seen them all, and studied them all. To her Lance Exists and some day he is going to find her and teach her all his secrets. Most people have learned to just let her keep her dream, she can get violent when people try to crush her dream (then Pops charges them more). She recently found an old Camaro that she said is Lance's signature car and has been spending a lot of time fixing it up. She is choosing to follow in her "father's" footsteps and become a smuggler herself. She knows all the best smuggler routes, the different border patrol tactics, and the best ways in and out of the plex. Unfortunately all her knowledge came from the Lance Brigand series so what she really knows isn't much. One thing she does have going for her is that she is a damn fine driver.

Nailz is a thin waif of an elf. Growing up in the barrens and being constantly malnourished has really taken its toll on her. She only stands about 5'5" and only tips the scales at about 100 pounds (soaking wet and with a tool belt on). She has short cut dark red hair that she always keeps tied back so it doesn't get in her face when she is working. Her cargo pants and wife beater (ribbed tank top if you aren't familiar with the term), are covered in grease stains. Despite growing up in the barrens she has always had a surreal happy life, she smiles a lot and goofs around and has fun. She never really learned how to fight because she has never had to, the go gangers have always looked at her as like a pet or mascot and protected her. She is pretty ignorant and quite naive of the world away from Pops Garage.

Nailz (Liandra Frost) 300 BP
Race: Elf (30 BP)
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 100 lbs
Archtype: Smuggler/Vehicle Rigger
Starting Resources: 102,500 (41 KP)< added 5 more points

Body: 3 [25 kp]
Agility: 4 [40 kp]
Reaction: 2 [10 kp]
Strength: 1 [0 kp]
Charisma: 4 [20 kp]
Intuition: 5 [70 kp]
Logic: 3 [25 kp]
Willpower: 3 [25 kp]
Edge: 2 [10 Kp]
Essense: 4.9

dodge 3 [14 kp]
Etiguette (Street +2) 3 [16 kp]
Electronic Warfare 3 [14 kp]
Electronics (Group) 2 [20 kp]
Gunnery 2 [8 kp]
Mechanic (Group) 2 [20 kp]
Navigation 2 [8 kp]
Negotiation (baraining +2) 4 [24 kp]
Perception 3 [14 kp]
Pilot groundcraft (car +2) 4 [24 kp]
Pilot aircraft 3 [8 kp] ---increase by 1 [6kp]
Pilot Anthroform 2 [8 kp]
Pistols 2 [8 kp]

Auto mechanics 4 [11 kp]
Border Patrol Tactics 2 [4 kp]
Engineering 4 [7 kp] ---increased by 1 [4kp]
Smuggling routes 3 [7 kp]
Seattle Go-Gangs 2 [4 kp]
Lance Brigand 4 [11 kp]
English N
Spanish 2 [4 kp]
Hindi 1 [2 Kp] ---added

pops L-5, C-1 [12 KP]
Mantis L-1, C-2 [6 KP]
Havier L-1, C-2 [6 KP]
Talon L-1, C-1 [4 KP] <-Added
Steven Dancingbear L-1, C-3 [8 KP]
James McFinn L-1, C-3 [8 KP]
Cabbie L-1, C-1

Positive Qualities:
School of hard knocks [0]
Aptitude (pilot groundcraft) [20 kp]
Gearhead (car) [20 kp]
Jury Rigger [20 kp]
More that metahuman [10 kp]

Negative Qualities:
Moderate Allergy uncommon seafood [-20 kp]
Phobia, uncommon mild: unusually large bugs [-10 kp]
Compulsive (sreet Racer) [-10 kp] will not turn down any challenge (real or imagined) to prove her piloting skills
Lost Loved One (Lance Brigand) [0 KP]

Cyberware Avail Cybr Ess. Nuyen
Control Rig 8 0.5 10,000
Datajack 0 0.1 500
Cyber eyes (2) 4 0.3 750
Image Link - -- (included)
Eye Recorder - -- (Included)
Smartlink 8 [3] 1,000
LowLight [2] 750
Thermographic [2] 1,000
Flare Comp [1] 750
Hot Sim Module 12 0.2 5,000
Cyberware total costs 1.1 19,750

Erika Elite (Response 3 Signal 4) 2500
Isis Orb OS (firewall 3, System 3) 1000
Pro User Suite (Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4) 600
Scan 3: (common use program Rating x 50) 150
Biofeedback Filter 3 (hack program Rx500): 1500
Encrypt 3: (common use) 150
ECCM 3: (Hack Program) 1500
Stealth: 3: (Hack Program) 1500

Autosofts (avil: rating x 2, cost: rating x 500)Clearsight 3: 1500 x2
Defense 3: 1500 x2
Electronic Warfare 3: 1500 x2
Maneuver (aircraft) 3: 1500 x2
Maneuver (Ground Craft) 3: 1500 x2
Maneuver (Anthroform) 3: 1500 x2
Targeting (Assault Rifle) 3: 1500 x2
Matrix gear total cost: 29,900

6500 Suzuki Mirage
2500 +Rigger adaption
1500 +Rigger Cocoon
14000 Mercury Comet
2500 +Rigger adaption
3000 GM-Nisan Doberman (image link + Smartlink + 525)
4500 Ford LEBD-1 (image link + Smartlink + 525)
300 Yamaha Pular (smart linked)
500 100 darts
500 Ruger Super Warhawk (smart linked)
350 70 Explosive rounds
2000 2x AK-97 Smartlinked (mounted on drones)
1000 500 rounds reg ammo
900 Armor Jacket 8/6
100 Helmet
600 Micro-Tansceiver Rating 3
5000 Ground Vehicle Shop
500 Ground Vehicle Kit
100 Glasses Rating 4
300 + Vision Enhance Rating 3
100 + Vision Mag
600 Rating 6 medkit

added these 10-13-11
electonics shop (500)
Chisel (20)
Mono chainsaw (300)
miniwelder (250)
wireclippers (25)
Containment Manicles (200)
100m standard rope (50)
100m microwire (50)
flare lancher & 10 flares (300)
magnesium torch x 10 (200)

Marble received from the former prince of Neptune (or a bum, not quite sure)

Total Gear Cost: 50,295

Total nuyen spent: 87,200

2000 Low lifestyle 1 month

Mantis is a member of the spiders and he is more than a little bit insane. He dresses only in green motocross leathers and his helmet has been designed to make him look like a praying mantis.
He comes to Pops for upgrades to his bike. Nailz is scared of him, he creeps her out, but he is willing to send jobs her way so she tolerates him as much as she can.
Mantis is a young human, to young to have been a victim of the universal brotherhood like many of the other members of the Spiders. He joined the spiders after a run in a while back with an insect shaman, they saved his life. He joined and after he was ‘shown the truth’ his mind fractured a little bit. He doesn’t remember his life before the initiation. His mannerisms are on the twitchy side like someone with tourettes.

Havier is a fixer who is in the process of building his reputation. He and Pops go back some time. only through alot of begging and pleading has he agreed to hook Nailz up with some work. He is good friends with Pops and sees Liandra as family and doesn't want to see her get hurt but he also knows that as strong willed as she is (a side affect of being raised by a dwarf) she will find another fixer, and that fixer may not have her best interest in mind.

(this next part is taken from awakenedmmo.com)
1 – Havier Mendoza (fixer)

Race – Spanish/Aztlan norm

Background – Havier is a ojb fixer and a smuggler, born in Tenochtitlan, He is widely connected with Yukatan Peninsula rebel faction. In his youth he loved pirate/adventure sim series “Carribean Korsairs”, which is reflected in his manner of speech and dress

History – Havier was born in poor family living in Tenochtitlan, when he was nine, his family got an opportunity to move to a farm in Yukatan Peninsula (given by Azzie resettlement program due to increasing rebel activity in the region). When the rebellion finally broke lose, his parents tried to stay out of the conflict, until Havier mother (Maria) was shot accidentally by Azzie Jaguar grunt during a random raid (by which the Azzies tried to intimidate local population). After this incident Juan (H.’s father), joined rebel guerillas, followed shortly by his son. After few years of partisan fight in jungles, Havier and few of his comrades had stolen a fishing barge, and took a run to Amazonia for supplies, which gave him a new and brilliant idea – he became a pirate, like he always wanted. Havier undertook a series of lucrative “board and loot” operation on Azzie cargo vessels near Panama, and soon became pro smuggler on Seattle-Bahia Anazco route (trough Panama channel or other means like T-bird runs). Soon his ship “The Duckess” (theoretically it was supposed to be “The Duchess”, but the painter was beetle junkie, and the name just stayed), became daily sight in Tacoma harbour. Now Havier works as a fixer in Sea/Tac metroplex port district, earning cash for supplies, weapons and mercenaries then smuggled to Yucatan Guerilla Front.

Goals – Gaining enough nuyens to send another shipment (obviously), also establishing booby BTL’s to Aztechnology workers (civilian or not – when junked they MAY inflict accidental damage in Azzie operations before fired so for him it’s a win-win situation), also often hires runners by himself to setup hit and run gigs against Aztechnology factories.

Motivation – Supporting YGF in every way possible, do bad thing to Azzies, and if possible end up rich and fat in Yucatan power structures when (if) uprising succeeds.

Way of speak – Always trying to act, speak, and generally behave like a genuine pirate from late 18 century, Havier talks a LOT, especially about his fantastic and dangerous journeys (outright lies, he never speaks of his REAL endeavors, just in case). He keeps using seaman jargon supplemented with Spanish words when the mood strikes his fancy. Also he insist on being called Captain Havier, or Captain Mendoza, and gets angry at every sign of disobeying this rule by runners. Havier fluently speaks Spanish, English, Japanese and Russian.

Quotes – “Yar, ahoy there mate! Care to join an ol’ sea wolf for a jug of ye fine ol’ rum?” “Fifteen amigos on a deadmans chest! Yer de ugliest land rat oi ever saw pobrecito! Yer Momma thrown ya of the burt when she saw first time. Eh?” “Buenos dias, I am CAPTAIN Havier Mendoza, and a good amigo of mine needs yer help. He heard yer a good mast monkey, and what he want is bengo high, comprende?”

Manners/Dress – Haviers way of work confuses most folks – jovial, cheerfull, quickly going from joy to anger, he seem eccentric or even outright mad, and his rarely seen without a bottle of Jamaican rum somewhere near him he seems the last person to deal with. But when it comes to money, or someone offends him he becames deadly serious rapidly, losing his pose (but not Spanish accent). Havier will go a long walk to avoid combat situation, which doesn’t mean he cant handle himself in a firefight or melee.

Havier dresses like a 18th century pirate – literally. Always wearing captains hat, buffed jacked and wide seaman pants, with Ares Predator and a cutlass on his belt.

Talong is a completely stereotypical elven go-ganger, he things he is hot -Drek- and gods gift to women. He is the guy who ended up giving Nailz her nickname. He still has a bit of a sore spot from when she kicked his but in a race. Their romantic relationship disolved after that but they have managed to maintain a friendship and healthy rivalry since then. When the gang needs some help with something nailz is the first person that Talon turns to.

Steven Dancingbear
Steven is a friggin' huge bear of a man. a bear shaman and the point of contact for the first nations. He recently met Nails when she showed up for an audition for drivers in her old beat up comet (every panel a different color, some duct tape here and there, large patches of bondo). All the other drivers and diggers there just about laughed her out of the audition. They weren't laughing when she took a close 3rd place at the end, even the two who beat her looked at her with a new level of respecft after that. She didn't get the job but Steven has her name on record with the tage "alot of potential."

Jimmy McFinn
Jimmy is a middle aged human looking ork who has been recriuting for the Crimson Crush since he was about 15. he is very calm and friendly...just dont piss him off because he has a level of rage that would renew peoples fear in the orks and trolls. Nailz sought him out after the audition with the First Nation, Jimmy basically brushed her off with her claims that she was one of the best drivers in the area. He was about to completely forget about her but as she was leaving the meet she said "Well at least Dancingbear saw my potential." Jimmy knows she isd playing both sides of the fence and that was the things that earned his respect. He told Nailz that he would be in touch.

Took a cabbie for a spin in his cab, he gave me his number.

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Liandra Frost AKA Nailz
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