Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Jagger's Runners

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PostSubject: Jagger's Runners   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:09 pm

"'nough said"
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Number of posts : 1148
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PostSubject: Dakota Jones   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:18 pm

Dakota Jones
Tomb Raider
Human (0 BP)

Body 3
Agility 3
Reaction 4 (6)
Strength 2
Charisma 3
Intuition 4
Logic 5
Willpower 4
Edge 2
Essence 3.5
Initiative 8 (10), Passes 1
Condition: Physical 10, Stun 10

Climbing 2
Blades 2
Dodge 2
Electronics Group 2
Etiquette 2 (+2 Smugglers)
Exotic Melee Weapon: Whip 2
Infiltration 2
Navigation 2
Negotiation 2 (+2 Bargaining)
Perception 3
Pilot Groundcraft 2
Pistols 3
Survival 2

KNOWLEDGE (27 Free Points)
Ancient History 3
Archaeological Mysteries 3
Artifact Lore: 3
Border Patrol Tactics: 3
Hieroglyphics: 3
Smuggler Hangouts: 4

English: N
French: 2
German: 2
Japanese: 2
Spanish: 2

Qualities (15 BP)
Analytical Mind (5 BP)
Black Market Pipeline: Lefty (10 BP)
Trustworthy: Negotiations (5 BP)
Poor Self Control: Thrill Seeker (+5 BP)

Gear (85,000¥) (17 BP)
Armor Jacket
Fake Gun License (R 4, HK Urban Fighter)
Fake SIN (R 3)
Flashlight w/Normal, Low-Light and Infrared modes
Full-Body Form-Fitted Armor
Gecko-Tape Gear
Grapple Gun w/Climbing Gear, Rappelling Gloves and 200m of Standard Rope
Keycard Copier (R 4)
5 Lightsticks
Maglock Passkey&Sequencer (R 4 each)
Medkit (R 6)
2-Person Dome Tent
20 Standard RFID Tags
Survival Kit
Wire Cutters

Aluminum Bone Lacing (+2 Body vs Damage, +1 Impact)
Cybereyes (R 3) w/Enhancement 2, Low-Light, Smartlink, and Thermographic
Reaction Enhancers (R 2)

Commlink: Matrix Condition 10
Hermes Ikon Commlink (Response 4 Signal 3)
+ Customized Interface
+ Directional Antenna R6
+ Personality Software (Max Headnode)
+ Skinlink
+ Subvocal Microphone
Iris Orb OS (Firewall 3 System 3)
+ Pocket Hacker Program Package
+ Optimization (Analyze)
+ Homeground Autosoft R3
+ Adaptability Autosoft R3
+ Basic+ Program Package
+ Encryption 3

HK Urban Fighter w/Concealable Shoulder Holster and 5 clips Standard Rounds
Leather Whip
Survival Knife

Lefty (Fence: Connection 4/Loyalty 3)
Fast Eddie (Fixer: Connection 3/Loyalty 3)
Jeeves (Museum Curator: Connection 3/Loyalty 2)
Trixter (Hacker Connection 3/Loyalty 3)

Low Lifestyle (1 month)
Starting Cred 1,100¥

Dakota's parents knew early on that their only son was not destined to be like the other kids around the small, rural town of White's City, New Mexico. Instead of racking up high-scores on the tired video games down at the Burger Barn or hoverboarding past the shop-fronts along Main Street, Dakota could most often be found - if found at all - exploring the foothills and valleys that were the beginnings of the Rocky Mountains; especially the caverns. Since his first encounter with the 'realm of underground' quite by accident - a baseball had disappeared down what was first thought to be nothing but a gopher hole, but had turned out to be several hundred yards of rocky caverns after some initial digging - Dakota embarked upon what was to become his lifelong romance with all things buried underground or forgotten in ancient ruins. But although he would gladly have devoted all his time to the physical exploration of the underworld, he lacked the same devotion to furthering the knowledge base of archaeology in the interests of university scholars or society at large. Dakota cared only to explore solely for the sheer delight of personal discovery, which expanded into personal financial gain as he grew older and learned he could turn a sizeable buck selling artifacts on the black market.
Now, at 25, though mostly unknown among the popular 'diggers' and archaeologists, Dakota Jones still finds adventure running the shadows below.

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Number of posts : 1148
Age : 56
Registration date : 2008-12-22

PostSubject: Re: Jagger's Runners   Wed May 30, 2012 11:29 am

Dark Elf Adept Hand-to-Hand/Stealth

Body 3
Agility 6
Reaction 4 (7)
Strength 3
Charisma 3
Intuition 4
Logic 3
Willpower 4
Magic 6
Edge 2
Essence 6
Initiative 8 (11), Passes 1 (4)
CM: Physical 10, Stun 10

Automatics: SMGs 4 (6)
Perception: Visual 3 (5)
Infiltration: Urban 5 (7)
Unarmed Combat: Martial Arts 5 (7)

Anatomy: Pressure Points 3 (5)
CorpSec Tactics 3
Elven Martial Arts Techniques 3
Runner Politics 3
Urban Combat Tactics 4
English N
Japanese 2
Sperethiel 2

Warrior Adept 5
Carromeleg 10; +2 die on Surprise Tests when initiating an attack
Mild Allergy: Sunlight -10

Critical Strike 4
Elemental Strike: Blast
Improved Reflexes 3
Killing Hands

Armored Clothing (street clothes)
Form-Fit Full-bodysuit 6/2
+Camouflage System 2
SecureTech PPP Helmet +0/+1
SecureTech PPP Forearm Guards +0/+1
SecureTech PPP Shin Guards +0/+1
SecureTech PPP Vitals Protector +1/+1
R4 Fake SIN: Gabriel Galadrel, low-level elven martial arts instructor
R4 Maglock Passkey

Erika Elite Commlink 3/3
+Iris Orb OS 3/3
Programs: Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 3, Edit 3
+R6 NeoTokyo Mapsoft
R3 Contact Lenses
+Enhancement 3
+Image Link
R2 Headset
+Audio Enhancement 3
+Select Sound Filter 2
+Subvocal Microphone

Urban Combat SMG; DV 5P, SA/BF/FA, RC (1), 28/clip, 8R, 800¥
+ 4 clips Standard Rounds
2 Shock Gloves; DV 5S(e), Damage resisted with half Impact
Unarmed 2P (6P w/Critical Strike)

Kasumi Ashida (Fixer) C3/L3
Chen Wuyo (Gang Lieutenant) C3/L3

Natural Low-Light Vision

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PostSubject: Re: Jagger's Runners   

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Jagger's Runners
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