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 Hondo 2.0 Ork Mercenary

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PostSubject: Hondo 2.0 Ork Mercenary   Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:12 pm

Just finished remaking "Hondo" an orkish ex-UCAS turned mercenary runner. Initially set up at a higher BP level for a homeruled run, now leveled at 400 BP. Im interested in the community's opinion and welcome any optimization advice. One thing I know I did not include was fake licenses. Which items would I need them for? Are my numbers correct? Also, for story reasons, his charisma is raised due to his background. He is well versed in military procedures and since he did some muscle work for Ares, he also had to develop a professional personality. I will be including Etiquette and Con activesofts to accomplish this, since an ork brute isnt necessarily the most social of creatures.

Streetname: Hondo
Name: Hondo
Race: Ork (-20 BP)
Type: "Mercenary" [Combat Specialist]

Attributes [190 BP]:
Body 5 [+3 dmg resistance from bone lacing and toughness]
Agility 5
Reaction 4 [6 from wired reflexes]
Strength 4
Charisma 4
Intuition 4
Logic 3
Willpower 3

Magic: 0
Essence .6
Edge 3
Initiative = 10 Dice
Initiative Passes = 3

Qualities: +10 BP
+ Toughness [+1 to body dmg res]
+ Erased or Records on File (not sure)
- Sensitive Neural Structure
- Weak Immune System
- Bad Luck

Skills: 140 BP
Firearms Skill Group 4 *Did this to save BP, but would it make sense to simply have Automatics and Longarms with specialties to boost score?*
Dodge 5 (+2 Ranged Combat)
Perception 3
Intimidation 5 (+2 Physical)
Unarmed Combat 3 (+2 Krav Maga)
Throwing Weapons 4 (+2 Knives)
Pilot Ground Craft 3

Knowledge Skills = 21 Free:
Military Procedures 4 (+2 UCAS)
Ares Macrotechnolgy 3
Security Design 3 (+2 Executive Protection)

Language(s): Or’zet (N),

Resources:: $150,000 (-30 BP)

Augmentations: $ 134,750 [total essence = 5.4]
-Cyberware -
Cybereyes 3: Thermographic vision, Smartlink, Vision magnificaion [$4000]
Bone Lacing: Ceramic [$22500]
Wired Reflexes 2 [$32000] [ +2 initiative passes]
Implanted Commlink [$3250]
Skillwires 3 [$8000] (Etiquette, Con, Demolitions, First Aid)
Trauma Damper [$40000] [phys dmg: shift 1 box to stun / stun dmg: reduce by 1 box]
Platelet Factories [$25000] [2 or more dmg, reduce by one]

HW: Novatech Airware (3/3) [$1250]
OS: Iris Orb (3/3) [$1000]

*For all choices here, sling is only cosmetic, does not count towards RC or anything*
(Rifle) Ares Alpha --- (dmg=6p / AP= -2(-6 APDS) / rc 4/42 rds) [$2050]
+Sound suppressor
+Personalized Grip
+6x spare clips

(HP)Savalette Guardian--- (dmg=5p / AP = -1(-5 APDS) / rc 2 / 14 rds) [$1600]
+Concealable [shoulder] holster
+Personalized Grip
+Melee Hardening
+6x spare clips

(Shotgun) Franchi SPAS-22 --- (dmg=7p / AP= -1 / rc 2/ 10 rds) [$1250]
+Personalized Grip ($100)
+Melee Hardening ($300)

(G) 20 x Fragmentation Mini-Grenades [$700]
(G) 20 x High Explosive Mini-Grenades (for launcher) [$900]
(A) 300 rounds APDS ammo [AP -4] [$2100]

Armor: $5200
Form Fitting Body Armor (full) 6/2 [$1600] - under clothing
Custom Zoe Executive Suit 6/3 [$1950] (Long Jacket, Shirt, Tie, Trousers)
Armor Vest 6/4 [$600]
PPP Forearm Guards +0/+1 [$200]
PPP Leg Casings +0/+1 [$350]
PPP Shin Guards +0/+1 [$150]
Combat Load Vest [$300]
Smartpouch: Assault Rifle Ammo [$25]
Smartpouch: Pistol Ammo [$25]

Street Clothes (Jeans, T-shirt, leather jacket)
Black BDU (Top, Pants, Boots)

Miniwelder [$250]
Glue Sprayer [$150]
Gas Mask [$200]
Medkit 6 [$600]
2 x Metal Restraints (Handcuffs) [$40]
1 x Fake SIN 4 : Ash Williams

Colonel Atticus Muldoon, Commanding Officer UCAS Manhattan [5/4]
(Requisitions and Intelligence)

Final Armor:
“Business Attire” = 12/9 [Executive Suit + Armor Vest + Bone Lacing]
“Run Attire” = 12/11 [Form Fitting + Armor Vest + Bone Lacing + PPP]

Dice Pool = 8 dice + Armor [Body 5 + Bone Lacing + Toughness + Armor] (? Is this correct?)

Unusually, Hondo was born an only child to an Afro-American father and an ork mother at Mt. Sinai hospital, Manhattan. Most of Hondo’s education was in the streets of Manhattan. Apart from that, he received weapons and combat training from the UCAS Army. Prior to his shadowrunning days, Hondo was a UCAS Army soldier, and a damn strong one. He preferred to be at the front of the fight, leading as a fearsome example to the soldiers under his command. The ork seemed almost fearless under fire. One thing about army life always annoyed Hondo, the rules. Although they made excellent fighters, Orks were still subject to discrimination by the other soldiers in their units, and the fact that a soldier may not disobey his superiors annoyed him, as he often knew better than his CO how to run a fire team. The fact that he volunteered to test cyberware didn’t help his image at the time either. This was what prompted Hondo to seek other employment once his service was complete. Following his departure from the military he found a home of sorts with Ares Macrotechnology. Hondo does in fact have a valid SIN file somewhere which was recorded when he joined UCAS Army, but for reasons at the time which were called “state security”, the specific details of his service were erased. As a shadowrunner, Hondo frequently utilizes an ID-specialist hacker friend of his to keep the details murky, and always updates his fake SIN as well. Hondo was a reliable asset to his corporate handlers, called on whenever the hitting had to be hard, or the target had to stay secure. His religion is the job. He was born for combat and lived for the money it brought him. As a soldier at heart, Hondo preferred to keep out of politics. At first, Hondo’s civilian career involved carrying out official Ares business, usually overseeing security for traveling executives, occasionally doing a touch of muscle work on a less official basis, but always for the company. During one such mission, Hondo was required to work with some less than savory characters, which quickly observed and commented on his level of skill and discipline. They made him an offer, he accepted. Once he got a taste of the freedom doing runs, his corporate life began to wear on him. But he could not afford to be completely without them, so he supplemented his income with shadowrunning. Though Hondo makes his living as a mercenary, this does not mean he is immoral. Rather, Hondo is a highly trained soldier, capable of distinguishing friend from foe and identifying potential threats to himself and his unit. As a personal commandment, he will NOT allow harm to come to civilians or noncombatants. If his enemy surrenders, they will be captured and brought to task, but once disarmed, Hondo will do his best to not engage them further. As from his soldier days, noncombatants are strictly off limits. For shadowruns, his rule is no women, no kids, EVER. Other than that, he would simply raise the price and overlook other less serious moral objections he may develop.

Any thoughts pirat

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PostSubject: Re: Hondo 2.0 Ork Mercenary   Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:26 am

Because you are SINless or Erased, you basically need licenses for anything that has a Restricted availability, along with things like a driver's license. Forget about Forbidden gear - civvies shouldn't even have that drek. Don't get caught!
You have Pilot Groundcraft 3, but no vehicle? I'd say scrap it and buy a skillsoft for it when you get some wheels.
Remember that a melee-hardened shotgun uses Clubs, not Unarmed Combat. Melee-hardening isn't just for hitting people with your gun, I know, but I just wanted to make sure you knew that. I would also change your specialty to Martial Arts if you want to keep Unarmed, in case you decide to throw in some Firefight or something.
Grab a taser. Everybody needs a taser, and you have the skill to back it up. At least grab some stick-n-shock rounds.
You have skillwires and wired reflexes...why not grab move-by-wire instead? Get the Restricted Gear quality for 5 BP, Move-By-Wire R2 for 85,000 (17 BP) and 3 Essence. You basically get Wired Reflexes R2 and Skillwires R4 for more money and less Essence. You also get +2 (+4 depending on your interpretation) Reaction and +1 (or +2) to your Dodge skill rating.
You're missing out on some sweet Bioware. Muscle Toners and Reflex Recorders in particular could be a good investment.
You have a high Throwing skill and a knife specialization, but you don't have any knives to throw. Do you really even need that skill that high?
The Firearms skill group doesn't include Heavy Weapons, which you use to shoot your grenade launcher. Glitch on that test and your blown up team will be pissed.
Just a note on specializations: They're dirt cheap to get during play, just 2 karma. Consider scrapping some to get some extra points - your dice pools are pretty high as it is.
You might consider changing that Firearms group to just Automatics - it's a very versatile group of weapons. Assault Rifles from War! substitute for sniper rifles, flechette ammo can simulate some shotgun effects, etc.

I think that's it. Also, drugs are good for you.
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Number of posts : 39
Age : 32
Registration date : 2010-07-29

Character sheet
Character Name: Link
Race: Human
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PostSubject: Re: Hondo 2.0 Ork Mercenary   Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:14 pm

Present: Thanks for the advice chummer! I went ahead and dropped Pilot, as your right I can always autosoft later if need be. I also swapped the UA specialty to Martial Arts, I dig the Firefight advantage and changed the WR and SW for Move by Wire. My issue before was money, but with dropping the other stuff I clear the BPs for the upgrade. I do want clarification on the actual benefits because, as I read it, I do not believe the +4 and +2 bonuses would apply with MBW 2, but I can see how the writing could be interpreted as such, and for such high price and essence, why not right? I definitely wanted a shotgun in the mix, can Flechette rounds actually provide me similar results. And for that matter, should I even keep pistols? As far as commlink programs go, seeing as how I dont have any computer skills at all, what programs would be useful for a heavy-hitter like Hondo? Lastly, does my Throwing Weapons skill do me any good or do you think any skill I do not currently have might be missing?

Thanks for the help. Anyone else with suggestions weigh in!
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PostSubject: Re: Hondo 2.0 Ork Mercenary   

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Hondo 2.0 Ork Mercenary
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